Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Afterword

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I wanted to write about a main character that’s dashing to the extreme and great battles that sets the blood boiling.

I wanted to write about a main character with his childhood friend or a girl with an even closer relationship, and their clumsy yet mischievous triangular love.

With these two “concepts”, I thought endlessly on how to fulfill these requirements for a story backdrop. And I thought of a way——

Reincarnate once, reincarnate twice and I’ll get a main character with 2 past lives. Great idea right?

So, this became the main gear for this new story.

Because of two past lives, he possessed the greatest swordsman title and the notorious name of the greatest magician. Basically he’s a very powerful character.

And in each past life, he had a different love-onto-eternity love that transcend one life time and continued to the next.

This main Character – Haimura Moroha’s story, is this book “Seiken Tsukai no World Break”.

If you had read until here and had felt the story was that little [interesting], please continue to pick up this series and continue reading. It’s fine if you do just that.

The afterword this time is only 2 pages, so I’ve ran out of space for story introduction.

Thus, let’s quickly move on to my thank you script!

Firstly to my illustrator Refeia-sensei: even before the story was written, sensei had helped to sketch out a normally impossible amount of high quality conceptual designs. Seeing so many beautiful coloured pages, I’m felt lucky I’ve had sensei’s help in illustration. My heartfelt thanks.

Also, my editor Maizo-san spared no effort in each and every details and unreservedly gave constructive suggestions. My sincere thanks too. I will continue to be in your care in the future.

It’s an uphill road to start a new series with many difficulties. Chief Editor Kitamura and Mr.T gave me their full encouragement and support. It really helped a lot and the draft had finally become a complete work.

I heard that this book also came under the care of the editorial department and the marketing department. I’m really thankful.

CAPCOM also announced the date of sales for Monster Hunter 4, that’s great too!

Lastly, to all the readers who had picked up this book, my greatest appreciation all the way from Hiroshima. My greatest thanks to everyone.

I hope to see everyone again in the 2nd volume. Please wait patiently for it.

In the next volume, we’ll reveal Shizuno’s secret that was not shown in this volume, and Moroha will sliced apart that cursed fate with one sword stroke.

2012 October, Akamitsu Awamura

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