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Top Secret[edit]

It would appear that in the world of thirty years from now there is the possibility of war due to an invasion by the malevolent god Melvazoa of 'ExEEvih Etoulde' and his underlings.

  • The malevolent god Malvezoa's fighting strength far exceeds that of Ophis (complete form) as well as Great Red.
  • Due to him being invulnerable and having transcended death (him being able to manipulate reincarnation techniques as well as the concept of existence itself, being able to interfere with himself from parallel worlds, manipulate time etc., he is thus able to preserve "himself" as much as he likes), the fight between the good and evil gods has become a battle in which the good god Resetoras seeks supremacy without completely overthrowing Malvezoa.
  • It appears that, in regards to the damage done to this world due to the interference by the main forces of Malvezoa's side, it has already reached unprecedented levels. Moreover, apart from Malvezoa himself, to oppose all of the malevolent god's underlings, the seven divinities of the 'Ragou Shichiyou'[1], the necessary war preparations are presently hopeless.
  • For the malevolent god Malvazoa, there are a pair of divinities who are considered to be his older brother and younger sister. The older brother is the fierce god Regalzerva, the younger sister is the evil spirit Seraselbes. Even by themselves they wield power that is not inferior to that of Malvezoa.
  • For the fierce god Regalzerva there exist two underling divinities called 'Keito Tenkai'. [2]
  • There are numerous mysteries surrounding the evil spirit Seraselbes's underlings, their precise number not being known, with only five divinities having been confirmed.
  • In the case where the malevolent god, fierce god, and evil spirit divinity trio belonging to 'ExEEvih Etoulde' and their underlings were to attack together, without even having to consider, there's no mistaking that the Earth would be destroyed——.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I have changed Eclipsed Seven Luminaries back to the Japanese to better parallel a similar title below. As a reminder, Ragou is another name for Rahu and refers to the head of a serpent associated with eclipses. Shichiyou are the seven luminaries: sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  2. Keito is a another name for Ketu, a mythical being associated with eclipses and is the tail that corresponds to Rahu (or Ragou), which is the head of the same being. Tenkai, which could roughly translate to 'sky ocean', is the name of a renowned Japanese Buddhist monk.
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