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Military operations have all sorts of things to consider. A lot of time is spend from things to be prepared to those that have to be moved down to little things such as who’s going to be the local unit commander.
In the Empire’s (Frybar) case an important operation was called Royal Decree strategy (Rue Kufazeto). In the case of the Royal Decree strategy, it was mainly carried out by Fleet Headquarters (Glagaf Byral) in the Imperial Palace (Ruebéïc). At the time, as the Emperess (Spunej) personally took command of the fleet headquarters (Gla Byrer) as the Commander in Chief (Glaharerl) throughout the operation it was customary to transmit an order orally.
Ablïarsec Néïc Dubreuscr/Dubreusk Wemdais Viscount (Bœrh Wemdaisar) Duhir’s (Duhiir) first official state service was to participate in taking the field. Of course it was not an important role that was imposed on the young Duhir. He just stood still like a statue in the audience hall (Wabes Bezorlot). However, he clearly remembered the spectacle at that time.
Duhir was not the only one of the young from the Imperial Royal families (Fasanzoerl).

The law of the Empire regards a person as an adult when the person reaches the age of 20. However, a member of the Imperial Royalty (Fasanzoerl) is never recognized as an adult until it becomes a flight officer (Lodair). In the history of the Empire, the eldest minor ── whose name has been concealed to protect the honor of his Royal Family (lartïéc) ── was 72 years old. He had kept refusing admission to the military academy (Kenru) until that age, when he met his demise in a boring accident.
Thus the minors of Imperial Royalty (Fasanzoerl) were further divided into three age stages. The closest to being an adult are those who enrolled in the military academy (Kenru).
Conversely, it is an obligation to bring up the young children healthily. There are those who argue that it is a duty to shower them with love, but this opinion isn’t popular. There is the cat for that if needed.
And the young people who are caught in between, each time there is an important ceremony, they are equally assigned this penance.
Therefore, all the young fellows from the Eight Royal Families (Ga Lartei/lartïéc/Lasieth) attended the place.
Duhir still did not understand its significance. If one thinks of escaping from this drudgery, he would have to hurry up to enter the military academy (Kenru), this all was probably to create subtle pressure. If one follows laziness he would continue to escape from obligation forever. That person would have to be afraid of disgracing the ancestor of the Abriel. Nevertheless, the fact that a 72 years old minor appeared as a crown prince (lartsoc) seemed to have left a constant/enduring/continuing effect.

At any rate, it's ridiculously boring. Under any circumstance he must keep still for a long time. For a 7-year-old child one hour is equivalent to one of sixty-one thousand three hundred and twenty hours of its life. Usually, one must spent a fragment of one’s life in a state where it is not permitted to move. It can be said to be torture.
Duhir I looked up at the ceiling. There were countless crest banners (Gal Gla) hanging there. Each one symbolizes a star system that has come under a sovereign (Fapyut).
Duhir looked unconsciously at a flag decorated with a “Gaftonosh ” with 5 yellow flowers. It's Duhir’s own flag. Such as with tableware and toys, the crest has been pushed to become his personal belongings like many other items.
However, his attempt to look for Viscount Wemdais’ Flag (Gla Bœrh Üémdaisar) has been forcibly interrupted.
An elbow struck him hard/sharply in his flank.
Viscountess Paryun (Bœrh Paryun) Lafiel, his older sister, stood next to him. The elder sister did not speak a single word and had her jet black eyes set to the front, but her intention put forth in the single blow was clear.
Duhir reset his gaze and did not endeavor to stray. At the time, it was unthinkable for Duhir to defy his sister. Anyhow, she disliked a rebellious younger brothers more than a soft cat.
And just because he feared his sister didn’t mean he hated her.

Lately, there has not been many opportunities to defy her which made him feel lonely.
The young from the Imperial Royalty (Fasanzoerl) were lined up in two rows facing each other. Standing directly beside the stoop (Kizahashi) were the senior citizens. Standing on the floor and looking down on the royalty were eight people who were carefully selected from the Star Forces (Laburéc) to serve as honor guard (Sash Idar). The Jade Imperial Throne (Skemsorl Roen) was placed on the raised platform above the floor. Standing a step lower were several chamberlains (Nakeburia) on the right and left. And sitting motionlessly on the Imperial throne (Skemsorl) was Empress (Spunej) Ramage with her Alpha (almfac), fashioned like the “Gaftonosh”.
Glancing at her form, he thought, the only privilege of becoming the Emperor (Spunej) was to sit through the boring ceremony. Duhir was fed up. Since then, he no longer held the desire for the Rotalxxthronexx (Skemsoraj).
However, he only watched his grandmother for a fraction of a second. Or rather he was not willing to receive another elbow strike from his sister when his ribs were still hurting.
His gaze was solely directed at Viscountess Supyuru (Bœrh Supyuru ») Ramdege from the Wesko Royal Family. Of course he was starring at Ramdege simply because he just stood in front of her. Behind her he saw Imperial nobles. They were aligned at a considerable distance.
”Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Barke King (Larth Barker) His Highness Dusanyu (fïac Dusanh), Imperial Fleet Commander in Chief (Glaharerl Rue Byrar) and crown prince (Kilugia)”

As the ceremonial master (Sukadoria) had spoken, Duhir knew who came in.
At the same time he felt Dusanyu’s presence with his spatial-sense (Frokaj) the national anthem (Rue Ol) began to play.
In front of the eyes of Imperial Royalty (Fasanzoerl) the crown prince (Kilugia) turned abruptly, his long robe (Daush) fluttering, and moved toward the Imperial throne (Skemsorl). He, too, did not look at people around him.
Following directly after him were the staff officers. Their names were also told by the ceremonial master (Sukadoria).
Duhir was finally released from the drudgery of staring at Ramdege’s face. It was his obligation to pay attention to the progress of the ritual.
"Your Majesty (Erumita) ", Dusanyu bowed deeply toward the floor.
Ramage stood up straight.
” Imperial Fleet Commander in Chief (Glaharerl Rue Byrar), I order you”, the Empress’ (Spunej) voice echoed, “to organize the Quicksand Fleet (Byr Lonyaul) and to also serves as the Commander in Chief (Glaharerl).”
"I, respectfully and faithfully follow your order " Dusanyu answered reverently.
A crest banner (Gal Gla), carried by a chamberlain (Beikeburia/Nakeburia), was brought up to the side of the Empress (Spunej).
The Empress (Spunej) received the flag. It was the flag of the Quicksand Fleet (Byr Lonyaul).
”Receive this!” the Emperor (Spunej) ordered.
Dusanyu climbed the floor. And he was bestowed the crest banner (Gal Gla).
The ritual continued and was conducted by the Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) who was handing out operation instruction manuals for the Quicksand Fleet (Byr Lonyaul) around the floor.

Naturally, this was a ceremonial instruction manual. The paper was made from the raw materials of floral origin. It contained concise instructions, and was written and signed with the signature (Gunafasu) of the Emperess (Spunej) in ink. The actual instruction was extensive, and the record transmitted by electronic means.
”Admiral of the Fleet (Fofrode) Kenesh” the Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) Seda[1] called for the Imperial Admiral (Rue Spenec).
The female flight officer (Lodair) stepped forward from among Dusanyu’s staff. She looked strict but somewhere the atmosphere seems to be bundled (Mato) with slight uneasiness. She has become the new fleet Chief of Staff (Was Kasaler).
It was only much later that this was known as Armed Forces General Staff Chief (Waloth Ryuazon) Seda’s last work. It was an enviable thing, Duhir thought. By the time he was 13 or 14 years old, he had to imitate a statue at a ritual as usual, every time. His life has still not even or barely started he thought. As Imperial Royalty (Fasanzoerl) the time they were tied with duties could as well be an eon long. And often, it has become something similar to melancholy.
After a series of rituals has ended, the Empress (Spunej) spoke, "This time the probability of combat occurring in this operation is very low. Again, it is expected the Commander in Chief (Glaharerl) to be careful of trouble developing. Of course, our ships are to incorporate the lone world as (provincial) country (Aith) under my dominion without damaging the new territory and its people"
"In other words, if there is a fight, it will become a defeat of the Empire (Frybar)?" Dusanyu asked her.
"It will just be your defeat, King Barke (Larth Barker). The Empire (Frybar) won’t be defeated. If cornered before open hostilities with this overwhelming military force, my disappointment would be considerable. Oddly enough it is such a story."

”Your Majesty (Erumita) is indeed stingy.” Dusanyu commented with a smile.
“You should distinguish properly between a stingy man and one who’s wasteful”, Ramage interjected. “When deciding the formation of the fleet, I was very much wasteful.”
”Now, we will promise to secure victory for the Empire (Frybar)."
”I have known it but I have ears that needed to hear it. Such is my excuse.”
Dusanyu just bowed politely (ingin).
"At this moment, I declare that Operation Quicksand (Kufazet Lonyaul) has started”, Ramage pulled and pointed her Emperor cane (Rue Gereul). ”Victory for the Empire (Sathoth Frybareri)”
Everyone who was in the hall was chanting ”Victory for the Empire (Sathoth Frybareri)” as well.
Of course, Duhir also joined the chorus but perhaps his voice was a little low he thought. Again he prepared himself for a blow to his ribs but his sister, fortunately, refrained to rebuke.
And later, the Quicksand Fleet (Byr Lonyaul) proceeded to the star system which was henceforth named Count Hyde's county (Dreuhynh Haider).
As Emperor (Spunej) had desired battle did not happen, and the Empire got a new (provincial) country (Aith).
Although, it was a wartime operation, Operation Snow Crystal (Kufazet Gyknel) had been considered to be similar. In other words, it did not include plans for war.
But, it became clear later to be a mistake such that each unit of the Snow Crystal Fleet (Byr Gyknel) was in the wrong place.

In the case of Strike Partial-Fleet (Jadbyrer Votout) “Gedérs”, its location was the opened-Sord Dinin in the Hania Federation.

Translators Note[edit]

  1. セーダ=>Seda; no more is known as he appears only here.
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