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Radio Digest 19 - Life, a punishment game[edit]

CD release: October 24, 2007
Drama screenplay: Katou Yuka (加藤有香 ) and Sakamoto Kouichi (坂本耕一)

FX:*mini-drama intro music*

Yuuri:*sighs* I can't believe I lost. Can't I get out of it?

Wolfram: You can't. You have to keep your promise.

Murata: That's right. After all it was a match, it can't be helped Shibuya.

Cherie: Your Majesty! I heard!

Wolfram: Mother?

Cherie: I heard that you lost a duel against Wolfram and the Daikenja and now you're getting a punishment.

Yuuri: Ah, no, it wasn't a duel or anything like that. It was just a punishment game[1]

Murata: And right now we're thinking about what we'll make him do.

Anissina: In that case, won't you leave that up to me?

Murata: Gh, Lady von Karbelnikoff ! *whispers* She really does have sharp ears[2].

Anissina: Of course! I do have sharp ears! It must certainly be because of my theories (/chastity[3])

Yuuri: *lowers his voice* What does that have to do with this?

Cherie: A love duel! Ah! It sounds so alluring, I can't believe you would keep this to yourself! Ahn... your Majesty is such a meany!

Yuuri: No, actually I thought that if you two would have known about it, it would have been worse. That's why I didn't say anything...

Wolfram: What is it Yuuri? Your face has a strange color.

Cherie: Oh... your Majesty, are you not feeling well? In that case, I, the mature pretty fighter, will thoroughly, persistently, stick by your side and use my majutsu to heal you~

Yuuri: Uh *swallows* Cherie-sama's persistent, close healing ?

Anissina: Cherie-sama! You mustn't spoil him. You don't need to worry about his Majesty! I have the perfect plan for a punishment game!

Yuuri: You don't need to tell us about that....

Anissina: Trying to resist is pointless. Besides I already have the plan. The first thing in the plan is: to become the monitaa for my newest MA-powered device "Revealer of people's secret", so that I can get maaaany of his Majesty's super embarrassing secrets.

Cherie: Yes, yes! I think that's a really good idea!

Anissina: Number 2 in the list: to become, once again, a monitaa for my MA-powered invention "What is it that pleases you?" , so that I can thoroughly investigate the super embarrassing things that make his Majesty's lower body tingle.

Cherie: Ohhh! That's also something I need to see!

Yuuri: Uh... excuse me. Why are all the items in the list embarrassing?

Anissina: Uh.. yes, I better hurry. Number 3 in the list : "To formally marry Lord von Bielefeld"

Wolfram: Wait a second! How is that a punishment!?

Anissina: Number 4: Give up baseball.

Yuuri: What!? No, that's insane!

Murata: Ah, that's not a bad idea. To do that we can watch soccer videos I recommend together, and you can become a soccer fan.

Anissina: Number 5 : Get into a fight with some delinquents and get washed away to another world through a toilet!

Yuuri: Are you saying that my life is a punishment game!?

Anissina: Your Majesty, be quiet now.

Yuuri: Yes.

Anissina: I still have 103 more points in the list that I have to go through. So, let's continue with number 6!

Yuuri: Gh! I don't want to hear about it!

Cherie: Oh, my. By the way, I wonder what the love duel that his Majesty lost was like...?

Show intro Murata/Wolfram: Kyou Kara Maou - Shin Makoku Broadcasting Corporation

Radio Show: Today's guests are : Katsuki Masako (Cherie), and Takayama Minami (Anissina). They were the first guests on the show, for episodes 3 and 4. And they're playing a punishment game, so they're pretending that one of Anissina's ma power devices is in the studio. Takayama-san explains what the device is (in Anissina's voice). You put the ma-powered device on your head and turn on the switch, and then you drink a particular beverage and you get a special power. Sakurai-san's like: you get a special power with this! and Saiga-san says: you'll become super Sakurai! So they pretend he puts the helmet on and takes a red drink. The power Sakurai gets is to be able to tell a really good pun about Katsuki-san, and Sakurai says something like 'Cherie is like a cherry', or something like that. Then, they give him a blue drink. (t/n:Miyata-san got really out of line here mumbling 'yaoi' instead of 'aoi'(blue), so Sakurai got the 'yaoi drink', I don't think anyone heard him though XDDD... Miyata-san does a lot of gay games btw). So Sakurai-san's power now is to be able to play a 'mono boke' (comedian without a tsukkomi), and Sakurai says, the staff must think I'm comedian, but I'm just a seiyuu. Anyways, then he says some weird phrases(mono bokes do that, it's like meaningless catchphrases), and the guests like it so, he's good. Saiga-san says: Wow, this ma-powered device is great! Then they give Sakurai-san a brown drink and Sakurai will now be able to do a two-person routine with Miyata-san, and the audience will laugh really loud. Miyata-san's like: Isn't this a punishment for me too? And they say no, you'll make fun of Sakurai-san. Anyways, Sakurai is doing horribly (it's so.. so embarrassing, be thankful you can't understand this)... but to be completely honest, I did laugh a lot... out of embarrassment. XDDD

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  1. The word for duel also means 'face-off', fight. Yes, I know you're not supposed to use it for three people but it has the romantic meaning of 'duel', and Cherie will use it like that too. Punishment games:
  2. Lit. Ears from hell
  3. Teisetsu can mean both theory or chastity. Yuuri doesn't know which one she's talking about, or rather that she's talking about her chastity, and not theories.