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Chapter 5: The Forbidden United Front[edit]

Issei's children, Gasper and I arrived back at Kuou town returning from Kyoto. After receiving prior information from Robertina, I also contacted with Rias’ group.

The specs of the identity of the unknown enemy… they seem to have fought… Loki.

It doesn’t matter if it is just the regular [UL] troops, but the information from Issei's children mentioned that the bastard Loki and the Executives also attacked them. So those youngsters are the people in danger and they need to avoid contact at all costs.

Every time Ex and his siblings are absent from any place, I need to know that place since it must be avoided by anyone. But I am relieved at seeing the future children of my students. Even when the situation becomes worse, these siblings returned to this era to help.

In response to Zen's contact, we go to an abandoned ruin complex in the Kuou town suburbs. The siblings then swiftly wear special helmets so that their parents do not recognize their faces.

When you look at Zen and Shin, these two kids… (they must not allow their parents to see and recognize their weapons, period), but they will fight with the [UL] army here in these ruins. We participate in this battle and kick those small fries’ ass.

“What is the situation?”

I ask to Zen while throwing a spear of light.

Zen says after cutting some enemies with his Durandal IV.

“If Rias-kaasan and the others meet Loki and Ruma Idra, Kurenai-niisan must then forcibly teleport them somewhere else. He will come with Shirayuki and Kuroibara!”

I see, so that’s why the ORC haven’t seen the siblings. They had teleported their parents out.

“After the attack, I cannot help but to teleport the [UL] soldiers back.”

Zen added.

Well, I think they will do that no matter how. No matter if it is the regular ones. The problem is the enemy’s Seven Luminaries and Loki.

“So, are Loki and Ruma Idra important?”

As I ask, Shin points to the rear exit of the ruins area. There is a black, round mass of aura floating in the air. The size is enough to wrap around one person completely.

That round aura feels strange. I can feel pressure from that.

“We temporarily sealed Ruma Idra there. It seems like the Sealing technique that Rose-mama gave us is finally becoming useful!”

So, in that large black aura, there is a sealing technique that the future Rossweisse started to develop. Seems like you are blooming your skills and creating useful things in the future, Ms. Rossweisse.

Ruma Idra is here. Then… Zen says as I’m thinking

“There is one major problem though”

Shin follows swiftly,

“There is one in pursuit of our father who teleported early! It’s Loki!”

Zen explains,

“Our father, my mother, Asia-kaasan, Irina-kaasan, Master Kiba, and the other five people, their teleport point was shifted due to Loki’s intervention in the fight. Father teleported with that bastard to a coastline at a neighboring prefecture.”

Ise, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, and Kiba, the five of them are separated from others like Rias and Akeno (including Kurenai, Shirayuki, and Kuroibara) and did not teleport. They jumped to a different place with Loki.

Shin says impatiently,

“Fortunately, Loki was able to be sealed with Rose-mama’s technique, but Airi-neesan is also included. We had to do a sacrifice before Loki could be sealed. Our sister is in a very bad condition!”

Zen described with a timid expression,

“The God-slaying Fang… A new Fenrir!”

So he also brought that, that bastard Loki!

I assumed the worst possible assumption. The worst assumption… one of them, is that the future Loki comes in contact with the other beings in different dimension that has more advanced technology and cooperated in dangerous research. In other words, it is a new creation of the evil god Loki, who has given birth to many dangerous monsters in the world .

New Fenrir! There’s nothing else worse. I don’t like it when we are forced to fight with that monster!

Of all the supernatural beings that exist, Fenrir is strong enough to enter the Top 10. It’s such a heinous monster. Even when the Two Heavenly Dragons cooperated in addition to our planning and preparation for the major battle, this guy was the last to be beaten. Even Vali could not defeat it using Juggernaut Drive.

This Fenrir is a new creation. Perhaps... no, it must have incorporated the technology of the different world. I don’t want to imagine if he had created other monsters.

I think it will be better if I go to Ise's place. Although there’s Airi, they will not have enough strength for this. I call using the video comms from my chest. The Grigori cadres… I can’t get in line with my comrades. I have assumed that they will be prepared for this kind of situation at first, but… still no contact or response. It’s almost done that I can’t wait any longer.

I quickly leave from this place, to catch and prevent the [UL] soldiers by expanding the magic circle jump point meant for teleporting to Ise's place.

But, at the same time, distortion was felt from the sealed black aura. I noticed changes in the barrier flux, then a shape made of black spheres jumps out at high speed! A group of spheres in the shape of edged weapons that were freed from the seal moves freely like having a will on its own, and comes toward us with a blinding speed! A remote-controlled slash!

We are able to fend off the weapons that are wielded by the dark figure before reaching our position thanks to the huge, wriggling shadowy hands. The shadows… no, the hands that stopped them are Gasper’s. He catches them.

The remote-controlled weapons then return back to the original black aura inside the barrier. At the same time, BOOM! The barrier breaks off with an explosion.An entity appears from the barrier. It is a mechanical being in human form, featuring sharp features in blue shades… Ruma Idra.

The amazing weapons controlled from afar returned behind its body. Apparently, they are parts of wings that are attached on the right side of its back. The [UL] unique eyes emit strange pressure that cannot be felt. It’s obvious that this opponent is very hostile.

Gasper goes one-step forward,

“My apologies, Azazel-Sensei. It seems like my opponent is over there.”

Gasper stares at Ruma Idra’s form with suspiciously shining eyes.

“Super Devil Aeon Tycoon-dono, I’ll keep you company.”

Gasper says with fearless smile,

“So you are the partner of the one considered to be the strongest of the Invade Fanatics, Lord Rezzwo. Well, this should be nice. I hope you can stand my ‘time’ and ‘space’.”

“Fu, that seems to say ‘parole’.”

Gasper turns to Robertina and Helmwige.

“You’d better continue to enact the barrier so that this area will not suffer major damage.”

“Ufufu, Uncle Vladi always says something unreasonable.”

“That seal development cost was expensive, you know. Once she knows that it was not very useful, mom will sure faint.”

Robertina laughs, while Helmwige puts a facepalm, and I take a fighting stance accordingly.

Gasper then says to me,

“I want to ask you a favor, Azazel-sensei. Go to the senpais. I believe that together, we can save the past and the future.”

I can feel his complete confidence from his voice. Really, relying in such a way….

I expand the teleportation magic circle while shrugging.

“Geez, the only ones that come to me are troublesome things. Well, somehow I always manage.”

Gasper is grinning and laughing as I say that.

Ruma Idra aims with what looks like a cannon on left side of its back as I say to Ex,

“Yosh, let’s go to Ise's place!”

I jump to Ise's location along with the swordsman group of the siblings.


We jump to… an isolated coastal area that practically no population exist.


Pale green aura is clearly visible from the sands reflecting its light. When I look closely, Airi is wearing her golden armor, receiving healing from her mother Asia.

We rush to Airi and Asia’s location.

As soon as she confirms her brothers, Airi says while holding pain,

“You’re almost late. Really, to have my younger brothers surround me when I’m in emergency situation…”

“Don’t speak, nee-san!”

Ex shows his worry.

Large scratches are visible in Airi's armor from New Fenrir's attacks. If you can hit that much on an Artificial Longinus made from Fafnir’s power, even the strongest devil will not stand that kind of opponent. I set my sight on the air and there, I see Ise wearing his crimson armor, Xenovia, and Irina had been engaging in a desperate battle against a huge monster with silver furs.

Huge monster… Even when still struggling to hold the onslaught of New Fenrir, Ise who had been fighting evenly somehow decided to take a distance. These guys have asked for our help, and we have come here in a hurry.

Ise then rushes to me,

“Sensei! It’s the Silver-fur Fenrir and that guy Loki! What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain the situation later. Are you okay, Ise?”

Ise turns his eyes to Airi who has finished being healed.

“Yeah, I have avoided the worst outcome because the warrior girl with armor took the attack. However, the enemy is indeed strong, and it is only alone.”

Ise looks up to the air. So the thing floating right in front of us is… a large silver wolf on the moonless night sky. It is a wolf in metal clothing… I wonder what words would best describe this. Its size is larger than the original by more than ten meters.

I look up at it with bitter smile.

“It is a mechanical life form of Fenrir, or as I should call it, Metal Fenrir.”

When I look carefully, I’m certain a black sphere of aura is approaching the shore. It must be Loki, who has been sealed by future Rose’s magic.

The future Loki seems capable to incorporate technology from different dimension and later use it to create new things with his own power. This is what happens when a guy with wealth but bad taste does horrifying research and combines them with things from a different dimension. Whatever that means, this horrible thing is born.

Even how to seal Loki inside a sphere permanently is not something that has been invented. If we cannot stop this guy here, I will hear a lifelong scolding from that old man Odin. Shemhaza cannot even tolerate waiting to receive the items delivery schedule.

Let me check our squad attendance list first. We have me, Ise, Xenovia, Irina, Kiba, Asia, more children, Ex, Airi, Zen, and Shin. Asia is our backup.

I ask Zen in a small voice,

“First things first, Does Kurenai or Gasper have the ability or decided to bring something that can erase memories from the future?”

I want these guys to avoid encounter with their parents as much as possible, but there will be a limit in how they can interact. I hope they brought some kind of a memory wiper device as an insurance. Even in this era, we have one made with the Grigori technology.

Zen nods to my question.

“I have been given such thing since the main parameter of this mission is to avoid cooperation as much as possible. So, we go with ‘forbidden united front’.”

So they have a mutual agreement…

“”“Roger that!”””

Ise's children respond courageously and charge towards Fenrir. As Ex and the four others jumps on the air, they began to crack and shoot Metal Fenrir.

Since they are war veterans in the future, Ise's kids are very powerful. They are far stronger than their parents are at the present, but so does Fenrir, their opponent. The surrounding near Loki becomes weird, too, so they need to exercise precaution.

I shout to Ise’s group,

“Ise, folks! I have an idea! You cannot win like this! If you don’t wanna die, you better keep moving!”

“Sensei, is that what you call a solution?”

I scream to Ise while giving a thumb up,

“Well, that’s it. Don’t die you guys!”


Ise, Xenovia, Irina, and Kiba reply as they jump onto the air. Asia summons Fafnir and acts as backup while I follow them in the air.

From here on, it became a cross-era story starring both parents and their children at the same age!




Ex, Zen, and Shin attack in unison with their sword slashes. There are no visible damage, but apparently enough to momentarily stagger Metal Fenrir.

Kiba looks in wonder of their sword style.

“It’s exactly like my sword. All of them…”

Well, of course it does. You’re the one who trained them, Kiba.

Fenrir tries to rush sharply in order to outmaneuver Ise, but it was prevented by a direct hit from the front by… Airi, wearing her armor.

“That… was not me Sekiryuutei-san! I’m sorry I showed you a pathetic figure several minutes ago!"

“Ei! Don’t say that! A girl wearing armor like me and fighting on the front line with taijutsu like Sairaorg-san is something you cannot see everyday, I’m so glad you’re so reliable!”

“Because the person that I honor the most is a fighter and master of this style!”

“I also wanted to be honored that way!”

With those words, Ise and Airi emit energy at the same time to give a direct blow to Fenrir's nose.

Ah, go, Ise! No, do it!

Now, on the other side, Xenovia and her son slices at the same time! A unison between Ex-Durandal and Durandal IV!

“U..Umm… Xenovia-san! You will not hit the weak point if you just use power and momentum alone! Look for an opening and strike to land a perfect hit!”

“That’s good, but that only applies for the right move on the right place. You do the skillful techniques like Kiba, I will press on with power!”

“No, no! You need to cut through an opening with your sword skill!”

“Do not say things like Kiba!”

“Aaa, such is the person of this era!”

Well, the Xenovia of this era is the Power Idiot type, so Zen does not continue the conversation about the techniques he learned from Kiba. It’s an interesting scene to watch.

“Seems like they can talk so fittingly.” Kiba is also impressed by Zen’s performance, but pity that he has to wait for more than ten years to meet him!

If there’s a family who does not fit talking at all….


Alternate cuts are made by slashes emitting light. That’s how the parent-child duo of Irina and Shin!

The parent-child combo between Xenovia and Irina is a very precious scene, becoming more heartwarming when you realize they are in a mortal combat.

I also decide to poke in a chance in this sword-crowded fight to strike Fenrir with Kiba. Although our strikes does not give a fatal damage to Metal Fenrir, we did not go on the defensive.

However, this kind of change affects both ways. Distortions begin to occur at the black aura surrounding Loki, and it’s only matter of time before he breaks out. I want to do something about it but since they are busy dealing with Fenrir they cannot give a hand. Eventually, from the inside of the seal, he shoots out a thick magic blow!

A deadly attack at high speed… it is aimed at Asia!

"“It’s dangerous!”"

Our voices overlap!

I have jumped earlier, but three others go, who are Ise, Ex, and Airi!


Ise is the one who rushes in Godspeed. He shows a fiery spirit along with brute force, and lands right in front of Asia before Loki’s magic!

Ise becomes a shield for Asia by blocking the magic attack from the front… but the magic divides at the last second and becomes many rays of light!

That guy Loki should have been doing millimetrical precision to split the attack.

Some of his magic hits Ise and Fafnir, but some others pass through Asia’s back.

But the magic that are meant for her are slashed out. Ex slips between Ise and Asia and cuts the magic with his crimson sword.

“Thank you! My name is Asia Argento…”

Ise tries to say his gratitude for saving Asia, but Ex shouts without control,

“You’re always like this! While you continue to be the hero of the people, because of that, without realizing you create a gap... you and I…”

Ex tones down his voice despite yelling with vigor,

“I want to deny this but… despite all odds and desperation, you keep fighting…”

Your father will not be able to understand if you don’t tell your identity, Ex. Ise scratches his cheek,

“Even if I don’t know you well, it’s natural for me to protect Asia and the others, to the point of becoming some kind of an instinct.”

Ise told Ex head-on.

“Whether they are friends or family, No matter what happens, anytime, anywhere, I will protect them all with my power, and catch the ones hurting them, even if it means going to the corners of the world!”

Ex is surprised to hear Ise's… his father’s words, and immediately gives a smile.

“You’re saying the same thing again, in this moment, you keep protecting… You surely are my dad.”

So this is what Gasper said to Ex before about finding the answer inside himself.


Loki’s howling laugh echoes throughout the area. After breaking out of the black aura barrier, the Evil God comes out for the second time. Fenrir also returns to his lord. Loki strokes Metal Fenrir's cheek,

“It’s a good seal. That Valkyrie, her magic seal can even imprison a God.”

Loki casts a glance to us.

“This is just a hateful rambling from me. But now is a good time to clean up.”

After saying that, he raises his power and begins to emit divine, yet ominous over sized aura from his body. In response to its master, Metal Fenrir also begins to emit silver aura from its body. Loki takes out a scepter from his chest[1], with five symbols engraved at the tip glowing. He then begins to scream while raising his cane!

“Show me, bastards! Show your parents who you really are!”

Enormous amount of light covered the whole area! We are blinded too much from the glare and put our hands at our face to cover it.

When the light ceased, the thing appearing before our eyes is… Loki wearing full length Scale Mail, emitting continuous silver light. I can strong feel the energy of a wolf and the chest projected a shape of wolf’s head.

Loki, wearing his Scale Mail, talks,

“Fufufu, being fused with the Fenrir [UL], this Loki is no longer your regular GI Joe enemy.”

Bastard, imitating Artificial Sacred Gear, and he changed it into an armor too! This type is proving to be beneficial despite me being made a fool by the other mythologies for spreading this idea! Well, surprisingly, because we are the ones who invented it, we become more flexible and dynamic to think and form our ideas. I wonder if my sin in this has some benefit.

Without hassle, Xenovia, Zen, Shin, Irina, and Kiba slash at Loki.

“Fun, small fries.”

He raises his right hand and traps power with his magic, which forms a swell of great magic in the air, and easily blows all five people near him! Our swordsmen fall to the sea! Only those who put their energy to the blade stay.

Loki sends his line of sight back to us again,

“Do you want me to ruin Sekiryuutei's school and the house. Including all of his friends and family, former Grigori Governor?”

Loki's eyes are hellbent for murder. It is clear that he has a bitter grudge towards the children and us.

Crap! I can now imagine the dangers of different Gods belonging to different dimensions intersecting. It’s impossible, that virtually anyone can begin to copy Sacred Gears. Can any evil god just stop and don’t create nasty things?

Ex feels the danger, and activates his own gauntlet!


He tries to activate Counter-Balance by increasing his aura, but jewel in the gauntlet only faintly shines, not responding to his feelings.

“It doesn’t react? No, I’ll do it again! Balance Adjust!”

He tries to activate it again, but the Artificial Longinus does not react all over.

Airi speaks to her brother in this condition,

“Did you overdo it? Are you already in Counter-Balance? It is still necessary for you to train to use it continuously without pauses; the superiors already said that to you, right?”

From his sister’s attention, Ex shifts his sight to Asia, and says in a tone like he was being tortured.

“Shit! Can I not fully reach Counter-Balance!? Even in this crucial moment? And just when I decide to help father and everyone?”

In order to save future Asia, there is no other choice but to catch Loki. However, the current Loki wearing Fenrir's armor becomes one of the most dreaded being. I myself will have great frustration if I do not have all of my power in this dreadful moment.

Loki laughs out loud.

“Fuhahaahah! You’re a fake, after all. I cannot feel the threat level like your father does. This era’s Sekiryuutei is also not that great. Come here, all of you and I will turn you to dust!”

Loki increases the magic power on his right hand to maximum level as he repeats compressing it and collect a heinous amount of aura. The massive amount of aura surges intensely.

I can feel something completely insane since my body trembles violently after I take measure on that mass of aura. Once it is shot, this entire coastal area… no, the world map will be carved and repainted.

In this intense scene that I even have to gulp my saliva, my communication device starts vibrating. I can’t even imagine who might that be I don’t answer it. I expand a magic circle with my hand; lo and behold, some things have been transferred.

Finally, what I have wanted!

In my hand I have been sent… a dagger. A decorative gem is embedded onto its pommel. I laugh out involuntarily.


Loki looked to my reaction with interrogative look.

“Hey Loki. Do you think that I did not prepare anything?”

I cite the chat while holding my dagger.

“Respond to mine summon, O daughter of the Mother Goddess, Gaia, the Mother of Dog Monsters, Echidna. Allow me to make the King of Monsters appear before me!”

A huge silhouette appears as my magic circle expands along with my chant.

Something gargantuan is unleashed! A giant, thirty meters in height with bluish skin, appears. With full wings on its back, its upper body is that of a human, but the lower body is a snake. Its hand holds a large spear. The giant then laughs.

“HOHOHOHO! I answer thy invitation, O head of the Fallen Ones!”

The giant scatters his improbable amount of aura around the area as he laughs excitedly.

Indeed, Loki seems startled as he sees the giant, and says with a shaking voice.

“Impossible! That’s… you have Typhon!”

So this is the giant monster of the Greek Mythology… Typhon.

He is the father of Orthrus, the two-headed dog who guarded the Cattle of Geryon; Cerberus, the multi-headed dog who guarded the gates of Hades; the Lernaean Hydra; Chimaera, the mix-and-match beast; the Nemean Lion, Regulus; the sea version of Hydra, Scylla; and the Evil Dragon, Ladon.

I say this while turning the dagger around my hand.

“Oh, yes. Both Fenrir and Typhon are among the Top 10 strongest beings in this world, am I right? It is the legendary monster among legendary monsters.”

I even unintentionally said the phrase that the good ole Zeus had told me in our agreement.

That discussion was “allow me to make a pact with Typhon”. In legend, Typhon is a dangerous demon that even the Gods of Olympus have difficulty handling. It’s a cheesy talk, but no one is really sure what happened. After all, his name also became the origin of the word “Typhoon”, a type of storms.

However, after it was said and done, Zeus gave his approval. On the other hand, Typhon issued me one very unreasonable demand and condition, but I accepted it anyway, and made a one-time pact.

After signing the pact, I took him with my technology. I held the dagger and say to my students and the children.

“Take a good look, jolly good lads and lasses. This is the result of my development work as the inventor of the Artificial Sacred Gear system. Pseudo Balance-Breaker… Counter-Balance!”

In response to my battle cry, Typhon holds his spear.

“YOOOSH! To fight a God from different mythology and go on rampage, I don’t think it can happen even once!”

Typhon’s large frame synchronizes with the dagger and begins to shine light! The light then wraps my body completely!


After I said with vigor, the aura begins swirling!

My body is wrapped in armor with dark blue and black colors, and I hold a trident in my hands. Jet-black wings of a fallen angel grows from the back, waist, and leg parts of the armor.

I easily turn the trident.

“[The Armor of the King of Monster of Destruction] Days Typhon Beast Another Armor.[2]. I do things my own way, UL- Loki. I've been showed too many terrible things to make me fear. From my perspective, what you did is a bad move. In this situation, being just a bystander is not a good Fallen Angel.”

Yeah, Airi showed me the Counter-Balance the other day. Now, we have applied it to our technology.

I have reached that far and told this for myself. That if something great or an emergency ever occurs, I won’t care about my pride anymore.

If I’m about to die in this kind of situation, I better choose to go on a titanic rampage. Even if that means putting a legendary monster inside a one-time use Artificial Longinus capable of using Counter-Balance.

“Don’t underestimate me, Fallen Angel!”

Loki shot a magic attack created from the compression of his hands!

I will hold the trident at the front without fleeing, aiming at Loki’s magic blasts… using only one swing!

One swing of the trident bisects Loki’s magic blast into two! As I swing down the trident, the sea below me collapses as the blast bisects the ocean.

Further swing of the trident to the coast area, not only it scrapes the sandy beach, but it also goes to the mountains as well. I swing it down softly, and the waves of the sea moves in the sparkling moonlight. I was never able to experience the horror of Typhon. Now, he is my ally. I’m able to wield his power freely.

Loki has his shoulders trembling with anger.

“Shit… that’s my full power…”

“My what? Biblical or Norse Mythology let’s decide which technology is better in this fight.”

Ise's children… Ex, Airi, Zen, Shin, I look at them in turn.

I have decided from the time I met with Issei's children.I will return all of you safely to your original timeline.

After all, they are important children of my cute students. If they die, will I have to have my skin peeled off?

Well anyway, this is your story lads. I wonder if you can include my involvement in the past?

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Tesseract?
  2. likely a shout-out to Another Novel/Manga
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