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Chapter 6: By the Lake-shore (Gurnil Biteym)[edit]


The battle for the Kemal star system has ended and the Kemal Sord is completely under the control of the Imperial Star Force.

However, the enemy within the system has not been destroyed and is scattered throughout the system waiting for the opportunity for a counterattack.

Star Force believes that the best place to hide a large enemy fleet in this system is on the planet ‘Akaddo’ on the outer rims. ‘Akaddo’ is a huge gas giant with several satellites in orbit.

The existence of the satellite group is what makes the Kemal star system a munitions production site.

Countless resource mines and factories are concentrated here.


On the other front, Star Force has already captured the inner planets. As long as control of the star is guaranteed, Star Force, according to procedure, will begin to establish mobile antimatter fuel factories there.

At the same time Star Force will dispatch construction ship, store ship, and hygienic into the orbit of a secured planet.

The warships belonging to the 1st Scourge Squadron are currently alongside a construction ship and are receiving repairs.

Although the battle is said to be over, it is not safe to build a mobile space station yet. However, several dozens of transport ships went there as substitute into orbit of ‘Menderes’, the second planet of the Kemal star system.

These transport ships have forgone their cargos and instead contains restaurants, bars, exercise facilities, recreation halls, theatres, aquariums, museums, zoos, and etc… in short, they had to fit all those entertainment facilities within the limited space of these transport ships.

All these transport ships are standard ‘Kutel’ class ships. Originally, this small transport ship was intended to be part of a reconnaissance sub-fleet during operations.

It is a highly mobile transport ship, and furthermore, it has the same armament level as that of a guard ship. Even if the enemy were to attack, the Kutel class transport can retreat from the battlefield carrying its load of unbeknownst soldiers away on their R&R.

Among the transport ships, the ‘Batoktel’ is one with the most internal modifications; in short, it has become a park. There are five park decks; each one is ten WesDagh (km) in length and two WesDagh (km) in width. Three of the decks are further divided into several sections; however, other two decks have no partitions.


Among them, the 4th park deck is known as ‘Lake Shore Park’ and has been reserved today for the 1st Scourge Squadron.

"First, let us have a moment of silence in tribute to our allies and enemies who have fallen on the battlefield." announced Kilo-Commander Atosuryua to a crowd of people.

More than 200 soldiers lowered their heads, and silence fell over the place.

Atosuryua is standing above everyone else. To be more specific, she is standing on a little hill. This hill is covered by carpet grass which is a genetically altered grass. It not only can bloom small flowers, it also has a strong vitality and won't wither even when being trampled upon. Although its flower will eventually wither, it has an admirable fortitude which let it bloom a new one after tens of minutes. In fact, the rest of the soldiers is all standing on the same very grass.

The 4th park deck is divided into two parts: grass and lake. Trees can be sparsely seen planted in the grass. The painted wall and ceiling surfaces have created an illusion as if you are by a spacious lake under a vast blue sky. This place is also inhibited by real living creatures. Most noticeably is the high pitch chirping sound of birds.

A bird which cannot understand the current solemn atmosphere called out with its chirp.


"The moment of silence has concluded." said Atosuryua in a slightly resentful tone, but quickly gave her next orders in a solemn voice. "All hands, prepare for a toast!"

Between where the soldiers are standing and the lake sat more than several dozen flawlessly high-class dining tables. Numerous glasses were prepared beforehand and up to 88 different kinds of spirits were present.

The soldiers quickly and lively made their way to each table, took a glass and filled them with their favorite drinks.

Aside from Atosuryua, the officers of the squadron had tables prepared for themselves.

Jinto took a glass, and poured rosy colored grape wine for himself.

A hand suddenly appears from his side to take a glass; it was Lafiel.

"What would you like to drink?" Jinto asked, seeing her holding a jade glass in her hand.

"I like a mixture of honey wine and apple brandy."

"Wouldn't it taste bad if apple brandy and honey wine are mixed?"

"You sure have no taste." Lafiel expressed an inconceivable express. "Just because it’s sweet, does it mean that it’s undrinkable?"

"You are right. Sorry, forget what I just said."

All Abhs can hold their liquor because once the alcohol enters their bloodstream it will be completely broken down.

For Jinto, the amount that Abh’s can drink is dizzying. They can chug an entire cup without even the slightest hint of intoxication.


If it were Samson, he would definitely say this is a curse. Indeed, even Jinto had this question: “If the Abhs can’t get drunk, why drink at all?”

If this question were posed to those who dislike the Abh, they will surely say, "This is nothing more than to imitate us humans." Though Jinto thought that if it were true, then they should have retained the ability get drunk as well.

Jinto takes the jade cup from Lafiel and prepares to fill it with honey wine. "Not like that." Lafiel stopped him. "You have to soak the mixing stick in honey wine first."


"Then you use that stick to mix the drink. Isn’t that common knowledge?"

"Really?" Although, Jinto thought he is very familiar with the Abh society, it looks like he still has things he does not know. "But if it’s like this, then doesn’t that mean that it’s pointless to mix them? And, can this be called a cocktail anymore?"

"It's tradition."

"I see."

In the end, he made the drink according to Lafiel’s instructions and handed her the ‘cocktail’.

A similar scene took place here and there; it appears that there are many with their own preferences and traditional tastes. Therefore, preparing the toast took unexpectedly long.

Although Atosuryua had quickly poured her glass of apple cider in hand, she could only restrain herself and wait for her subordinates to finish selecting their drinks.


"Toast preparation is completed, Commander." Sobash informed her. He, himself, held some mysterious green liquid in his hand.

"Now, my brave soldiers." Atosuryua began the speech. "Whether or not you are brave has nothing to do with today, being brave is a good thing. But, even with the gathering of so many brave soldiers in the 1st Scourge Squadron, we have no traditions to speak of. Therefore, I believe we have the duty and right to set our own. So, today we will write a new chapter in the traditions of the 1st Scourge Squadron."

Jinto stood by Atosuryua and listened to her speech.

"I will explain our first tradition, since there are many new people here. First, when the 1st Scourge Squadron parties’, saluting is prohibited. However, it does not mean that you can forget to show respect towards your superior officer, colleagues or subordinates. Especially if you were to disrespect me, I will gladly invite you to my domain where I will arrange a room for him between the agricultural land and the hydroponic farm."

"What degree of rudeness would we have to incur to deserve such splendid punishment?" A voice broke out from the midst of soldiers.

"I’ll leave that to your imaginations. However, I just want to make one thing very clear. That section has been converted into a brig. It is a lonesome place. If the person likes to be lonely, it might be very pleasing there."


Moaning could be heard from the crowd, but, it seemed to be one of joy.

"Moving along, the next tradition forbids playing with the food. I have known some with a strange dedication to food, depending on their culture, for some people milk filled biscuit may have an important meaning. Perhaps, it's a certain religious concept, but I do not understand it. Of course I won’t forbid something just because I don’t understand it. But I will forbid it as the first Squadron Commander of Febdash territory. If you are under certain obligation to play with the food, then do it where no one can see you. Understand?"

This time Jinto did not hear any sound of protest.

"Now, the new tradition tonight is very simple. If anyone in the squadron is of landed nobility, as long as the opportunity presents, they must pay for dinner. In addition, I will make sure that this noble duty is fulfilled. Let us officially inaugurate this beautiful tradition!"

After her words, the park roared with cheer.

At the moment there is only one landed nobility in the 1st Scourge Squadron: it is Jinto who’s the Count of the Hyde County. Even if their definition of ‘nobility’ we to be increased by a bit, then there would still only be a few with a title. For example, Atosuryua is Baroness of the Febdash territory. However, she is only a feudal lord, and not of nobility. You cannot be called of nobility if you system doesn’t even have an inhabitable planet.


Incidentally, the creation of this new tradition did not include Jinto's opinion. Rather, besides Atosuryua no one else was involved in the formation of this new tradition.

‘This doesn’t make any sense at all.’ Jinto thought.

It was not about money for has already gained enormous profit from the Hyde system. Even if most of which is being re-invested into the Hyde's nation, just with his salary as a Count alone, he already has so much money that he cannot spend it all.

For a banquet of this scale, even if he were to host one every week he would still not have to worry about money at all.

If it’s just money then it’s no big deal, but why did he have to do the prep work as well? Why should he be loaded down with obvious secretarial work when the ship finally docked?

Although indeed it was in fact Jinto's idea to rent the entire park deck for the banquet.

In honesty, those people who were born on a planet don’t think these park decks are nothing special, because there are all sorts of environments on land. So if this park were to be the size of the entire planet then that would do just as well. But since it is still the interior of a transport ship, it cannot fire up the imagination of people born on land. Furthermore, there are many landers who consider artificial environment mimicking nature is blasphemous, and some are not afraid to throw fists in order to defend their views.

But Jinto thought, no matter if this artificial environment will cause misunderstandings, the fact that both the Abh and landers can chat in such an environment may perhaps be a good thing. Thinking upon this point, Jinto felt that perhaps the preparation for this event was not so troublesome after all. However, there is still one thing that he felt was unreasonable.


"Let me introduce tonight's sponsor. Everyone, give him a big applause for his generosity."

Jinto went up the hill reluctantly under the sound of applause for even the toast has to be done by him.

No matter how unwilling, since he has accepted the task, he must act excited to liven up the atmosphere of the banquet.

‘This probably is just another duty of being nobility.’ Jinto convinced himself of this.

"I will be brief, so everyone bear with me." Jinto tries to use empathy to get his views across. "Today we are having this banquet as consolation for all the hard work and the luck that was required for us to stand here today and therefore should feel honored to have made it. In addition, I must apologize beforehand because saying this may seem arrogant, but the operation in the Hyde system is going rather well. So I hope we can all do this again in the near future.”

Just as he finished, cheer and applause rang out on the field.

Jinto held up his glass.

"And I think that I would like to meet all of you and the new army officer there one day. I couldn't get it in time this time, but the special liquor from the Hyde's nation will be available at the next opportunity, and I want you all to taste it. However, I will leave the privilege of toaster to someone else. Now then, cheers!"


"Thank you for the fine wine and delicious feast, Your Highness the Count!" The soldiers sang in unison.

The sounds of glasses being struck can be heard from all corners.

"Well, I introduce to you the MC for today’s event: Line Wing Officer Gunomuboshu."

"Yes." Gunomuboshu approached with a ready look.

"Can everyone give him a little encouragement?" Jinto rallied.

Army officers clapped their hands obediently.

Although Jinto felt proud of himself, he also felt a sense of lonesomeness. Due to this occasion, Jinto felt the glamour of being in a position of command. However, Jinto is just an administrative officer of the armed forces. He takes no part in command. Even if he wanted to change to the military flight department, for a person without spatial-sense, it would be impossible.

As Jinto left the hill to Gunomuboshu, Lafiel greeted him with a critical look.

"Did I say something wrong?" Jinto was worried.

"No, but you sure are a cruel individual."

"What?" Jinto twisted his neck to the unexpected criticism.

"How could you leave this event to such a child?"

"In any case, the MC doesn’t really do much, and besides he is not a child. As flight officer his rank is higher than the majority of people who are here. In addition......"


"In addition what?"

"To only see him as a child, you must have really grown old, Lafiel."


But actually, as for Gunomuboshu and Lafiel – same with Jinto as well are only no more than five years apart. So far the Empire has yet to stoop to the level to use real children on the battlefield.

"And the way you greeted the people was very boring, like a salesman marketing a product."

"This is also one of the obligations of nobility. At least, Samson said so."

"Then I guess when you claim your title, you will have much to do."

"Are you not in the same boat with me as well? "

"Even if that is the case, it will still be far in the future."

"Yeah, you are right."

Lafiel's territory, Viscountess Paryun's territory has no inhabitable planet. Therefore, it is necessary to terra-form a suitable planet to support life so that she becomes landed nobility. This, of course, will take a good deal of time.

More regrettably is that terra-forming will probably only begin after Lafiel retires from the Star Force. In other words, only after her obligation to the royal family has been fulfilled will she be able to take care of her territory. If she were to sit on the Jade Imperial Throne then that day will be pushed even further back.


In reality, Lafiel’s hope to become a landed noble still long in the distant future.

Gunomuboshu seems to be frantic on the hill.

"Attention, the dishes are currently being brought in. All hands please beware."

Automaton tables carrying the dishes come up by the water and others descended from the ceiling.

"Please, everyone get out of the way. Crew members over there, step a bit aside. Crew members over there; don't touch the dishes with your hands until the tables stop. Then,… Hey!" Gunomuboshu's voice turned to a scream. "What are you doing, Deca-Commander Ekuryua!"

From Jinto's position he did not see well what Ekuryua was doing. The soldiers are also busy criticizing the dishes.

"I understand; we will leave it like this." Gunomuboshu said. "Anyway, everyone please do not move from your current positions. Keep still until I tell you otherwise."

"Don’t you feel this set-up is bad, Jinto?" Lafiel was watching the descending table group. "I think directing is unnecessary."

"There is a first time for everything." Jinto defended Gunomuboshu. "I will make sure it’s better next time, but I feel this isn’t a bad way to start the banquet."


"When that time comes again, please use some more effort on your toast."

"Is that so?" Jinto felt a deep blow. "But, if it were you, how would you have toasted then?"

"Let's see" Lafiel tilted her head and pondered a bit. "I haven't been in this kind of situation yet so I am not quite sure as well. Besides, you shouldn’t expect me to be any more interesting in my toast either."

"Really. Then I supposed I will try this at the next party." Jinto proposed. "I will have you give the toast. If something happens, I will be waiting behind the curtains to save you."

"Denied!" Lafiel without any need to consider it.

"Is it not important for a Royalty to make speeches? No, not just as Royalty but just being a commander isn’t it important?"

"I can make a speech on the eve of battle to raise our fighting spirit. But what will you want me to say to a bunch of drunks? Besides, I cannot just turn to another soldier as a practice partner."

"Well, then don't complain to me."

"I wasn’t complaining to you. I just expressed my impression." Lafiel raised an eyebrow. "Do you perhaps want me to praise you?"

"No, that's not what I meant......"

"Well, then there you go."


Under Gunomuboshu's effort the tables were set at their proper place.

“Please enjoy the meal everyone. Blankets are set, and chairs are also available. Of course you are free to use them. I hope everyone enjoy the food and pleasant chats." Gunomuboshu said in a relieved voice, and went down the hill.

"Good Work, Line Wing Officer Gunomuboshu." Jinto raised his glass to show his appreciation.

"Thank you." Gunomuboshu said with a tired look. "I was really tense back there."

"I will be counting on you later."

"Yes." with a tired face, Gunomuboshu left.

"What do you want to drink?" Jinto asked.

"Give me the grape fruit juice. I still have my MC duties."

"There is no need to be that tense, just enjoy it like everyone else." Jinto smiled, and was about to grab the glass. However, before he could do that, someone handed a cup to Gunomuboshu.

It was Ekuryua. Gunomuboshu had a surprised expression on his face while Ekuryua poured the drink in silence. You could not tell what it was by appearance, but it was certainly not grape fruit juice.

"Thank you, Deca-Commander." The astonished Gunomuboshu finally said.

Ekuryua gave him a glance, and silently left.


Was her gesture intended as an apology?

"By the way, what was Deca-Commander Ekuryua doing a while ago ......" just as he was going to ask, Atosuryua approached.

"Thank you for your hard work." said Atosuryua.

Jinto was about to salute reflexively, and when he realized it, it was already too late. Fortunately, he was holding a glass and all the commander saw was he raising it lightly.

"No, it was nothing big." Jinto said.

"It was quite a good idea Your Highness the Count." Atosuryua praised him.

"Thank you very much."

"However, I do not know when it will be." Atosuryua said. "But when we get back to the capital it will be my treat to hold a banquet."

"I'm looking forward to it."

"Yes, do look forward to it. Even if you write a transfer request, wait until afterwards."

"No, I have yet the wish to be transferred......"

"Anyway......" Atosuryua looked around the soldiers around, "Our losses were greater than I expected. I thought there would have been more here. After all, I wanted to go on a spending spree in Lakfakalle."


"Everything is within prediction." Sobash also came over.

"Really? I expected this battle to be a lot easier myself." Atosuryua sipped her apple wine. "Furthermore, the real battle starts now."

"Is that so?" Lafiel seemed to be very interested in this topic. The glass in her hand was already empty.

"Would you like the same drink?" Jinto motioned for her glass.

"Yes" Lafiel passed the glass.

While Jinto made the cocktail, Atosuryua talked extensively about the maneuvers which are being considered by fleet headquarters.

"What you are talking about seem to tread on military secrecy, is this alright to talk about it?" Sobash verified uneasy.

“What I just said are only my conjectures, perhaps it would work out like that, perhaps not. These are not things I happen to hear while eavesdropping.”

"I hope the commander can provide some basis for your conjectures." Sobash said doubtfully.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Chief of Staff." Atosuryua went on. "But that involves military secrecy."

"If we were to do this, will it attain the expected results?"

"Naturally, it will probably be that" Atosuryua continued talking. "The enemy is driven to the outer rims, and as you know, it is fortified by satellites. As Commander in Chief even I would use the assault frigates. In this case, there is no more effective means than bombardment from a warship flying at sub-light speed."


"Indeed." said Sobash. "But with only one squadron, the firepower should be insufficient."

"Certainly no one would just send us in there alone, but we will have the leading role."

"Then it would be an honor." Sobash smiled wryly.

"Isn't this a great strategy to test the speed limit of an assault frigate?" the Captain of the ‘Marscaubh’ interrupted midway.

All too soon, the Captains have all gathered around Atosuryua.

Didn’t they already test the maximum speed of the assault frigate along time go - Jinto thought. What the captain just said must have been a joke.

"Finished." Jinto returned the glass to Lafiel.

Lafiel quickly took a sip, and nodded immediately to Jinto. "Yes. Delicious."

"Great." Jinto also smiled.

"This is a troublesome star system." Atosuryua sighed with grief. "No matter what, the enemy never runs out of ships and munitions."

"But the enemy does not have that many bodies to spare," said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.


"That's right," Atosuryua nodded. "If we were to count our enemy as the number of ships they have, it would be endless, but to simply things, all we need to think about is the number of people we need to kill.”

"This is war. It can't be helped." Sobash said calmly. "Mankind has not developed the technology for a safe war yet."

"Yes," Atosuryua insisted. “But to sink a ship that resulted in people killed sounds very different than we need to kill people so we should sink their ships."

"You have a unique view." the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’ expressed his impression.

"Don't you think this as well?"

"I have to disagree. At least I believe that the different views will not result in a different way how combat is being fought"

"Certainly," Atosuryua said with a reserved praise, "but somehow it surely doesn't feel right."

Jinto understood her feelings. In wartime, the Abh seem to at least have a tendency to think that a ship’s crew is just replaceable parts. And Jinto was never able to get use to this unique way of thinking. For Atosuryua, whose father was a lander, although she is able to accept such views, she, never-the-less, was probably still influenced by lander thinking.

"Besides, this just lacks common sense," said Atosuryua suddenly and resentfully.

"Oh, really?" says the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’ along with sound of agreement from others.

"The Kemal star system is the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ largest munitions production star system" Atosuryua explained. "No, I should say that it's the only military production star system. The Union has concentrated almost all the production capacity in this star system. But why would this system be on the border with another hostile nation? Thanks to this we suffer these hardships. I wonder if signing the ‘Four Nations Alliance Treaty’ made them forget that the Empire is an enemy.”


"I think it's a historical issue" said the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’. "The star system was a military production star system even before the signing of the treaty. Indeed they were not in a hurry to move it after the conclusion of the treaty…"

"I'm aware of these things." Atosuryua interrupted his lengthy speech.

"I see."

"But," Sobash said, "Isn’t it thanks to the lack of common sense from our enemy that we are able to see the conclusion of this war?"

"What do you mean?" tilting her head, Atosuryua asked.

"Since the star system lost the means to contact the outside, the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ already lost its ability to sustain successive operations." Sobash stated his thoughts. "From now on they must minimize their combat operations. They can't request help from their allies either because a neutral nation, the ‘Hania Federation’, and the enemy, our Empire, would be in the way."

"So what you are saying is that the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ will drop out of the war?"

"I also agree with the Chief of Staff’s analysis," said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’. "They don’t have any options besides this."


"It would be good if it were true." Atosuryua said seemingly a bit disappointed.

"I think that's very regrettable." said the Captain of the ‘Marscaubh’.

"You haven’t seen enough action?" Atosuryua asked.


"That's alright." said the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’. "The ‘United Mankind’ will surely fight to the last man."

"How so?" said the Captain of the ‘Marscaubh’ skeptically. "That nation is in fact very much in pieces."

"No, our hopes may still lie in the ‘Greater Alkont Republic." said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.

The ‘United Mankind’ and the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ are feudal systems; therefore, their citizens are unlikely to be short on the ideal of unification. Of course, if we compare them with the Empire their uniformity is much greater. After all, the same language is used in all star systems, a policy that's unthinkable in the Empire. Surely, the language of the Abh is being taught as a foreign language on many of the worlds, but it is an Empire policy not to enforce teaching the language of the Abh to citizens of its territory.

However, uniformity seen in the ‘Greater Alkont Republic’ is a bit more inferior to the others. Although, this nation developed interstellar ship travel, it still is heavily influenced by land world principles. It has the most prosperous interstellar ship trade and a strong bureaucracy binding the star systems together. Therefore, their resistance will be tough.


"What do you think, Chief of Staff?" Atosuryua asked.

"I consider myself to be a trader at heart." answered Sobash. "And I hope to quickly return back to my trade."

"No matter what, I always put my interest above all else" Atosuryua sighed. "I also hope to quickly return back to my trade."

"How do you plan to manage your territory?" asked the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.

"After the war, there will be a good amount of unemployed magistrates for my choosing." said Baroness Febdash casually. "And besides my father is still alive."

"That is great."

"How about Vice Hecto-Commander Abriel?" Atosuryua turned to the Captain of the ‘Flicaubh’ who had been keeping silent.

"I haven't thought about my trade yet, Commander." replied Lafiel.

"Never-mind, for you, being a flight officer is just one thing along your very long path."

Lafiel was silent and sipped her honey wine and apple brandy mix — on which she insisted specifically.


‘Then what should I do after myself?’ from how Jinto looked, it seems like he was asking himself this question.

"Oh, we shouldn't do this." said Atosuryua after glancing at Jinto. "This is not the place for a council of war. Now, everyone scatter. Every Captain should take this opportunity to further deepen their bond with their subordinates. Perhaps, it is also beneficial to talk to soldiers from another ship."

Upon hearing this, the captains could only smile and scattered around the area.

"Well, Line Wing Officer Gunomuboshu." Jinto patted the shoulder of ‘Flicaubh’s messenger. "This position is all yours. Thank you."

"Yes, Front Flyer."

Jinto also left the place.

The audible singing from soldiers can be heard from around the park and it seemed there are two opposing voices. Although it is not a very pleasant sound, but it is better than exchanging blows with the fists.

‘Looks like the banquet is a success.’ Jinto thought to himself.

Although renting out this entire park deck seems a bit excessive, a normal restaurant wouldn't have allowed everyone to make so much noise.

"Your Highness the Count." was suddenly called out to Jinto.

An unfamiliar crew member stood in front of Jinto. It had to be a crewman from another warship.

Jinto knows the faces and names of everyone on the assault frigate, after all, the crew is less than 30 and taking care of their food and their health situation is Jinto's responsibility. And, a crewman from the ‘Flicaubh’ wouldn't call him 'Your Highness the Count'. They would call him 'ship's clerk' or 'Front Flyer Lin'


"What is it?" Jinto asked.

"Is there no accompaniment platform here?"

"You mean the clyuno doesn't work?" Jinto asked.

Jinto Sometimes thinks the clyuno was a device of infinite features, because it has many inexplicit functions like music for example.

“Anyway, if you need music accompaniment, a clyuno will do. You can choose your favorites from hundreds of millions of songs.”

"Doing that has no atmosphere at all!" replied the crew member immediately.

Perhaps for this crew member raising voice alone is not enough. He must electrically amplify his voice to shake the entire deck to be satisfied.

"All right," Jinto said. "I arrange it now."

Another crew member arrived panting.

"We want one as well!"

"Do we have...... "


The two crew member began to make their own requests.

As Jinto sees it, one crew member was from the ‘Kercaubh’ and the other from the ‘Nacaubh’. It seemed they were the ones who were competing with each other on their singing. And the two demands that each warship is given one accompaniment platform.

"That's what equality is." said the representative from the ‘Nacaubh’. "If an opponent is barehanded then I would gladly fight barehanded as well, but if our opponent has a weapon then we will not sit there in silence. We will surely lose if we do not have equivalent firepower."

"You're too self-conscious" said the representative from the ‘Kercaubh’. "We don't intend to fight you at all. We just want to purely sing for our enjoyment."

"Then enjoy. We would like to enjoy a song as well."

"Good, then it's settled."

While the two made their points, other crew members from other warships gathered around Jinto. Perhaps it was amusing for them, but they also began to demand accompaniment platforms.

I don't know if five will be enough for them — Jinto thought.

But soon shook off the idea. The park deck was large. However, it is not enough to fit multiple accompaniment platforms. The fight would be far better if they would just compete with each other with their natural voice. At least then it is tolerable. A whole ring of a soundproofed force field could be considered, but he wouldn't know what point there would be to hold a banquet for.


"No, everyone will have to share one." Jinto declared determinedly. "The order will be decided by Line Wing Officer Gunomuboshu from the ‘Flicaubh’."

"You mean the boy who was the MC, the flight officer I meant?"

Jinto nodded and arranged the accompaniment platform, while apologizing to Gunomuboshu in his mind.

The accompaniment platform glided on the surface of the water towards Jinto. For a few seconds he was troubled with where to place it. But in the end, he placed the platform at one end of the edge of the lake, because this is the best location to minimize damages.

The first crew member climbed on to the accompaniment platform and begun to sing passionately a song from some land world.

When the song just started, Atosuryua went immediately to Jinto.

"What is the reason for this?" she interrogated.

"They requested it." Jinto began with an excusing tone. "I hoped for them to enjoy themselves."

"It's good to have fun, but what about other people?" Atosuryua starred at Jinto, but smiled immediately. "It's alright. This is your party after all. To be frank, I don't understand well what crew members enjoy. Perhaps this will be very effective."


"I am most sorry."

"But, you know, doing this does not mean every crew member will enjoy it."

Indeed there was certainly one group to be separated from the accompaniment platform.

"It is because of that, I decided to put it closer to the corner." said Jinto proudly.

"Your idea was good." said Atosuryua while shrinking back her posture. "But, I hope that next time you will refrain from doing this again."

"I will humbly comply with it." Jinto replied feeling set-backed.

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