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Chapter 6: The shore of the lake[1] (Gurnil Biteym)[edit]

The battle for the Kemal star system has ended.
Now, the Kemal Sord (Sord Kemal) is completely subjugated and under the control of the Imperial Star Force (Rue Laburéc).
However, the enemy is not yet driven out of the whole star system. The enemy Fleet is scattered throughout the system waiting for the opportunity for a counterattack.
It is believed that Akaddo has the greatest military force in the system.
Akaddo is a huge gas planet with several satellites.
The existence of the satellite group is what makes the Kemal star system a munitions production site.
Countless resource mines and factories are concentrated here.

A Star Force (Laburéc) unit is holding the inner planets in check.
When a fixed star has been secured it is routine to establish a mobile anti-matter fuel factory (Joth Hoka).
Addionally, construction ship (Dausiya), store ship (Rebbonia), and hygienic warship (Garyumiac)[2] are sent into orbit of a secured planet.
The warships belonging to the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna) are alongside a construction ship and are undergoing repairs.
Although the battle is said to be over, it is not safe to build a mobile city (Laknebh Hoka).
However, several tens of transport ships (Issazec) went as substitute into orbit of Menderes, the second planet of the Kemal star system.
These specific transport ships have instead of their cargo a restaurant, a bar, exercise facilities, recreation halls, theatres and aquariums.
Additionally, they have a fine arts museum, a zoo, and as many recreation facilities as can be created in the narrow and dense space of a warship.
All these transport ships are standard Ktel class ships.
It is a highly mobile transport ship, originally this small transport ship was intended to be part of a reconnaissance half-fleet during operations.
Furthermore, it has the same armament level as that of a guard ship (Laitéc).
When under enemy attack the ship can retreat from the battlefield even if the army officer (Bosnal) is away or inexperienced.
The ‘Batoktel’ is among the first vessels to receive special internal changes. It has become a park.
There are five park decks (Zok Der), each one is ten WesDagh in length and two WesDagh in width.
Three of the decks are further divided into several sections. However, two decks have no sections.

One of them, the 4th park deck (Zok Der Gona), known as ‘Lake shore park (Wabes Gurnil Biteym)’ has been reserved today for the 1st Devastation Squadron.
"First, let us pay silent tribute to our allies and enemies who fell on the battlefield." said Kilo-Commander (Cheüass) Atosuryua, the Commander (Leshiek).
More than 200 army officers lowered their heads, and silence fell over the place.
Atosuryua is standing on a little elevated place. To be more specific, she is standing on a little hill.
The hill is covered by carpet grass (Tikrebh). 
It is a genetically created cross of short grass and small flower bloom. It won't wither even when being trampled on.
Its flower will die off, but it has an admirable characteristic which let it bloom a new one after tens of minutes.
In fact, army officers were lining up on the same grass.
The 4th park deck is divided into a part covered by the carpet grass and the pond. Trees were sparsely planted in the grass.
Painted wall and ceiling surfaces have created an illusion as if you are at a lake under a vast blue sky.
The creatures are real. Most noticeably is the little screaming sound of birds.
A bird which cannot fly can disturb the precious atmosphere with its high voice.

"The silence is over." Said Atosuryua in a slightly resentful tone, and gave next a solemn order.
"All hands, start preparing a toast."
Army officer (Bosnal) lined up among the more than several dozen tables between one place and the pond; everything was prepared from the cups up to 88 different kinds of liquors.
Army officers scattered quickly, grabbed glasses, and filled them with their favorite drinks.
Aside from Atosuryua, the executive officers of the squadron (Sov) had tables prepared for themselves.
Jinto took a glass, and poured rosy grape wine (Lortek) for himself.
A hand appears from his side. It is Lafiel.
"What do you want to drink?" Jinto asked, seeing her holding a jade glass in her hand.
"I would be happy with a mixture of honey wine (Ketek) and apple brandy (Lertel)."
"Wouldn't it at least taste bad if apple brandy (Lertel) and honey wine (Ketek) are mixed?"
"You have bad taste." Lafiel gave an unreadable look. "This, this is too sweet for me."
"You are right. Well, forget it."
Abhs can drink liquor without exceptions. The alcohol is being broken up before it comes into their blood.
With Jinto's constitution it's very bad to drink.
It looks like drinking this carefree will make me bad. Besides she doesn't get drunk.

If it's Samson, he would say it's a curse. The question had certainly come to mind; I wonder, why would they be drinking it?
Although, the Abh dislike it they would say "This is only to imitate humans." If it was like this they should have pretended to be drunk, too. Jinto thought.
Lafiel gives him a jade glass in which Jinto was going to fill honey wine (Ketek).
"Not like that" Lafiel stopped him. "honey wine (Ketek) is too sticky."
"Is it?"
"You have to stir the drink evenly with the stick. That's common sense."
"That's it?" Although, he thought he had been familiarized with the Abh society, he still seems to be lacking.
"But, like this, I don't think it will mix. And, is this how the mixture is made?"
"It's flavor."
He made the drink according to the instructions and handed it over.
A similar scene took place here and there; preparing the toast took unexpectedly some time.
There appears to be many preferences in taste for liquor.
Atosuryua had quickly done her glass of cider (Rinme) and held it in her hand, but waited patiently for her subordinates to finish their drinks.

"Toast preparation is completed, Commander." Sobash informed. He, himself, held something green in his hand.
"Now, my brave army officer (Bosnal)" Atosuryua began the speech.
"Well, whether or not you are brave does not matter today, but it has nothing to do with it.
In any case, it is good to be brave.
Yet, the bravery of our army officers gathered in the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna) has no tradition to bear.
Therefore, it is our duty and right to make one.
Today, a new chapter will be added to the tradition again."
Jinto was listening closely at her side to the speech.
"The first tradition: Since there are many new people, I will explain it.
First, when the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna) parties saluting is prohibited.
However, it does not mean that you can forget about respect for a superior officer, colleagues or subordinates.
Someone who is especially rude, I will invite him to my territory.
I will also arrange a room for him between the agricultural land (Basev) and the hydroponic farm (Glek)."
"What kind of rudeness deserves such splendid punishment?" A voice broke out from the midst of army officers.
"Think about it for yourselves. However, just make sure you remember it.
That section has been converted for confinement. A lonesome place. If the person likes to be lonely, it might be very pleasing there."

Moaning could be heard. But, it seemed to be rather pleasant.
"By the way, the next tradition forbids wasting food.
Sometimes people neglect food because of some strange preferences.
Depending on the culture, for some people filled fat milk biscuit (Bazor) may have an important meaning.
Perhaps, it's a certain religious concept, but I cannot understand it.
Of course it is not bad taste because I cannot understand the different cultures.
As the first Commander of this squadron I, Baron Febdash (Lyuf Febdak), forbid this permanently.
If you can't because of faith then hide it, understand? Good."
Voices of protest did not rise for this.
"Now, the new tradition tonight is very simple.
Landed nobility (Voda) of the squadron have to give everyone a treat when there is an opportunity. This is a noble duty.
I will make sure of this beautiful tradition."
Cheers roared.
At the moment there is only one landed nobility in the 1st Devastation Squadron (Sov Direr Kasna).
It is Jinto who is Count Hyde (Dreu Haidar).
If this expands to noble (Sif) then there are some more. For example, Atosuryua is Baron Febdash (Lyuf Febdak)
Yes. However, she is a sovereign (Fapyut), and not landed nobility.
You are not called landed nobility if you don't have an inhabitated planet in your star system.

Incidentally, the creation of this new tradition did not include Jinto's opinion.
Rather, for Atosuryua there was no other opinion.
Jinto was irritated.
It was not about money.
The revenue from Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) was enormous.
Most of which is being re-invested into Count Hyde's nation, but even then there is enough left for Jinto such that he cannot spend all.
If it's having this kind of party every week then he can afford it.
Then why does he only have to provide the money, and not also as he wished take care of the preparation? This arrangement is probably not good.
As ship's clerk (Wiig) and supervisor/controller (Bynkerl) he is busy when the ship isn't underway.
Yes, it was Jinto's idea to rent the park deck for an open party.
Actually, a park deck has a bad impression for someone from a land world (Nahen).
Anyway, a planet called land world can have various decent areas, but the simulated environment in a transport ship cannot match the memory of home for landers.
Furthermore, emphasizing artificial environment could be taken as natural for the people above the ground; this upsets the people from the ground.
But once in a while this is probably the problem for a misunderstanding between Abh and Landers, Jinto thought.
After having these thoughts, the arrangement of the party didn't feel so painful anymore.

However, it is still unreasonable.
"Let me introduce tonight's sponsor. Everyone, give him a big applause."
Jinto went up the hill reluctantly while the applause increased.
He also had to greet.
You must pretend to hold a party of your own volition because you have to no matter how much you don't like it.
Jinto convinced himself that this was the duty of the noble.
"I will be brief, so everyone bear with me." Jinto said and got attention.
"Today, we are having this modest banquet for our services.
We are all here thanks to luck and hard work.
Please be proud.
And keep making us proud.
I'm sorry if this sounds like pride, but, fortunately, the Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) management is popular.
Additionally, I think, we would like to keep receiving this honor in the future."
More cheers and applause were given.
Jinto held up a glass.
"And I think, that I would like to meet all of you and the new army officer (Bosnal) there.
I couldn't get it in time this time, but the special liquor from the Count Hyde's nation (Dreuhynu Haidar) will be available at the next opportunity, and I want you all to taste it.
However, I will leave the privilege of greeting to someone else. Now then, cheers!"

"Thank you for the delicious feast, Your Highness the Count (Lonyu Dreur)!" army officer (Bosnal) sang in a chorus.
Here and there at the meeting place the sounds of glasses being struck can be heard.
"Well, today we introduce the presenter. Line Wing Officer (Fektodai) Gnombosh, come."
"Yes." Gnombosh approached with a ready look.
"Applaud." Jinto rallied.
Army officers clapped their hands obediently.
Jinto felt lonely with an embarrassed thought. It seems to be shown by the magical power of commanding it. However, administrative officer (Lodairl Sazoirl) Jinto is an administrative officer of the armed forces.
He has no command.
It was impossible for him to change to the military flight department (Garéc) for a command without the spatial-sense (Frokaj).
Lafiel greeted Jinto with a critical look while he left the hill for Gnombosh.
"Did I say strange things?" Jinto was worried.
"I don't think so. You were human trash, though."
"What?" Jinto twisted his neck to the unexpected criticism.
"How could you leave this place to such a child?"
"The chairmanship is not commanding, and he is not a child.
Besides, as flight officer (Lodair) his rank is higher than the majority of the humans who are here. Still......"

"I guess I'm used to treating others as children who don't age, Lafiel."
But actually, as for Gnombosh and Lafiel - Jinto appears five years older.
So far the Empire (Frybar) has no need to have real children on the battlefield.
"And it was a dull greeting. It seemed to sell well."
"That was a landed nobility (Voda) obligation. At least, Samson did it."
"Oh, the so called very exclusive landed nobility (Voda)."
"As if it's someone else's affair. Even you will become a landed nobility (Voda)."
"That's farfetched even if it could be true."
Lafiel's territory, Viscountess Paryun's territory (Berskor Paryun) has no inhabitable planet.
Therefore, it is necessary to terraform a suitable planet to support life so that she becomes a landed nobility.
It will take a long time.
Furthermore, terraforming will probably begin after Lafiel retires.

In other words, after she finishes her obligation as a Imperial family/Royalty (Fasanzoerl).
If she is going to sit on the Jade Imperial Throne (Skemsorl Roen) then that time will be pushed even further back.
Of course, this is also true if the war is not over yet.
It was truly a tale from a distant future.
Gnombosh had been rushing onto the hill.
"Well, bring in the dishes. All hands, attention please."
Automaton tables carrying the dishes come by across the water. They even descended from the ceiling.
"Please, get out of the way. Crew members (Sash) over there, step a bit aside. Crew members (Sash) over there, don't touch the dishes with your hands until the tables stop.
Then,… Hey!" Gnombosh's voice turned to a scream. "What are you doing now? Deca-Commander (Lowas) Ekuryua!"
From Jinto's position he did not see well what Ekuryua was doing.
Army officer (Bosnal) have been busy criticizing the dishes.
"Understood, it will do like this." Gnombosh said.
"Anyway, please do not move from the position there now. Keep still until I signal you."
"The set-up is bad, Jinto." Lafiel was watching the descending table group. "I think directing is unnecessary."
"It's the first time." Jinto excused. "The party is proceeding well. But I thought that it was a good idea."

"At the time I also thought the greeting was good."
"Is that so." Jinto sighed. "But, if it were you, how would you have greeted then?"
"Let's see" Lafiel tilted her head. "I haven't been in this kind of situation yet.
Besides, I don't think I can greet as funny like that."
"Really. Then I supposed, I will try this at the next party." Jinto proposed.
"I will have you introduce yourself. What if, I'm going to pull the strings behind the scene?"
"Denied!" Lafiel answered immediately.
"Is it not important for a Imperial family/Royalty (Fasanzoerl) to make a speech? No, maybe not as Imperial family/Royalty but except when being a commander."
"I can do a speech when going into battle. But what good is there to hold a speech for drinking humans?
Besides, I cannot just turn an army officer (Bosnal) into a practice partner." 
"Well, then don't complain to me."
"I didn't complain. I just expressed my impression." Lafiel raised one eyebrow.
"Then perhaps you wanted me to praise you?"
"No, that's not......"
"Well, right."

Gnombosh's effort finally bored fruit, and the tables were set at their proper place.
"Go ahead, everyone. Blankets are set, and chairs are also available. Of course you are free to use them; I don't mind.
Enjoy the food and pleasant chats for a while." Gnombosh said in a relieved voice, and went down the hill.
"Thank you, Line Wing Officer (Fektodai) Gnombosh." Jinto raised his glass to show his appreciation.
"Thank you." Gnombosh said with a tired look. "I was tense."
"I will be counting on you later."
"Yes." with a tired face, Gnombosh left.
"What do you want to drink?" he asked.
"Give me the grape fruit juice(Tyl Murem). I still have to preside."
"There is no need to tense up, just enjoy it." Jinto smiled, and was about to grab the glass.
However, in a flash, someone handed the trophy to Gnombosh.
It was Ekuryua.
Gnombosh received it in a surprised manner, while Ekuryua poured the drink in silence.
You could not tell what it was by appearance, but it was certainly not grape fruit juice.
"Thank you, Deca-Commander (Lowas)." astonished, Gnombosh thanked.
Ekuryua gave him a glance, and left.

Did she intend to apologize?
"By the way, a while ago what was Deca-Commander (Lowas) Ekuryua ......" as he was going to ask, Atosuryua approached.
"Thank you for your hard work." it was Atosuryua.
Jinto was about to salute reflexively, but reflected on it. It wouldn't be surprising for them for him not to salute.
Fortunately, he was holding a glass. He raised it lightly.
"No, it was nothing." Jinto said.
"It was quite a good idea Your Highness the Count (Lonyu Dreur)." Atosuryua praised him.
"Thank you very much."
"However, I do not know when it will be." Atosuryua said. "If we come back to the capital (Arosh) it will be my treat to hold a banquet."
"I'm looking forward to it."
"Yes, I'm looking forward to it. If you write a transfer request, then it has to be after that."
"No, I don't wish to be transferred......"
"Anyway......" Atosuryua looked around the army officer (Bosnal).
"The losses were greater than I thought. I wished more would have been here. I wanted to spend some more money in Lakfakalle."

"As we have been able to predict in advance." Sobash came over.
"Was it so? However, I expected it to be a little easier fight, though." Atosuryua sipped her apple wine. "Further, the result from this."
"And that would be?" Lafiel seemed to be interested. The glass in her hand was already empty.
"Would you like the same drink?" Jinto received the glass.
"Yes." Lafiel passed the glass.
Jinto mixed the honey wine (Ketek) with a stick.
While Jinto made the liquor, Atosuryua talked about the maneuvers which are being considered by fleet headquarters.
"Is this alright with the secrecy?" Sobash verified uneasy.
"I'm saying, perhaps, this is how the operation would be, but it may not be so. As I said it's just a presumption.
I did not particularly eavesdrop."
"I think, we would like to know your reasoning for the presumption." Sobash said doubtfully.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Chief of Staff (Alm Kasalia)" Atosuryua went on.
"That's a sensitive matter."
"Then, what effect will the strategy have?"
"Naturally, it will probably be that," Atosuryua continued talking. "the enemy is driven out of the planet system.
As you know, it is fortified by satellites. As Commander in Chief (Glaharerl) I would use attack ship (Sopaïc).
In this case, bombardment from a warship flying at sublight has no effective means."
"Indeed." said Sobash. "But that's probably because one squadron has insufficient fire power."
"Certainly. It wouldn't be like this if it was only forced onto us. But we have the leading role."
"It is an honor." Sobash smiled wryly.
"Isn't it a great strategy to test the speed limit of an attack ship (Sopaïc)?" threw in the Captain (Salerl) of the ‘Marscaubh’.
All too soon, the Captains have gathered around Atosuryua.
Of course, the expectation was to test the acceleration limit of the attack ship - Jinto thought.
This must be a joke.
"Finished." Jinto returned the glass to Lafiel.
Lafiel took a sip, and nodded immediately to Jinto. "Yes. Delicious."
"Good." Jinto gave a broad smiled.
"This is a too troublesome star system." Atosuryua sighed with grief. "No matter what, the weapons just keep coming."
"But they're not human," said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.

"That's right," Atosuryua nodded. "Even if it goes on forever we will go against enemy ships.
In other words, our principal objective is to kill."
"This is war. It can't be helped." Sobash said calmly.
"Mankind has not developed the technology for a safe war yet."
"Yes," Atosuryua insisted. "but there is a difference between attacking and sinking a ship which results in killing people, and killing people by attacking and sinking a ship."
"You have a unique view." the Captain (Salerl) of the ‘Nacaubh’ expressed his impression.
"Don't you think so?"
"I have to disagree. Don't you believe that the different views will result in a different way in how combat is being fought?"
"Certainly," Atosuryua said with a reserved praise, "but somehow it surely doesn't feel right."
Jinto understood her feelings.
In wartime, the Abh seem to at least have a tendency to connect a warship together with the crewmen.
Jinto was unable to have this sense of the Abh.
Atosuryua, whose father was a lander, is probably still dragging a marginal lander trait with her like Jinto.
"Besides, there is no common sense in it," said Atosuryua resentfully.
"Oh, really?" stricken, the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’ chimes in with the echoes of the others. 
"The Kemal star system is the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ largest munitions star system." Atosuryua explained.

"No, I should say that it's the only military star system. The Union has concentrated almost all the production capacity in this star system.
But why would this system be on the border with another hostile nation? Thanks to this we suffer these hardships.
I wonder if the ‘Four Nations Alliance Treaty’ have not forgotten, that the Empire (Frybar) is their enemy.
"I think it's a historical issue" said the Captain (Salerl) of the ‘Nacaubh’.
"The star system was a military star system even before the signing of the treaty. Indeed they failed to move it after the conclusion of the treaty."
"I'm aware of that." Atosuryua interrupted his lengthy speech.
"But" Sobash said,
"isn't it thanks to the lack of common sense that we are able to see the end of the war?"
"What do you mean?" tilting her head, Atosuryua asked.
"Since the star system lost the means to contact the outside, the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ has already lost its ability to sustain successive operations." Sobash stated his thoughts.
"From now on they must conserve their fighting strength.
They can't request help from their allies either.
Because a neutral nation, the ‘Hania Federation’, and the enemy, our Empire (Frybar), would be in the way."
"‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ dropped out of the war?"
"I also agree with the Chief of Staff," said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.
"It cannot be anything other than this."

"It would be good if it were true." Atosuryua said seemingly a bit disappointed.
"I think that's very regrettable." said the Captain (Salerl) of the ‘Marscaubh’.
"You don't have enough with fighting?" Atosuryua asked.
"That's alright." said the Captain of the ‘Nacaubh’. "The ‘United Mankind’ is surely giving its all."
"How so?" said the Captain (Salerl) of the ‘Marscaubh’ skeptically. "That nation is in fact very much in pieces."
"No, but we hope the ‘Greater Alkont Republic’ will." said the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.
The ‘United Mankind’and the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’ are federal systems, therefore, they are unlike anything we know.
Of course, if we compare them with the Empire (Frybar) their uniformity is greater.
Anyhow, the same language is used in all star systems, something that's unthinkable in the Empire.
Surely, the language of the Abh is being taught as a foreign language on many of the worlds, but it is an Empire policy not to enforce teaching the language of the Abh to citizens of its territory.
However, this is inferior to the uniformity of the ‘Greater Alkont Republic’.
Although, this nation developed interstellar ship travel it still practices land world (Nahen) principles.
It has the most prosperous interstellar ship trade and a strong bureaucracy binding the star systems together.

Therefore, their resistance will be tough.
"How about you, Chief of Staff?" Atosuryua asked.
"I consider myself to be a trader anytime, and put my heart and soul into it." answered Sobash.
"I hope to quickly return back to the core business."
"I was always independent and carefree." Atosuryua sighed.
"I also hope to quickly return back to the core business."
"How do you plan to manage your territory (Skor)?" asked the Captain of the ‘Shutoucaubh’.
"After the war, I will be left to be a good magistrate (Tosairh)." said Baron Febdash (Lyuf Febdak) casually.
"And because my father is still alive."
"So it is."
"How about Vice Hecto-Commander (Roibomowas) Abriel?" Atosuryua turned to the Captain of the ‘Flicaubh’ who had been keeping silent.
"I haven't thought about my main business yet, Commander." replied Lafiel.
"Well, as for you, don't you think that being a flight officer (Lodair) is not just a case of studying?"
Lafiel was silent and sipped her honey wine (Ketek) and apple brandy (Lertel) mix — on which she insisted specifically.

Through Jinto's eyes it seemed as if he was asking himself what he did want to do.
"Oh, we shouldn't do this." said Atosuryua after glancing at Jinto. "This is not the place for a council of war. Now, everyone scatter.
A Captain (Salerl) should take this opportunity to further deepen the friendship with one's subordinates.
Perhaps, it is also good to talk to army officer (Bosnal) from another warship."
The Captains smiled wryly and moved on.
"Well, Line Wing Officer (Fektodai) Gnombosh." Jinto patted the shoulder of ‘Flicaubh’'s messenger (Kleria).
"This position is all yours. Thank you."
"Yes, Front Flyer (Lekle)."
Jinto also left the place.
The audible singing army officers have already finished their singing rounds.
Somehow, it seemed there are two opposing voices.
Offensive, but better than exchanging blows with the fists.
Jinto began to think that the facility for the banquet was a success.
It's because he borrowed this large park deck which is a bit exaggerated.
A normal storage wouldn't have made this possible.
"Your Highness the Count (Lonyu Dreur)." was suddenly called out.
An unfamiliar crew member (Sash) stood there. It had to be a crewman from another warship.
An attack ship's crew is less than thirty. No matter what, Jinto knows everyone's faces and names.
After all, taking care of their food and their health situation is Jinto's responsibility.
And, a crewman from the ‘Flicaubh’ wouldn't call him 'Your Highness the Count'.
They would call him 'ship's clerk (Wiig)' or 'Front Flyer (Lekle) Lin'.

"What is it?" Jinto asked.
"Is there no accompaniment platform (Derbonyu) here?"
"You mean, the wrist computer (Kryuno) doesn't work?" Jinto asked.
Sometimes Jinto thought the wrist computer (Kryuno) was a universal helper.
Any kind of functions that can be thought of has been integrated.
Depending on the person it can play music or connect to another.
Anyway, if you need company a wrist computer will do.
You can choose your favorite from hundreds of millions of songs.
"I don't think so." replied the crew member (Sash) immediately.
Perhaps for this crew member raising the volume is not enough.
He would like to make the air on the deck vibrate with an electrically amplified voice.
"All right," Jinto said. "I'll arrange it now."
Another crew member arrived panting.
"This here, too, please."
"This is......?"

The two crew members (Sash) began to make claims.
As Jinto understood it, one crew member was from the ‘Kercaubh’ and the other from the ‘Nacaubh’.
It seemed they have been competing with a song.
And one demands, that each warship is given one accompaniment platform.
"That's what equality is." said the representative from the ‘Nacaubh’. "If a partner is barehanded then the fight is barehanded, but if one has a weapon then you can't stay silent.
Unless I have equal firepower, I will lose."
"You're too self-conscious" said the representative from the ‘Kercaubh’.
"We don't intend to fight. We just want to enjoy singing purely."
"Then enjoy. We would like to enjoy a song with this here."
"Good, then it's settled."
While the two made their claims, other crew members from other warships gathered.
Perhaps it was amusing, when they also began to demand accompaniment platforms.
I don't know if five will be enough for them — Jinto thought.
But he soon shook off the idea.
The park deck was large. However, it was not enough to fit multiple accompaniment platform.
The fight would be far better if they would just compete singing with each other with their amplified natural voice.
He can at least turn a blind eye.

A whole ring of a soundproofed force field could be considered, but he wouldn't know what point there would be to hold a banquet for.
"No, everyone will have to share one." Jinto declared determinedly.
"The order will be decided by Line Wing Officer (Fektodai) Gnombosh from the ‘Flicaubh’."
"You mean the boy who did the chairmanship, the flight officer (Lodair)?"
Jinto nodded and arranged the accompaniment platform. While apologizing to Gnombosh in his mind.
The accompaniment platform glided on the surface of the water.
For a few seconds he was troubled with where to place it. As a result, he placed the platform at one end of the edge of the pond.
This should lessen any injuries.
First, crew member (Sash) climbed on the accompaniment platform, and begun to sing passionately a song from some land world (Nahen).
When the song just started, Atosuryua flew in immediately.
"What is the reason for this?" she interrogated.
"They desired it." Jinto began with an excusing tone. "I intended for them to enjoy themselves."
"It's good to have fun, but what about other people?" Atosuryua stared at Jinto, but smiled immediately.
"It's alright. This is your party, right? To be frank, I don't understand well what crew members (Sash) do for enjoyment. Perhaps this is good too."

"I am most obliged."
"But, you know, not all crew members (Sash) are enjoying it."
Indeed there was certainly one group that separated from the accompaniment platform.
"Therefore, I put it close to the corner." said Jinto proudly.
"Your idea was good." said Atosuryua while shrinking back her posture.
"But, you know, I will ban it at the next opportunity."
"I will humbly comply with it." Jinto sighed.

Translator's Note[edit]

  1. I had a hard time dealing with the chapter title. The title in original can be simply translated as Lakeside. Obviously it had a secondary meaning, a romantic analogy to past time
  2. I don't know the exact designation for a hospital ship in Japanese but there are two types of ships in this category here. Simply translated they are called health- and hygenic-ships. To prevent false assumptions I have decided to leave them as is, but my ideas are: recreational/recovery-, hospital-ships.
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