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This world is beautiful.
Therefore, I want to destroy everything.
This world fit for distortion.
It’s definitely waiting for the day of its destruction.

––– An excerpt from Reverse Cruz RecordThe Scripture Abandoned by God

Part 1[edit]

Yukawa Touhei was in a wrecked bowling hall.

Unable to find a buyer, the building was abandoned without being demolished. It was the perfect place for a test of courage during summer, but in the current season, there was no one to come.

The area was very quiet in the middle of the night.

The moonlight coming through a broken window lit up the whole place. In addition to broken glass and empty cans on the floor, there were bowling balls and pins from the lanes scattered around.

“... Hm. This place is a real mess. There's no electricity here either.”

Yukawa murmured dryly, as he kicked a can.

He then took out several rings from the pocket of the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing, and wore them on his fingers one by one.

They were not rings for fashion, but were used as brass knuckles.

These were all preparations for the war that was about to begin.

“Although avoiding being seen in public is a fundamental rule in this war, is it really necessary to fight in a place like this? The fairies can help us with it to some extent anyway.”

While speaking in a hostile way, Yukawa kept his gaze on the end of the first lane.

Over there, was a small light.

It was the amber of a cigarette. A man was standing at the end of the first lane, where pins and broken glass were scattered. He moved his cigarette in his mouth and blew white smoke.

With a thin smile on his face, the man spoke with a mocking voice.

“We must be considerate and not disturb the neighbors.”

“... Disturb the neighbors?” “It’s because your cry of pain will be very noisy. If it were the cry of a pretty girl there would be no problem, but the cry of pain of a man is not very interesting, don’t you think? ”

After hearing this provocation, Yukawa gritted his teeth and turned a hostile glance at the man.

The man wore a long, dark coat.

His silver hair stood out in the dark.

He wore small round sunglasses.

And colour of right eye a striking crimson.

“Ancient Lucifer ── Kiryuu Hajime.”

Yukawa said those words sarcastically.

“I heard the rumor. Ha. Yes you have a rather exaggerated alias.”

“Not that I invented it myself. Some people began to call me so after a fight.”

Kiryuu responded so casually while white smoke rose from his cigarette, which danced through the air and disappeared into the darkness.

“You understand it? I did not invent that alias. Some people have been spreading it without my permission. ”

For some reason, that man reiterated that again. There was no need to hear it again, once was enough. Yukawa thought.

──What kind of idiot thinks of his own alias?

“Hm. You have my condolences for gaining such a ridiculous alias.”

At sudden provokation Yukawa said somethign that was never in his mind. Truthfully, he did not thinkthe alias of Kiryuu was ridiculous, since he wasn't interested in that in the first place.

But nevertheless,


Suddenly, Kiryuu opened his eyes wide and bit his cigarette in his mouth. After that, although seem to be forced, he continued to speak in a calm voice.

“…… No no, you shouldn't mock, I’m sure the person who thought of that thouhght hard for the alias. It's not good to mock the tastes of others. Truthfully, I think I like it. “Ancient Lucifer.” It's a fascinating alias. The person who thought of this alias must be very clever. Well, not that I invented it.”

He seemed upset and his words sounded like an excuse. Although he had a mysterious attitude, Yukawa changed his mind and concentrated on the opponent in front of him.

Ancient Lucifer ── Kiryuu Hajime.

We hear rumor about him all the time, however rumor brings more rumor, and at this point it's impossible to know which one is truely correct one.

A rumor such as that he was “A man with an extremely crazy fighting style.” Another rumor said he was “A man who rarely fought.” Some rumors mentioned that said he "Has a terrible temper and goes berserk immediately when angry.” And others “is always calm and never show his emotions.”

Yukawa did not know if those rumors were true, but could not tell if they were false either.

However, there were two sure things.

First, this man had an exceptional power that could manipulate gravity.

And second ─ this man was considered as very dangerous all around.

Even in the organisation that he had joined recently, the name Kiryuu Hajime means unwelcome things.

(…… What? Am I scared?)

Yukawa sweat from his brow and shook his lips, forming a crooked smile.

(Power to manipulate gravity? If it was against an average person then he would always be the strongest, however he has chosen his opponent poorly this time.)

The Yukawa Touhei's superpower.

It was the natural enemy of the Kiryuu's power to control gravity.

The advantage was too good.

Perhaps I was granted this power to defeat this man? That was what he wanted to think.

(Still, I must be careful. Even if I have the advantage, if I mess up my timing, I’ll be finished. … I should not underestimate the power of his.)

Clenching his lips, Yukawa kept his look fixed on his opponent.

“Ka, Ka.”

Kiryuu started laughing. It was a very peculiar dry laugh. The forced smile of a moment ago had disappeared, its present laughter filled the whole place.

“Although I do not know what you’re thinking …… but I guess it's that, right? It’s about my demonic power, right?”

Yukawa was surprised that he had read his mind. Kiryuu grinned and continued.

“Do not worry, I do not intend to use my power today.”


Yukawa could not believe his ears.

Not intending to use his power?

“Did not you hear me? I said I will not use my power to deal with you.”

(……. What the hell this guy is thinking? Is he really thinking of facing me without using his power?)

Yukawa was confused and did not know what to say.

“Hey? Isn't this handicap enough for you?”

Kiryuu bent down to the floor and picked up a broken bowling pin. Using the sharp tip of the bottle, he carved a circle on the floor.

He carved a circle of about one meter in diameter around himself.

“I will not set my foot outside this circle. If you can make me move out of this circle, you win and I will retire from this war. ”

“… ..?! Are you making fun of me !?”

Yukawa was so furious he shouted without thinking, but Kiryuu never ceased to smile.

“Hm? You can't really say this is making fun of you. Making fun of you is... let's see, adding 'I will not use anything but my left pinky' to the handicap. won't that be making fun of you?”


“Come, I’ll show you the difference between us.”

Kiryuu said those words in a provocative way.

At the repeated insult toward himself, Yukawa’s mind finally reached its limit.

“Don’t you think so, you retard!”

Strongly pushing himself with his legs, he went hurtling towards Kiryuu.

In the Fairy War the powers are a very important factor, but the physical strength also influences the victory or defeat.

Yukawa had confidence in his melee skills. There was no way he will lose to an opponent who did not plan to use his power, also there was no way he will lose to such a thin man.

“I’m going to destroy that pretty face of yours!”

With a powerful drive, the distance between them had shortened. Yukawa was not even a step in front of the circle where Kiryuu stood.


Yukawa could not believe what he's seeing in front of him and emitted sounds doubt.

Kiryuu Hajime had stepped outside the circle.

(……W-What is this guy doing? Huh? Has he given up? Is he admitting defeat?)

Yukawa ignored the confusion of the situation and continued his onslaught. Naturally, since he could not stop at the speed he was going.

It was one step to reach, but his opponent took a step forward.

The result was unavoidable, the distance between them became zero.

The image that reflected on the eyes of confused Yukawa was Kiryuu Hajime with his hand clentched into fist.

He moved his right fist.

(He said he won't use his right hand…? Did he mean my side of right? Wait what happened to his pinky...?)

If this had been a ordinary melee, or if at least Kiryuu had not left the circle, Yukawa could have dodged, blocked or done something about the fist.

However, he had stepped out of the circle.

Both in time and space, it was step in front of what he had imagined.

In to the face of surprised Yukawa ─ The right fist Kiryuu crash into his face.

A loud noise shook the whole place.

Fist containing the physical strength of Kiryuu added to that the rate at which Yukawa was heading toward him resulted in a release of massive destructive power.


Screaming in pain, Yukawa began to roll on the floor, as if he was a bowling ball.

“Damn ……, ugh … Outside the circle... …… right …”

Touching the broken bones of his cheek and his broken teeth, Yukawa looked up.

Ka, ka, hahahahahaha

Kiryuu was having fun as he looked down.

“Rule number 21 of Supernatural Power Battles. Never trust the words of your opponent.”

“…… Uh!”

At that time, the emotions of Yukawa began to boil. Hatred towards his opponent and remorse or his stupidity all boiled in his head.

“Don’t joke with me, asshole! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to murder you....!”

Ka, Ka. You’re going to murder me? Do not say such dangerous words like that so easily. You’d make Prosciutto-aniki and Aizen-sama laugh.”

“Shut it with your nonsensical crap! This time it’s my turn, if I use my power, I will not lose against likes of you! After all, my power is── ”

“Your turn will never come.”

Kiryuu's words interrupted his opponent.

“This is my solo stage.”

“…… What are you !? ──”

When he tried to stand, Yukawa’s body became rigid, as if he was drenched by a bucket of cold water. There was a strange existence floating at his side, so it was impossible to move.

It was a black orb.

The sphere was the size of a tennis ball. Even in this place without light, the darkness of the field was very noticeable.

Yukawa immediately remembered something about this “hole”.

It was a “hole” that even light cannot escape, and therefore it was darker than anything else in this world.

A final 'hole' that float around somewhere in the universe.

“Rule number 15 of Supernatural Power Battles. This is not turn-based attack system. And also, Rule number 8 of Supernatural Power Battles. Never think that the opponent will save his strength at the beginning.”

His words sounded very calm, but Yukawa could not hear anything. His mind was full of despair.

(… Wait a minute ……I-I haven’t done anything yet ….)

Yukawa tried to crawl away escape, but the black hole dragged him mercilessly.

Broken glass, empty cans scattered on the floor, cigarette ashes, even the light and the atmosphere, everything was sucked into that single point.

“Get devoured ── ‘Pinpoint Abyss’ ”

It ended in the blink of an eye.

At the moment Kiryuu said those words, everything was sucked into the black hole. Bones, flesh, skin, hair, and even nails.Everything was devoured by the abyss.

“… Kiryuu Haji … me──”

Those were the last words of Yukawa Touhei. He didn't even have had time to scream before being sucked into the black hole.

“My name is not Kiryuu Hajime.”

Once it was all over, Kiryuu watched the place where black hole had just been. Then he said superbly.

“I’m Kiryuu Held-kaiser Luci-First. That’s the name of the man who defeated you…… Although you can no longer hear me. ”

Part 2[edit]

“Still, it is always the same.”

From a nearby parking lot, Kiryuu was watching the building where they had fought a battle moments ago.

His eyes stared at Yukawa Touhei. He had left the building and looked very confused. After a moment, he retired to somewhere.

“Although the loser dies or is seriously injured, is always restored and returned to their daily lives, without any memory of the war. It is a fairly soft rule. ”

While leaning his back on a car that was clearly broken down at a glance, Kiryuu spoke to the girl who was at his side.

“Of course, as the fundamental rule of this Fairy War is not to bother humans.”

Ka, Ka. Look who’s talking, setting human as their entiertainment.”

Next to the man who laughed happily, there was a girl who had a look of annoyance.

No, that 'girl' wasn't a girl at all.

Since she was not a human.

Hair and eye colour completely unnatural to that of humans. Small pair of translucent wings.

Her name was Reatier.

She was a being that came from a world completely different to this world, ones who can be called a 'fairy'.

“Still, you managed to wrap it up pretty fast this time. Last timeyou were portioning your power slowly and only finished them off after they released 120% of their power.”

In response to the words of this girl, Kiryuu pursed his lips, showing his annoyance.

“…… That bastard taunted my alias. I decided that I'll crush anyone who make fun of my naming sense.”

“……. If you have little patience. So what, he got killed quickly even without his chance to chine because he mocked outr poor Hajime's naming sense? That poor thing…… ”

“However, I think I should be pleased that my alias has spread.”

InoBatoVol5 019.png

Kiryuu face experssion changed from annoyance to a smile and started talking happily.

“Man it was worth spreading it little by little.”

“…. You really did try spreading that stupid name of yours, saying 'They call ,e [Acient Lucifer]' and say it like you heard it somewhere, or tell your friends to speard it around and what not.…… ”

“This is what humans call Stealth Marketing. Remember that. ”

“Who give a damn you idiot. Anyway, we’re getting off the point.”

Reatier then looked at kiryuu seriously.

“What I meant was that I could not gather any information because you beat him in an instant.”

“… .. Hm? What do you mean?”

Kiryuu was interested.

His eyes were those of a child who had found a new toy.

“That bastard, after all, is related to the renegades with powers?”

“Yeah. I got information from my colleagues on the Committee, Player Yukawa Touhei was never registered for the war. There is also no trace of their responsible fairy as well.”

“Lately, there have been many renegades powers.”

“Apparently there is a group involved, or should I say an organisation. Chances are that this man was a member of that organization.”


“In the War Control Committee, we call them「F」for convineance. We are still investigating them, so there is not much information available.”

“「F], huh? …”

While they talked, a car entered the parking lot. It was white and had a learner's permit on the back.

The car stopped near them and the driver’s seat window opened.

“Hajime-kun, Reatier-chan.”

The woman driving the car and called Kiryuu and Reatier.

It was a woman wearing a business suit. It was made up modestly and gave an elegent impression. Her bangs were split in half and covered one of her eyes.

“Hitomi, why did you come get me? I thought you had to get up early tomorrow. ”

“It's no problem. If you need a reason, it’s because I just bought this car and wanted to drive it around wherever.”

“Although it is used.”

“Hey, i'm not going to let you in if you keep saying that.”

Saying 'sorry' to the woman who's puffing up her cheek as protest, hajime got into the passanger seat. Reatier just greeted Hitomi with her eyes and disappeared to somewhere.

“Maybe I'll come and take my Kishihime tomorrow. Because light's faulty, nriding it at night is too dangerous.”

“…… Hajime-kun. I'm willing to be your leg and drive you around, so please don't go around riding on that out of fashion bike with that look…… ”

“What are you talking about, Hitomi? You’re being very disrespectful toward my Kishihime. The chirp produced has the power to destroy the minds of those who hear it. ”

“… .. The brake squeal is quite annoying, that's all.”

“And ──”

Kiryuu was relaxed in his seat and continued talking, ignoring complaints from Hitomi.

He looked at her with his dark and crimson eyes.

“Do not bother with it being my leg. Be my wings. Do not forget that you are my precious wings.”


“The twelve wings of darkness ── Fallen Black. For me, who have fallen from heaven, you are my wings that i require to fly around in this hell.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

With bitter smile, Hitomi started her car. Even though it's a deserted parking lot with no one around, she checked both front and back, and then pressed the pedal.

The white car began to move slowly in the dark.

This is the story of a man who refers to himself as a fallen angel.

A man who fell from the sky and continued his life with his feet glued to the ground──

And if we talk about the history of this man, there is a woman who is essential to this story.

Her name was Saitou Hitomi.

She is in her fourth year at the university and is currently seeking employment.

Like him, she was a member of the Literature Club at the Senko Pirvate High School. and she has been with him more than anyone else in the past year, after Kiryuu left Hajime family house.

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