OmaeGotoki: Volume 1 Afterword

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I’d like to start by honestly thanking all of you readers who picked up “Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to (etc)”.

My name is kiki, and I am the author.

I hope all of you who got an unsettling impression from the cover and insert art, those of you who honestly expected a light and peaceful story about everyday life in the Capital, and those of you who know the story from the web novel all enjoyed yourselves.

Though it draws from the ‘banishment’ sort of genre, I did my best to incorporate elements of fantasy, yuri, horror, and battle as well. I’m aware that the combination of elements is... unusual, so I really have to thank all the WN readers for supporting me this far, not to mention the publisher for reaching out to me as they did. Even as I write this afterword I still can’t believe that it’s actually getting published... I guess you never know what’ll happen in life, huh?

This series may be pretty lengthy in the original Japanese, but really most of that is resolved in the first volume. In fact, the whole “I Was Told That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Defeat The Demon Lord And Kicked Out Of The Hero’s Party” part is resolved in the first chapter… no, first episode, so I guess you could say that the heart of the whole piece is the remaining “I Just Want An Ordinary Life In The Capital” bit.

Yes, the series’ ultimate goal --- Flum and Milkit’s hard struggle… no, the fierce battle… maybe the destruction…? needed to achieve their normal life.

Their slow life has died.

Their opposition isn’t the slimes or goblins or dragons that you get in typical fantasy but rather the ‘that’ they meet in the second half of the volume. It’s really more of a ‘creature’ than a monster, isn’t it? I’m eternally grateful to Kinta-sensei and the publishers who worked so hard to bring such a monstrosity to life through the design and illustrations.

The second volume has ‘this’ and ‘that’ to look forward to. Trust me, things are really only getting started.

...And I’m just realizing now that the afterword is actually a lot harder to write than the novel itself. Looking through the backs of the various other novels I have on-hand, it would seem like I’m not the only one with this problem.

Although come to think of it, there is that old the-author-talks-with-the-characters style of afterword that I could try.

Flum “Hey there! Flum here!”

Milkit “H-Hello. My name is Milkit.”

Author “And I’m the author, ki

It’s going to turn into Hell itself, I can feel it, so for all our sakes I’ll stop it here. It did take up some space, though, so I guess I’ll stop the stupid talk here.

I’d like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone involved with this book.

I know I made a lot of impossible requests, but despite that you, Kinta-sensei, surpassed my imagination about a hundred times over. Every time you sent me a new illustration I literally started dancing. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.

I caused a lot of problems for you since I’m totally new to this whole thing, chief editor I-sama, but thank you so much for gracefully helping me and giving me such useful advice.

I’d also like to thank everyone in publishing and printing who helped make the physical version of this book.

Finally, I’d like to extend another warm thank-you to all you readers who have supported me all this time.

I really, really can’t thank you enough.

I hope we meet again on Flum’s adventures someday.

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