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衛旗士(グラボリア) has been translated as flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac)
The reason stem from the furigana being similar to known baronh:
-旗艦(グラーガ) glagac, flagship (Glaga)
-双棘作戦(クファゼート・ボルペル) Operation Twin Thorns (Kufazet Bolpel)
the '2nd class' part could be wrong

航法野(リルビドー) fieldXXnavigation(rilbidoc)
it may be a medical name for the visual perception brain part, it's left as is

透明煙幕(セビュール・ルセラ) transparency smokescreen(Sebyl Rusela)
from this novel content and
-硝子霧(セビュール・セラ)reflective cloud (Sebyl Sela)

page 3
人工惑星クラベール・ソス -> 人工惑星(クラベール・ソス) Print error=misplaced furigana
artificial planet(klabœrh sosr)
-ベール bœrh (as part of peoples names)
-領民代表(セーフ・ソス) saimh sosr

page 5
officers carrying weapons: Abh did carry weapons in the early days until boarding ships was no longer a military doctrine
alpha sending radio waves: it was understood by fans they worked on sound, so this cannon revelation could be confusing

page 7
「なにをのんびりしているの、たいへんじゃない」 ~ "relax/take it easy, do it seriously"
the conversation started a bit confusing, so I might have done an error in the behavior of one of them; it's one or the other.

Almael 23:25, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

司令(サレール) Commander(sarérh)
艦長(サレール)$$ sarérh, Captain (Salerl)
Until now Salerl has been used for 'Captain' as the commanding officer (CO) of a ship.
Here it is established as a confirmation that 'sarérh/Salerl' is a general term to refer to a CO without addressing rank.

long sentences you may want to try to do better:


Almael 23:17, 26 August 2010 (UTC)