InoBato: Volume 5 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Kiryuu Hajime - 20 Years old, Part 1[edit]

I do not necessarily like the dark.
However, the dark adores me.

––– An excerpt from Reverse Cruz RecordThe Scripture Abandoned by God

Part 1[edit]

A year ago.

“I left college, I left home. So, I’m going to ask you to give me shelter. ”

That was my first encounter with Hajime-kun in two years. We had not seen each other since graduation from high school, but for some reason, he stood in front of the door of the apartment where I live.

I was paralysed in front of the door, and only sound of rain hitting the roof can be heard.

Wait... what? Give him shelter?

I looked at Hajime-kun again.

Black hair.

Dark eyes.

Round sunglasses he’s wearing slightly lower as if to say ‘What’s the point of wearing one’.

Dark long coat that screams ‘way to go chuuni!’.

… It’s all black, as always.

He always wore black during high school, and even today it seems like he can’t live without it.

He was completely soaked. Both his clothes and his hair were dripping wet. It seems he was walking without an umbrella in this terrible windy rain.

Maybe ‘colour of wet crow’s feather’ or something like that.

Originally it was something that you said to compliment a woman with beautiful hair, but for such rain-soaked dark colour, such seductive phrase fit perfectly for him.

He had a mysterious aura that made him look like a demon, but it seems he was about to freeze to death

“A-Anyway, come in quick, I’ll lend you the shower!”

I couldn’t see him like that so i quickly invited him in.

Part 2[edit]

If you ask me what kind of person is Kiryuu Hajime, my answer would be “someone who you will never be sure what he’s thinking.”

Although I’m not proud of it ── well maybe it sounds as if I am, out of all the girls, I think I have spent the most time with him during high school. Although we only stayed a year in the same class, we were part of Literature Club for three years during that time..

Even then, I didn't know much about him .

I always felt the frustration of more i got to know him, further away we seemed to get.

He was similar to dense fog or a mirage. You clearly can see what he is from afar, but as soon as you get close to him , immediately you can’t grasp what he is.

But it wasn’t like he was hated or anything. He was somewhat popular among girls, and got along well with guys and the teachers.

But he simply was someone who kept his distance from everyone.

His hobby was “human observation” . His favorite motto was “There is no one like me on earth or in heaven”. His favorite color was“red colour from freshly cut wound that’s just about to gush out blood.” His favorite seven deadly sin was the “pride” . His favorite Dio-sama was “Dio-sama of the sixth”.

Those were the words he said on the first day of school.

… Yeah, I think I understand why it was difficult for others to approach him. At that time, the entire class was speechless and felt a heavy atmosphere.

However, there wasn’t a single person who would mock him. His overly serious tone was impossible to be replied with mocking or laughter.

And the club that he had decided to join was a club that got terminated due to having no members, a Literature Club.

And for some kind of luck the club I had chosen was also Literature Club.

Part 3[edit]

While Hajime-kun was taking his shower, I shoved his clothes into the washing machine. And for his long coat i wiped away the water and let it to dry on a clothes hanger. Yeah that’s probably correct way to dry it.

……By the way, I ended up touching his underwear casually. So that’s how men’s underwear looks like, it’s got hole in front of it ……

“I-I put a towel on top of the washing machine!.”

Flustered, I said those words in a higher pitch, and I ran out of the changing room.

A two-room apartment with a kitchen. Built ten years ago.

The shower and toilet in separate rooms (That’s the only thing I do not like).

It’s been two years since I have been living alone in this flat, ever since I got into the university..

Still, I didn’t ever remember telling Hajime-kun my address.

“You sent me New Year’s greeting card last year right? I memorised your address then..” That’s what he said.

…By the way, Hajime-kun did not send me a New Year’s postcard back. At that time, I was very upset. (I even put hand drawn illustration on mine), but I think it’s better to forget about that now..

I went to my room and started to clean my room fast. Textbooks and magazines that were all over my room went into my bag, and underwear and clothes that were hanging out to dry were shoved inside my closet..

Then I took sticky roll cleaner and hurriedly rolled it across my carpet.

While I was quickly cleaning my carpet, I noticed a mirror on my table. It was a mirror that I use for my makeup. I completely forgot to hide it after applying my makeup this morning damn it.

I saw my reflection in the mirror..

Picture of myself, with one eye kept closed..

“Hey, Hitomi.”


Sudden call from behind freaked me out and made me scream unintentionally..

“Don’t you have anything I can wear?”

“Huh?… ── Something to wear?”

When I turned around, I gasped.

What was shown into my single eye was… Hajime-kun in nothing but towel around his waist.

He was naked from the waist to the top. His skin was slightly red and water vapour came off from his body. Although he is thin, it has a good musculature structure and showed his abs off.

Wow, you have a nice body ── That’s not what I meant!

“W-W-W-Why are you naked! Please put some clothes on! ”

I blurted out that without being considerate of my neighbours.

Uh … My face is on fire. Definitely worse than when I touched his underwear.

“Ah? I can’t wear anything because you’ve washed all of my clothes.”

Uh …… Now what he says is true, I had forgotten to prepare some clothes for Hajime-kun. I got distracted with hiding that underwear I was drying in my room I completely forgot about him and his clothes.

“S-Still, you should have put on your coat! It was drying in the changing room! ”

“I’m not a pervert who would like to go nude wearing only a coat.”

He said that with a sigh. His face was little flushed after coming out of the baths, but his attitude was ice cold as always. Looks like I’m the only one being all agitated and I’m about to lose patience myself...

“Anyway, stop being all agitated after seeing a naked body. That reaction is only cute when you’re a teenager. ”

“Uhm … heavens, wait a minute. I’ll find a sweatshirt. ”

Calming a little, I started looking in a drawer.

I must stay calm, all right, all right, that’s the naked body of my father, nothing more …… and while I wasn’t concentrating, I mistakenly opened the underwear drawer.

No way, my mind has gone somewhere else completely ……

Oh, I remember where I put the sweatshirt I bought the other day. It was two drawers under this one...

“Heh. That’s how you put your underwear in. It looks like high-quality chocolate. ”


I threw my sweatshirt at that naked guy behind me as hard as possible.

Part 4[edit]

It was free-size sweatshirt for woman so even tall Hajime-kun could wear it without any problem. Well sleeve was slightly short so it looks like three-quarter sleeve shirt.

“I put your clothes into the dryer, so it will be ready for tomorrow.”

I said that while giving him black tea made with a tea bag. Hajime-kun said ‘thanks’ and took the cup from me.

“This is something nostalgic, being served tea by you. Hitomi, you used to do it every day when we were in the literature club. ”

“That was because you didn’t want do it yourself.”

“I just wanted drink that you made for me” was what he said as he sipped his cup of tea.

“It’s delicious. You haven’t lost your touch. ”

“It’s just tea bag from the stores, it would be same regardless who makes it. ”

“Ka ka.”

That particular dry laugh.

He didn’t change whatsoever..

Although this is our first meeting in two years, we are talking as if we met up yesterday.

Because of that, I felt like we went back in time to our high school days.

The time when I was still a teenager.

The time when I was not yet an adult.

“Oh yeah, speaking of literature club, my younger sister has entered the same high school as us this year. ”

“Senko High School?”


“Hmm, It seems like fate. ”

I said the word ‘fate’ lightly. Creatures know as ‘female’ tend to use the word ‘fate’ without any deep meaning in situation like right now.

“Yes it is. Everything in this world, revolves around the fate restrained like coffins. ”

He said while smiling in a nefarious way.

… Yeah nothing has changed much. That chuuni way of talking has not changed since our days in high school..Although I already guessed from the beginning, seeing those glasses and that coat.

“I didn’t ask her what club she’s going to join, maybe she’ll join literature club as well. Unlike me, she’s quite bad with sports. ”

“Is that so──”

‘How unlike him’ Those words nearly come out of my mouth, but I swallowed them back quickly.

I don’t know the details, but I heard she’s just his half-sister.

Kiryuu Hajime. Kiryuu is his family name.

The house where he lived was the home of the Kanzaki family. All family members had that name, except him. Naturally, his sister also has the name Kanzaki.

However, he continued using the name Kiryuu all this time. It has always attracted curious looks from others, but no one could topple his stubbornness..

As if he is opposing the entire world --- to keep himself intact.

“Oh……But, I guess she’s angry right now, I did get scolded quite badly when I left home..... ”

He said unpleasantly while scratching his cheek.

“…Hey, Hajime-kun.”

I thought it was a good time, so I spoke up..

“Did something happened?”


Hajime-kun said nothing and just stared at the floor. The atmosphere became heavy and felt the time was passing incredibly slow.

After being silent for a while.


He looked into my eyes and said my name.

“Can you let me stay without asking me questions?”

His eyes were sincere and direct. His gaze was sharp and had a great power of observation so when he started like that I felt little bit scared, but I also felt embarrassed …….

“Yeah sure..”

When I realized, I had agreed to his request. That innocent side of mine really bothered me.

Man even when Ithink about it, I’m such easy person, Saiyou Hitomi.

But somehow, I’m glad to see Hajime-kun.

In addition ── I’m grateful to have him trusted me.

Part 5[edit]

It was decided that I’ll sleep on the bed and he’ll sleep on the couch.

It seems that Hajime-kun was very tired, he fell asleep immediately after lying on the couch.

…At least be a little nervous sleeping in girl’s house. Honestly, it is absurd that I am the only one who is nervous.

Although I do not like this situation, I put a blanket over him.

After that, I went into my bed and covered myself with the sheets to the head. Well, I’ll just sleep. Tomorrow I have to go to class early, so now I must sleep. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep──


I can‘t sleep.

I can’t sleep in this situation. A Man and a Woman sleeping under the same roof. Something must be wrong with the person who does not think this is a tense situation.

When I put my hand on my chest, I felt my heart was beating fast.

While my heart is pounding, I wondered what I would do if Hajime-kun came to attack me while I slept. As such, many delusions filled my mind, but only caused me to be more self-conscious.

“… Uuuuuu.”

I moaned and moaned while rolling around on my bed, and in the end I took my head out of the blanket and looked at the couch.

Hajime-kun was sleeping so peacefully that it was annoying. I thought about drawing on his face, but thinking about my future I decided against it..

Looking at his face while sleeping, somehow reminds me of the days in high school.

I gently rubbed my closed eyes, scratching top of my eyelash with my finger nail.

The eye that had lost its light had begun to annoy me a little.

I got out of bed and grabbed a box of accessories in the drawer and opened the lid,

── inside was a patch for the eye made of black leather.

It was not to be used for medical purpose, but clearly a fashion item..

It was a memory of Hajime-kun and mine. Although I think he feels indifferent toward it, but for me is a very important memory and been keeping it with care..

When I held it and gave it a look, an album of old memories opened without permission in my head.

I found there. I, of my student years.

It was the me, who hated Kiryuu Hajime with passion.

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