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Chapter 10: Clash in space and time (Go Klima)[edit]

"Captain (Salerl), permission for transition through the 'Gate' (Sord) of the Barke Palace (Bei Barkal) has arrived." Yatesh reported.
"Permission time begins at 11:06:32 shipboard time for 38 seconds."
"Understood. Navigator (Rilbiga), determine a good course." Lafiel ordered.
"Course calculation. ......complete." Ekuryua said.
The Barke Sord (Sord Barkal) has been surrounded by a myriad of drifting space-time bubble (Flasath).
It is a group of vessels waiting for the order to enter Lakfakalle.

Of course, there are many space-time bubbles coming from the capital (Arosh), and going away.
The liveliness was an evidence of war. Of course, the great Empire's capital is also lively in peacetime, but Lakfakalle shows its true liveliness when at war.
Along the course calculated by Ekuryua, the attack ship (Sopaïc) 'Flicaubh' kept getting closer to the Barke Sord.
"'Gate' (Sord) ahead, passing in three minutes." Ekuryua reported.
"The countdown will start 30 seconds before."
Eventually the countdown started. "...... Four, three, two, one, passing through the 'Gate' (Sord).
Immediately, the capital (Arosh) was spread out in front (of them).
"Establish data concatenation with squadron flagship (Glaga Sov)." ordered Lafiel.
"Aye. Establishing data concatenation." Yatesh answered. "Data concatenation complete."
"Welcome, 'Flicaubh'." Atosuryua's face appeared on the screen. "You are the last. Although, this is bad, you will receive steering instructions."
Arbof, whose work got taken, hung/shrugged.
The atmosphere on the bridge (Gahorl) was relaxing. It meant they were going to be controlled for a while by remote from the squadron flagship 'Shutoucaubh'.
In other words, the bridge personnel were not required.
"Attention, this is the Captain (Salerl)" Lafiel broadcasted inside the warship. "All general mobilization activities are suspended. Except being on duty, you are permitted to rest."

The ships from the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna) were approaching the capital (Arosh) in column formation.
The destination was special arsenal #7022 (, a factory). Each ship will receive damage reparations there.
"Yatesh, you (are on duty/) have the bridge." verified Lafiel.
"Yes. I will take care of the bridge (Gahorl) for a while."
"We are counting on you." Lafiel stood up from her seat.
"I'm looking forward to the pleasure." Jinto said suddenly.
"Is there something?" Lafiel asked puzzled.
"A banquet."
"Is there such a plan? I haven't heard anything."
"Commander Atosuryua promised, hasn't she? This time, it is Baron Febdash Family (Lyumjhe Febdak) treat to organize a party."
"Oh, that?" Lafiel remembered. She also remembered simultaneously a party organized by Count Hyde's family(Dreujhe Haidar).
As if hearing the noise of a (racoon dog) rising, Lafiel (moved an) eyebrow. "That is exciting thou?"
"Well, I am certainly, but just a little bit ......" Jinto saw Ekuryua's meaningful face who was still in her seat.

"Is there something?" Lafiel looked at Ekuryua's face.
"Interesting." Ekuryua answered absentminded.
"What is?" Lafiel didn't understand yet.
"'Saguri Bari'"[1]  
She still didn't understand it.
"No." Jinto explained.
"Just before, Commander Atosuryua, no matter what, seemed to have had official sponsorship of the (first) meeting of the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna) for the new members.
Deca-Commander (Lowas) Ekuryua had told (me), and it was even very pleasant."
"Really?" Certainly, 'Saguri Bari' was one of the well-known establishments of the Star Forces.
Lafiel knew, it had a reputation for good food.
"But, there will not necessarily be a banquet."
"Certainly, it's not settled yet." Jinto put a hand to the back of his head. "Right.
It is also good that there is the Baron Febdash Mansion in the Imperial Capital (Garish Arok Lyum Febdak).
"In any case, I am not looking forward to it as much as you do."
"Well, for someone who grew up in the Imperial palace (Ruebei), that may be so, huh?" With a convinced look Jinto continued, "Because banquets aren't at all rare."
"That's not how it is." Lafiel said. "Well, there are frequently banquets, but I can't relax at all because the Imperial family (Fasanzoerl) is the side that does the inviting."

"Then isn't it fine/good to be the one invited?"
"But, I would rather fly the ship than go to a banquet."
"Didn't you just do that to the point of getting tired/sick of it." said Jinto amazed (in disbelief).
"I didn't." denied Lafiel.
"That's right. I didn't." Ekuryua followed suit.
"Yes. Flying with your own hand." Jinto looked at the left hand.
"I don't really know. Is it so much pleasing?"
"There is no pleasure." Lafiel answered. "It is natural for us to fly a ship."
"It makes me happy." Ekuryua said. "I don't know if it's natural."
"Is it like you would feel sick if you don't take a bath?" Jinto asked.
"It's completely different. Generally, it's like when we are about to enter the bath."(Lafiel?)
"I know what you mean ......"
"Isn't it because it's natural to take a bath?" Because you bath in order to stay being clean." (Lafiel?)
"Even so." Jinto ponders. "Isn't it rather momentary?
After you got refreshed and are comfortable, you wouldn't need to hide your appearance.
Even when clean I would feel sick enough unless I take a bath once a day. At this point in time, I wonder if I can ever become an Abh."

"What is the problem?" Lafiel looked puzzled.
"Didn't you say you went to and finished the Abh preparation school on Delktou?"
"I was trained among other things in that school. If you want to become a citizen (Lef) you cannot miss taking a bath before going to bed, because the Abh have an obsessive compulsion to bath every day."
"Citizen?" Ekuryua seemed to be mysterious.
"As humans from the ground rarely become Abh suddenly, there is no school for that purpose for those people.
Therefore, I went unwillingly to the school for imperial citizen.
"You are a superior officer." Ekuyrua pointed out.
"Excuse me, you are a Deca-Commander (Lowas)." Jinto became levitated.
Indeed, people's thoughts are different. Of course, Lafiel also enjoyed bathing, but feeling good and relaxed is a secondary matter (for her).
Perhabs what Jinto said was most reasonable.
Bathing was necessary to maintain cleanliness, but it was also a time to take pleasure. For the Abh it was more than just a time of pleasure, it was a ceremony that serves to affirm themselves.
"Either way, it has nothing to do with me. I'm just looking forward to the banquet." Jinto said.

"Oh, you can be relieved because I won't permit any singing.
Vice Hecto-Commander (Roibomowas) Abriel. As it stands, take your Kalique (Karik) out, and send your ship's clerk (Wiig) to the Imperial palace (Ruebei)."
"Understood." Lafiel saluted.
Atosuryua was about to return the salute, too, but lowered her hand midway as she started to talk with someone off the screen.
"Vice Hecto-Commander (Roibomowas) Abriel." Atosuryua added. "I don't know why but
this is a recommendation from Chief of Staff (Alm Kasalia). Do not leave ship command (Ponowas) to Deca-Commander (Lowas) Ekuryua.
Though, it is not an order, but keep it in mind."
Lafiel looked at Ekuryua's face. She was expressionless. But it also felt like she was angry at some story.
"I understand." Lafiel replied.
This time Atosuryua returned the salute and disappeared.
"This assignment will fall to the messenger (Kleria)" Lafiel told Ekuryua. "Gnombosh.
Take out the Kalique (Karik) and transport Front Flyer Accountant (Lekle Sazoirl) Lin to the Imperial palace (Ruebei)."
The Line Wing Officer (Fektodai)'s knees were shaking. He had probably been tense.
Perhaps it would have been better to entrust someone else.

However, I have already given the order. I may leave scar in his heart if I withdraw it.
It is even possible for a child to fly a Kalique.
Gnombosh will probably regain his composure when he puts on the control glove (Gooheik).
"Well, Jinto. I will see you later." said Lafiel to the ship's clerk (Wiig) before sending him off, while the messenger (Kleria) stood on the other side confirmed.
And she added unintentionally. "(May you) have the Fortunes of War."
Going to the Imperial palace (Ruebei) was not so bad.
Gnombosh's steering was certainly hard, but because of that there was no danger,
when the Imperial Palace Control (Blyse Ruebeil) finally guided (the boat) into the pier/dock (Beth).
"Thank you, Line Wing Officer (Fektodai)" Jinto thanked him when he got off the Kalique.
The pier/dock's door opened, and a reception/waiting mobile platform (Yazuria) entered.
An unexpected person was riding in it.
"It's Samson!" Jinto called out his name in disbelieve. "Why are you here?"
Samson was supposed to be in Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar).
Although, he was Jinto's Vassal (Gosuk), the relationship of the two had not been very different from when they were together aboard the assault ship (Gairh)〈Basroil〉.
"The Empire (Frybar) is very demanding." Samson began. "I brought a document from the Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar).

Oh, it didn't need to be me, but with some effort I intended to have a look at the face of our lord.
I have taken permission from magistrate (Tosairh)."
"But how......?"
In addition to Samson, there were two others on the mobile platform (Yazuria). One chamberlain(Beikeburia) was operating it.
Already, a person from a terrestrial planet was visibly a bureaucrat.
"It is our first meeting, Your Honor the Count Hyde (Dreu Haidar)" the terrestrial person greeted politely.
"I am embassy (Geiku Skofarimeil) counselor (Sodoni) Baroth from the prime minister office (Boshifmiash)."
"Nice to meet you, counselor (Sodoni)" Jinto returned the greeting, and compared Samson's and Baroth's face, to see who will explain it to him.
"We apologize for this impolite measure." Baroth seemed to explain it.
"Normally, your Excellency His Highness the Count (Lonyu Dreur) must be asked for instructions concerning the matter of receiving and reading the document. Regretfully, dispatches take such a long time it seems we are not allowed handling affairs at all. Furthermore, your Excellency is compelled to exchange documents directly with the retainer. For all this I beg your forgiveness.
I took the liberty to negotiate without your consent. I beg for your forgiveness."
"I don't mind, but" Jinto wondered. "Why in such a hurry?"
"First of, here" Baroth invited Jinto onto the mobile platform (Yazuria).
"Samson." Jinto asked whispering. "What kind of document is it?"

"Everything (about it), including itself, is strictly confidential material. I was kept waiting for a long time.
Well, it wasn't such a pain but this way I can sample some liquor which is not available anywhere except in Lakfakalle."
"You were waiting for me?"
"Regardless of how much I put it, you cannot disclose an absolutely confidential document without His Highness the Count's permission?" Baroth asked.
"Therefore, I had made you come expressly."
"Is that so?"
To be frank, he probably prefered it this way. There was also an attachment to the Hyde star system as a home.
However, he had no interest in his country/nation being the Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar), too.
It would be enough just to support his own life, and to send goods for him to hold banquets sometimes. He was very interested in Atosuryua's banquet at 'Saguri Bari'.
He didn't mind to be called or greeted personally without regard to permission, he muttered in his mind.
However, he was delighted to be able to meet Samson again.
Yes, I will try to bring Samson to the banquet. That person was an old friend of his, so surely Atosuryua will forgo being stingy and won't complain over having one more.
He expected Chief of Staff Sobash to rejoice a lot.
"But, for whom must it be disclosed?" Jinto decided to forget about the party for the moment.
"It is for ambassador Tin from the 'Hania Federation'." Baroth answered.

"The Federation ambassador?" he increasingly did not understand.
It couldn't be that he would tell the Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) to cede. Count Hyde's nation was too far from the Federation.
"Actually, the agreement is a plan for absorbing the 'Hania Federation'. No, this has already started." Baroth said. "Well, it is difficult say, but ......"
"In other words, the Federation star systems chose the same path that the Hyde system did." Samson explained briefly.
"Wait a minute, please. What's going on......?" Jinto was surprised.
"The Star Force (Laburéc) has moved to disarm (the Federation), and has already began to occupy Federation territory." Baroth said casually.
"It is still the preparation/preliminary stage. Before starting full-size (operation) it is preferred to refer to the various historic statistics of Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar)."
"Using Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) as a reference......?
But the surrendering of all star systems is nothing like the single Count Hyde's nation."
"But, surrendering to the Empire (Frybar), and founding the country/nation (Aith) component in exchange is not uncommon.
Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) is the most recent case."
"I see." he replied slightly confused.
"In other words, it is about the merging of a large quantity of land world (Nahen) and landed nobility (Voda)?"

"No." Baroth is shook his head. "It is not about the large quantity.
But, it certainly is about several people being born on the land world (Nahen) becoming landed nobility (Voda) but without being an imperial citizen (Rue Lef) before.
The ambassador seems to want to know, if it is possible to know, if a person/family/clan is suitable for management and to become landed nobility."
I have already been thinking of coming back, Jinto thought.
He had to give permission for the information to be disclosed.
If he expressed the intention to offer whatever documents one might want to know about Count Hyde's nation his role would be fulfilled right then and there.
And, Jinto had nothing to hide.
"In some cases, it may be necessary to go to the 'Hania Federation'." Samson said.
"To the Federation?" Jinto was upset. "No, please, wait a minute."
"Do not worry. I won't allow my Lord to face such dangerous situations. When the time comes I will tag along." Samson said hitting his chest.
"If I think about it, I haven't been going around the galaxy/world except to the Empire (Frybar)."
"Me, too." Jinto admitted. "Well, before I came to the Empire (Frybar), my home was another (world)."
"I am also the same." Baroth revealed.
"Well, how about we all go together?" Samson chuckled/laughed.

"No, I'm not allowed to leave." Jinto said hastily. He still wanted to stay aboard the 〈Flicaubh〉. To be more precise, he wanted to be by Lafiel's side.
Eventually, the mobile platform (Yazuria) entered into an area with a different atmosphere.
Until then, they have been passing through a corridor whose walls had been painted with a grassy plain/prairie or a forest design, but there was a rich colored and abstract pattern.
This was the space provided for the 'Hania Federation' diplomatic corps(/division).
It is a strange story. Deep within the Empire (Frybar), there was a domain of a foreign country. There were also 'Hania Federation' soldiers guarding it.
But, the flow of information was intercepted. It was not possible for the wrist computer (Kryuno) to be connected to the computer network (Eifu) from here.
It was the reason for which the data had to be carried specifically.
Hidden, far back in the foreign country in the Imperial palace (Ruebei), was the office of ambassador Tin which lies on the other side of a bronze door.
After getting off the mobile platform (Yazuria), Baroth took the lead and guided Jinto and Samson.
"For you to come all the way here, I'm very obliged." the master of the room, the 'Hania Federation' ambassador Tin greeted.
Jinto and Samson greeted meticulously in accordance with formal etiquette.
Jinto sat down on the seat recommended by the ambassador. While listening to Samson explaining various things/issues on the side, he thought about if he shouldn't go back home again.

At first glance it seemed as if the ambassador was listening very enthusiastically, but that was an outward impression which Jinto received.
"Well, they will serve very well as reference." Samson finished the explanation, for which ambassador Tin showed exaggerated appreciation.
"Which star system will Your Excellency the ambassador, receive/posses?" Jinto asked.
"Me?" Tin showed an odd(/mystifying/hard to catch) smile. "I don't have the intention to become landed nobility (Voda).
I don't think by any......No, excuse my impoliteness. In any case, I hope to have a house somewhere warm with a nice view, where I can paint pictures and spend the rest of my life."
"Is that so? I certainly ......"
"Did you think I wished to be called Marquis (Loebe) or Count (Dreu)?"
"Yes." Jinto admitted.
"For people who crave the status of landed nobility (Voda) this was the key point of the policy, and in order to persuade them it was necessary they receive this promise from the Empire (Frybar)." said the ambassador.
"But, when the time to bestow court rank (Sune) drew near they suddenly grew uneasy and started inquiring about your family's experience.
I had you visiting in this way at the last moment, because an unhappy/unfortunate situation might happen for the Empire if changes happened earlier.
Well, I'm indeed embarrassed to have you here."

"I see."
Tin asserted that it was other people's affairs for him, and let one know about his attitude.
"Now, this is not possibly enough as appreciation for your kindness, I have prepared a small meal as a token of acquaintanceship" the ambassador said.
"If I may, I arranged the best food from my home country before it becomes part of the Empire. I hope you appreciate it as a court rank (Sune)."
Jinto quickly sneaked a look at the time indicator on his wrist computer (Kryuno).
If he went/left now, he would be in time at 'Saguri Bari'.
His heart was moved by the Hania food which was highly praised by many, but it did not compare to the charm of the banquet hosted by the distinguished Baron Febdash (Lyuf Febdak).
"Well, I'm very obliged for your concern, Your Excelleny, the ambassador. (But,) I have to attend to my military duties now." Jinto informed.
"Yes." Tin showed regret on the surface. You are probably very busy. By all means, before you leave the capital (Arosh), I would like to invite you to come."
"Thank you very much for your kindness."
Samson, who didn't know about the banquet, looked dissatisfied. However, he did not intend to challenge/object his lord in front of others.
He certainly will appreciate it afterwards. The Hania food culture and their food were highly praised, but their liquor had nothing worth mentioning.

Jinto's heart was bouncing by the thought as he made his farewell to the ambassador.
When Baroth and the ambassador finally exchanged their greetings, an alarm went off.
"Is there something?" Jinto asked the ambassador.
"I don't know." the ambassador looked puzzled and looked at Baroth.
"I also don't know." Baroth also seemed perplexed.
"This is not an alarm claxon (Duniit) of the Empire (Frybar). It is probably a warning of this country."
The ambassador picket up an impracticable old-fashioned communication device (/telephone), but nobody seemed to be present.
Since the communication facility of the wrist computer (Kryuno) could not be used, the three people from the Empire could only look on.
Eventually, the door opened.
It was a 'Hania Federation' soldier on guard with a menacing look.
Two, three words were exchanged with the ambassador, but Jinto could not understand any words of the conversation.
"What is going on?" Baroth asked.
"I don't understand well, but your country's soldiers......" the ambassador did not finish. There was no need.

It was a ceremonial unit. They are essential for high profile ceremonies, and at the same time, are the elite bodyguards who protect the Emperor (Spunej).
"Excuse me, Your Excellency the ambassador." said the commander politely. "Your Excellency's diplomatic privileges have been suspended.
This division will be closed down, too."
"Could you please tell us, what has happened?" the ambassador asked with a pale face.
"A Fleet of your country has invaded the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub)." the commander told with a cold voice.
"The Fleet is on the way to the capital (Arosh)."

Translators Note[edit]

  1. 〈探り針〉=>〈Saguri Bari〉"probe needle"; strange name for a restaurant
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