PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter6

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Page 139[edit]

PuiPui chapter 6

Page 140[edit]

“Magical lamp!?”

“Jin, do you really think such a fictional object would exist in reality?”


“How true~”

“Just who did you hear such a thing from?”

“It’s nothing, sorry, I shouldn’t have said something so strange……”


“Do I smell or something?”



“Ah, no… It’s nothing!”

“Could it be the smell of the dorm head?


“Oooh…… That smell that you talked about then?”

“Yeah yeah! That smell!

Huh!? Jin, you finished eating already?”

Completely empty

Page 141[edit]

“I didn’t eat especially fast.”



“Do you want to challenge an extremely large Persian curry? If you finish it within thirty minutes it is completely free!

Right? Alf.”


“Y, yeah! That smell really makes one drool!”




“Ah, no! It slipped out of my mouth!”

“Alf, you are really drooling.”

“Please come again!”


“We will feed you to your heart’s content, making sure you are well-fed.”


”What is that supposed to mean?”


“No! Please don’t mind it!”


“So come back tomorrow!”

Page 142[edit]

“I will do my best to serve you again!”


“Tachibana Dormitory (Dorm)”

“It’s five thirty…”

Page 143[edit]

“It’s almost time for dinner.”

“Jin, are you hungry?”



Because I was punished to have no food, that is why I ate so much at Alf Layla, but still…”

“You digest really quickly, what a big eater!”

“So then, just take it that you are on a diet today.”




Who is it?”


“Who are you?”

Page 144[edit]


“I am Himuro Keita from the Junior High sector, here to deliver a letter to Araki-senpai.”

“Oh thanks.”

“How brave of you! Normally people bringing letters to a senpai’s room would be very scared!”

“According to the dorm rules, personal mail must be sent to the recipient swiftly.”

“Your surname is Himuro… Could it be that you are the vice-president of the student council’s …?”

“That’s right! Eriko is my sister.”


No wonder you are so daring.”


Page 145[edit]

“I have never intended to use my sister’s name, nor to live within her shadow!”

“If you continue to be so rude, I will not tolerate it, even if you are a senpai!”

“I got it, I got it!

Don’t be so angry.”


“Sorry to have disturbed you!”


“How tiring, the elite students sure are hard to get along with, with their strong pride!

That is rather similar to his sister.”



“Not really, I don’t even know who his sister is…”

“Student council vice-president Himuro Eriko, High school second year. A famous poor student.”

“She even went to get special permission from the principal to work after school.”

“What is in the letter?”

Take up


Let me see…”

Page 146[edit]

“This is from my father!”

“Dear Jin---“

“How have you been? Oto-san and Oka-san met a guide called Saud, and obtained highly reliable information regarding the Holy Ark.”

“We have prepared our gear, and will begin excavation work from tomorrow.”

“Your Oka-san thinks about you everyday, worried about whether you are eating properly.

I feel sorry as well, to have brought you so much misery.”

“Even though these are just excuses,

But to me, finding Solomon’s treasure is……”


“Aren’t these all excuses!”

Page 147[edit]

“That is right! You really made me suffer so much!”

“Who would want to read a letter like this, finding excuses for yourself!?”



“…Why are you in a bad mood?”

“Sorry, I am going to the cafeteria.”

“Got it!”


“Obtained highly reliable information regarding the Holy Ark.”

------What is this? Could my assumptions be wrong?


Where is that letter……

“Just how reliable can it be?”

Page 148[edit]


“Ah, the phone!”




Is that you, commoner?”

“Why, it is you…”

“What do you mean by “Why, it is you”!?”

“Why are you so agitated so suddenly?”

“I heard from Utada-san…

You are punished to no food today?”

“If so, you are left alone in your room?”

“Did Yuuya give you my number as well?”

“You are so stupid! If I did that, won’t it cause a misunderstanding? I got it from my father!”

That oyaji? Did he check my number out when he came into my room yesterday?

“Nevermind that, just summon me over, quickly!”

Page 149[edit]

“That’s right!

Hey Zadou!”

“Don’t be so rude when you call me, commoner!”

“Isn’t you calling me a commoner even ruder than me calling you “Zadou”?”

“What is it?”

“Can you bring me some food? I am starving!”


I will get my chef to do it now.”

“This way, not only do I not have to do anything, I can make you be very grateful to me as well right?”

“I will definitely be very grateful to you!”

“Wait around ten minutes before you rub the magic lamp! Got it?”

“Yes! I will definitely rub the lamp happily today!”

“This is great…! I feel revitalized now!”


Page 150[edit]

“Five minutes later”

“Ten minutes later”


“I waited so long---!”

“Submit before me commoner! This is a sukiyaki with very high class Matsusaka beef!”


“------Huh? This is just an empty bowl!”

Completely empty


“What, what is going on!? It was in here! One entire bowl of fresh sukiyaki!”

“Could it be that… You cooked so as to raise your genie level?”


Page 151[edit]

“Hello? Yes, Zadou Sierra here… Can you send that pizza I usually order over?”

“Now it becomes take away pizza?”

“Our dorm does not allow take aways. The person sending the pizza will be chased off!”

Oh yeah

“Won’t it be fine to just hook it up from the window?”


“You are really smart!”

“Excuse me, I would like that extravagant pizza I usually order.”

“The location is not to my house, but the male dorm of Harusha Academy. Do you know the place?”

“You mean… Tachibana Dormitory?”

“That is the place!”

“Sorry… But isn’t that place out of bounds to females…?”

“You guys know this as well?

I am currently on the second storey, in the room right in the middle……”

Page 152[edit]

“Hey! Just in case, I better ask… Did you bring any money?”

“Hmm hmm! Of course I won’t forget about that!”

“…… I …”





“No way!? Where is my purse!? I had already planned so well that anything can be solved with money!”

“So you had already intended to cheat all along…”

“It must have been lost when I pass through the magic lamp!

How infuriating! Why does this magic lamp have such a lousy personality!”

“? Sorry… Excuse me…?”

“Would you like to cancel your order?”

“Let me say this first! This is not because I am poor! You must not misunderstand this!”



Page 153[edit]


“I can’t believe I am humiliated like this just because I am penniless.”


Eggs for the sukiyaki

“That’s right! All we have to do is fry the eggs!”


“I get it, we can use the metal pan!”

“See? I am such a genius!”


“So how well done do you want it? Rare? Medium? Well done?”

“Stop playing the fool! Stop it! The eggs will explode!”

Roll Roll

“Geez! Don’t interrupt me when I am cooking!”

“Just what kind of cooking is that!?”

“Watch closely! To fry an egg you must first crack it and put it into a container……”

Page 154[edit]

“Stir the egg yolk and egg white evenly…”

“Then add some sugar to flavor it, heat the pan, pour in some oil, then pour half of the egg fluid.”


“Stir evenly to let it come in contact with the air…”


“This will cause the egg to expand, then when it is half done, can roll it up and set it to shape…”

“Wow, you are good…”

“My parents are always out excavating , so I am usually left alone at home…”


“Then pour the egg fluid in once more, and following that continue to roll and repeat it until there are several layers…”



“Look, its done!”





Page 155[edit]


Its delicious! Just this fried egg alone is good enough to make you main chef of my family.”

“R, really?”

“Yup, it is really delicious,


”It shouldn’t be this way---!!”


“You cannot steal my work away like this!”

“You are really fast at venting your anger out at me again…

Besides, you can’t do a thing can you?”

“If you were not making trouble beside me, I can do something like this as well!”




“…I, I got it.”


Page 156[edit]

“Then I shall go out.”

“Thirty minutes! Just come back after thirty minutes!”


“Got it, got it…”

“Ah! My letter…

I think I left it in the pocket of my jacket…”

“Oh well, doesn’t make a difference.”

“Thirty minutes, so let’s just wait here for thirty minutes…”

Sits down…







Doki doki


Page 157[edit]

“Hmm hmm! Hows that?”

“Just watch me, commoner!”

“A fried egg made by you……”

Da da-----

“It actually looks like a fried egg!”

“This first comment is really too much!”

“No! Just that… I thought you would do it in an very outrageous manner…”

“If I work hard, I can do something like this as well.”

“That’s enough, taste it!”

“Sure! Then I shall have a taste.”

Page 158[edit]






Does it really taste good?”

“Really! It is delicious!”


“You are really something! Its hard to imagine that this is made by someone who would throw an egg with its shell into the pan!”


“Please forget about that.”


“Phew--- I am full!”

“How delicious… What a surprise.”

Page 159[edit]

“That’s good……”



“Don’t tell me that is all!

So how’s it? Do you feel satisfied?”

“Yeah! You already let me taste such a delightful meal!”

“T… The way to express your gratitude is not merely by saying it!”

“I know, I must do “Chichinpuipui” right?”

Sits down

“I, if you know, then why don’t you hurry up and rub my head?”

“So then... Chichinpuipui…”



Page 160[edit]

“…What a strong light!”

“This may mean…”


“Great! I leveled!

This is the first spell!”

Page 162[edit]

Author’s notes

“Hooray!! The first volume is published!! This is all thanks to everyone’s support! Thank you everyone!”

“Get down already!”

“Even though a lot of things happened in between, but they all passed within the blink of an eye!”

“I guess there must be some readers who know this… The illustrations for the original novel are also drawn by me.”

I look forward to Natsu Midori-sensei’s author’s notes every time

Up till October 2007, 6 volumes are out already!

Because the characters in the novel are all people with clear personalities, so I had a lot of fun drawing them as well… I am so blissful!

Enough already---!

And there are so many scenes that I want to draw, makes my hands so itchy… I will continue to work hard as I continue drawing them…

Page 163[edit]

“Ever since the continuation began for this, I became very busy, I felt so miserable…”



Like taking too much tonic and spoilt my body…

Why did you not turn up for lessons in school!

Causing university professors to be angry…

Arrow: before deadline of submission of the draft

Huh----- Sorry!

Or moaning in my sleep…



Arrow: Friend

Will you buck up!

“But, a lot of good things happened as well.”

Like my assistant helped me draw weird drawings in my original draft…


What is this?

Whenever I draw her, I will become excited for some reason…

I love her the most…

“I will continue to work hard like this from now on!

So then, bye bye! See you again in the second volume!”

“Special thanks

Shinya. S

H. K

Tomomi. Y

B A.

Natsu Midori-sensei

Chief editor”