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After the three of them leave Satils’ mansion, they head to Reach’s estate to give Milkit a chance to rest. It isn’t long after they’ve borrowed a guest room that she falls into a peaceful slumber. Flum, wearing a change of clothes she’d borrowed from Welthy, sits on the edge of the bed and gently strokes Milkit’s hair as she watches her sleeping face.

A few minutes later Reach flies into the room in a panic.

“Flum-san, did you really kill Satils!?”

He must’ve heard everything from Welthy.

Flum nods, then tells him all about the events earlier that day and Milkit’s past.

“I’d heard that she was quite the unpleasant woman, but I would’ve never expected her to be Milkit’s former master… Given her ties with the Church, though, wouldn’t it be problematic if you were suspected?”

“They’ll probably never find her corpse, so I should be fine for a while at least.”

“We can prove all her crimes now, so as long as we don’t mess up making it public there’ll be no problems!”

If they were to just publish everything now while Satils is ‘missing’, Flum and Welthy would come under suspicion. Among the papers they found was proof of her torture and murder of slaves, however. As long as they’re careful, they should be able to make the public believe that she deserved her fate and thus lessen the impact of the news.

The information about her dealings with the Church is the same; what’s important is what they reveal and when.

“Understood. We’ll leave that to you, then.”

Reach readily agrees, apparently of the same mind.

After that Reach and Welthy talk outside, leaving Flum and Milkit alone together.

Flum watches her angelic sleeping face, lightly poking at her cheeks through the gaps in her bandages. As she does so, she begins to grow sleepy herself. The day may still be young, but so much has happened that she feels exhausted. Seeing no reason to resist, she lays down and succumbs to sleep.

The two of them wake up three hours later, when Reach brings in a priestess from the East Quarter to heal Milkit’s injuries.


Eterna’s probably going to be furious…

Bracing herself, Flum opens the front door, and just as she expected Eterna is waiting there with a grumpy look on her face.

Their eyes meet.

Seeing that they’re both in one piece, Eterna lets out a sigh of relief. Then, walking up to Flum, she gives her a sharp poke to the forehead.


“You were both missing when I woke up. I was worried.”

She gives them a pouty look.

Then, bringing her face close to Flum’s neck, she takes a sniff.

“...You smell like blood. Reach’s messenger came by earlier, but I want details.”

Reach had been kind enough to have Flum’s clothes washed and returned quickly, but the smell of blood must’ve seeped into her skin.

“MIlkit got abducted by her former master, so I went to take her back. No big deal.”

“Sounds like a big deal to me.”

“I agree, but… as you can see, I’m just fine.”

Milkit somewhat awkwardly bows, and Eterna crosses her arms.

“Was the Church involved?”

That’s her primary concern. If that’s the case, then they can’t let down their guard yet. They could try again at any time.

“No. At least, not directly.”

“In that case… fine. You aren’t hurt so I won’t yell at you. Call on me next time, though.”

At the time Flum was too focused on saving Milkit for anything else --- she got the feeling that if she didn’t go immediately it’d be too late. On top of that, Eterna was still asleep at the time and if she left Ink alone the Church might try something.

As she says, though, Eterna would’ve been able to wrap up the whole mess a lot more quickly. Her Water magic is simply that strong.

“I won’t forget next time, I promise.”

“Good. I made lunch, by the way. Want some?”

A faint but delicious smell wafts out at them from the living room. In response, Flum and Milkit’s stomachs grumble.


Nobody even thinks of leaving the house that afternoon.

Even dinner is made with what they have lying around. Eterna’s lunch was plenty delicious, but after just one bite Eterna mutters “This is good” with a vaguely frustrated expression. Having beaten a Chosen at something, Milkit seems a little proud for once.

After supper, Flum half-drags Milkit into the bath with her.

Milkit was determined to resist out of sheer embarrassment, but Flum wasn’t going to accept no for an answer.

“I’ll just sit and wait for you in the changing room, then.”

After hearing that, Milkit didn’t have the willpower to resist.

Milkit can’t help but feel a little self-conscious,

“Uwah, your skin’s so pretty and smooth! I’m kinda jealous.”

and as Flum washes her back and strokes her hair,

“I really love your hair. I keep thinking you’ve got to be an angel or a fairy or something.”

she can’t help but turn bright red.

Given how small the bath is and how tightly they have to squeeze together in order to both fit, their body temperatures rise to the point it’s simply miraculous they don’t overheat.

Finally, bedtime arrives.

Dressed in their matching nightgowns, Flum takes off Milkit’s bandages as she does every night and the two spend time together as they always do before parting and going to their respective beds.

Turning off the light, the room returns to darkness.

Flum readily closes her eyes, but Milkit lies awake, staring blankly upward. As her eyes adjust, she slowly makes out more and more of the ceiling.

I’m too scared to sleep.

She’d just met Satils again. She’ll have another dream of her past, no doubt, a nightmare even more visceral and cruel that last night’s.

Just as she resigns herself to a sleepless night---

“Hey, Milkit? Wanna sleep together?”

Flum lifts up her covers invitingly.

Seeing her master’s gently moonlit smile, Milkit’s heart starts beating faster.

“I-I couldn’t possibly. There isn’t enough room for the both of us in a single bed.”

“It’s fine, we’ll just have to get in really close together.”

Just like with the bath, her invitation is a little stronger than normal.

“But I can’t suddenly just…”

“C’mon, I saw how lonely you looked. You’re really too afraid to be alone right now, aren’t you?”

“...You could tell that just by looking at me?”

“Well, yeah. I feel the same way, after all.”

“You do?”

“I can’t shake the feeling that you’ll disappear again while I’m asleep. If I can feel you in my arms, though, I don’t have to worry about you leaving me.”

All it takes is an instant for someone to disappear --- and Flum’s experienced that twice recently. That it might happen while she’s asleep is almost too harrowing to bear.

“Um… It’s really okay?”

“Actually, I’d really like that.”

“In that case… I suppose I’ll take you up on that.”

Taking along her pillow, Milkit slips into Flum’s bed. The space under the blankets is already filled with Flum’s warmth, and being enveloped by it makes her feel like she’s in her tender embrace.

Her worries melt away as if by magic, replaced half by joy and half embarrassment. It’s incredibly relaxing, but if anything the heavy pounding in her chest will only keep her awake.

“C’mon, get in here.”

Milkit is close enough to the edge of the bed that she might fall off at any time, so Flum pulls her close in a tight embrace.


“Hehe, you’re really nervous, aren’t you? We hug like this all the time.”

“You say that, but… your heart’s beating quite fast, too.”

“W-Well… I mean, hugging like this in bed is sorta… y’know?”

“Hehe. I guess we’re the same again, Master.”

Milkit’s point-blank smile surpasses that of an angel’s, unmistakably the smile of a goddess. Even though Flum manages to suppress the urge to start worshipping her, her heart betrays her true feelings and starts to pound out of control.

To Milkit, that throbbing feels nothing short of blissful. The only place she can truly feel safe from those dreams is in her master’s arms. That warmth, that heartbeat, that smell---

Even when I close my eyes you tell me with your body that you’re right beside me, allowing me to lend my body to blissful slumber...

“Um, Master?”


When Milkit was being attacked by Satils, she wished that Flum would save her. She, as a slave, asked something so improper of her master.

Flum saved her in the end --- and in that instant their relationship as master and slave was completely annihilated. Flum didn’t treat her as a slave to begin with, so they were never truly like that, though; Milkit just interpreted their relationship in the only way she knew how.

When she realized that what was forming between them was something else entirely, she didn’t know what to do. She’d held back, held it in, sticking to only what she knew and what she was ready for.

She can’t keep it up any longer, though.

The time has come for her to step into realms unknown.

“Um… I-If you want… I mean, if you’re okay with it…”

Nervousness and restraint tripping up her words,

“...Could we maybe sleep in the same bed like this every night from now on?”

she tells Flum just what she wants.

Flum, beaming, draws a little closer and touches Milkit’s forehead with her own.

“I was just about to ask the exact same thing.”

Milkit knows that Flum would never lie to her, that she’s the one person she can unconditionally trust. Flum’s words seep deep into her heart, and Milkit feels the indescribable joy of being of one heart and mind with the most precious person in the world to her.

“Let’s go clothes shopping tomorrow. The dress you were wearing got a little torn, after all.”

“Okay! I think we should by you some new clothes, too, Master.”

“How about you pick some out for me, then?”

“I’m not sure I’ll meet your expectations, but… I’ll do my best.”

“Hehehe, I’m looking forward to it! Anything else you want to do?”

“How about we go out for lunch?”

“Lunch, huh? How about we splurge a little and go to a really high-end place?”

“A fancy restaurant…”

“Don’t worry about it how much it costs or anything.”

“It’s not that. I’m simply a little concerned that if it’s too fancy I won’t be able to reproduce it at home.”

“Ah, so that’s what you’re after.”

“Yes, I’m hoping to make it my own so that you’ll prefer my cooking to any restaurant.”

“I’d say you’ve already done that, though...”

Lying together in bed, they plan out the next day’s outing. In the end they get so wound up that they stay up a full hour later than they normally would.


The next morning, the air between the two of them is too sweet for Eterna to ignore.

She carries a sausage to her mouth, bites off about half, chews thoughtfully, swallows --- and then subtley smirks at them.

“Big date planned?”

“Kagh, hagghk!”

The soup Flum was slurping goes down the wrong pipe, spurring a coughing fit. Milkit frantically draws closer to her, rubbing her back as she offers her a glass of water. After gulping it down, Flum’s shoulders heave with a heavy breath. She then turns to glare at Eterna.

“You’re wrong!”

“The mood says otherwise.”

“What’re you saying!? We’re just going to by Milkit some new clothes. We’ll be stopping by a few other places on the way, that’s all.”

“Most people would call that a da---”

“Shopping! They call it shopping! How come every time we go out shopping you think we’re going on a date!? Isn’t that weird, Milkit?”

“Yes. Master and I really are just going shopping, nothing more.”

“Sounds like a date to me…” Eterna mumbles discontentedly.

If nothing else, they aren’t taking it as such. They’re simply enjoying their time together not as friends but as partners. Maybe they haven’t figured out precisely what that entails, but it seems to be something like ‘family’ --- even if their relationship is a little too heated to call it that.

“...I don’t get it.”

Still failing to see any difference between their ‘shopping’ and a date, Eterna can do nothing but give up.


Flum and Milkit head into town hand in hand.

As they walk, Flum notices Milkit casting occasional glances at her head.

“Is there something weird stuck there?”

“No, I was simply noticing you were wearing the hairpin I made.”

“Ah, this? Of course I’m wearing it. You gave it to me, after all.”

Even now, as Milkit looks at it she feels a little worried that it’ll get in the way mid-combat or that she made it too fancy for actual use.

“It’s really cute! I love it!”

Flum seems to truly like it, however.

I should just be happy, then, Milkit tells herself.

As they chat, they head to the same clothing store where they bought Milkit’s clothes before. The employee there seems to recognize them, and perhaps because she knows they’re good, paying customers she doesn’t make a face.

Talking a few outfits over, they pick out a few that really stick out to them and Milkit heads to the changing room to try them on.

“Ohh… That’s pretty nice…”

“I think it’s maybe a little too plain.”

“Hmm… I’d say it’s more ‘normal’ than plain. Really, though, it’s just not fair how you can look amazing in anything.”

“I wouldn’t go that far. Really, if you keep talking like that I might just believe you…”

The first thing Milkit tries on is a simple beige dress with a thick white apron overtop, an extremely simple maid outfit. On her head she wears a cap meant not for fashion but rather to catch any loose hair. The outfit has almost no sex appeal, but in exchange it feels very domestic and practical.

“You really think this suits me?”

Milkit seems a little uncertain as Flum eyes her up and down.

“Normally you feel almost too pretty, y’know, like someone else might try and make a move on you, but seeing you like this is kinda… I don’t know, relaxing? You look kinda wife-y, I guess.”

Hearing that, Milkit turns back to face the mirror, and after fiddling with the skirt and readjusting the cap a little she studies the outfit again.

“If you really believe so, Master, I’ll make this candidate number one.”

“Yeah, by all means!”

Deciding that outfit is a ‘keep’, she changes into the next one.

“By the way, I’ve noticed you really like frilly clothes.”

“Yes, I think they’re quite cute.”

“So you didn’t like that last one as much?”

“I wouldn’t say that. If I always choose my own clothes they’ll end up all feeling similar, so I believe a little variety is a good thing.”

She finishes changing while they chat.

She opens the curtain --- or rather, she pokes her head out. For some reason she’s bright red down to her neck.

“Y-You chose this one, didn’t you, Master?”

“Yeah, it was really frilly and looked really cute, just like the stuff you normally like… is there something wrong with it?”

“No, um, just… please take a look for yourself.”

She opens the curtain and everything is suddenly clear.


Flum reacts as soon as she sees it.

The top is extremely frilly and cute, just as expected --- the problem is the bottom.

The skirt is incredibly short.

It’s long enough to barely cover her underwear, but at that length it completely exposes her shapely thighs.

As Flum watches Milkit shyly pushes down on her skirt, determined to cover as much of her legs as possible. The sight is more than enough to raise Flum’s heart rate beyond healthy levels.

“S-Sorry, I didn’t realize the skirt was so short…”

“I-If you like it, Master, um… I’d be fine with wearing it at home…”

An incredibly attractive offer.

Getting the feeling that she’d lose something precious if she agreed, however, Flum fights back the urge.

“N-No, don’t worry about it. Try on the next one, the next!”


Milkit quickly slides the curtain shut, putting a hand to her chest and letting out a large sigh. She was incredibly embarrassed and her heart is still beating wildly, but---

“...Maybe this one isn’t all that bad.”

She thinks back to Flum’s blushing face with a small smile.

A few short minutes later, she emerges in a new outfit.

This time it’s not a maid outfit but a simple, pure white one-piece.

“You chose this one too, didn’t you, Master?”


Flum is utterly captivated.

She always had the impression that Milkit was incredibly pure so she thought the dress would fit her --- but she never expected it to be so perfect on her.

“You look like a nobleman’s daughter…!”

“You’re exaggerating, Master. No real aristocrat would have a bandaged face like mine.”

For some reason even those bandages seem incredibly attractive to Flum, however.

If she were to walk out on the street without them, passersby would doubtlessly mistake her for a noble lady.

“You’re beautiful…”

The words spill loosely from her lips.

I wish I could just cut out this sight and keep it with me forever…

“Um… I’m going to get changed now.”

Unable to stand Flum’s intense gaze any longer, she retreats behind the curtain once more. Changing back into the clothes she left the house in, she leaves the changing room.

“What now? Do you want to pick out some different ones, Master?”

“I think the first one’s good. It was pretty cheap, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, compared to the other two.”

She double-checks the price tags just to be sure.

Incidentally, the second maid outfit with the microskirt is the priciest.

“Okay, so that’s that. I think maybe two more would be good.”

“Are you not going to buy anything for yourself, Master?”

“I don’t think there’s anything here that’d really fit me.”

“I’d love to see a somewhat different side of you, Master.”

“...Really? Could you pick out something you think’d look good on me, then?”

“I can!?”

Beaming, Milkit starts energetically looking through the store.

I don’t remember the last time I saw her so full of energy.

“You wanted to dress me up that badly, huh…?”

Flum is suddenly filled with a sense of mortal dread.

Receiving a single outfit from Milkit, she’s pushed into the changing room without even getting a chance to look at it.

In front of the curtain, Milkit waits for her master to finish changing with a smile.

Behind the curtain, Flum lets out a confused “Eehh…!?” before grudgingly trying it on.

The curtain slides open.

There stands Flum --- wearing the type of ultra-frilly maid outfit that Milkit loves so much.


Milkit puts her hands to her cheeks, letting loose a happy squeal of joy.

Flum grabs at her sleeves dubiously, face bright red as she stares at the ground.

OmaeGotoki 03-Ch6 1.png

She never expected that wearing a maid outfit could be so incredibly embarrassing.

“I-It really doesn’t suit me, does it…?”

“What are you saying!? You’re absolutely ADORABLE, Master!”

The blush on Flum’s cheeks grows more intense, and she barely manages to resist the urge to shut the curtain.

T-This is for Milkit’s sake…!

“I-It doesn’t seem like the clothes are wearing me, does it?”

“Don’t worry, you look perfect!”

“This dress clearly wasn’t made for housework…”

“That gap’s what makes it so great!”

“...Is it just me or are you really enjoying this?”


She freezes.

“I’m so sorry, Master, I was so elated I…”

She doesn’t have many opportunities to choose Flum’s clothes --- though to be fair, Flum would wear anything Milkit wants her to. The problem is that Milkit wouldn’t ever come forth with anything on her own, so unless Flum gives her an opening it isn’t likely to happen again.

“You can pick some more clothes for me later. I’m happy you’re happy, but I don’t think I could take any more of this right now…”

“Oh, no, don’t worry about me!”

The curtain flies shut and Flum hurries to change back into the same shirt and shorts she always wears. She summons the Belt and stops to look at herself in the mirror for a moment.

“I’d love to see Milkit happy like that again, but I can only really relax like this… what a dilemma.”

Flum leaves the changing room, and after picking out two more maid outfits with Milkit they leave the store, headed next for the restaurant.


The Central Quarter’s Main Street is just as overflowing with people as always. Flum squeezes Milkit’s hand and walks a little ahead of her to shield her from the worst of the throng.

“There certainly are a lot of people here… I get the feeling it’s more crowded every time we visit.”

“I heard there’re new tourists and merchants coming in all the time. The real issue’s the carts… Look, the crowd’s parting so the carriages can get through and that’s throwing everyone off.”

At one point there was talk about making a street for the carriages alone, but there were enough other things going on at the time that the plan got tabled indefinitely. That wasn’t the first or the last time, however. Construction, maintenance, public security --- in the Capital alone the problems only continue to grow, and as the King still hasn’t moved to fix anything discontent only continues to grow among the people.

“How’re you feeling, Milkit? Not getting dizzy from the crowd, are you?”

“I’m doing fine.”

“Right, then, I’m gonna plough ahead. Don’t let go of my hand, okay?”

Pushing through the gaps in the crowd, they move forward, finally arriving at the restaurant safe and sound.

It’s certainly quite fancy, but there’s no dress code and so they should be able to get in just fine. There’s a chance that they might be turned away for being slaves --- but fortunately the employees don’t bat an eye at the slave mark on Flum’s cheek. They’ve been well-trained, it seems.

Among the customers there are a few who look at her with apparent disgust and some of them even try to trip her as she goes by, but as ordinary people they only get hurt for trying.

Shortly after they arrive at their table, a waitress brings them their menus. Milkit opens hers and goes wide-eyed, looking at the prices, at Flum, then back to the prices.

“Just order whatever you want.”


Milkit doesn’t possess the willpower to order the most expensive things on the menu. At the same time, though, it’d be rude to Flum if she just ordered the cheapest thing they offer, so she should order something a little pricier --- and in the end she simply orders what she wants to eat most.

Flum orders something decidedly more expensive than Milkit.

The food that comes out to their table looks more like art than food, as they dig in Flum notices Milkit puzzling over how to copy the flavour and laughs, and in no time they finish their meal.

The bill turns out to be a hefty sum, but they both leave satisfied.

“Ahh, that was good!”

“It was, wasn’t it? It’ll be quite difficult recreating that at home.”

“Getting to enjoy that food, not once but twice… and if you’re making it, it’s bound to be even better!”

“Please try not to get your hopes up too much, Master. I’m nowhere near a professional’s level.”

“What’re ya sayin’, Milkit-kun? Your cookin’s peerless, I tell ya!”


Out of sheer excitement Flum starts talking strangely.

“Ahaha, I’m kidding. So, where to next? Wanna look at some seeds?”

Their date plan spins and spins inside Flum’s cheerful brain.

I’d like to go to an accessory boutique and buy a proper thank-you for Milkit, or maybe we could go check out some more clothes at a different store. Maybe after that we can check the marketplace to see if there’s any good cursed equipment going around, look around at kitchen stuff, and maybe we’ll finish off with buying ingredients for dinner tonight.

She hopes to do as much as possible today to clear their heads completely of the whole Satils incident.

“As long as I’m with you, Master, I don’t care where we go!”

Even if she doesn’t show it on her face as readily, Milkit is just as happy.

I’ll let Master spoil me a little bit, and I’ll forget about all the difficult stuff and just enjoy myself.

In an instant, however, everything changes.


Turning to look at a gap in the crowd, Milkit suddenly freezes in place.

“...Hm? What’s up, Milkit?”

Flum, her hand still in Milkit’s, follows suit.

She turns to follow Milkit’s gaze --- and freezes in the same way.

A sea of people separate them from her.

Between the gaps they can catch a glimpse of a woman who seems out of place, as if she’s somewhere else entirely.

On top of the woman’s flashy flower-covered dress she wears a red fur coat, her nails glimmer with fresh nail polish, and her fingers are heavy with gemstones.

Her opal hair shines with a myriad of shades.

Her unforgettable face is caked with gaudy makeup.

“H… How…?”

“That’s not… She can’t be here! You killed her yourself, Master!”

Rejecting reality doesn’t change it.

She’s not a ghost --- she’s alive, walking, talking, laughing.

“Satils Francoise…!”

Flum says her name, and as if in response Satils turns to face them for a fleeting moment.

She smiles, showing off her pearly white teeth.

A chill rips its way down Flum’s spine.

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