PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter4

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Page 087[edit]

“How dare you call a senior student an oba-san…

It seems I really must set your mindset right!”

“No… That is not what we meant! Dorm head… I was just……”




Page 089[edit]

“I was the one to mention an Oba-san smell first!”


“What a daring new student! Apologize to the dorm head immediately!”

”Apologize? I was merely saying what I want to say!”

“What did you say! You……”

“Nevermind that, hold on a minute.”

Page 090[edit]

“Your name is Araki Jin, right?”



“To not be afraid despite being threatened by my cadre/men, you sure are brave.”

“But… you should respect your seniors.”

“Since you are a new student, I shall forgive you this time… as a punishment, you shall have no food for one day, your bento shall be confiscated!”

@ Dorm boarders can claim/get bentos.


No… no food?”

Page 091[edit]

“Dorm head, its almost time for school.”

“Got it, lets go.”


Phew--- I was sweating cold sweat just watching from the side.”

“No… No food…”

“Just what did he say to you?”

“When in Junior High, I was sent to the detention/punishment room just for stepping on their shadows.

You are already considered lucky with that little punishment.”

“I say!

Do you know how important food is to me…”


“To not even blink once when you are threatened, yet to be so depressed just because you have no food. You really are ridiculous.”

Page 092[edit]

“So… Please lend me money for lunch.”

“Huh? No way! I have no money.”




“That’s right!”

“You can try going to “Alf Layla”.”

Editor’s notes: Arabian words meaning “A thousand and one nights”.

“Alf Layla?”

“That’s right.

It is located just behind the school. Even though it is a restaurant, you can eat on credit! Why? You have never been there before?”

“I didn’t even know such a restaurant existed.”

“Then let me take you there after school. New customers are not allowed to eat on credit.”

Page 093[edit]

“Speaking of which, the shop-girl there is really cute…”

“But, Zadou still beats her hands down.”





Page 094[edit]

“Hey! Are you alright?”

“Did she just… trip without anything on the ground…”

“Hehe… I em bine (I am fine)… I em bine (I am fine)…”


“I finally get to see you,


Page 095[edit]

“This uniform… Why are you wearing out school uniform?

Aren’t you studying in a girls’ school?”

“That’s because Onii-chan moved away so suddenly!”

“So in order to transfer to this school, I must take the entrance exam for new candidates.”

“Oh------ Compared to how you look, your sister sure is cute.”

“No, you are mistaken! She is my neighbour.”


Aren’t you that girl on Zadou’s vehicle yesterday?”




Page 096[edit]

“You are getting too close! She has no resistance against guys!

What do you take me for? Bacteria?”


“Erm… Onii-chan! Aika wants to go to school together with you!”


Oh, sure.”

“So then… Yuuya, see you in the classroom!”

“Huh? You are going to just leave me like that?

Smaller text:Though it doesn’t really matter”

“Oh yeah, Yuuya mentioned that you were in Zadou’s vehicle?”

“Yup! I fell and injured myself, so she sent me back in her vehicle!”

Page 097[edit]

“Sierra-senpai is beautiful and the daughter of a rich family, yet she is not proud and is very friendly instead!”

“I am getting more impressed by her every minute.”

“Sierra-senpai even told Aika her troubles.”



It seems that someone placed a branch with a worm in her shoe compartment…”

“So she is very depressed…”

“How can there be such a bad person

I guess it must be tough to be well-known.”

“Yup! But after I encouraged her, she seems very grateful towards me.”

She told me many other things as well

Page 098[edit]

“But really, Sierra-senpai is so perfect!”

“Lovable, pure, gentle and caring!”

Angry angry


Lovable? Pure?

“Oh, by the way!

Onii-chan, are you free during lunchtime?”


“Lunchtime? I am actually so free I have nothing to do”

Page 099[edit]

“Why are you crying?”


“It’s nothing… Just that our dorm head punished me with no food, confiscating my bento……”



“So that is what it is about------“


Page 100[edit]

Ding Dong



“Lunch time------“

“Hey--- Yuuya, spare me some of your bento~~”

“No way!”



Page 101[edit]

“ Smaller text: Sorry to disturb/bother!


“Listen to me…”


“We made this during our home economics class!”

Cup Cake


Great, it looks so delicious!”

“Sierra-senpai! Please try this!”

Page 102[edit]

“Please try mine too!”

“And mine!”


Smaller text: How popular”




Page 103[edit]



What’s wrong, you looking at Zadou?”

“I wasn’t!”

“Come on! There is no guy that doesn’t notice her.”

“Come have a taste, Onii-chan!”


“Hmm, sure!”




Come on Jin-kun… Share some with me~”

Page 104[edit]

“Let me have a taste too---!

Me too---“

“I am being squashed…”



“Come on, don’t be afraid!”

“Come on, please? Just let us have a bite and off we go…”

“Excuse me. May I interrupt you guys for a moment?”

“Za… Zadou!?”

Page 105[edit]

“I received too many cakes……”


“I am unable to finish them all by myself, will you guys like to help me finish them?”


Thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome.”

“I didn’t know that you were acquainted to Araki-san.”

Gobbling down everything

“We were neighbours! He is a nice guy, he even taught me how to do my homework!”

“Is that so… Araki-san is so wonderful.”

“Onii-chan knows everything related to history!”

Page 106[edit]

“He always teaches Aika many things……”

Bad premonition

“Is that so?”

“There is a bunch of tablets, pieces of clay objects and sorts in my house too…

I really hope that you can come over and help explain them!”


“Onii-chan is so great!

To actually be asked for help by Sierra-senpai!”

“Aika, lend me Araki-san for a moment.”


“Ah, Araki…… Why?

Araki! You are way too arrogant!”

Page 107[edit]

“What right have you got to be so arrogant!?”


“Don’t talk bad about Onii-chan!!”




“------- Hmm

There is no one to interrupt us over here.”

Page 108[edit]

“How dare you make my house into a rubbish dump! Commoner!!”

“Your, Your attitude… Why is it so different from just now!”

“There is no need to put up a farce in front of a commoner!!”

“But…But… you really were a great help regarding those items.

And I will not get chased out of the dorm, so I am really grateful to you.”

“I have already returned then, it is meaningless to be grateful to me after I left!

You imbecile!”

“Don’t tell me you threw all my stuff away?”

Page 109[edit]

“What are you going to do if I really did throw them away?”

“You really threw them!?

Those were excavated by my parents!”

“Who would want trash like that!”

“Those aren’t trash!”

“Besides… What does your parents work as?”


Just normal university professors.”

“They are both professors in archaeology…”

“Oh my! I can’t believe you are from an elite family.”

“Maybe they are elites indeed, but as their child, it is very unfortunate.”

“Because the financial support from the country isn’t enough for their research, they even sold our house.

Now they are both out of country.”

Grips tightly…

Page 110[edit]

“They seem to be searching for Solomon’s treasure.”

“Solomon’s treasure?”