Seikai no Senki:Volume2 Prologue

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Status: Incomplete

15% completed (estimated)


The cat was immersed in cleaning his short fur, a characteristic of an Abh Duke(cat).

Here, where the Royal Family of Kyrv. surrounds the fixed star of Abriel, resides a painting named "Dining Hall of the Cats". This painting depicts an old cat named Horia overseeing the preparation of meat and fish for her patrons.

As his stomach decomposes food, blissful indifference begins to set into the feline. Even if other cats or humans approached him, he wouldn't so much as ruffle his hair. It was in this state that the cat remained, even as he watched a young boy approach. This continued until he felt himself being picked up.

"It was you, Diaho, wasn't it?" The boy leisurely stroked the cat's head with his hands.

This being clearly knew little about how to treat a cat, thought Diaho between pettings. Nor was he a member of the Royal Family of Kryv, and normally shouldn't be allowed in such a place as this. However, this one was an exception.