OreShura:Volume 7.1 Chapter 1

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Chiwa: The Night Before Mayhem"[edit]

Lunch break, while I was eating bento with my classmates.

“Hey Chihuahua, I heard that Kido-kun’s seat is next to Natsukawa-san’s”

“Ah, is it?”

“Is this okay? Natsukawa-san is super beautiful, she could steal away Kido-kun if you’re not careful, right?”

“She won’t, she won’t”

Because Ei-kun said that he “doesn’t really like” Natsukawa.

Ei-kun isn’t the type to choose girls based on their looks.

… Ahaha.

“What, Chihuahua, is this the so-called ‘wife’s calmness’[1]?”

“No, Ei-kun is my childhood friend, he’s just like a little brother.”

Although -- I said this at the time.

-- A few days later.

“Hey Chihuahua, did you know that Kido-kun was confessed to by Natsukawa-san?”


“And then, I heard they’re now dating.”


“Sure enough, men still choose women based on their looks--”


“Ch-Chihuahua, where are you going? The teacher’s coming in soon!”

“I’m going to have a talk with Ei-kun!”

“Why do you need a metal bat!?”

I was desperately dissuaded from giving Ei-kun a ‘talk’.

“Chihuahua, didn’t you say that Ei-kun is your ‘childhood friend’?

“No, no! This isn’t jealousy! It’s not that kind of disgusting thing!”

“Then what is it?”

“I just can’t let anyone else be his girlfriend!”

“... Isn’t this just jealousy?”

“ I-I must stop them, aha, ahaha…”

“And it’s super disgusting!”

Just you wait, Natsukawa Masuzu.

I definitely will show you the power of the childhood frieeeend!

Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. The Chinese source says 正宫的从容 which is ‘the calmness of the Empress’
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