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Chapter 6: And So, To Tomorrow...[edit]

Part 1[edit]

A full-scale battle between Loki who was attacking from the future and myself… The apocalyptic fight in the air had been going for several minutes.


My trident was able to pierce through Loki’s defence, comprising of a complex barrier system without much trouble.


Loki spouted an agonized voice.

He was able to utilise the technology brought by beings from the parallel world, the [UL] to give birth New Fenrir and made it into his armour… As the inventor of The Artificial Sacred Gear system, with its pseudo Balance-Breaker, Counter-Balance, I was also able to wield and equip a similar set for myself, and with this new armour, I was able to break through that bastard god’s prided armour many times. Each time I did that, a circle formed on the armour plate.

However, this did not mean that I was overwhelmingly dominant. That monster… Metal Fenrir also had been improved, and being fused with the Evil God, its power was very much stronger than the original. Even with a mere sweep of aura from the both of us, it is enough to split the sea and grind the neighbouring mountains. Magic attacks caused fiery inferno dancing in the moonlight, and froze any wide surface of the ocean it touched. Having a pact with the King of Monsters, Typhon and made him inside my Days Typhon Beast Another Armor, granted me power that no one can control.




Ex approached behind Loki in a flash! Meanwhile, Ise fired a Dragon Shot, which seemed to support his son’s strike!

“What a pain in the arse again and again with these guys!”

Ex managed to land a single blow, but Loki stroke away the crimson-haired boy with aura, and readied back his battle stance after having been hit with the Dragon Shot.

ORC members with the future children surrounded the god. They created a dense formation that enabled them to strike directly should Loki decided to run.

Thanks to the children, I was able to show Ise's group the power of the Artificial Sacred Gear without regret. Finally, with the offensive capabilities borrowed from Typhon, we were able to corner Loki.

We went with a strategy: I fought Loki straight on, while the guys stripped his power down each portion. Since the enemy was alone, the effect was much amplified.

Since Loki was too dependent to his armor, I hit him with my trident many times and allowed the armor to be rebuilt. However, the armor’s strength weakened overtime even though it could be repaired with amazing speed, and it indicated that he had rough breathing from his shoulder movements.

I also thought that Loki’s magic strength was not worthy being called a power of a God. In addition, he kept expending Fenrir's heinous power but had to rebuild his armor back to shape many times. it was said that even Gods have limits.

Ise's children from the future were used to fight God-class beings, so it was natural for them to fight using this hit-and-strip tactic, making their enemies exhausted. Ise and the others also had fought Loki and his minions once, so they knew and were able to adapt to Evil God’s fighting methods.

First of all, they were able to execute well-placed and powerful strikes with amazing level of coordination, something they gained from their training, research, and wartime experience. Even if they could not grab the real situation and they could not see each other’s eyes, the parents and the children could feel the invisible bond to make them work together. Despite being in combat, I could see many wonderful scenes of them together.

“You punk are always doing something with this Loki! Even in this era, even in this time, you always hamper with my desires! The greatest sin and crime of the Asgardians was allying themselves to the other mythologies! I was condemned for causing Ragnarok! THE ONLY ONE!”

Loki let off a frustrated cry.

Loki’s frustration extended to the aura cladded on his body. Ominous aura began to take form.

I breathed in mourning.

“Well, how about this. How can you lend power unrelated to anything, being a machine like that?” (I’m not sure on this, will work it later).

Previously, this person appeared before us as Odin led his faction with the Alliance, attacking by the premise of being the Evil God of the Norse Mythology. It was said that this guy was given “justice”, being an Evil God and all. However, his eyes did not show it, and he continued to unleash his unfathomable resentment from his body.

After his defeat, did his values collapse after being in prison for three decades? Or say, had he been thoroughly taken in by the parallel world’s technology and concepts?

… Surprisingly, both aspects could be combined and in turn could shape his brain to a degree. So in turn, he incorporated the technology he got from the [UL], time-shifting, and flew to this era! If he is the original Loki, he would not hit anything other than the Norse Mythology. Well, it’s not that I could not help it to make me hesitant when thinking about this guy’s turning point. First things first, he must tell the children how to cancel the curse cast on future Asia.

I could feel the robust barrier that I erected throughout the area began to rip due to the corners being breached. I could see cracks in the air, getting larger and becoming holes, and humanoid [UL] with blue body appeared… Ruma Idra, the Luminary and Leader of Invade Fanatics, checked the situation, letting out a visor-shaped eyes.

“Apparently we are losing a great deal of our forces here.”

It said in a mechanized voice.

It could break into the barrier I erected! Whether it was the nature of its powers or the technology from the parallel world that it used was not known… that bastard Ruma Idra, it just dropped its body and was able to go away. The battleground was pretty much in ruins, with cracklings and sparks scattered everywhere.

This guy should have been fighting the future Gasper. But it seemed that Gasper was wounded by it.

It came here… by fleeing its own fight. I did not think that Gasper with such tremendous aura would lose. He was even accompanied by two of Issei's daughters.

When I was thinking of it, three magic circles appeared and Gasper, followed by Robertina and Helmwige, made their appearance! Of course, those three wore a mask to cover their identity from Ise and the others.

Gasper dropped to me as I asked him ironically,

“Does this bother you?”

However powerful the Invade Fanatics leaders were, Gasper is a Super Devil, so he would not have much trouble in most fights. He would not flee either.

Gasper said,

“Forgive me. Apparently this being’s main body has been transferred here.”

Body? I was disturbed with this and gave this question in my head.

Ruma Idra landed beside Loki.

“Loki-dono, we will do the other plan.”

Loki opened his armour's mask while listening to the Luminary's plan. He put out a rapturous smirk.

“I see. Fufufu, well, it will become fun if it happens. These folks will fall, whether it is sooner or later.”

After talking, its visor-shaped eyes shone suspiciously.

Then, a crack began to appear again, but this time it was larger, more wider in size compared to the last time Ruma Idra emerged! Through the hole on the big open space, an object of scale beyond my imagination showed up! Diving gradually through the crack is the bulk of a… blue battleship!

A warship in the sky! The bow had a sharp shape similar to a crow’s beak, there was a big symbol on the hull, but I did not know whether it was a military insignia or the alien’s symbol, an eerie pattern was painted on the body of the ship. Eventually its shape was revealed in the open space… I measured it to be at least 1000 feet[1]. This guy brought this terrible stuff!


Ise shouted loud with the advent of that unexpected battleship.

I also wanted to say it out loud as my mark of surprise whether this is Ruma Idra's body or not… but what happened to Gasper? I looked at Gasper and he nodded in silence.

Part 2: The Chichiryuushintei, True Oppai Dragon[edit]

“Even if we were able to kill as many human-sized [UL] as possible, we have to teleport them back at the same time. You should have already known about it this time, Sensei. The leaders act as a nucleus/core for that huge main body and anchor it to their designated location. This is the first time seeing that Ruma Idra is one of the cores. We are lacking intel.”

So you said that this battleship was the mechanical life form’s main body and Ruma Idra was one of the brains? Ruma Idra said to Gasper

“My apologies, Aeon Tycoon-dono. As long as I do not bring out my body, I will just keep returning to this ship via its pod. You should destroy the main body if you want to defeat me.”

Ruma Idra looked above as it raised its hand. At the same time, the battleship changed its form… becoming its body. The mouth-like shape on the bow started to open and let out a blooming, hammering roar!

A part of the ship’s bow cracked open and in it appeared… a horrible, large red eye!

Ruma Idra was on the front salvo, and said loudly,

“A single shot from my main body can destroy any target and penetrate any kind of barrier, be it space, time or dimensional. As long as my power source remains, I will bombard all events in the past.”

What! What in God’s name was that! Not just space-time bombardment, but also historic events shelling as well! No, perhaps they just did not want to destroy mythologies, but they also wanted to destroy the history of mankind!

Once you can do that, there will be nothing in this world, no, even a world line would not exist!

While I was not involved in many past events of mythology, I just could not stand it when one wanted to interfere with the accumulated parts of history of humankind!

A huge ejection port began to start moving, and at the same time, energies began to gather!

I screamed towards everyone!


“Roger That!”

Everyone felt in awe of what that battleship was doing. They prepared themselves so that they can charge from my command. Ise's group followed me and Gasper.

However, from the hull of the ship, Ruma Idra launched several copies of his humanoid cyborg form! Each of them were on the same level as Galvaldan, we would get our hands full from just taking care of those guys! What made it even worse was that these cyborgs were remote-controlled and should the children face it head-on, they would not be able to approach the battleship in full power.

I could easily take the lead with Typhon’s armour and hit all the cyborg copies… but the Artificial Sacred Gear reached its limit. If the balance between my physical and mental strength collapsed, the armour would not hold. Keeping up with the King of Monsters’ Artificial Sacred Gear was tougher than I expected.

Ex and Airi looked for another salvo and shot down an attack remotely with a shout.

“Crap! All history will be wiped should that shot hit!”

“This is not gonna be the same joke from all the disturbances of the war of our time! I’m coming!”

Ise, Xenovia, Irina, and Kiba were also struggling to hold the other Ruma Idra’s copies.

“I don’t understand it well, but I do know that it's is going to be bad if that hits!”

“Oh, somehow I want to wreak havoc on that battleship!”

“These cyborgs are strong!”

“We need to reach the battleship before it fires!”

Both Ise's group and the children were fighting hard…

“Hahaha! Does the Sekiryuutei's group disturb you from firing the bombardment?”

Loki returned and joined the battle! If only I could use Typhon’s armour and Gasper still had his Super Devil powers, we would have crushed the cyborg copies in no time.

It was not good enough! It was all up to my Counter-Balance when it would be capable, and when it did, the only way was to charge an intense, suicidal one-hit blow to the battleship!

While deciding the solution, something colossal began covering… a blue barrier!

God damn it! Even if I could get people making barrier just on the size of the battleship, we would just able to make one or two layers of barrier! It was a do or die moment! If we failed, the history, the future…

It was when I was trying to remove the limiter from Typhon’s armour that I felt something covering this area with powerful a energy field. As I looked to it, it shielded Ise's and all the present day group at once and stopped, having been solidified on the spot. It moved past me, to the children, as it seemed to be someone from the future.

Turning my eyes towards Gasper, I could see him spreading his aura to his whole body and his eyes glowing red.

He had stopped time?

The battleship’s salvo had stopped, but Loki and Ruma Idra were still moving!

“This is…”

“Did Gasper Balor stop time?”

Those guys seemed to notice the change in situation.

Among the divided party between those who could move and those who were frozen, Gasper had a wry smile.

“It seemed that the “countermeasure” that we talked the other day has finally arrived, Azazel-sensei.”

If I followed Gasper’s sight yesterday, I could see a teleport magic circle been deployed in the air.

The pattern was that of a clock with the hands, and it turned counter-clockwise intensely.

What appeared above the circle was… a blonde girl with a pair of red eyes. She had a unique vampire feeling very much like Gasper.

The vampire girl greeted me by raising the hem of her skirt.

“Good day, everyone. I am Hyoudou Issei's daughter. My name is Ernestine.”

After the greeting, the girl gave a cute smile, but said something like this.

“I brought my dad here.”

In a moment, a large teleportation magic circle appeared behind the girl. The pattern formed like the letter “A”… the Gremory! From there, in about a hundred meters in size, a huge dragon appeared with crimson scales.

Ruma Idra was trembling at the sight.

“What! It’s the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei!”

Loki also seemed to be hostile toward the colossal crimson dragon who had descended.

“He… hey? Re..Really? Have I been followed!?”

The huge dragon emerged from the magic circle by opening its mouth!


I..Ise!? Is it Ise? It’s, it’s surely the familiar sukebe roar that made me sure that it is Ise!

Gasper said to Ernestine,

“Ernestine, you are indeed my best pupil. The Karnstein House line sure is sophisticated.”

“Yes, Vladi-Sensei. We have assured that father will be sent here.”

The huge dragon, the future Ise said to future Gasper. *Gya-suke, it seems like you’re having a rough time, did things go out of control?*

“No, it’s just I’m a bit… missed out.”

I could see that the living cyborg, Ruma Idra, was shaking its entire body strong enough to be seen and showed a beep sign.

“W..Why are you here Sekiryuutei? You should have been fighting my Lord in the war according to our strategy.”

Ernestine laughed in small voice.

“Rezzwo Roado? Was that the being that just fought against father a while ago?"

The huge dragon… Issei grabbed a mechanical arm on his large hand and used its fingers to pick his nose.

“It seems that it has withdrawn, leaving its arm.”

Ruma Idra became speechless at hearing Ernestine’s words.

“Damn! You… you could tear off the arm of one of the Eclipsed Seven Luminaries! They have the strength of a God! Red monster!“

Dragon Ise laughed on Ruma Idra on the edge of his mouth.

"Oooo, it’s often said like that. Time to settle this, Loki, Ruma Idra.*

However, he wrapped his expression into his aura, packing it into his rage. A mass of head-breaking, massive aura began to dominate the area violently.

"You dabbled with Asia. You may be a God, but what you had done is unforgivable.*

The Crimson Dragon was overwhelming in terms of both absolute confidence and invincible strength here.

Apparently, the future Ise was dealing with the other five parents[2] and this became the reason why he could not attend the future Asia when she was cursed. It could be said that the root of this incident was that not all of his family members were able to be together at the same time! What a guy!


When Ruma Idra shone and released its power, it could call upon a battleship which can be used as its body and could tear off mountains. However, Gasper was able to stop its movement! It did not make any sense!? Should I choose which one is the strongest of the Invade Fanatics, my choice would go to Rezzwo Roado.

The salvo began to ring again and resumed its charge.

Dragon Ise increased the volume of his large chest. The next moment something impossible happened... as he breathed a fiery inferno sphere at maximum power and blew up the salvo of the battleship! Without its barrier or the cyborg copies, it was instantly defeated.

The explosion covered the entire one side of the sky! The sea surface was shaken and rippled violently, and even the trees in the forest of the mountains could feel the shock.

As the smoke cleared, there was still a figure of Ruma Idra's body, partially destroyed. Every part of its body was covered in smoke, from the hull down to the bottom. The massive, ridiculous flame contained a huge amount of aura that its body was almost entirely malfunctioning. This was not something you could take head-on for God-Class beings.

“Loki-dono, our conditions are bad to continue to fight. We must withdraw…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ruma Idra’s entire body system… the battleship was tied with a rope made of light.

The rope of light was a method that I taught to them just in case. To my surprise, Ruma Idra did not resist at all.

“It’s an arrest barrier for all of you. I think I've already stretched the barrier too much, you know?”

Ruma Idra seemed not to respond to my words.

“Having analysed from each fight, you developed a method of countermeasure. Indeed, the children of the Sekiryuutei were reliable to come to this era.”

So, as I’m fighting these “UL” creatures, I stretched as far as I can each time. It’s something worth fighting, but there was also the responsibility of preventing time collapse and paradoxes. Meanwhile, we analysed these beings’ method of attack, and developed the corresponding countermeasures from the information we could gather and explored different methods and techniques. Barriers and different types of techniques, the rope of light was one of the techs that I taught them. There is also the effective armor of Typhon, and captured war machines that I doubt would see some use in the future.

Issei's children gathered around Ruma Idra, with everyone having a high spirit against it, and if it ever moved a single finger as a means of escaping, the kids would not hesitate to tear its battleship main body piece by piece.

“Kuh! It’s just my skin color!”

Loki had determined that the situation was losing for him and was looking for a way to escape and leave this place! And just as they had noticed, Ex and Airi had been waiting to hold him up. Ex swung his crimson sword charged with Power of Destruction in high speed!

Loki’s sharp reflexes, either because he received it right on his face or being exhausted after the battle, were cut down by Ex.

“A payback for Asia-kaasan. Wanna a free kiss?”

Ex’s words were still full of anger. That’s the attitude of Ise’s son.

Gasper said to Loki and Ruma Idra.

“Do you wanna know why I don’t just stop time and have other abilities? It’s because I want to learn what I can do with my body, and how far I can take it.”

Then, Airi plunged to Loki until his blood spurted out. Behind her, Fafnir stood with burning rage mixed with his aura on his large silhouette.

“You bullied my mom!”

Part 3: Days of Future Past[edit]

“You bullied Airi-tan!”

“”Absolutely not allowed!”"

Again, Airi and Fafnir raised their voice clad in rage and emotions, and released their aura when they punched Loki deep in the gut. That was the blow of Issei's daughter.

Loki tried to bend his body with the air to reduce the impact of the hit.


He said that, and he fell to the sea surface.

Having arrested Ruma Idra and watching Loki fall to the sea, Gasper spoke with a different tone.

“Evil God Loki and the [UL], those who came from the parallel world. You have disturbed the Gremory household and Sekiryuutei family. Those who quarrel with our peace are not allowed to do anything as they like, even if there are many things involved.”

From those words, it was clear that these punks had hurt their important person… and gave pursuit to this era, and were overthrown from their position. There was no one who cannot be touched in any era. Including both Loki and the [UL].

The battle is over, and I could finally take a breath. I removed my armour. I need to thank Typhon later. It seemed that the request was unlikely even for a big deal. I moved with all the future gang and the present folks to the distant mountains.

Ise and the other present ORC members were left stunned after the time stop resolved. Since it would be bad if they saw all of this, I also asked the kids to put them to sleep, placing them on the beach of the earlier battleground, and removed any clues that might lead them to question this forbidden front. It was for the future; say what you will.

The other children… Kurenai, Shirayuki, and Kuroibara had also joined, and all of the future faces were here. It was amazing to see a dozen people of a different era together.

… Um, one of my students was flying in the air, it was Issei who became a dragon.

“Seems like you have changed a lot.”

"Hahaha, that’s because powerful, large-scale techniques fits better in this form."

The future Ise laughed excitingly. He still knew how to laugh even after three decades of taking dragon form.

Although I also want to see his human form after 30 years… This was rather extravagant. I could only feel happy and satisfied to see the dragon’s appearance.

Robertina immediately analysed the captured (albeit fainted) Loki , while Helmwige said

“Dad, we are almost done analysing Loki.

“It’s only matter of time for us to lift Asia-kaasan's curse!”

Ooo, so you were able to draw the spell out and extract it from Loki to some extent! Well, I would just let them make Loki talk later.

Zen and Shin cried when they heard it.

“Thank God…”

“Uuuh, the worth for coming here is equal…”

The Nekomata Sister cried while hugging each other.

“I’m glad, nyaaaaaaaannn!”

“Me too, it’s wonderful!”

Airi, while crying in tears, said with a smile,

“Mom, when you wake up, please hand down to me the House of Hyoudou's secret technique of making porridge…”

The eldest son, Kurenai held Ex’s shoulder after closing in.

“I’m glad we came here.”


Ex’s voice was shaking with tears. Tears, relief and joy worked wonders on him, but he did not want the other siblings see him like that. The brave, stout-hearted, fearless crimson swordsman who fought was also just a boy raised in this good family.

Gasper said as he watched the heartwarming scene.

“Now, it’s all up to me for the clean up in this era.”

I see. It was because Gasper was the one who governed time, so he needed to erase the traces of the children, the [UL], and Issei.

The truth is, Gasper and I had already altered the memory of Ise's group who were asleep on the beach. In the altered memory, it would seem that we had defeated weapons and monsters of ancient origin along with the Grigori members.

It was a pity though, I decided not to ask what happened in the last decade they were living. After that, it would be the work of memory alteration of Rias’ group. I would also join in.

Ruma Idra had already been transferred back to the future. I left it to the folks there to give his verdict.

And so, here came the farewell. Dragon Ise had his children expanded the magic circle used for the time travel on their feet.

I… could not bring myself to talk. No more. It would not be good for me to know more about the situation in the future. Even if these people knew, it was something that wasn't allowed to be spoken. As the magic circle increased the glow… Issei only said this.

"Sensei, farewell then*

“It was good to meet you and the children of your girls. All of you have grown.”

After a simple farewell words, Ise and I exchanged smiles.

It was enough. Things like, ‘How is your life since then?’ or ‘Is your life good?’ were not the kind of words you wanted to hear in such situation.

The truth was, I want to speak to him in the good future of this world. I could also see this in Issei's eyes.

The teleportation shone further, but Ex still hanged on to me.

“First Governor! Take care!”


“Can we meet again? I also want to consult something with you.”

“Can we do some erotic talk?”

I laughed as Ex had his face red

As the magic circle shone its last flash, the children shouted in unison.


Dragon Ise shouted the last of the last of the farewell.


They went back to the future, leaving Gasper and myself.

Geez, even in the future you are still the Oppai Dragon. It seems like you guys had profited with it very much. Thus, the dense feeling of my strange experience had almost come to an end.


Ten days had passed since that time. I was sitting on a bench at a park in the afternoon, looking at the sky while eating a chocolate bar. After the future Gasper finished all of his work, he met me once after dark, and then went back to his own timeline. The memory alteration work had also been done somehow with good results. I asked Gasper just before he went back.

“Do I need to erase the memories of myself and the other leaders?”

Yeah, it was not just me, but every one of the VIPs including Odin and Sirzechs, who relied on this information this time. On top of that, we cooperated by making a pact with Typhon. Gasper only showed an evocative smile like he did before. Unexpectedly, the VIP group… me included, might do something that could heat things up. If the future Gasper is counted as a Super Devil, it will not be strange for us supernatural beings to take precautions, and we could even end up as enemies. Perhaps, even my current memories…. However, Gasper only said this when he left.

“Please just remember this. In the near future, the [UL] will invade this world again. It may become a war, but incidents of this kind are one of the worst. I do not want it to happen again. This is our sole purpose for coming here.”

Based on what he said, I could somehow understand that Ex and Gasper had left something to prevent time travel incidents from happening again. In short, time travel and stuff may not happen at all in this timeline. That was a possibility, but I not only understood the concept, but also the details. I smiled wryly when I looked at Ise and Asia who were shopping at a convenience store. When they lowered the bags, I had a strange feeling about an old woman that I had been watching at the entrance of the park. I decided to look closer at the pavilion out of a whim. A conversation was held between those three people, and the old lady bowed her head down, thanking Asia.

“Thank you for taking care of me last time, good daughter.”

Hush! I was satisfied. So this was the grandma whom Airi had helped the other day. Asia did not know anything about that, and I could see a big question mark on the blank space above her head.

“Eh, umm…”

Ise smiled when he looked in Asia’s direction.

“Asia, your kindness might have helped this old lady without you realising.”

“Uh, maybe you’re right.”

Asia tilted her head, but the old woman took out a candy from her bag and gave it to her.

“Thank you, young lady.”

I grinned unconsciously upon seeing this. Did you guys do something? Oh well, it would be good if someone was able to remember them. I talked to them abruptly after they were done helping the old woman.

“Well, Ise, Asia. If you two had a child, what would you name them?”

The two of them got red and embarrassed

“W-What’s with that question!?”

They showed an innocent reaction. I gave a mischievous smile to the two people standing behind me — Rias and Akeno.

“Hey Azazel, do not say something strange to those two in front of me.”


Looking back, the rest of the Occult Research Club was already at the park. And I was scheduled to go to the beach earlier today. I looked at everyone. There were those who hadn't yet been born, as well as those who didn't retain those memories, though it would only be a matter of time when they would meet in a few decades.

“Okay, people. We will go to the beach.”

Now, let’s go without thinking of anything today.


This is the entirety of the top-secret story as I had told a handful of people at the beginning.

Again, this important information must never be let out to anyone. When the time comes, this would become useful to someone. Do not try to disclose this or attempt to destroy this record.

..Um, since you would have heard it all, why not keep it to yourself?

After all, you guys will win.

You win, and lead a happy and peaceful life.

Consider this as an absolute order from your teacher.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. 304 meters
  2. meaning his other wives/local wife/mistress
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