Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 8 Prologue

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Prologue – The Past Wish[edit]

Part 1[edit]

He wondered since when was it.

He wished for someone to look at him.

And then, when he noticed he stopped wishing for it.

The old empire five years ago, when royalty and nobility possessed authority, the tendency of male chauvinism was strong, and a despotic administration was imposed.

Lux who was the youngest brother was the farthest existence from the strife for the imperial succession.

Inside the castle was suffocating where he had to pay attention to the mood and expression of his fellow imperial family.

「──This is the first time we meet since the banquet at the end of the year huh, are you well, Lux?」

However, it was only Fugil who was the eldest brother from different mother who was vaguely out of place amidst that environment. He called out to him friendlily even at the banquet.

His gloomy self who was smeared with distorted elitism.

For such Lux, he thought for the first time that there was someone who seemed able to understand him even for just a little bit.

Part 2[edit]

The autumn where the tree leaves were changing color.

At the early morning that wasn’t far from the day when the large even called the campus festival would be held.

Lux finished his Drag-Ride independent training in the practice ground inside the Academy site and he took a breather.


He had gotten used much to the Academy lifestyle, but when he was training using Drag-Ride alone like this, he suddenly recalled the past matter──the memory of his chores lifestyle during the last five years.

『Why are people become unable to put effort when they are aging?』

Once the boss of a smith where he was helping out at that time told him that inside a bar.

『There is also the simply factor of slacking off, but that ain’t all. When people saw their effort bear fruit to a certain degree, it’s gonna become harder for them to put in even more effort than that. They won’t notice with just their own thought and viewpoint. Even though there won’t be any problem if there is just one guy who get it watching over them when they got to be like that……』

‘I see’, Lux at that time nodded in agreement.

However currently, he was thinking that he didn’t want to be seen by anyone while like this alone he──,

「Now, then……」

He ended his rest before his body could cool down, wore his Drag-Ride once more, and resumed his training.

In the day when there was no practical class, it was Lux’s custom to feel his Drag-Ride even if just for a short time.

His body wouldn’t forget the control of Drag-Ride, but he would feel like the precision of his technique would fall without doing that.

After finishing the general things, at the end he took a deep breath, then he strongly grasped the Drag-Ride’s control stick.

He heaved up the pebbles he gathered into the air, then he released Bahamut’s Divine Raiment.

「──Reload on Fire.」

Compression strengthening──with this ability, the flow of time was decelerated until a fragment of the normal time, and after that time was super accelerated until several times over. He spread the ability until the range of several ml around him and activated it.

At the same time he also drove his Drag-Ride and used his great sword to lop off the slowly falling pebbles.

His own movement was also decelerated until a fragment of the normal, but the advantage was that he could confirm through his entire surrounding.

It was the application of Divine Raiment to cope with simultaneous attack from multiple directions as well as counterattack.

It wasn’t something so great that it could be called as a hidden technique, but it was a battle skill that could become his battle strength proportionate to that.


But, in the middle pain ran through Lux’s head, the Reload on Fire was undid and the technique failed.

As expected because it was originally a powerful Divine Raiment, activating it in wide range would put considerable burden to his mind and body.

Since five years ago he was just a step short of completing it, but it didn’t really go well.

『If you are able to grasp one more trick to it, you might be able to complete that technique. For example──』

He remembered receiving that advice at the end from Fugil, his eldest brother who observed this technique.

But, after that his childhood friend Philuffy was captured and the plan of the revolution was hastened, in the end Lux was unable to complete this technique.

He doubted the advice of his brother who betrayed him, wondering that 『it might be a trap』.

Even with the last key in his hand, he kept being unable to open the door and always stopped over there.


「You are working hard every day aren’t you, Lux.」


A voce called out to him right after he dispelled his armor. Lux turned around to behind him.

A blonde haired girl wearing costume that was fitting tightly to the body exclusively for use in Drag-Ride──a pilot suit, was staring toward him with a straightforward gaze.

The third year student who was a daughter of a duke who was one of the four great nobles, and the captain of the raid squad Syvalles.

The girl who was serving as the aide of Lux who became Seven Dragon Paladins, Celistia Ralgris.

She had glossy blonde hair that hung down until her waist, and well-featured looks.

Her figure that was clad in aloof elegance was so beautiful it caused him to hold his breath unconsciously.

Furthermore that bulge of her breasts that protruded out noticeably was so big it was disproportional even between that lean and toned body. When it was wrapped in pilot suit it became even more lascivious.

Surely Celis herself wasn’t aware of it, but for Lux who was pretty much a healthy boy in his puberty, it caused him to be a bit troubled of where to look.

「……Go, good morning. Celis-senpai.」

Lux greeted stiffly toward the older girl who had close relationship with him right now.

Lux became embarrassed that he was so immersed in his training to the degree he didn’t notice her existence and how he got fascinated with her appearance just now that he unconsciously averted his eyes.

「I’m sorry that I greeted you late. I’ve noticed you since some time ago, but I thought that I shouldn’t become nuisance to Lux.」

Celis communicated using courteous attitude even toward him who was her junior.

Celis also had clumsy and regrettable aspect to her, but as expected Lux thought that she was a splendid senior.

Looking at the sweat on her skin, she must have finished training too.

「I was practicing a combat style that I newly thought of. It made use of basic technique called Break PurgeDrag-Ride Release but……. As expected it cannot be completed with ordinary means.」

Lux turned his face while making such talk.

「What Lux did just now, was a development of new technique? It looked like a technique to oppose simultaneous long-range attacks from a large number of opponent but──」

As expected from the girl who was famous as the Academy’s strongest.

It seemed that she saw through Lux’s aim from a glance.

「Yes. I have attempted it since the past, but it’s not really going well──, as expected swinging my sword at full strength while also activating Divine Raiment in wide range is causing the output to be completely lacking.」

Lux smiled wryly while speaking out his own weak spot.

Then, Celis put her hand on her chin while thinking for a while, before long she lightly clapped her hands *pon*.

「That’s right. You are able to execute the technique itself, so how about increasing the precision and durability of your concentration?」


Lux was taken by surprise and raised his voice. Celis was nodding with ‘uh-huh’ in understanding before she took a stance with the Sword Device of Lindwurm that she was carrying.

「I am mainly heightening my concentration with training that has conditions attached. With the method of using a specific gesture as the switch, I pushed aside any idle thoughts and obtained the power to concentrate. I trained so I can do that anytime when I touch the handle of this Sword Device on my waist.」

Celis explained about the method that was taught to her from Wade, Lux’s grandfather and also her private tutor.

A practice method that doubled as light self suggestion.

When practicing in an environment where she could concentrate, she would touch the handle of her Sword Device beforehand as the initial signal.

By thoroughly imposing that act to become a habit, that act itself would become a switch to perform the conversion of mind so that she could instantly display her maximum strength, something like that.

It seemed that the forms in martial arts and the Passcode to summon Drag-Ride were also a variety of that. Surely the power of concentration that Celis possessed also thanks to that.

「After that, there is the padding of concentration by letting out voice. I don’t really use it, but it seems that even the output of muscle can also be increased temporarily by letting out voice you know? If several techniques are combined like that──」

「That’s, right. I think I will give it a try later.」

Celis was always practicing alone, so perhaps she was happy to be able to talk with Lux because she was strangely talkative with bright expression. Lux thought warmly of such Celis, but on the other hand for some reason he also felt a sense of discomfort.

Celis’s advice was accurate, and he thought that she spoke correctly.

In fact if he became able to do just as she said, he might be able to complete the technique just now.

In spite of that, some part inside his mind rejected it.

Even though he thought of it as correct, he didn’t want to accept it.

(Just, what am I thinking……? No, Celis-senpai’s advice, if I remember right in the past──)

He had recollection hearing it five years ago.

From the mouth of his brother, Fugil who was watching Lux’s training at that time──.

「Oi Lux! Also Celis, here, over here!」

When Lux was falling in thought, a familiar voice came down from above.

The one who appeared was the figure of a girl, clad in huge scarlet Divine Drag-Ride, Tiamat.

The princess of the new kingdom who Lux served as her knight, Lizsharte Atismata.

「Go, good morning, Lisha-sama. Today, you are unusually early aren’t──」

It was still around six o’clock of early morning, usually this was a time period where she would be still sleeping at the Drag-Ride’s atelier.

Lisha landed down beside Lux and Celis, then she dispelled the armor she was wearing.

It seemed she didn’t come for training, she was wearing her uniform with white gown on top of it.

「Fuh, I guess. Even I can at least wake up early sometimes──not that! An emergency contact came for us! It’s the war council that we heard from before. It seems that the schedule is changed. It will be held at this Cross Field throughout the morning.」

Lux and Celis looked at each other’s face seeing Lisha’s serious face.

The other day at the royal capital, someone who introduced themselves as the Lord──the ancient imperial family whose existence was described from the ancient document of Ruin appeared.

A meeting to decide countermeasure was planned to be held soon where two of the new kingdom’s chief vassal would also participate.

「──Understood. I will immediately change.」

Lux told her that and then started running to return toward his room in the dormitory.


Right after seeing him off, Lisha called out to Celis who was similarly moving toward the waiting room to change.

「However, what were you two doing alone since the morning? I don’t think it’s possible but, it’s not anything indecent right?」

「Wha, what are you saying Lizsharte!? That’s disrespectful! I was merely catching sight of Lux’s training by chance──」

「I, I see. Then that’s fine. It’s, that ero woman──Yoruka told me just now though, it looks like recently that Krulcifer is doing suspicious movement see……」

Lisha’s cheeks slightly reddened and she muttered while entwining her fingers uneasily.

「What do you mean by suspicious?」

Celis tilted her head in puzzlement. Lisha’s face turned even redder and she yelled.

「Tha, that’s why you see. That, it looked like when coming back from Ymir Theocracy, she kissed Lux while whispering that she lo, loved him or something, she di, did that as she pleased without even any permission from me──」

「Ki, kiss──is it-!? Lux and Krulcifer were!?」

Celis reacted to that word and even her face instantly blushed.

In respond even Lisha also became even more panicked and flustered after Celis said that loudly.

「Do, don’t say it so loudly! Tha, that made even me embarrassed right!?」

After speaking with a troubled look, Lisha crawled her gaze on the practice ground’s floor and took a deep breath.

「We, well, this is just something that Yoruka──, that ero woman said though. Ho, however in the end, it looks like Lux doesn’t really thing anything about it, he also didn’t give back any answer anyway to Krulcifer. I think there is no problem but……anyway!」

Lisha deliberately let out a loud voice and straightened her back to pull herself together.

And then, she puffed out her breast that was quite large for her petite body and folded her arms and continued speaking with her cheeks still dyed red.

「You too, if you are Lux’s aide, pay attention so that Krulcifer won’t do anything uncalled-for. Because, that, it will be troubling if she make any strange pass at my knight. It will also adversely affect his duty in the future, besides, even though I’m planning……to say it to him properly, and yet──-……no, nothing-!」

At the end, Lisha said such thing with a voice so small it couldn’t be made out clearly.

「A, anyway that’s all! Then, a horse carriage is waiting outside so hurry!」

「Un, understood! I will also head there immediately……」

Celis responded with a slightly nervous voice and she too returned to the waiting room.

She wiped her skin with a towel, then she noticed the beating of her own heart that was pounding fast like an alarm bell.

「Krulcifer, kissed Lux……!? Even I, have that kind of knowledge, the act of ascertaining feeling between man and woman but……」

A face that she didn’t know, a face that was in a daze as though in fever was reflected on the mirror in front of her.

Celis too had heard some stories many times from her classmates and juniors in the Academy.

The love story of relatives and friends, or the evaluation toward the male instructors.

Because she was misunderstood by her surrounding as man hater for a long time, the girls around her had never made that kind of talk to her, but after Celis recognized Lux and his enlistment into Syvalles was formally decided, occasionally she would be asked about such topic from the students.

『The first boy that Celis-senpai recognized, as expected it means that you like him right? About him──』

『You said to Lux-kun that you want to be taught various things about boy but, what kind of thing you have him taught you?』

『I’m disappointed. Even though I thought that Celis-san is absolutely a person who like girl──!』

With the last one as exception, since then the people around her would sometimes talk to her about that kind of topic.

Each time she was teased about her relationship with Lux, Celis would say 「Tha, that kind of talk is not permitted!」 shyly and denied it decisively.

He thought of Lux as likeable as a junior, and she was also relying on him from the bottom of her heart as the first man who became close with her.

She was also healed when he would give her heartfelt consideration toward her who was always strongly disciplining herself as the captain of Syvalles.

Actually she wanted to show him her reliable aspect as the model senior, but when she was together with Lux, she somehow depended on him with honest feeling.

While thinking that it wasn’t really praiseworthy, that time was really pleasant for her.

In that kind of meaning, Lux was unmistakably a 『likable man』.

She was also a duke’s daughter, so by all rights she was at the age when the talk of marriage would flood in.

The rumor of 『man-hating』, and how she was an officer cadet while also possessing strength that would put even male from military to shame.

If only those two factors were nonexistent, her engagement might be decided already since a long time ago.

「Lux as someone of the opposite sex that I like……, is it?」

Celis still wasn’t conscious of Lux until that far.

But, hearing that Krulcifer was approaching Lux, the shock that she felt was surprising even to herself.

The young man who broke the shell of herself who was captured by 『rightness』 and 『duty』.

Just by imagining Lux having love relationship with someone would cause her to be seized by vague feeling of anxiety and irritation.

「Ju, just what in the world I am thinking──!?」

When she was thinking of Lux while wiping her body, her body was strangely turning hot and a throbbing impulse welled up.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down somehow, but her heart’s palpitation wouldn’t settle down, and she only leaked out feverish sigh.

「Krulcifer, toward Lux she……」

She became Lux’s aide till the end was only to support him who was her junior.

She went to Ymir Theocracy the other day as reinforcement was also like that.

However──was that really all there was to it?

「There is no such thing. Something like me using the position of aide as excuse because I merely want to stay at Lux’s side is──」

She thought that.

And yet, she wondered why her feeling wouldn’t calm down like this.

「It’s unrelated with the matter of Krulcifer. I’m not harboring that kind of wicked feeling toward Lux, that should be true. Isn’t that right, Wade-sensei?」

Celis muttered that toward her teacher who had passed away.

Even so her feeling was still somewhat restless while she changed her clothes. She then hurried to head toward the campus gate.

Part 3[edit]

A few dozen minutes later after riding the horse carriage.

The conference room of the government office located in the first block of Cross Field. A tense atmosphere was filling it.

Celis’s father who was a great feudal lord that was one of the four great nobles──Dist Ralgris.

And then, the young aide who assisted the queen, Prime Minister Nulph.

Lux and Celis were sitting in front of the two chief vassals who represented the new kingdom.

「Then, let’s quickly begin the briefing session for this occasion, if it’s alright?」

When Nulph began the talk with a serious voice, Lux and Celis both nodded.

Right after they finished the incident in Ymir Theocracy and returned back to the Academy.

A messenger from the new kingdom hurriedly came to Lux and others, sending a letter that told that a chief vassal from the four great nobles would come to talk to them.

The topic was about the countermeasure meeting for the incident that was related to the world’s trend.

It was an urgent talk for Lux who was a member of Seven Dragon Paladins.

「Just as you two were told too already. The imperial family members of the ancient era called the 『LordCreator』 whose existences has been hinted for a quite while from the Ruins. They made their appearance and asked for dialogue with each country.」


Lux’s expression tensed hearing that.

Just the other day, the Ruin Gigas that stopped moving in the royal capital started activating, and the Lord that appeared talked to the surrounding.

Glimpses of their existences could be seen from the documents that they had obtained from Ruin until now, and also from the arms dealer Hayes who was secretly maneuvering in various countries, but this was the first time they appeared openly like this.

Thus, the Drag-Knights who represented each country, the Seven Dragon Paladins──and also the representatives from each government that contributed a member to the Seven Dragon Paladins would convene and held dialogue regarding the Lord.

So to speak, a summitworld conference would be held.

「It looks like the other countries are also hurriedly getting ready with their preparation, but even among them we are the one who is especially troubled.」

「That’s, what does that mean?」

Lux tilted his head questioningly. Prime Minister Nulph lifted his face slightly.

「They designated our new kingdom as the place for the dialogue. Furthermore──it won’t be in the royal capital, but in the aforementioned ground that is related with you two.」

「Don’t tell me──……」

Celis held her breath hearing that, to which her father Dist answered.

「That’s how it is. They──the Lords designated the fort city Cross Field as the place of dialogue. It will be in the Academy where you two are attending.」

Lux and Celis who heard that were spontaneously turned speechless.

They were shocked that such momentous event would be held in a place that was really close to them.

「……What is the objective of the Lords asking for a dialogue?」

Prime Minister Nulph shook his head toward Celis’s question.

「It’s unclear at present──but, if for example the clan called the Lord has been awakened since some time ago, for them to engage us in this time could have some kind of important meaning.」


The inside of the room was filled with silence as though in agreement with that thinking.

Lux once tried to change the old empire as a member of the imperial family and he failed, but with Lisha’s cooperation, he obtained a new place where he belonged in the Academy.

And then through his relationship with the girls and many incidents, he resolved himself to once more get involved with the new kingdom as a Seven Dragon Paladins and he reached the current point, but he never imagined that he would become greatly involved like this so quickly.

「Then, Lisha-sama who came together with us here is──?」

「She will participate in that conference in the place of her majesty Queen Raffi. Her majesty is talking to her about it in a different room.」

In other words, Lisha would be the representative leader from the new kingdom in the summit.

And Lux would participate with Celis as Seven Dragon Paladins.

「However, to make Lisha-sama participate instead of her majesty the queen, then the people of other countries too──」

「Yes, I heard that most likely it will become like that.」

From the new kingdom it wouldn’t be Queen Raffi, but the princess Lisha who would come as representative. The other countries would also follow the example.

The point was, that was how much each country was fearing the Lords.

Furthermore, there was also threat of the unstable Ruins and the rise of warmonger called Dragon Marauder.

It was great that one of the Dragon Marauder’s three bosses, Drakkhen was captured and imprisoned at Cross Field, but it seemed that her interrogation wasn’t progressing well.

Even Lux didn’t really understand the reason why she wasn’t interrogated in the royal capital from the beginning, but there was also the possibility that they were fearing a surprise attack from the Dragon Marauder in the attempt to take her back.

「About the matter of the Dragon Marauder, I think that it might also become a topic in the summit, so perhaps we should at least decide the policy of how to speak about it in the conference arena.」

In the summit, how would Lux and Celis give follow-up to Lisha?

When such suggestion was made, Dist suddenly addressed Lux.

「Lux Arcadia. What do you think? Do you think that the aim of Dragon Marauder is only to rebel against the countries?」

「What could you mean, Lord Dist?」

Prime Minister Nulph tilted his head.

Dragon Marauder that illegally snatched treasure from the Ruins and aimed at the important people of many countries was an insurgent mercenary organization.

They obtained support from nobles and influential people who were left out from the profit that was obtained from Ruins, a group of rebels who was holding grudge against nations with Ruins.

They claimed that at the surface, and the representatives of each country should also be thinking like that but,

「No, I believe they have some kind of clear objective.」

Lux said that without hesitating after thinking for a bit.


Lux continued dispassionately without paying any mind to the bewildered reaction of Nulph and Celis.

「I noticed when fighting the group of the division commander Drakkhen. They have clear leadership in their movement, their proficiency as Drag-Knight is also too high. They are at the level that isn’t inferior even if compared to the elites of many countries.」

「I, is that so? No but, as expected, isn’t that impossib──」

Lux wasn’t perturbed even by that reaction and calmly agreed.

「Yes──I also think that’s not possible, no matter how.」


Prime Minister Nulph was taken by surprise at Lux’s calm sentence.

Even Celis who was sitting beside him was open mouthed.

「One of Dragon Marauder’s three bosses, Drakkhen, her strength is almost equal with Seven Dragon Paladins. Someone that strong shouldn’t be left alone by the military of other country and employed with preferential treatment. After all an excellent Drag-Knight is a scarce combat force anywhere.」

「Bu, but Lux. If I remember correctly, she hated to be working under noble didn’t she?」

「Tha, that’s correct, I also heard that in the interrogation she was repeatedly saying that.」

Human Dragon division commander Drakkhen received unreasonable treatment from the nobles and threw herself to become mercenary.

Even at the previous fight, she certainly mentioned that, but.

「I think that is her acting.」


Celis became even more bewildered hearing the reply that Lux said with serious face.

「In this age, Drag-Knight wouldn’t be troubled to find job. Then rather than continuing the mercenary business aimlessly, it’s better to join under country with better treatment. Currently Blackend Kingdom’s Blue tyrant, Lord Singlen is working under country. The reason is──」

「He know about the standpoint as Drag-Knight, is that it?」

Lux nodded to what Dist Ralgris pointed out.

「No matter how unrivaled they are momentarily, Drag-Ride cannot be used continuously for long. That’s why, even if they take over a country using violence, in the end they would soon get assassinated.」

No matter how strong, the seat of kingship couldn’t be obtained just with that.

It was important to have a lot of comrades and subordinates who could be trusted and obtained an organization that could be trusted by the people and nobles.

The talk that Singlen previously proposed to Lux and others in the shadow.

The establishment of a country that unified the world with Drag-Knight at the center also had that kind of calculation.

「That means──?」

「In the surface, belonging to a country’s military is far more safe and profitable than being mercenary. It’s unthinkable that woman Drakkhen is unable to do such negotiation with other country.」

Lux’s words shook the conference room chillingly.

「She refined strategy to such extent, and polished her tactics without sparing any effort, it’s impossible for her to be unable to think ahead when deciding such essential action objective……that is what I think.」

「……In other words what does that mean? Those Dragon Marauders, they aren’t depending on country because they have some kind of reason that would make them choose to become mercenary or bandit instead? For what?」

Lux took a short breath toward the question of the dubious Nulph.

「I think, that perhaps they have some kind of conviction.」

After saying that, Lux muttered as though he was also thinking.

「Even if they ignored the investigation right of Ruins that is formally arranged by countries and become rebel, they are convinced that they will win if they are able to obtain just that one thing. Not just that, it might be something that can even rule over this whole world, hidden inside the Ruin──」


Everyone in that place fell silent hearing Lux’s conjecture.

Before long, Celis beside him gently broke the silence.

「I believe there is possibility of that. But isn’t that leap of logic too far? If that’s the only basis of that conjecture, speaking of it in the summit will be──」

「No, there is one more basis for it.」

But, Dist immediately muttered and denied Celis’s statement.

「The group called the Lord, they showed themselves at this time, as though they specifically chose this timing.」


Silent tension ran through inside the conference room once more.

Everyone other than Lux and Dist held their breath in sudden realization.

「You two said that you obtained new information at the Ruin Hall in Ymir Theocracy correct? About that document, you two and princess Lisha have a look first. Of course it’s strictly prohibited to reveal its content. Don’t speak about it even at the summit.」

「Wha……!? Bu, but, if we don’t first have her majesty the queen have a look at it──」

The prime minister Nulph was flustered hearing that.

The record document that Lux obtained with Krulcifer.

It was fine and all to bring back important information regarding how the Ruins and ancient era came to be, but they still hadn’t confirmed the content. They needed to hand it over to the higher-ups of the new kingdom and had it processed.

「You go take permission, prime minister-dono. There is not much time until the summit. In the conversation with the Lords, our side also has the need know about the information of Ruins beforehand.」

「──U, understood. As soon as it’s confirmed, I’ll immediately report it to her majesty.」

Lux also nodded before Nulph was responding.

If Lux and others could be a step ahead by grasping the information that they obtained thanks to Krulcifer, they would be able to confirm how much the Lords were telling the truth at the summit.

Furthermore it surely would also be useful in grasping their true intention in asking for dialogue and cooperation.

Though most likely it was an exception to make Lux and others review the information without going through the queen first.

「The, then, next about the other topic──」

The briefing session continued under the leadership of Prime Minister Nulph who was still slightly shaken.

An hour later, the meeting was concluded and they broke up.


Lux who came out from the conference room sighed lightly.

As expected, he was nervous with this kind of work.

It was especially all the more true when it was himself who stated his opinion concerning politics.

While Lux was thinking of such thing, he suddenly noticed that Celis who came out from the same room was staring fixedly at him.

「What’s the matter, Celis-senpai?」

「I was surprised just now. You were really amazing, Lux.」


Celis smiled saying that and she expressed her honest admiration.

「To be able to follow that much with the talk in front of father and Prime Minister Nulph──no, it’s amazing how you was able to surmise even the objective of Dragon Marauder’s action from your fight with them.」

「That’s not true. It’s only that the thing that I was thinking a bit about accidentally came out in the talk.」

「But I think that my father is trusting you at the very least. Father entrusting a work to someone is something that happen really rarely.」

Lux became slightly embarrassed receiving the compliment from the girl who he respected.

However, there was something that Lux was bothered with during the meeting.

「──Celis-senpai, it’s Lord Dist.」


Celistia turned around in respond to Lux’s voice.

The current head of a great noble house that was one of the four great nobles and her father, Dist Ralgriz was standing nearby.

The tall gentleman was slowly walking toward the two. He was silently sending his gaze toward Lux.

「I was able to hear very interesting talk this time. I will leave the assisting of her highness princess Lizsharte to you. One day I wish to talk personally with you about a different matter.」


After Lux replied, Dist nodded silently.

Next, he also turned to face his daughter Celis.


Celis was waiting for his words with a face that was filled with slight tension.

But, his gaze didn’t even look at Celis’s face. It was merely directed to ahead of the corridor.

「In comparison, it looks like you are somewhat lacking in focus.」

It was a voice that sounded strict while there was disappointment mixed in it at the same time.

The moment Celis heard that, her expression stiffened slightly.

「Are you intending to attend the summit in that fickle condition? Then you will be nothing more than our house’s shame. There is a need to prepare someone else as replacement──」

「A word please, Lord Dist.」

Lux immediately interrupted.

「She is tired from the battle the other day. In order to help me.」

The two’s gaze met for a short time and silence was created.

But, before long Dist moved his gaze away.

「I see, then that’s fine, if my daughter doesn’t forget the oath that she swore herself.」


Celis casted her gaze down without being able to say anything toward the leaving Dist.

Lux called out in panic at the figure of Celis that was really unlike herself.

「Please don’t worry about it, Celis-senpai.」

Lux made a troubled smile and followed up like that.

And then he suddenly asked a question as though recalling something.

「But, is it really okay?」

「Wha, what do you mean?」

Seeing Celis getting flustered at Lux’s question, he was convinced.

「N, no that’s, somehow Celis-senpai, today your atmosphere is different from usual……」

The girl who was always clad in characteristic air of tension was looking somewhat absentminded right now. Lux couldn’t put it into words well, but she felt like that.

「I, I’m all right! Co, come to think of it, is the story that I heard from rumor really true? That’s, when you were returning from Ymir, Krulcifer she, ki, kissed you──」

「Eh……? Just now what──」

「I, it’s nothing! I can solve this myself!」

When Lux asked back because he couldn’t catch her words well, Celis denied it in great panic and muttered in small voice.

「Haa……, why am I running? Even though I should have become able to rely even at Lux who is a boy but──」

It was fine to speak sharply for once, but Celis’s expression immediately darkened heavily and she muttered.

The matter of the past.

She regretted cornering Lux’s grandfather who was her teacher, Wade to his death. From that she continued to discipline herself to 『do the right thing』.

In the matter of the campus selection battle, she opened her heart regarding that to the 『male』 Lux, and she was able to have everyone knew about her true feeling, and yet.

「I understand. But──if there is something then please talk to me without reservation. I will be happy if there is something where even someone like me can become of help for Celis-senpai.」

When Lux told her that with a smile, Celis’s face became even redder and she averted her eyes.

「……I, I’m all right! I’m not forcing myself. That’s right. I’m recently merely feeling exhausted! I have to retrain myself so that I won’t disappoint my father──」

「E, err, please don’t overwork yourself too much. After all Celis-senpai’s training is already extremely hard even at the normal time.」

Celis left in a state of not listening to Lux’s voice at all.

(Celis-senpai, really, just what’s going on with her……?)

Lux’s gaze was following her back with a touch of worry before he returned to the Academy.

「Really, just what am I thinking……」

Night──Celis was taking a deep breath inside her room in the girl dormitory.

It was just as his father Dist said, today she wasn’t putting her heart at what she was doing.

For her to be unconsciously watching Lux in fascination at the briefing session for the important summit.

「Something like this is no good. At the very least I have to focus when attending the meeting──」

Even though she was thinking like that, for some reason when she was at Lux’s side she became conscious of him.

「Recently, I’m being strange……」

Her face would become hot, and the beating of her heart would pulse quickly.

She couldn’t discuss about that mysterious sensation even to Lux who was a 『reliable man』.

After all for some reason that problem occurred only when she was thinking about Lux.

「This is an unknown hardship. Even so, I have to keep move forward──」

She slapped her own face *pan* with both hands and straightened her back.

Then she headed to the practice ground and she began her training.

The campus festival that would happen a few days later, and the summit meeting with the Lords.

When they returned to the ordinary days, the curtain of a case that would shake the world was going to open at the same time.