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Chapter 4: Crimson Will[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Airi, Zen, and Shin had fought together with the others as the new generation of the Church Trio, and on the afternoon of two days after the battle, I was at a café in Kuou downtown. After all, the battle at the underground quarry became a serious problem; I could not hide the situation anymore, but the VIPs… Shemhaza, Sirzechs, Michael, Odin, and Zeus could be trusted to be told the truth and keep their mouth shut.

Although all of them would be surprised, they would be convinced entirely since I was the one who told them. Well, there must be a god of time among the different factions of mythologies. However, I still could not comprehend or see even the slightest indication of the reason why evil gods and their underlings from a different dimension would make their way and invade this world in the future. However, knowing the circumstances, the VIPs would consider this carefully and gave their consent anyway, so I would contact and secretly discuss with all of them on my private line. Well, I was the one responsible for the central problem in the swirl of this case. I would involve more until this matter is settled.

I would not give any details to the VIPs, just the summary. Not about Asia having been cursed by Loki, Issei’s children who came to this timeline solving it or so they said, and I did not want them to hear about the future weapons, technology, and world situation. They would not let it through that, because this was not something most people are normally talking. This would lead to a major change of history, so this must be completely avoided.

I was with Issei and Rias’ group, who appeared to me at the underground quarry.

“They seem to be a line of ancient weapons made and stored by the Old Gods in the Dimensional Gap, who awakened suddenly and invaded this world.”

I explained roughly. To put it short, the ones who had fought with me in the Kuou quarry against the enemies were the troublesome Vali team since they had problems with their acquired Gogmagog, although we already knew that Vali and his team got it at the Dimensional Gap…[1]

The club did not seem fully understand it since it was complicated, but they believed in my explanation anyway. Only Rossweisse, who is knowledgeable about this subject, was suspicious… although she still did not find the idea of “messenger from the future” was feasible at the present.

At this time, it would be typical for Rias to hear it from her brother Sirzechs. One thing for sure, we agreed to always take every precaution and keep in contact when we find other [UL]s.

… well, I was carrying a great responsibility in this. The key was to not let Rias and her group know about the children’s true identity, as well as solving it before being leaked to other factions. Moreover, the fact that I cooperated with Ise’s children must not be known by any other than myself. In this condition, the best bet for the siblings was to defeat both the [UL] and future Loki coming here at the same time. A very special mission with amazing level of difficulty, I guess…

…well, the good thing was that the children who came here along with me were strong, veteran warfighters[2], so it would be difficult for me to lend a hand to them in this mission. The problem was, they didn't show the mannerism and attitude common to this time. If they showed these in public, not only each mythology would be chaotic, but I guess there will be a colossal effect to humans too. It would be one of the greatest changes of history.

Or else, it would be too much for Issei to handle. That was more than enough determination to stop the [UL] from reaching their goals. I made that important decision while I was drinking my favorite green tea latte alone. I had scheduled to meet future Gasper after finishing my drink… that guy had contacted me earlier.

I set my sight to the unexpected visitor sitting face-to-face with me, who came just as I entered the café. The crimson-haired boy Ex Gremory stared still at me. Right after the Occult Research Club went, I could see Ex used individual magic circle.

“Just a bit earlier and they will be able to see you.”

I said to him as the circle disappeared. I was interested in what he did and the boy just gave the green light for my observation. We hadn't started any conversation and Ex had kept his mouth shut since we entered the café.

“So what is it that you want to ask me?”

“E, eh… it is…”

Ex just kept silent and put his head down as I stayed in place. I thought he was a bold boy standing at the battlefield like his parents, and he could just speak bluntly and to the point… but now I understood that the son of Ise and Rias could not face a person when he is talking face-to-face. This talk became nowhere, so I decided to ask again.

“You seem appeared all the way right in front of me with purpose. Is there something you want to ask?”


What was this, from his expressions and attitude I knew he wanted to hear something from me. But this was pointless. I better cut out this conversation.

“Well, let me ask you back. What is the future Rias doing? Is she the Head of the House?”

When I said that, his expression changed and Ex started to talk gleefully

“No, she retired and ceded the seat of family head to my oji (uncle)… Milicas-niisama[3]. Okaa-san now expands her business range into many different kinds of industry. We are also Rating Game players, although the game itself was discontinued during the war, after the invasion of the Evil Gods hit our world.”

Ex turned his eyes down as he continued,

“Once, Otou-san was also a player of the game. Because he is busy, even trying to present himself in a game is a difficult task.”

When he spoke about Rias, his tone was light, on the other hand, his lips became difficult to move when he talks about Issei.

It seemed like he had some kind of load when telling his father’s story, and I chose not to continue about it. But... I had a bit mischievous heart and I tried to talk this out.

“By the way... do you like woman’s breasts?”

Ex paralysed in fear as he heard the question while sipping his tea. The tea sipped into his mouth spat out as he coughed after he put back his cup.


I wiped the place showered with his cough using a handkerchief. After his breath became normal, he complained as his face blushed,

“Wh..Wh..Wh..Wh..Wh..WHAT DO YOU SAY!?”

Uh-oh! A childish reaction! And it was not as innocent as I was thinking! Wasn't it bad?

Ex continued after he cleared his throat with a cough and emptied his head.

“You say woman’s breasts… Well, all of our mothers have large breasts, so we are convinced that one is called a woman only if she is buxom ever since we were toddler. At first, we didn't recognize a woman if she had small breasts and when we were little, it was very rude to say that to Sona-obaue[4] so all we could do was stay silent.”.

I wondered what would happen to the kids if the father asked for the mom’s breasts too… Ah… it seemed like the children had a little ordeal in their education. Poor Sona, she seemed to have gone through a bitter, awful experience from that.

Ex grasped the handkerchief as he tried to vent his anger by burying his face on it.

“Father who just marries women with large breasts is too erotic! Therefore, his children, including me, are like this! I was the only one being told that [The Oppai Dragon Song] was used as our lullaby song! ”

“I’m sorry; I was the one who wrote that song.”

I apologized immediately. As for the song… Sirzechs and I were the ones who made it.

Really, after being a nuisance for thirty years, the song would not matter anymore to the next generation that they even made it as a lullaby.

Ex panicked as I gave my hand as a sign of apology.

“No, no, it’s not that… no, although this might have sense.”

While some of Ise’s kids had tendency to rush in recklessly, on the other hand, their manners to elders are surprisingly polite and appropriate.

Indeed, after several minutes of listening to him I began to understand this boy. If I compared it with this era, the families supporting the Maous tended to show only slight level of respect in private times. Perhaps because Sirzechs and Serafall tended to show such appearance in private, their sisters Rias and Sona tended to become serious similar to their mothers. Similarly, Ex became very serious due to his sukebe father.

When I thought back, Ise’s other children are also serious. Perhaps being raised by foster parents did gave a major impact in their way of growth. I became really interested with this and decided to ask more.

“How are Kiba and Vali? Are they alright?”

“Yes, Shihan[5] Yuuto-san becomes our mentor. Vali-sensei excavated ancient relics from the Old Gods era as well as the original Yondai Maous, studying ruins and artifacts while becoming obsessed with ramen. The first six months when I became his apprentice, I was ordered to wash the dish every day. Fighting and making ramen are basically the same for him.”

Putting Kiba aside, Vali was… half of my expectations. It was the other half that made this interesting… My goodness, he began doing research… As for the ramen... I had no comments for that.

“However, in the war, he fought alongside the other two…”

They would have become important main vanguards in the future.

The conversation hit, and we continued to talk small details. Ex became jollier as he warmed up to some degree.

“Ehm… how about your dad? That person is the most important in the family.”

We were cut out with someone standing in front of us.

“First Governor Azazel, I have come to pick you up for our superior.”

It was Himejima Kurenai.

With the appearance of his elder brother, Ex swallowed the words he already wanted to say. This father thing… I wanted to ask him if I could meet the future Ise.

Ex seemed to be in surprise when his brother came; I guessed immediately and smiled cheerfully.

“Ex, that’s right. It might be good if you also come. Our boss called you too.”

Kurenai, Ex, and I left the café to move to the designated location.

Kurenai took me to the vast underground space of Kuou town… where I first met him and the area I often ventured. Since he still had errands to do, he took his leave after guiding us. The eldest son had many things to do…

I can feel an amazing aura as I enter a space as it has tremendous unknown pressure, and when I looked further, two girls were standing at the front; a blonde girl with four hair drills, and a silver-haired girl with Valkyrie armor. I create a magic circle as a counter measure and tried to keep my sight ahead. But the pressure I felt was not from these two people. Then, a shadowy figure appeared from behind the wall. It was able to pass right through it and appeared to be a tall, blonde man wearing a black robe. He was very well-built, had a great physique along with a fearless look. He looked at me with a pair of red eyes. However, his strong but quiet aura is very nostalgic.

The courageous man gave me a broad smile, and I walked to greet him.

“Hello there, Sensei.”

The smile has something reminiscent to it.

“You too. You must be Gasper.”

The man in robe, Gasper, acknowledged my words and nods.

“Yes, even if I have changed… I am Gasper Vladi.”

This is… a great surprise. No way, that delicate lad becomes like this. There are no signs of a crossdresser in this manly man. Even with that hair color, there is no sign of any feeble atmosphere around him.

“Are you the one in charge with this mission?”

I say this while giving a handshake.

“Yes, I am in charge of the time manipulation of the time travel. Well, I am one of Ise-senpai's attendant and have known the children since they were born. All of them will follow my commands.”

As Gasper says that, Ex hides behind me, “…but, he’s scary…” he lets out a word, and I keep that in my mind. After Gasper and I exchanged greetings, we share the information we have in order to plan ahead with the situation, he gives the data of the alien enemy [UL] which were coming to this world.

They came to the past with future Loki in two organizations: the Executives — one of the Eclipsed Seven Luminaries, called Lord Rezzwo Roado, and his Four Generals — the Invade Fanatics. The Invade Fanatics along with all of their army of soldiers from the future were supposed to time travel with Loki, but the bulk of their forces were left behind because their time travel are sabotaged by Gasper and the future warriors.

However, the enemy didn't seem to recognize their Executive, that cylindrical [UL] thing before, let alone forcibly transporting a Pillar of the “Bespa Rekorg”. Gasper and Ise's children are trying to stop them in advance and fought bravely in this era. Thanks to them, this era’s world has not suffered a major impact yet. I really admire them now.

I then ask Gasper,

“Guys, since you purposely returned back to this time, will this affect the history of each mythology? Plus, you cannot contact Ise's group in this world.”

Gasper nods,

“We must try not to do a major change in this era and our own time axis, but from looking back further in time, it is true that several branches of world lines have already made. We wanted to keep the proper history for the people, and we cannot let an existence become a major enemy in the future. At this time, the Satan Lord Ajuka Beelzebub is observing the different lines with my companions which will become the key in converging them together. We are one of the advance teams dispatched from the future to extinguish the raging, violent [UL] in the past.”

“The problem is, one of the Seven Luminaries, Lord Rezzwo, tried to teleport here. If all seven of them come here, they will make a colossal impact on every mythology and it is necessary to avoid that at any cost.”

I have heard that the power of the Seven Luminaries each, are equal to a Chief God in each mythology. If they begin to rampage in the past… then it will be my fault. Once this breaks out, I’m going to need to have serious discussion with Sirzechs and the others.

Gasper says with a meek look,

“If that is possible, then…”

Looks like there are countermeasures. I don’t know how, but it will be reassuring if we can avoid an all-out war.

As Gasper and I are talking, the blonde and silver-haired girl finish their analysis and begin to talk.

The blonde girl says,

“Uncle Vladi, we have finished pinpointing almost all of [UL] the teleport points for the time being.”

The silver-haired girl continues the report,

“We are also able to locate and identify all of our siblings that were sent here to this era at the same time.”

Gasper gives a single nod

“Excellent, Robertina, Helmwige. Ah, Sensei, here are my assistants who are also Ise-senpai's children.”

The blonde girl responds to Gasper by raising her skirt a little and gives her greeting

“Good day, Sir First Governor-general. My name is Robertina Hyoudou.”

“Hyoudou? But your aura is that of a Phoenix.”

Yeah, the aura released from this girl resembles the fire of Phoenix… but being Issei's daughter, her Dragon aura is also inherent.

“That’s correct. I am the daughter of Hyoudou Issei and Ravel Hyoudou. I don’t use the Phoenix surname because mother left the house. Therefore, I use the last name father used in the underworld. I’m the same age as Ex-kun, by the way.”

Since she gives herself to marry Ise, Ravel cannot use the Phoenix name. She also cannot use Gremory, so she uses Hyoudou. That reminds me, one of the [UL] soldiers mentioned the Hyoudou name.

The two hair drills is Ravel’s characteristic, but it’s funny to see that her daughter has four.

“Seems like future Ise has a different name.”

As I say so, Ravel’s daughter Robertina gives a small laugh.

“He has different names when he is outside of the house”

If it is so, then he should at least have two names combined with him.

The silver-haired daughter with Valkyrie armor (which takes form like the Boosted Gear Scale Mail) greets me politely

“I am Helmwige. My father is the Sekiryuutei and my mother is a Valkyrie. I was born at the same year as Zen and Shin-kun.”

“Ah, I can tell from a glance that you are Rossweisse’s daughter. You’re just like your mother.”

She’s very much like Rossweisse, except she makes her hair into a single long braid. Most of Ise’s children I’ve met have their mothers’ characteristics.

Rossweisse’s daughter, Helmwige, says

“I have one more brother who is a magic user, but… he is born in the original timeline, so I have to fix the future for him to exist.”

Robertina then gives an unhappy sigh,

“Rather than choose the Holy King Sword Collbrande, that boy chose to be a wizard instead. It’s such a waste of his talent!”

You guys have an amazing bloodline, to say the least.

“He is more selfish than Ex-kun. You must not question your father and mother’s reputation and make it your own problem! You’re like that, eh, Ex-kun?”

Robertina folds her arms

“That’s a rude remark.”

Seems like Robertina has a knack for saying rude things and giving nicknames, as Ex can be seen looking at her with disgust as if he is saying “I told you so”. Ravel’s daughter seems to be fond of their parents. Her rude remarks stems from her mother’s ojou personality

Gasper strokes Ex in the head, surprising the boy.

“It’s a good thing for siblings to care for each other. Ex, you need to be a little calm like Robertina said. You are more reckless than your parents do. You need to drop that, you know?:

“…I got it.”

Ex accepts while looking down.

Wow, I can feel that Gasper had grown up to give a mature opinion like that. I am really interested in this future scene that I am seeing in front of my eyes.

A magic circle suddenly expands at Helmwige’s feet. It seems to appear automatically. The symbols on the circle moves in a dizzying pace. I become restless.

Helmwige reports to Gasper with grim expression.

“Vladi-san, this is serious. A [UL] battalion has been sighted near Kyoto.

And so, these people’s battle continues….


Part 2[edit]

Ex, Gasper, Helmwige, Robertina, and I arrive by the teleportation circle. We are at the mountain trail between Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture. We jumped directly to the location where the [UL] were reported. Ise's other children who are not with us must be quelling the rampaging [UL] somewhere.

While walking on the lush mountain trees, Ex whispers,

“They’re aiming for the Kyoto Youkais.”

I follows his words,

“There must be a clan which has different abilities in this era. Geez, it doesn’t make sense. Is there any representatives of the Five Great Houses or strong Youkais in your ranks?”

Gasper speaks,

“Yes, we have… The enemy wanted to terminate them along with one of the Sekiryuutei’s relative who lives here before it’s too late.”

I wonder if that is certainly the case. We are heading toward one of the gates leading to the place… where Kyoto Youkais reside.

Sure enough, I can see the old-fashioned Torii showing up on the back of the mountain. It is one of Kyoto’s rear gate. The atmosphere oozes a very strong eerie feeling around the area. It is a group of [UL] soldiers with silver bodies. A large shadow gives an imposing aura on the center… it is the machine dragon Galvaldan!

Several days ago, its left arm was blowing out steam because Zen cut that off. When we meet it again, it is clear that it had it replaced with a very thick drill-shaped limb. I can feel something very brutal about that evil drill. It also has a new weapon, installed in its back like a rucksack. It is a good thing we pass through this gate. If these ferocious things begin to rampage in Kyoto without anyone knowing, I won’t know how much destruction and damage they can cause. Gasper shrouds himself in extraordinary aura and charges valiantly to the [UL]. Judging from the abysmal amount of energy, his growth potential is far beyond me, and it is clear that he is the most powerful of us.

After seeing Gasper’s appearance, all of the [UL] turn their gaze at once to him. As soon as the enemy commander, Galvaldan, sees Gasper, he puts up shining eyes. “I didn't think you’ll come here too, Gasper Balor.”

Gasper sets his arms in a stance, staring at Galvaldan while emitting intimidating aura. I don’t see any signs of his present day’s cowardly boy persona. He has become very strong and I am very impressed.

Gasper asks Galvaldan,

“Galvaldan, one of the Invade Fanatics. What brings you to this place? Is it to bring crisis and chaos to those who live in Kyoto?”

“Well, that too. However the real purpose is that I want to grab this damn thing.”

As it says that, Galvaldan shoves its left drill arm.

The drill rotates at high speed as it buzzes and generates a dangerous vibe.

“Of all the Invade Fanatics out there, I was the one sent here along with this drill weapon as a replacement for my missing original arm, by Addoza. Even though I sent that bastard my original arm as a model for making the replacement… This thing is good.”

“However, because there is a powerful barrier erected in this time axis, it was a struggle just to transport this damn thing… Well, yeah, your interference will be a nuisance. Thanks to the misaligned transfer point, I have come right next to ya.”

That same drill was transported from the future as a reinforcement part meant to be used by Lord Rezzwo, but now it’s being held by one of the Invade Fanatics. And due to the successful efforts of the future warriors, all they can do is to transport weapons and their support. From the talk of this proceeding trip to Kyoto, it seems that the transport point of the drill weapon was shifted out of the designated coordinates, and incidentally sent to this era’s Kyoto. In a split second, Galvaldan ignites its rocket engines, making a blaze! It jumps directly, but I immediately create a barrier around the area for cover. I need to minimize the damage as much as possible.

“Oh, well! Not so bad. Let’s put this thing on trial! It’s time to pay back the condition that you guys gave last time now that I am in perfect condition! Drill baby driiiiiilllll!”

The new drill arm is so intense, its impact to the ground creates a shockwave after a missed attack to Ex! He flows backwards due to the sheer shockwave!

Robertina flies sideways as the [UL] soldiers begin shooting bottomless bullets towards her, but she just sweeps the attacks by skillfully using her Phoenix fire and the bullets just disappear as if nothing happened.

“It’s useless. I am invulnerable, that’s why.”

As she says that, Robertina sprouts huge, feathered fiery wings on her back, and sweeps over a group of the enemy soldiers, burning them all on the spot!

“You paid for using those small fries to be my opponent.”

At the same time, Helmwige deploys numerous magic circle at her front, and shoots countless number of spears. Each spear is tied with a magic scroll and hit another group of enemy soldiers. I can hear explosions when it pierces, and others are visible in a frozen state after hitting. Both these girls are strong!

I also shoot several spears of light, and hit several [UL] without any difficulties. The problem is there, and I lay my eyes at Galvaldan.

The hit is not fatal, but Ex did not receive severe injuries accumulated in his body.

Once it gets some distance, Galvaldan slouches his stance. It unpacks the weapon on its back. It mounts countless missiles! The numbers are terrible! It can level the whole mountain!


Galvaldan aims towards us and fires the missiles.

Suddenly, it became quiet — there is no noise of fighting, and the sounds of flying missiles disappear, as if the time has been stopped.

All of the missiles has been stopped in mid-air. Galvaldan and his [UL] army are also stopped. I know this phenomenon!

Gasper’s red eyes glow and he takes one step forward.

“Azazel-sensei, I will stop the time surrounding Ex and company.”

The time running around us is stopped, but Gasper says we can move. All the [UL] and the trees of the mountain are also stopped. Not only stopping the time in a dimension, but he can also move in that time-stopped dimension.

“If there is someone who can move in this time-frozen world of mine, it would be only those who have my permission, Gods, transcendental beings (Super Devils), the new generation Satans, and those who are equal to the Two Heavenly Dragons.” says Gasper

If he can do this, would this mean that he becomes one of the strongest being in the future?

Robertina suddenly speaks

“[The Champion of Time and Space] Aeon Tycoon, now you can see why Uncle Vladi is called a Super Devil.”

“A Super devil? Gasper?”

I ask Robertina,

“After thirty years, there are six people who became transcendental beings (Super Devils) in the Underworld. Among them are Uncle Milicas, Lord Ajuka Beelzebub, and Uncle Vladi.”

If you can completely control time, it’s not strange to be one yourself.

“At that level? How about Ex’s?”

As I ask, Gasper expands the shadow under his feet. Darkness wraps the missiles fired and stops them in mid-air before vanishing in thin air.

Gasper says to Ex,

“Ex, we need to pass through this battlefield, can you charge and dispose this good-for-nothing boogeyman?"

Gasper points his finger to the frozen Galvaldan.

“Good, Ex. When the time starts tickling again, you can finish Galvaldan off. I know you’re still thinking about your father, but you cannot solve anything if you put yourself in the dark and let it cloud your judgment. ”

Probably because someone mentioned his father right at the front of him, Ex speaks intensely,

“I know… I know! But sir Vladi! No, Uncle Gasper! Even Mother Asia fell to Loki’s Curse, and he couldn’t even show up to prevent that!? He is an important man, yet he cannot visit and see us face-to-face!”

“So, you cannot forgive him?”


Ex remains silent, he cannot answer Gasper’s question.

At first, I want to ask Ex about his father, but from what I see now…Seems like he is weighing Ise’s values using me as a comparison.

I think that he is having serious teenager “daddy issues” since he seems unable to decide whether he likes or hates Ise.

However, Gasper shows his sincere smile to Ex, and says exactly what I am feeling right now,

“You should know, Ex. That man loves you as much as the whole family. There are many reasons he cannot stay over, let alone give a chat and play with all of you, like fathers commonly do.”

“But still!”

“You will find the answer naturally on your own. For now, change that feeling into your power and stop this guy. I will loop back the time flow… Unleash the power of the Two Heavenly Dragons inside you and win this battle.”


As Gasper points his finger, I can feel a power surge on Ex.

Then, after Gasper snaps his finger, the world starts moving again.

“This is…”

Galvaldan was surprised to see his missiles vanish in an instant, and sets his sight on Gasper thinking it’s his work.

Gasper then says toward Ex,

“Since you cannot rely just on your strength alone, I want to ask: what is your resolve that makes you go through all the events in your life?”

Galvaldan looks with bright, dangerous eyes.

“This is tickling my skin, if you ask me. I’m different from that Super devil man, you know?”

Ex is affected very much by Gasper’s words and starts to charge his gauntlet.


Ex lets out his Kiai and raises his crimson aura in an instant. He holds his crimson sword.

“Alright. I, who have inherited the blood, body and power, and taught how to use them. I am the inheritor of the [Crimson], Ex Gremory!”

Red aura continues spread and wraps Ex,

“Balance Adjust!”

“[Scarlet Dragon Counter Balance!!!]”

There are small debris flung to the gate!

Red dragon arms and legs appear, and finally Ex is wearing a crimson-colored Scale Mail.

I think the Heavenly Dragons and Airi’s golden plate armors that they wear are light, therefore allowing more nimble movements. Ex sprouts four scarlet dragon wings from his back, and the Scarlet Blade Galatine changes form. He seems to have a different type than his father and elder sister.

He charges the Power of Destruction to his sword, and flies with maximum dragon power.

“Boosted Gear Diabolos Counter-Balance: [Crimson Dragon Sword of Extinction] “The Existence Cutter” Scarlet Blade! With the will and strength of the Heavenly Dragon, I combine it with the power of this cursed holy sword, prepare yourself, Galvaldan!”

[Boost Blade! Boost Blade! Boost Blade! Boost Blade! Boost Blade! Boost Blade! Boost Blade!!]

A powerful voice raises from the gauntlet’s jewel.

At the same time, crimson aura keeps increasing to the sword.

Ex jumps out without giving a sound! The next moment, crimson flash goes through Galvaldan’s chest, where it is slashed off!


Galvaldan’s body parts are cut and it becomes clear that he is no match to Ex, and the kid keeps slicing the mechanical dragon in Godspeed! He moves so fast that he cannot be spotted even from my eyes.

Ex adopts his mentors, Vali and Kiba’s combat method, and I wonder if it is the Counter-Balance’s surprise attack. He combines both his parents abnormal powers… Dragon powers and the Power of Destruction to his sword. Galvaldan seems cannot anticipate his strikes.

I see, it’s just like what Gasper says, Ex must learn how to be strong, because they are the next generation with great power, but that comes with great responsibility.

That is the symbol of the future people… Ex Gremory!


Galvaldan emits magnanimous amount of laser rays from its body, but it’s not something that Ex cannot deflect with his sword, fused with the artificial Longinus!

“In the name of the house of Duke Gremory, I will absolutely defeat you, Galvaldan!”

Ex lets out a noble ambience with a brave appearance, which reminded of a certain person. I cannot catch the lightning fast combat with my eyes… Ex lets out crimson flashes with his sword that I cannot even catch a glimpse in this backwoods.

[Boost Blade Boost Blade Boost Blade Boost Blade Boost Blade Boost Blade Boost Blade!!!]

Finally, Ex cuts its left drill arm, then right arm, and finally its legs! The mechanical dragon only has a head and torso, and its body falls to the ground face first!

Gasper tells the two girls not to miss the chance,

“Robertina! Helmwige! Now is the chance to send it back to its world! I’ll open the dimensional gate!”


Gasper, Robertina, and Helmwige create identical magic circles at the same time, which works as a chronoplast portal in the size of Galvaldan's body. As the circle shines, it tries to resist the action.

“In this state, I’m done for!!!!”

It tries to escape with its waist rocket.

“That’s not gonna happen.”

I shoot two large spears of light to destroy its rockets. The mechanical life form even rolls to try to escape, but the teleport circle kicks in and wraps it.


It roars for the last time, and finally disappears in the glow of the circle.

Wearing red aura, Gasper looks at Ex who fought fearlessly and says proudly,

“Ise-senpai and my master Lady Rias once said to me that Ex is very much like Lord Sirzechs.”

So, that’s why. The glimpses I got earlier from Ex is because he has shades of Sirzechs in him.

We confirm the defeat of Galvaldan and his [UL] underlings.

Luckily, the forest did not suffer too much damage, so I will repair it later.

However, it’s a big achievement that Galvaldan is sent back to the future. With the coming of reinforcements, it will reduce more casualty in this future war of this world. I wonder how much enemies remain other than Loki and Ruma Idra.

But just after catching my breath, another report comes.


Robertina is astonished to hear the report from small magic circle on her ear.

“Uncle Vladi! Sir First Governor! I have received a report from elder brother Zen! Right now Mother Rias and the Occult Research club are being attacked and are on the brink of collapsing!”

Crap! Among the enemy forces that are spread, the big ones came directly! Are they so desperate because of our direct intervention!?

So the fight against Galvaldan is just a decoy!?

The fight goes toward to the climax!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Azazel notes that the golem is similar to the [UL] appeared there.
  2. "Warfighter" denotes any military personnel with combat roles. The most recent use in popular media would be Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  3. Ex refers to Millicas as 俺の叔父 - "Ore no oji" (My uncle). This might sound strange, but since Millicas is older, this makes sense if you consider that Ex uses it as a sign of honour (even though they are first cousins).
  4. No, really. Kanji is おぱ上, meaning "aunt"
  5. A term in Japanese Martial Arts, usually translated as "Assistant Grand Master" or "Teaching Master".
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