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Chapter 7: The silent flood (Kufuaperukosu Shiyutoka)[edit]

Capital (Arosh) Lakfakalle, 'Larkspur Hall (Wabes Lizel)’ in the Imperial palace(Ruebei).
A plane-space projection map (Ja Fad) has been projected in front of the Imperial throne.
The ‘Hania Federation’ had the Kryb Kingdom(Fek Crÿub) inside it. Ramaj herself was the former queen of that nation.
Although, it is a kingdom(Fek), its political power is unimportant to the Empire (Frybar). The word 'kingdom(Fek)' represents the region, and 'King(Larth)' is closer to an honorary title.
The King of a kingdom is not necessarily a landed nobility(Voda).

The King's main responsibility is to take care of the ‘Gate’ (Sord) to Lakfakalle. Compared to the impression given by their name, their authority is surprisingly small. 
Anyway, in this strategy the Kryb Kingdom is of great importance.
Innumerable blue signs danced wildly inside the Kryb Kingdom on the plane-space projection map (Ja Fad).
And each of them represents a half-fleet or a squadron unit.
Across the ‘Hania Federation’ from the Skiil Kingdom (Fek Seil) and the Barkzedel Kingdom (Fek Ballzédé) there are many military unit symbols.
They were concentrated at the border, but not so much inside the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub).
"This is unacceptable." said prime minister (Botsuf) Burash.
"Why? I think this is the best lineup there is." said Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) and Imperial Field Marshal (Rue Spen) Faramunsh.
"Then, here these forces can serve two missions of capital (Arosh) defense and control of the ‘Hania Federation’."
Faramunsh indicated with his command stick (Greu) the deployed units Kryp, Hania, and Barkzedel.
"Let's try to move."
The unit signs started moving.
The main force was not within the three kingdoms but around the ‘Central Zone’.
Presently, the unit was named 13th Twin Thorns Fleet (Byr Lobina Bolpel).
It invades the ‘Hania Federation’. And, revolving around the edge of the’Central Zone’ it subdues the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’.

Furthermore, in response to the 13th Fleet forces within the three kingdoms are redeployed; troops from the Kryb Kingdom move into the ‘Hania Federation’.
The remaining units of the two kingdoms are almost only for defense, and can only slowly perform an invasion.
"Even if an unexpected situation occurs......"
A new unit symbol appeared within the range of the ‘Hania Federation’.
To indicate the enemy it was shown in red. In other words, assuming the ‘Hania Federation’ is going to become an enemy.
The red unit symbol begun to move towards the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub).
But, a bright blue point emerged from the Kryb Kingdom, and quickly blocked the path.
The ‘Hania Federation’ forces, as if unable to avoid the center, cuts off the Kryp Sord (Sord Crÿub) which lies within a solid lineup.
The 13th Fleet will hold down the ‘Hania Federation Army’ by attacking it, and annihilating the (line).
"Measures are possible in this way."
"I understand now, but the ambassador won't approve us to move this way." noted Burash.
"Approve?" Faramunsh asked puzzled. "Is an approval necessary after having moved a military unit?"
"It is not necessary a problem like that. The plan's success rate might fall."
"Then you should have said so." Faramunsh returned a forced smile. "However, why would it fall?"

"Stimulation is too strong."
"What is stimulating?" Faramunsh was wondering, "What's the stimulus?"
"It is stimulation for the anti-Empire faction. Is there something other than that?"
Unless we know with absolute certainty that the ‘Hania Federation’ is unified in the integration with the Empire (Frybar), we have to assume otherwise.
The faction willing to merge seemed to hold the power now.
However, the power base is too unstable.
Saying, that one approves integration, doesn't mean that one has been consulting publicly and receiving support.
They had to proceed with the plan in secrecy.
Naturally, many people are going to rebel when being absorbed by the Empire (Frybar).
Judging by the numbers, this was the majority as the ‘Hania Federation’ ambassador Tin had admitted.
It just happens to have a very small number of supporters holding the reins of power on the vital organs only.
"Therefore," Burash said. "Exposed movements will create the risk that the alliance faction will hold the power."
"Prime minister (Botsuf), the way you convey is difficult to understand. To what concretely do you refer exposed movements?"
"The concentration of military forces within the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub). Currently, the military force in the kingdom is not so much."
"That is because the surrounding is neutral."
"Exactly. The concentration of military forces in here means that we deny the ‘Hania Federation’ neutrality status.

They are no fools. If this much military force is moved to and around the border, they will surely notice."
"Probably." Faramunsh agreed.
In his review the ‘Hania Federation’ military was full of flaws, but their intelligence gathering ability was high and valued.
"So the plan is endangered."
The forces which do not approve the integration with the Empire (Frybar) pose two additional problems.
To maintain the status quo, the integrity and neutrality of this (faction), and in accordance with the terms of the Nova Sicily Treaty, the faction will join the ‘Three Nations Alliance’. The alliance factions are small, but when facing the reality of an Empire invasion, the neutral faction could join them. If that happens the combined faction could hold the power.
Burash seems to believe in ambassador Tin's view.
"Is there another plan?" asked Ramaj.
"Certainly, there is." Faramunsh said unexpectedly. "That's the reason my subordinate is a hard worker."
The placement of unit symbols changed drastically on the plane-space projection map (Ja Fad).
The number of symbols within the three Kingdoms was largely reduced.
The forces between the Lasisal Kingdom (Fek Lasieth) and the central region have increased.
"Reinforcing the 13th Fleet?" Ramaj asked.

"No, that is not even enough" Faramunsh lowered his head.
"The 1st Twin Thorns Fleet (Byr Kasna Bolpel) and the 15th Fleet (Byr Roreuna) will advance to the front.
A new Fleet must be organized from (reserve) forces from the 11th, the 12th, and the 13th. And the 14th Fleet has to be moved into the combat zone.
This is in order to launch everything from the 11th to the 14th Fleet toward the ‘Hania Federation’."
"A large-scale military power reinforcement." said Burash.
"Yes. However, in this area, our forces are still engaging/battling the ‘United Mankind’.
Furthermore, there is the ‘Greater Alkont Republic’, another enemy nation.
Nobody will be surprised if we concentrate our forces there.
We are after all, famous for excessive use of military power."
"If it's like this it shouldn't be a problem." Burash said relieved.
"Most likely."
"However, Faramunsh" Ramaj added. "This line-up won't it take a lot of time?"
"So it is." Faramunsh agreed. "In this plan the invasion does not come from the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub).
The military forces within the Kingdom will remain as is, and be prepared in the unlikely event of an invasion by the ‘Hania Federation’.
Therefore, this Fleet must single-handedly acquire control of the ‘Hania Federation’."
The bright point is moved.

Unlike before, the symbols within the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub) did not move.
They remain at the border line.
Instead, the four Fleets from the Twin Thorns Fleet (Byr Borpel) are divided into two groups, and surrounded the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub).
As the new organized Fleet takes over the original mission, its huge military size limits the invasion routes, and charges the time required.
"This is troublesome." said Burash. "If it takes that much more time ......"
"The alliance faction will gain influence?" Faramunsh said in a tone of ridicule.
"Restrain yourself, Faramunsh." Ramaj growled at him.
"I expect my Vassals to treat each other with respect."
"I will abide by your wish." Faramunsh showed his remorse.
"It is as Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) said." at least on the surface, Burash seemed not offended.
"Isn't there a plan to finish the capture quickly?"
"Then, this is the third proposal."
A new plane-space projection map (Ja Fad) is displayed, but there were very few changes.
"It seems to be the same as before." Burash furrowed his eyebrows and starred at the plane-space projection map (Ja Fad).
"That is correct. However, the movement is different." said Faramunsh.
"This plan can complete the capture with little difference in the time frame to the first plan."
A military unit symbol began to move.

The four Fleets from the Twin Thorns (Bolpel) are divided into two groups, and cut into/off the ‘Hania Federation’.
Simultaneously, forces from the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub) started to invade while forces from the Skiil Kingdom fill in between.
"There is absolutely no problem with this." Burash commented.
A slight tone of criticism could be heard. If the plan has been proposed first, then it would have been alright.
"No, there is a problem." Faramunsh insisted.
"The military forces within the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub) have been devoted to security.
Now, the capital (Arosh) defense will be weakened. In particular, the ‘Central Zone’ will be almost empty at an early stage of the operation.
The ‘Hania Federation’ will quickly fill in and take control. The safety of the Capital cannot be guaranteed due to the lack of overwhelming forces."
"Can you not gather military forces from other Kingdoms in Lakfakalle?"
"Even if we do as much as possible, it still will be like this." Faramunsh explained.
"Except for the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub) the remaining seven Kingdoms are still fighting the enemy.
The number of Fleets which can be pulled back is limited."
"It isn't enough?" Ramaj sighed heavily.
"Regrettably." Faramunsh answered.
"As Armed Forces General Staff Chief, I think it may be better for now to keep this strategy in mind and leave it as a vision."

"Really?" Ramaj placed her chin on the back of her hand, and looked at the plane-space projection map (Ja Fad).
"This lineup is certainly dangerous."
"Is that so?" Burash said. "I think it's not very different from the first plan."
"This time the ‘Hania Federation’ will recall the treaty it once signed." said Faramunsh.
A bright red point appeared and began to move toward the Kryp Sord.
There were not many bright blue points remaining in the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub). The bright red point was able to avoid the bright blue point.
Or it would defeat the other, and easily invade the Empire. After that there would be no one left to stop it.
"Thus, if the ‘Hania Federation’ still turns on the Kryp Sord (Sord Crÿub) they will create an inroad into our own territory.
When they rush in, perhaps, it cannot be prevented." Faramunsh informed.
"That means Lakfakalle will fall to the enemy at that time."
"Are you saying that it cannot be protected?" Ramaj tried to confirm.
"I don't know. Enemy troop strength was too vague. However, assuming the worst case, pulling military forces from various quarters won't make it in time, and the Capital defense won't hold."
"This is very pessimistic." Burash answered.
"Someone commanding the military, by all means, should be a pessimist."
"I am not familiar in military affairs, but if the ‘Hania Federation’ attempts to capture the capital (Arosh) would they really sacrifice the majority of their own territory?"
"Yes", Faramunsh nodded.

"That cannot be." Burash asserted firmly.
"No, forgive my impoliteness. However, judging from their way of thinking they wouldn't do this kind of thing. After all, what advantage would they get from this?"
"That is not what I take into consideration. I am only showing what is militarily possible." 
"Even if it's militarily possible, it can be impossible politically."
"Only when there is a political reason would the ‘Hania Federation’ occupy the capital (Arosh)?"
"Not at all. Even temporarily no one would do something like surrender his own star system. That's what I meant to say."
"If so, it would be good."
"Certainly." asserted the prime minister (Botsuf).
"However, would it be unthinkable if the alliance faction causes a revolt?
Even if they sat around with their arms crossed, all the territories will be seized anyway.
If that's the case, then they might think about taking over the capital of the enemy they should hate."
"Even so, can we recapture it immediately?"

"How will that be possible?"
"But, there," Burash points at the Twin Thorns Fleet. "Isn't there enough military power?
Is it not enough to recapture the Capital?"
"Enemy troop strength is too ambiguous. Therefore, I do not know.
And, I'm also concerned about the ‘Three Nations Alliance’ trend.
In this prospect, they could cooperate making the situation more chaotic."
Burash remained silent.
"How about, we wait for now for the troop strength to increase?" Faramunsh said hurriedly.
"The bottom line is to have similar military power in Lakfakalle as are deployed in the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub).
Although, that much military power is needed, it doesn't require much time to arrange it."
"Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon)" Burash said.
"When will it be?"
"As it is. It will probably be about five years? Aside from warships, the personnel are rather scarce and insufficient."
Burash had a blank face. "Then the opportunity is lost."
"Someday, the opportunity will come again.
However, should the capital (Arosh) be lost we won't be able to recover it."
"Will it be so? We may not be able to recover the capital (Arosh) after losing it, but it is a question of when we will be back."

"If it doesn't happen then that's all there is. This situation came unexpectedly in the first place. Shouldn't I think it to have been like this from the beginning?"
Obviously, the prime minister (Botsuf) didn't approve the opinion easily.
"Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon)" the prime minister indicated around the border of the ‘United Mankind’ and the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’.
This area had 20 active Fleets from the Twin Thorns Fleet.
"I heard that the war situation in this area was completed. Can you not extract military forces from here?"
"Of course, it is the strategy plan on having it extracted."
" is too little." still not giving up yet, Burash pressed on.
"You should understand that we cannot divert everything."
"I am aware of that, but isn't it too little after all?"
"Actually, there is an issue I'm concerned about."
"What about it?"
"The strategy of this area is to intercept traffic between the ‘United Mankind’ and the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’."
"Yes, I am aware of that."
"Naturally, we expect the ‘United Mankind’ to come out with a Fleet."

"Hostilities, I have those reports."
"Yes. However, the military forces were much smaller than predicted. The forces we fought with were almost exclusively from the ‘People's Sovereign Stellar Union star system’.
We believe, the ‘United Mankind’ is hiding a Fleet somewhere. We must be prepared for them."
"Forgive me." Burash said discretely while pointing out. "Isn't it common to make a wrong prediction?"
"Yes. So it is." Faramunsh said simply. "It is not unusual for a prediction to be off.
On the other hand, perhaps the one which hits is more unusual.
Even in retrospect, there are predictions where you don't know where the mistake was made.
However, as long as a prediction is still a prediction, the result is still unknown at this stage; we must treat it as if it is right."
"You are cautious, Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon)." with a subtle tone of sarcasm.
"Yes." Faramunsh smiled. "The war probably won't end until I retire from my responsibilities.
My mission is, if possible, to let my successor take over in a comfortable situation.
Therefore, I must be more careful than someone walking on a tightrope under high gravity."
"Do you think you are able to bring the war to an end within your generation?" Burash challenged.
Oh, yes — Ramaj thought — wouldn't this person want to become the prime minister (Botsuf) of a nation of a unified humanity?

The desire for fame is not unpleasant at all. But I am worried whether the desire had not clouded his eyes.
Ramaj smiled (at the thought) —— she didn't have different personal affairs.
I also wanted to declare before crown prince (Kilugia) Dusanyu that mankind has been forever liberated from the war.
Fortunately, the two vassals hadn't noticed Ramaj's smile.
"I'm just taking care of the issue at hand. Your Majesty (Erumiton) makes the decisions." Faramunsh said.
"You are right." Ramaj still had her chin on her hand. "I'm now considering whether to put the capital (Arosh) on a bet."
"Shouldn't it be the Empire (Frybar)?" Faramunsh asked.
"The importance is the same."
The ‘City of Eight Gates (Birot Gasordal)’ Lakfakalle. The capital (Arosh) has eight gates which connects the eight Kingdoms.
The Empire (Frybar) cannot function if there is no Lakfakalle.
The huge Empire was without equal in the history of mankind, and had a city-state to match. This character had to have a certain meaning.
"As you say."
"Your Majesty (Erumiton)." Burash said.
"Please consider that on the other side of the bet is the ‘Hania Federation’."

"The ‘Hania Federation’ is the object of the bet, there is no need to think about it. 
The capital (Arosh) can never match the ‘Hania Federation’."
"But, Your Majesty (Erumiton)......" Burash was going to say something.
"We are betting with the lives of army officer (Bosnal)." Ramaj said.
"That is why I am troubled."
The Empire (Frybar) had already taken considerable territories from the ‘United Mankind’.
If the ‘Hania Federation’ is added the Empire will control two-thirds of humanity.
It takes time, but transforming the economic power of the new territories into military power doesn't yield much.
Even without what Burash called "political effect" the war will end sooner than expected.
Naturally, the number of deaths will be less.
The lives that should have been lost, are they worth enough to bet the capital (Arosh)?
"Your Majesty (Erumiton)" Burash said. "What Armed Forces General Staff Chief said is the worst case.
Perhaps, it will not happen as I was trying to say some time ago.
The ‘Hania Federation’ national policy will not permit such a situation."
"I have a different opinion." stated Faramunsh.
"No, the worst is conformity, sometimes there is the phenomenon; in order to come closer things are moved even further towards the worst."
"Are you saying that the ambassador's words can't be trusted?" Burash asked.
"At present, this very same ambassador holds an important position of power. Furthermore, he also hoped for the prosperity of the people under the Empire (Frybar)."
"Prime minister (Botsuf), you are trusting him just like that?" Faramunsh said it in a scolding manner.
"In a way there was proof, Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon)." Burash said.
"Even we are collecting our own information about the ‘Hania Federation’.
Therefore, as has been determined, what ambassador Tin said about the situation is correct."
"I see."
"I would never delegate the ambassador's word as trusting." he said with wounded pride.
"Have the military command headquarters (Ryuazornyu) analysis produced a different result?"
"No, the political situation in other countries does not concern us.
It is good to do this as practice substitute in spare times, but my subordinates now tend to work overtime even if there is no work."
"Then, why the suspicion?" Burash interrogated.

"Does doubt need any reason?" said Faramunsh amused.
"I have lived my life repeatedly doubting/in continuous doubt of everything.
In the Empire (Frybar), without a good personality one wouldn't be able to fulfill the position of Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon).
When I was appointed to my position, it was a terribly regrettable thing, but I've recently started to reluctantly think that it might have been a suitable calling.
Even now there still remain a handful of doubts in my heart."
Ramaj cut in. "In what way doubtful? Explain it a little more clearly now."
"I didn't believe when it seemed that the ambassador was trying to use our troops for an internal fight." Faramunsh said.
"Our work is not to investigate the internal situation of a foreign country, but we discern in common sense.
In that country, someone competing for a position of power is risking one's life.
Won't the ambassador and his associates be because they have been defeated to that?"
"I feel the same fear." Ramaj agreed.
"Your Majesty (Erumiton)!" Burash said shocked by that.
"But even so, it doesn't mean I don't trust thy judgment." said Ramaj to Burash.
"As with the ambassador and his associates, now is the opportunity for the Empire (Frybar)."
"It sure is, Your Majesty (Erumiton)." Burash bowed. "Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) indeed had told some truthful facts.
There is a lot of power struggle within the ‘Hania Federation’, and ambassador Tin belongs to the faction losing power.
If they lose this time the opposition group will seize the power.

In this case, it will be (reason) enough to consider that the ‘Three Nations Alliance’ has become the ‘Four Nations Alliance’.
The ambassador and his associates are holding power, and are losing power. These facts don't completely contradict each other."
"The ‘Four Nations Alliance’ would be easier for us, I hope." Faramunsh said. 
"This is the reason we always take the circumstances into consideration when formulating a strategy."
"Is it that easier to do?" Ramaj asked.
She didn't forget Faramunsh's cherished opinion that the ‘Hania Federation’ was easier to dealt with as an enemy than annexing it.
"But the war will be prolonged."
"Yes, Your Majesty (Erumiton)." Faramunsh admitted. "There is a difference with the preparedness of an enemy in a neutral country.
If our military power is put into defense, it will take a lot of time to complete the maneuvers.
Of course, it takes even more time to consume the ‘Hania Federation’."
"Furthermore, the number of dead people will increase."
"This is for attaining lasting peace for the descendants."
"But" Burash said "Although, you can buy it cheap you don't necessary have to buy at a high price."

"Therefore, this is a bet."
"Even if it's a lost, in the end this bet could be more rewarding." Burash was able to add.
"Thy opinion had been heard enough." Ramaj said.
"I shall make the decision now."
"Isn't it better not to hurry and force a bad decision?" Faramunsh said.
"No. The decision won't be too quick." Burash said.
"Faramunsh." Ramaj said. "Rearrange all the fronts and organize a new Fleet.
The Fleet name will be decided later. Part of the Twin Thorns Fleet(Byr Borpel) will also bear the new Fleet name."
"I accept your Imperial Order." Faramunsh lowered his head.
"Burash, in any discussion with the ambassador and his associates who desire to ask about more information about the treatment of their people, you may (in return) request the disclosure of necessary information for us."
"As the Empress commands." Burash also bowed.
"I hope, Faramunsh. You do understand you must carry it out quickly."
"I understand. May I ask you to grant me a month?"
"Are that many days needed to begin the strategy?"

"Might be good." Ramaj nodded. I considered Faramunsh to be the dull man who did not use tactics.
He said he needed one month. If so, it probably will be.
There is no gain in rushing it.
"Thank you for your kindness. Preparations for the operation can have serious influence on management flexibility. Will that be alright?"
I'm accustomed to how Faramunsh is saying a threat. "There's no good or bad. 
Proceed with the order. It is probably needless to say, but you have to pay maximum attention to information leaks."
"I am familiar with that." Faramunsh said. "I also have one more Imperial Order that I must be granted."
Ramaj understood him. "Is it a matter regarding the Commander?"
"Yes. For the seriousness and scale of the operation I think His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince (Feia Kirugel) might be suitable."
"That person was already given a duty." Ramaj said.
I already considered about this matter, and have a conclusion.
"Further, if we lose this bet, we must have that person in this neighborhood."
The crown prince was Imperial Fleet Commander in Chief (Glaharerl Rue Byrar) Dusanyu and Twin Thorns Fleet Commander in Chief (Glaharerl Byrar Bolpel).
As the Twin Thorns Fleet was accomplishing a strategy in two far reaching directions, the flagship (Glaga) ‘Sankau’ has been anchored in the capital (Arosh) Lakfakalle.

"Vice Commander in Chief (Roiglaharerl) Kotoponi will be good. It is the commander of that area. I already gave her an implicit secret order."
"I see." Faramunsh said calmly, but had his fingertips at his blue-gray braided hair.
As a result of a long acquaintance, Ramaj knew it was his habit when he felt offended.
"Do not be angry, Faramunsh" Ramaj soothed. "I did not decide to invade the ‘Hania Federation’ beforehand.
"There is no anger."
"Then it will do. I entrust thou with the choice of the commander for the Kryb Kingdom (Fek Crÿub)."

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