Seikai no Senki:Volume5 Preface

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 I vividly recall visiting the "Hall of Remembrance" for the first time when I was seven years old.

 Of course, I couldn't go there alone. I went with my grandfather.

 It was the first time I visited the Imperial Palace, but at the time, I didn't realize I had stepped into the heart of the Empire. I was only excited about the huge, man-made planet—something I hadn't yet seen.

 A woman was waiting for us at the Imperial Palace. It was our first meeting. From whence, I later found out she was my gene donor.

 I don't remember well what we were talking about on our way to the hall. I only remember my grandfather and the woman were talking. Before long, we entered the hall, and I was fascinated by its vastness before reaching our destination—a stone pillar.

 The woman lifted me up and brought me close to a portion of the stone pillar. Even I understood then, that the name carved there was my father's.

 “As long as the Empire exists, the name of your father will be here, and it won't be harmed.” grandfather had said.

 I understood my grandfather's words and became solemn at the treasure, rather than being drowned in awe by the place.

     ──Beryua Üémh Bér Gyu ‘Memoirs’

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