OmaeGotoki: Volume 3 005 - I Really, Really Hate To Do This, But

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Welthy has been watching Satils’ mansion from early in the morning, determined to uncover her evildoing. She rented a room on the third story of the apartment building next door, and from the window she carefully looks for any sign of change.

“If only I could figure out where that secret room of hers is I could find a way in, I’m sure…”

She’d heard rumour of the secret room from a servant of Satils whom she’d ‘accidentally’ gotten drunk. She hasn’t seen any sign of the room herself, however, nor does she have any concrete evidence proving Satils’ collusion with the Church yet.

Bored, she props her chin up on the windowsill and stares at the unchanging mansion.

Suddenly a loud THUD comes from right above her, and with a “Ueh!?” Welthy springs to her feet. A number of somewhat quieter thuds follow right after, almost as if someone were walking on the roof. Finally, the mysterious figure jumps off the roof, flitting past the window before sticking a landing several meters below.

Welthy frantically peers out the window, hanging halfway out of it as she looks at the ground below.

“Flum-chan? W-What’re you doing here?”

Recognizing Flum, she calls out to her in an uncertain voice. For some reason Flum’s clothes are drenched in blood, and her coldhearted expression makes her seem like a different person altogether.

Responding to Welthy’s voice she glares up at the window, though as soon as she recognizes Welthy she relaxes and smiles.

Her eyes still aren’t smiling, however.

“Ah, Welthy-san! Great timing. I was just about to break into Satils’ secret basement. Wanna come?”

“Eh!? I’m coming, I’m coming right now! Wait juuuust a second, okay!?”

She doesn’t know how on earth Flum knows about the secret room, but getting her scoop comes first. Welthy runs down the stairs two at a time and flies out the front door. Then, following Flum’s directions, they head in the opposite direction from the mansion.

“Umm, we’re both talking about the secret room in her mansion, right? Where’re we headed?”

“Apparently the only entrance is over here.”

“Huh… So where’d you hear that? Oh, wait, nevermind, you probably don’t want to reveal your source, right?”

“An adventurer Satils hired tried to kill me, but he was kind enough to tell me everything I wanted to know.”

Seeing no point in hiding anything, Flum responds frankly.

“...Wait, kill you?”

“He was trying to stop me. My partner got abducted, you see.”

“Ahh, now I get it.”

Welthy suddenly understands Flum’s murderous mood.

“We’re here.”

Flum stops in front of a perfectly normal-looking house with a green roof. She tries the door to find it locked.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that the entrance’s in here? Maybe it doubles as an emergency escape route or something…?”

As Welthy mutters to herself, Flum puts her ear to the door.

She can faintly hear something moving inside.

Next, she knocks on the door just as she would someone’s house.

Immediately afterwards the door opens and a man in his mid-thirties pokes his head out.

“Is something wrong, miss?”

He gives her a friendly smile.

Flum gives him a murderous glare.

Welthy watches their exchange uneasily, hoping that it really isn’t just somebody’s house.

“I’m looking for some people, a small girl with a bandaged face and the large man who abducted her. You haven’t seen them, have you?”

“A kidnapping? You don’t hear about that sort of thing much around here. You think he’s hiding somewhere nearby? …Ahh, come to think of it, I get the feeling I saw a couple like that just a little while ago.”

“Could you tell me more about them?”

The man gives them a shifty smile and nods.

“Why don’t you come inside where it’s more comfortable?”

“If you say so.”

Flum readily follows him inside.

“Wait just a second, Flum-chan!”

Welthy frantically tries to stop her, but Flum ignores her. Not wanting to be left behind, she follows them inside.

As soon as they’re both inside, the door slams shut.

Welthy turns around, and---


A man with an axe suddenly leaps at her. The man who let them in and another one appear in front of Flum, and each brandishing a different weapon all three of them attack in sync.

Welthy screams, reflexively covering her head and ducking down.

Just then, however, the cries of the men all stop.

She opens her eyes just in time to see the upper body of the man who’d been standing in front of her fall to the ground with a thud. Casting a quick glance around the room, she discovers the other two men have also been cut in half.

Flum swings the Zweihander clean of their blood before resheathing it.

The house is suddenly quiet except for the low, pained moan of one of the men, though he’ll breathe his last soon. The smell of spilled guts and fresh blood mixes together into a ripe smell that causes Welthy to cover her mouth in disgust.

“Are you okay?”

Welthy responds to Flum’s cool demeanor with a “Yesh!”, her voice betraying her.

“D-Did you just… With one swing…?”

“Yeah. If I didn’t they would’ve killed me.”

Flum extends a hand to Welthy.

Kill or be killed --- it makes good, plain sense.

Flum’s overflowing murderous aura terrifies her, however, and Welthy hesitates to take her hand. Seeing fear on Welthy’s face, Flum retracts her arm and starts walking away.

“Ah… I didn’t mean…!”

“I know life’s precious. The problem is, not everyone thinks that way.”

She’s learned that the world is filled with people like that in her fights up until now.

“There’s a disgusting number of people out there who’ll kill anyone who gets in their way, and there’s no convincing them otherwise. If I’m going to protect her I’ve got to kill them first.”

The only things Flum truly holds dear are Milkit’s life and her own. As long as she keeps that in mind she won’t hesitate and she’ll be able to strike first.

“The only solution is to kill, without hesitation, without mercy --- am I wrong?”

Welthy can tell that she lives in a world where fighting for survival is a part of everyday life --- but despite that she’s desperately trying to find a way out.

To be so afraid of Flum is nothing short of heresy.

“I’m really, really, sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’m sure you’re not wrong. Right, then, let’s go find that entrance!”

Her voice is full of false cheer.

Feeling a little ashamed that she made a girl younger than her put on such a front, she slaps her cheeks with a “Get it together, Welthy!” and stands up.


Every breath fills her lungs with stagnant air. The room sends a chill down her spine, but somehow it feels familiar.

“U… Uu…”

Milkit opens her eyes from where she lies on a soft something.

“I… I was making breakfast with Master, and then… I went outside to water the flower…”

She props herself up with one hand and holds her head with another as she sits up.

No matter how hard she tries, she can’t remember anything after that.

“Then everything went black… What am I doing here…?”

She slowly looks around the room.

To her right, she spots a desk covered in papers. Beside it is a glass-doored cabinet, inside which is an assortment of strange medicine bottles and shiny steel tools. The walls are an uninviting grey colour, making the room feel even colder.

Next is left.

She turns her head---

“Good morning, Milkit.”

The face of a garishly made-up woman is right in front of her own. She smiles, exposing her teeth.

Milkit jumps back at the sight of the last thing she was hoping she’d ever see. She knows that face.

Her former master --- Satils Francoise.

“Ah… ahhh… How… why…!?”

She can’t form her words properly through her terror.

OmaeGotoki 03-Ch5 1.png

She shakes her head from side to side as she shrinks backwards.

Seeing her reaction, Satils lets out an unpleasant laugh.

“Oh my, in such a short time your reactions have become almost human. I’m so happy for you. Is your new master treating you well?”

“Hahh.. Hahh… N-No… nooo…!”

Milkit starts crawling towards the corner of the room. Watching her scurry like a terrified rodent, Satils lets out a pleased sigh and stands up to follow her.

Milkit starts clawing at the walls, desperate for any way out.

“There’s no need to be so scared, now. Nobody’s coming to save you.”

“Master, Masteeer…!‘

“Do you really think your ‘master’ will actually come looking for a filthy little thing like you? She must be quite the eccentric. I’m sure she could do better than you for a sex slave.”

“Uuuu… Mas, teeer…! Hya, uaaagh!?”

Satils grabs her by the hair, dragging her back to give Milkit a good, long look at the glimmer of insanity in her eyes.

“Toooo baaaad! You’ll never see her again!”

“That’s impossible…! You’re lying!”

“Ohh? What gives you the right to talk to me like that? Don’t you think you’re getting a liiiiiittle carried away, hmm? Well!?”

“Y-You’re not… my master…!”

“Since when do slaves have the right to decide that!?”

Screaming hysterically, she slams Milkit’s face into the ground, fine silver strands of hair coming free in Satils’ hand. Studying a hair with a look of ecstasy, she giggles and licks it up into her mouth.

Milkit starts fleeing toward a different corner --- but the room has no doors or windows, no avenue of escape. No matter where she goes, only cold stone awaits her.

Knowing her prey can’t escape, Satils stands up with a swish of her elegant dress and heads for the cabinet, selecting a finely-polished knife from her collection.

“Aaaahh… Aahh…!”

The blade catches the light of the chandelier as Satils advances on the terrified slave girl.

“I had this room made specially for me, you know. Countless layers of secret rooms and traps lie between here and the outside. I’m the only one who even knows it exists. How can that be, you ask? Eeeeveryone who helped build this place is dead! I killed eeeeevery last one of them!”


“Nfufufufufufu! No matter how loud you scream, nobody will ever come for you --- no, nobody even could! This is my secret garden, my paradise of dreams! Only my playthings and I are allowed here! Now dance, like a butterfly plucked free of its wings! Dance, like a young girl being carved to shreds!”

Satils spreads her arms wide, spinning and laughing.

She only brings the ‘playthings’ she’s taken a special liking to down to her secret room, the ones that she wants to slowly, thoroughly, intimately destroy. Over hours, even days, she slowly carves their flesh, rubs salves into their wounds to increase their suffering, and even goes so far as to cut off their eyelids so that they can’t even sleep.

Once that slave is dead, she leaves the disposal of the body and the rest of the cleanup to the room’s next ‘tenant’. Satils takes special interest in watching her next victim squirm as they imagine all the tortures that’ll soon be enacted on their own bodies. As soon as the cleanup has finished, the process begins again.

“I’ve heard all the rumours, you know. There aren’t many bandaged slaves in the Capital named Milkit, after all --- but imagine my surprise when I heard you’d found an antidote for your face! Did your ‘new master’ do that for you? How nice of her to fix you up so I could break you all over again! I set my sights on you a while ago, knowing I just had to slowly squeeze every titillating bit of pleasure I could out of you! But to think you’ve even regained your emotions! You had such a pretty face it felt like such a waste that you couldn’t properly enjoy our time together! I’d paid so much for you, too. I at least wanted to hear you beg for your life properly! Don’t you agree? Don’t you feel sorry for all you made me go through?”

Milkit vehemently shakes her head no.

“My, you’ve grown bold. That feeling of defiance --- ohh, what a rush! I think I’ll have you take off those bandages first. I want to see all your beauty before I go about defiling it! That gap, what a wonderful spice it adds! Hurry, now, quickly!”

There’s no way I can do that…!

Her true face belongs to Flum and Flum alone. Milkit shrinks into the corner, as if to cover it further.

“You don’t want to? Oh, I see, you’re trying to remain faithful to her, aren’t you? Ahahaha! A forbidden love between master and slave, is that it!? Come to think of it, those clothes… Did your bewoved ‘mastew’ owdew you to weaw them? They’re so very cute, but they hardly seem practical. I bet she gets a kick out of seeing you in them, doesn’t she!? Erotic cosplay to satisfy her sick desires, is that it!? Can’t you see that she doesn’t really love you, Milkit? All she feels for you is lust, L-U-S-T!”

“You’re wrong! Master’s not that kind of person!!”

“Ahahahaha! How hilarious! Really, I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so laughable before in my life! Aaah, Ahaaan! What a wonderful notion! I really, truly want to crush you nooooow!!”

Satils leaps at Milkit. The feeling of her rough breath against her porcelain skin is hideous enough to cause Milkit’s teeth to clatter.

“This knife? It’s only the first course --- no, the appetizer! After this come the whips and the needles, the poisons… aren’t you excited!? Tell me you’re excited! You won’t? Why not? Say it. I said say it! Say iiiiiit!!”

“Kh… khuu…”

“Look, the knife’s coming cloooooseeeeer…! Just a liiiittle touch, and---”


“You’re afraid of how cold it feels, aren’t you? It’s scary, isn’t it? Be afraid, then! Show me more of that face of yours! I’ve waited soooo long for that face! I wonder how it’ll twist and warp once we really start, hmm!? Don’t you find that the most blissful of ecstasies!?”

With a shrill khhhh, she rips open the front of Milkit’s dress. The blade left no mark on her skin, but seeing the ripped edges hurts her heart more than it could ever hurt her flesh.

The clothes her master gave her are ruined --- but more than that, the memories of time together with her master, something more valuable than her own life, are being desecrated by that woman, by her, of all people.

“Next is the skiiiiirt…! Look, your precious clothes are getting torn to shreds… I can feel you trembling. Your body, your heart, I can feel your sadness in it, your fear! Ahh, I just can’t get enough of this feeling…!”

Just as she says, Satils tears open Milkit’s skirt, exposing her thigh rising up to her underwear.

“Oh… Oh my, what a bold slit! If your ‘master’ saw this she’d probably be too turned on to save you and pounce on you instead! Though before that --- you’ll be long, looooong dead!! My, that’d be necrophilia, wouldn’t it, swinging her hips over a corpse like you…! So, so filthy! I could never understand how anyone would do such a thing…! Ahh.. aaaahahahahahahaha!!”

“Uuu, aahh… Masteeer…!”

Milkit starts to wail, but Satils sticks the knife in front of her face, quickly shutting her up. Finding that somehow amusing, she brings the knife to and fro, cackling as she watches Milkit’s reaction.

Quickly growing tired of that, however, she grasps Milkit by the hair again and slams her head against the wall.


A smile appearing on Satils’ lips, she does it again and again.

“Augh, u… Gah, gh… Agh, ugh… Sto, gh…!”

Blood pours from Milkit’s forehead and nose, staining her face down to her neck red.

“I wonder why the more you resist the more badly I want to hurt you!? Ahh, I know --- they say the more you love someone the more you want to pick on them, after all! This is love, then! The whip of love! Hang in there a little longer, now! I’m just starting to enjoy myself!”

Saying so, she mashes Milkit’s head against the wall one last time, more strongly than before. Since she’s only a normal woman, however, she doesn’t have enough strength to knock her out then and there. Milkit crumples to the ground, mumbling the same thing to herself over and over again.

“Mas… ter…”

Milkit still believes Flum with come with her.

If what Satils said is true, then she doesn’t have a hope.

Milkit knows.

She knows that there are any number of people stronger than Flum out there, enough obstacles that she can’t possibly overcome them all.

Even so --- Milkit will believe in her.

She may have given up on everything and everyone else, but if nothing else, Flum gave her hope.

“H… Hel… p…”

“What’s this? Don’t tell me a lowly slave like yourself has the nerve to ask for help?”

“U… uuuu…”

Satils’ words cause her to falter.

Flum will definitely come save her --- but she’s the type to sacrifice herself in the process if she has to.

Knowing that, no slave would or even should wish that of their master.

“Fufufu! You really are an interesting little girl. You’re simply perfect, like you were born only to be killed by me here, like this! Nfufufufufufu, fuafufufufufu! Oh, how I’m going to enjoy this…!”

Satils stands and starts stomping on Milkit’s gut with all her strength.


“I might just!”

“Fugh, gughe!”



“Get ahead of myseeeeeelf!!”

“Buegh… hyugh… fuu…”

The dull pain erodes her senses, filling her with an urge to vomit and threatening to rob her of her consciousness. A thin strand of saliva escapes her lips.

The only thing going through her mind are the words her master spoke to her only yesterday.

[You’re my partner, after all.]

Not a slave but an equal.

She still doesn’t know what that entails, to be honest. She’s never been that close to someone before.

“Go on, beg! Plead for mercy! Even though you’re a slave! Forget yourself and scream for help! Give me that satisfaction!”

“Uu… Gyagh… gh… agh, mas… t… er…”

If that means that they rely on each other, desire each other---

“Yes, yes, just like that! Show me more! Flail more, resist more! Show me how it feels to die alone and betrayed!!”

“Hahyugh… hygh… agh… he… lp…”

---Doesn’t that mean it’s okay to ask her for help?

“Help, me… m… Mas… ter…!”

Those words aren’t magic. They won’t change a thing. If anything they’re the change in Milkit’s heart given shape --- and from Satils’ perspective, it’s simply an added bonus.

“Nfu, fufufu, kufufuhahahahaaahahahahaha!! You really did it!! Aaaaahh…! You’re a FAILURE as a slave!! To think that even now you’re pining for her!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA---”

At that moment, a loud BANG cuts off her laugh.

The room itself trembles and dust flies through the air as a massive hole is blown in the wall.

“Haha… ha…”

A small silhouette approaches from beyond.


Satils looks at the hole in confusion.

As soon as the dust settles and she can see who it is---

“Wait, you’re Flu--- GWEGH!?”

Flum drives her fist into Satils’ face, sending her flying back across the room and into the opposite wall.

“Aahh… aaaahh…. Uaaahhh…!”

Her joy is too much for words. She thought it was the end for sure.

“You really… You really came…!”

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Flum is nothing less than a true Chosen to Milkit---

“I… I… I thought… I’d never… never see you again…!”

“Milkit!! Ahh, you’re hurt… If only I had it more together…!”

Milkit glomps onto Flum with all her strength.

Just being able to feel Flum’s warmth again is enough to make her forget her pain.

“No… No, you’re wrong, Master…! You came… You really came, so don’t apologizeeee…!”

Large, wet tears hit Flum’s shoulder. Tears start to well up in her own eyes, born from the sheer relief of making it in time.

“Letters of correspondence with the Church and receipts, both with the Church’s symbol --- Haha, with evidence like this not even she’d be able to weasel her way outta what’s coming to her!”

Welthy, slipping into the room after Flum, heads right for the desk. Everything there points clearly to Satils colluding with the Church.

“So, Flum-chan, how do you think---”

She turns to ask Flum about what they should do with the documents, but as soon as she lays eyes on her she freezes.

She’d thought that Flum would be back to normal now that she’s reunited with Milkit --- but that coldhearted, cruel look is back on her face. Zweihander in hand, she glares down at Satils.

“H… how? T-The… traps… how…?”

The traps were admittedly quite devious, but there was nothing that Flum and Welthy couldn’t have worked through together.


“I broke them.”

There was no need to follow the breadcrumbs and solve the puzzles like an idiot. Prana and ‘Reversal’ together was enough to simply destroy everything in her path.

“T-The adventurers… I hired two A-Ranks and a handful of B-Ranks…!”

“I broke them, too.”

Satils’ eyes open wide in fear.

There’s nothing left to protect her.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see them in hell soon enough.”

“H-Hold on just a moment! Do you really think you could get away with---”

She then remembers her own words.

She’s the only one alive who knows about that secret room.

Now that everything’s broken it’d be a lot easier for someone to reach that room, but the entrance is well-hidden if nothing else. It wouldn’t be hard to cover up the whole incident. There’s no telling when or even if her body would ever be found.

“M… M-Money? I-If you want money I have it. Anything you want, if you let me live I’ll give you whatever you want!”

“Okay. I’ll just take enough to make up for what you did to Milkit. How much d’you think that’d be?”

“Five thousand gold coins…? No, ten thou--- gehgh!?”

Flum grabs her by the collar, glaring into her face point-blank.

“You think I mean money? A thousand of your lives wouldn’t make up for what you’ve done to her.”

“B-But that… ahh… p-please, please, I… I don’t want to die…!”

Flum gently puts a hand to the quivering Satils’ ear. With a quick “Reversal!” and a wet wrenching sound, her ear turns itself upside-down and twists itself off.


Her high-pitched scream echoes throughout the room.

Putting a hand to the bloody hole in the side of her heard, she starts panting like a nervous little dog.

“Welthy-san, do you have the documents you need?”

“U-Uh, um… I’m pretty sure.”

“Good. Could you wait outside with Milkit for a minute?”

“You’re not coming with us, Master?”

Unease fills Milkit’s voice. Gentleness fill’s Flum’s smile.

“I don’t want you to see what happens next. I don’t want you to hate me.”

“No matter what you do, Master, that will never happen!”

“Ahaha… I’m really happy to hear that, but…”

Flum scratches her cheek, blushing.

“I really think some things are better left unseen, though. Could you please just go with Welthy-san?”

“...If you say so.”

Flum can understand how she would want to be together after all that --- but considering that ‘torture’ would be a pleasant way of putting what she’s about to do with Satils, she really thinks Milkit shouldn’t be there.

She sees the two of them out of the room with a smile.

As soon as they’re out of sight, she flips a little switch in her head. Picking the knife up off the floor, she looks down at the cowering Satils.

I wonder how it’d feel to be her, suddenly forced into the shoes of all the people she’s killed here?

“Are you ready? Not that it matters either way.”

“W-Wait…! I haven’t done… I don’t deserve… Money! Name your price!”

“I told you I don’t want your money. Trust me, I don’t want to do this, either. I can’t just not kill you, though.”

Her crimes, past and present, are one thing --- but more than that Flum’s angry, plain and simple, that she had the nerve to abduct Milkit like that.

The result: She can’t find a single good reason to not kill her.

“H-Help! Somebody, anybo--- agh, aghaaaaaaaagh! Sh-Shtop, shtaghghaaaaaa!! M-My arrrrrrrm!!”

Without any option but to kill her as extremely and thoroughly as possible,

“N-Not my face… Not--- tegyagh!? Kyuhruuuugh… ngah, gyah, hahh, hahh, gibe be back by nobe… hyagh!? Agh, gah, n-not ag… AAAAAAAAGH!?”

she strives to let her experience even more pain and suffering than Milkit did,

“I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna, dyaaaaaargh! G-Gibe be… what you… b-by bod--- hygh, HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!”

showing her not a shred, not an instant of mercy---

“Sh-Shtop… mogh… g-gill… myergh… ugh, gyaaaaagh!! P-Pleaje… hyugh… gill… gill beeeeeeeeeee!!”

Milkit and Welthy can hear everything perfectly clearly from where they wait --- the rending of flesh, the splattering of blood, the cracking of bones, and near the end the sound of something loudly and wetly bursting. That includes, of course, her endless, almost inhuman screaming.

“Milkit-chan, was it? Is Flum-chan always like this?”

“No, most of the time Master’s very kind. If nothing else, she treats me very well…”

There’s a distinct tinge of happiness in her voice and a blush on her cheeks.

“Ahh, so it’s because she likes you so much that…”

So it’s only people who get on her bad side that she does this to, huh? Yeah, I really don’t wanna make her angry, ever…

Just as Welthy starts to analyze what kind of person Flum is, the room suddenly grows silent.

Having finished Satils’ ‘execution’, Flum runs straight for Milkit and scoops her up in a tight embrace. Milkit, eyes narrowing blissfully, rubs her cheeks against Flum’s.

“I think I get now why Niisan said she’s such a reliable… know what, never mind, I still don’t get it.”

Seeing their intimate embrace, Welthy mutters to herself with a sigh.

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