Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Satsuki is showering in her room after returning to the female hostel.

She had instructed both Shizuno and Moroha to gather in front of the bus station after changing out of their school uniforms.

Conveniently ignoring their protests of “Can’t we just go out like this?”

That’s because she’ll be going out on a date with Moroha.

Their first date.

She’s not willing to be in her school uniform for that special occasion.

(Ah, Fraga, please wait for me. No, I mean Moroha~♥♥♥.)

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 005.JPG

Relaxing in the hot water, she joyfully stretches herself.

Come to think of it, she was around 10 when she first dreamed about her previous life.

Originally she thought it was just a strange dream.

In it, Satsuki was a cute princess and was skilled with the sword. A majestic figure, it was the perfect, ideal image.

In addition, there was a warrior that’s always by her side.

His name was Fraga. An invincible, handsome and perfect brother who always treasured her.

Satsuki worshiped Fraga.

He was her first love. Or rather, her first love after reincarnating. Sometimes she was troubled by the fact that she was in love with a dream figure, but she cannot deny her young maiden heart.

And now——

Despite millennia and light years, she is reunited with Moroha.

If this is not fate, then what could it be?


Satsuki finally could not contain the excitement in her heart and shouted out loud.

The loud declaration resounded in the bathroom.

That’s right. She can finally shout it out loud.

Salacia’s relationship with Fraga was a taboo love between siblings.

Although forbidden, they were madly and passionately in love with each other. Of course, they didn’t receive any blessings from anyone. Having children was even more out of the question.

But, Moroha is different!

In terms of blood or family lines, they have absolutely no connections with each other.

Marriage is even legal; there is nothing to fear anymore.

(No, no Satsuki. Siblings shouldn’t think about that kind of stuff.)

Satsuki is twisting her body in embarrassment as she closed the water tap.

Then, she hugged her body tightly as if in pain.

Come to think of it——

If there was any problem, it’s Shizuno who seemed to have a subtle relationship with Moroha.

(Hmmp, she dared to say that I don’t have a woman’s weapon? I will make you regret your words~.)

Satsuki wrapped a tower around her wet hair and moved into her room nude.

She can confidently do that as the hostels in Akane Academy are single rooms only, no roommate required. As a side note, for some people this was a problem as their room became as untidy as a pigsty in no time at all.

Satsuki would have preferred to wash her skin and hair more carefully and thoroughly, but that would take too much time. So she had to settle with a quick shower.

If she was late, the worst case scenario would be that Moroha and Shizuno started the date without her.

Those places that are not treated sufficiently will have to be hidden with her other strengths.

The naked Satsuki is laughing softly as she searches inside her wardrobe.

(Although mother laughed at me and said “Aren’t those a bit too mature?” I guess it was the right call to purchase them in advance.)

She took out the underwear that she had prepared——black, lacy type.

Without a doubt, these are proofs of a sensual woman. They are tickets to a glamorous world that will befuddle your senses.

——Still, if you are suddenly invited to that world, it is still a bit frightening. But, this kind of stuff is dependent on the mood. Right!

(If it’s just a kiss~~~~~~♥)

Satsuki clutched the underwear tightly to her chest, and continue to be lost in her fantasies.


Shizuno is waiting by herself at the south exit of the station. In this city, there are 2 main entertainment areas, one on the south side of the city and the other in the busy streets at the front of the station. For Moroha and Shizuno who are not locals, it’s easier to meet up at the station instead of following complicated directions.

Although suggested by Satsuki, Shizuno hated to go home. So she is still in her school uniform, leaning against the wall and waiting patiently.

Unnoticeable to most, Shizuno had a small lock of hair that always curled away in its own direction. While most people would not care about that small errant lock of hair, Shizuno actually minded it a lot as she considered it to be ugly. No matter how much she patted or combed it down, it refused to remain in place. As it would draw attention if she tried to smooth it clumsily, she just gave up and endlessly reminded herself to ignore it. But, when she is deep in thought, she will play with that lock of hair as a habit, like now.

(What is happening exactly? Shu Saura…, I mean Haimura Moroha…..)

How many times had it been? Those questions that she kept repeating in her mind.

Thinking about it, it had been slightly over a year since she dreamed about her previous life.

That characteristic common to all <Saviors> is known to her through her family connections.

Thus, while she was surprised that she was also one of those super humans, she quickly accepted the unalterable fact.

In her previous life, she is <The Royal Witch>, the woman feared widely and condemned as the <Witch of the Netherworld>.

A notorious mage highly skilled in the dark magics, and the capable right hand of The Pluto, Shu Saura. The enemy of the entire world.

She had dedicated her all to her beloved king. Even if she was hated by the whole world, she had not a shred of regret.

And now——

Despite millennia and light years, she is reunited with the beloved king she had longed for.

The most important thing was that, without a doubt, Haimura Moroha is the reincarnation of Shu Saura.

When she was asked “Were you the <Witch of the Netherworld>,” she had to play dumb due to certain difficulties.

Shizuno and Moroha were husband and wife previously——if this giant scandal were to be known to her family, Moroha might find himself suffering needlessly from the family's retribution. She had to protect him from these unnecessary troubles.

In truth, under her ice-cold façade, she is mentally shaking uncontrollably at the unexpected reunion.

If this is not fate, then what could it be?

Shizuno placed her right hand on her chest, and allow herself to feel the swelling of joy and sorrow gushing from within her.

The wind blew gently and seemingly caressed her body.

Yet, when the wind passed, Shizuno put down her hand and sighed softly.

(But…what is happening….)

Shizuno is muttering in her heart again.

Satsuki had already said this. She shared memories with Moroha’s previous life as his sister. This does not match with her own memories of Shu Saura’s life.

(….I want to clarify with him as soon as possible…but if I don’t ask him discreetly, troublesome things may occur.)

Because her stance was to play dumb and pretend ignorance of Moroha’s previous life.

Because she had to never let Moroha discovered that they were husband and wife.


Moroha returned to his room in the male hostel and swiftly changed his clothes. After, he strolled casually towards the station. This is in consideration that girls need more time to prepare themselves. Unexpectedly, when he reached the station south exit, he discovered Shizuno waiting, still in her school uniform.

Scratching his head and thinking “Shit. I let her wait too long,” he said:

“Sorry. I’m late.”

Shizuno silently shakes her head. From her unmindful attitude, you can sense her refinement and grace.

Moroha is thinking that maybe Shizuno was from a wealthy family.

Although she is an oddball who acted weirdly, her family background and upbringing cannot be hidden.


Shortly, an energetic voice sounded from the distance.

Like a small kid, Satsuki ran towards them with her ponytail dancing behind her.

It’s up to individual preference; while some people may be more charmed by a quiet, refined girl like Shizuno, Moroha did not hate the energetic, straightforward personality either.

“Did you wait long?”

“Urushibara-san should have. I just arrived.”

“Ahhh. I would like to say that line myself too. But being said that line is also quite cool.”

Satsuki said some strange things while catching her breath.

On the other side, Shizuno added in a request that makes one happy:

“Not Urushibara. Please call me by my name, Shizuno. We are in a dating relationship right?”

“Oh I see. Please call me Moroha too. Since we are in a dating relationship.”

Moroha also request the same thing and Shizuno nodded her head softly in agreement.

“JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII………….” (Staring accusingly).

Satsuki looked displeased at their banter.

“What’s the problem? Your eyes are scary.”

“The two of you are sure friendly. Even though it’s your first meeting today.”

Satsuki looked to be in a bad temper again at her brother’s “betrayal.”

“We are just going to call each other by name. Aren’t you over-reacting a bit? The two of you can call each other by name too.”

“I’ll stick to calling her Ranjou-san.”

“I’ll only call you Urushibara.”

“The two of you are sure unfriendly. Even though it’s your first meeting today.”

A fight between two girls is too cruel, what a waste.

Moroha narrowed his eyes at the blinding glare of the two beautiful girls sparkling like jewels under the gentle spring sun, scratching his head continuously.

At that point, he finally noticed something.

“Satsuki, what in the world are you wearing?”

Moroha opened his eyes a bit wider and scrutinized at Satsuki’s dressing up and down.

On her upper body, a sleeveless vest paired with a short knitted singlet, showing off her delicate shoulders and collarbones.

Her bared navel and taut stomach is also charming, giving off a healthy glow.

Although her bust size is slightly miserable, other than that you cannot deny her allure.

For her bottom, a pair of cotton shorts. The type of design where you take a pair of very short shorts and cut it even shorter.

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 096.jpg

Her tight buttocks were leaking just a tiny bit of flesh from underneath those pair of shorts.

Of course, her slender long legs are revealed totally, to add on to the overall image of health and sexiness.

“Nothing to fuss about, it’s just my casual wear.”

Satsuki, wanting to show off further, leaned forward and struck a pose like a model.

Thrusting her chest forward, one can catch a glimpse of her bra peeking through her singlet.

It’s a seductive black, contrasted against Satsuki’s smooth white armpits.

A healthy, sexy image along with unexpected peeks into the extravagant, normally hidden parts. Moroha found that he is getting troubled.

A situation where he had no idea where to place his eyes.

Looking at Moroha’s troubled expression, Satsuki showed a pleased expression, as if thinking “Hooked you.”

Shizuno at the side muttered a single word:


“What did you called me? I don’t want to be lectured by a dumb girl who would wear her school uniform to a date.”

“While I’m not taking her side, don’t you think you are dressed a bit lightly? It’s still April, you know.”

To Satsuki’s ears, it’s like Moroha was implying his agreement with Shizuno statement, and countered:

“It’s already April! We are in the midst of spring! It’s not cold at all……ACHOOO!”

With her cute sneeze, all her arguments broke apart.

The breeze is warm and balmy, great weather for the opening of the school term, and also a great day for a date.

But definitely not the hot temperature of summer.

Satsuki pouted for a while, and as if trying to change the subject, accused Moroha:

“What is this, Onii-sama? It’s really shameful for your sister if you appear in that getup in public?”

“This is my casual wear, what about it?”

Moroha is slightly confused. He’s wearing an inexpensive long-sleeve T-shirt suitable for both spring and autumn and cheap jeans.

“That’s what I’m asking you. You are going on a date with you cute little sister, but why are you dressed so shabbily?”

“Even if you say that, all my other clothes are similar to this.”

“I also feel that it’s better if Moroha wore something like a Polo shirt.”

“That kind of thing is expensive. In addition, you have to be careful when folding it else it’ll creased so it’s too troublesome!”

What’s wrong with T-shirts? It’s a close companion of the common people.

“Even if you said it’s expensive, if you go to somewhere like Uniglo[1], the pricing shouldn’t be that much different from a T-shirt.”

“There is some difference even if it is not much. As long as you can wear it, any clothing is fine. In any case, it’s a waste if you spend too much money on your appearance.”

Moroha was still resisting.

Satsuki and Shizuno looked at each other and both sighed simultaneously.

“All right, all right, I get it. Let’s move on. Anyway, shall we get something to eat? I’m famished,” said Satsuki who was muttering “Onii-sama is hopeless” just now.

Moroha wanted to protest, but he wisely set out together without saying anything more.

Shortly, a MUS[2] burger chain store came into view.

Although located near the station, there seemed to be several empty seats. Looked like they’d be able to rest there for a while.

“Shall we go there?,” Moroha suggested.

“That’s unbelievable,” rejected Satsuki immediately. “It’s the miraculous reunion between us loving siblings! Couldn’t you pick a more romantic location,” Satsuki is throwing her childish tantrum again.

“Isn’t a fast food joint more common as a location for a family lunch?”

That statement is correct if you are talking about a normal relationship between siblings.

“Don’t use common siblings’ love to measure OUR relationship!”

“Even if you were to say such incomprehensible things…..”

“Let me simplify it. It’s your duty to cede to the whims of your younger sister!”

Satsuki placed her hands on her hips and declared with a fierce look.

“I said before that I cannot treat you like a younger sister.”

“Onii-sama is a heartless person!”

(I cannot take it anymore), Moroha scratched his head fiercely.

What can’t he take anymore? What Moroha can’t take anymore is his thinking: that the more Satsuki threw her tantrums, the cuter she became. It’s a serious illness, seek treatment immediately.

“I actually quite enjoy rice burgers. The atmosphere is more relaxing,” commented Shizuno.

Although Shizuno expressed no dissatisfaction, she still said:

“Still, please do not pick fast food just because it’s my treat today.”

“It’s not that. I just don’t like to spend too much money on food. If the price is too high, I will start thinking [Ah, at this price I could have eaten several meals instead], those kind of thoughts.”

While Moroha is describing his truth, Shizuno and Satsuki looked at each other again.

“Moroha, by any chance…..” Shizuno choked back her words, hesitating.

“Is Moroha’s family poor?” Satsuki asked straightforwardly without hesitation.

As expected of siblings, no trace of unfamiliarity between them at all.

Shizuno threw a look of condemnation at Satsuki.

“Yup. That’s correct,” Moroha confirmed with no awkwardness. He had never considered his family financial state as a source of disgrace.

“Since Moroha is fine with burgers, then let’s have burgers for lunch.”

“Urushibara, you traitor!”

“I’ve never said that I’m on your side.”

“No! I absolutely refuse.”

Satsuki may want to protest, but it was still 2 vs 1. The minority had to bow to the majority and they entered the store.


Moroha waited at a 4-seater table, and the 2 girls came back after ordering the meal.


The two of them grabbed the backrest of the seat beside Moroha simultaneously. Sparks seemed to fly between them as they glared at each other. It looked like they are fighting for the rights to sit beside him.

“What? Compared to the sofa, did the two of you prefer the chairs?”

Moroha was being gentle with the two girls and intended to let them have the softer sofa seats on the opposite side.

If that’s the case…..he shifted himself to the opposite side and plonked himself down on the sofa heavily.

“Now there are two chairs. Please get along.”

As long as there are enough resources for everyone, wars will not be fought. Moroha nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Haiz.” Satsuki and Shizuno sighed together again.

Why are the two of them sighing?

After the two girls seated themselves, their meals were delivered to them shortly. [3]

“Are you fine with so little…..?” Moroha blinked his eyes at Satsuki’s meal.

Satsuki twisted her head to one side and ignored Moroha’s question. Even if she didn’t want to have burgers, there’s a limit to being stubborn, right?

She ordered only fries and red tea.

“Are you fine with only fries?”

“Fries are also served as a garnish in western restaurants! Isn’t it a refined dish?,” Satsuki gave an unreasonable explanation.

Ah well, carrot and cabbage, to one’s preference I guess.


Moroha clapped his hand once in appreciation, and started on his burger.

This chain store is known for their rice burger. As the name suggested, it is a type of burger that used rice patties in place of bread, suitable for Japanese taste.

Moroha is eating a rice-burger with shredded roast meat as the main ingredient. Seasoned with soy sauce, the fragrance and taste of the rice is mixed with the sweet juice of the meat and crispiness of the raw cabbage. Combining all these ingredients in your mouth is the joy of eating a rice burger. [4]

“This is great! It’s been a long time since I ate this.”

Moroha, with great appetite, finished his burger in no time.

As he reached for his second, he noticed that Shizuno is elegantly eating by delicately taking small bites out of her burger, finishing only a quarter of it.

On the other side, Satsuki only ate a tiny amount of her fries, leaving a majority untouched.

“Ahhh, the fries are so tasty, but unfortunately I’m so full. I can’t finish all this by myself.”

Satsuki still refused to look straight at Moroha, but she glanced at him frequently out of the corner of her eyes.

Before he discerned the meaning of those glances:

“Don’t leave behind leftovers. What a waste.”

Moroha ignored Satsuki’s words and got a slightly angry.

“While everyone has a different amount of appetite, I hate people who waste food.”

“What…what is this? Only during these times will you act like an elder brother.”

Although Satsuki is protesting verbally, it can be seen that she is panic-stricken.

That’s because she had noticed the anger in Moroha’s eyes, that he is being serious.

“If I cannot finish it means I cannot finish. A girl’s appetite is small!”

She was chattering nonstop and giving excuses, but at Moroha’s angry glare she withered and her voice became smaller and smaller.

“Do…Don’t glare at me like that.”

After, she lowered her head and pouted, looking at Moroha with her upturned eyes, and whispered in an almost inaudible voice:

“It’s unfair that only Urushibara get to <feed> you….”

“Let me have some then.”

At that point, Shzuno reached out her demonic hands towards the fries.

“Why are you stealing other people’s food?!” Satsuki jumped up and raised her head while glaring at Shizuno, who is calmly munching on the stolen fries.

“Didn’t you say you can’t finish?”

“Uguuu…those words are not for you. I wanted Moroha to eat them from me!”

“I see. You should have clearly stated what you wanted faster before I misunderstood.”

Shizuno smiled while reaching for more fries.

“I…I…I…I’m always clear on what I want.”

Her ponytail swung as she turned her head away again.

“The fries are so tasty. What a delight.”

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 007.JPG

“Right? Right? As long as it’s potatoes, Onii-sama will love it.”

When Satsuki heard Moroha’s words, she became happy and smiled widely.

“How did you know that I love potatoes?”

“Huh? Isn’t that what you liked in your past life?”

“I see,” Moroha sighed softly. Looks like he even inherited Fraga’s taste.

“It’s truly tasty.”

“How much are you eating, Urushibara?! Moroha’s share is almost gone.”

“Hahahaha. Don’t mind. Don’t mind.”

“I’ll mind! You need to be more aware, Onii-sama!”

Just when Satsuki is putting on a determined look…..



Moroha and Shizuno touched their hands together while reaching for the fries.

“Hahaha, when these kinds of things happens it’s quite embarrassing.”

“I actually think it doesn’t feel too bad.”

“IT’S NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!”

Satsuki screamed, squeezing her eyes into a cross look and waving her arms wildly.

What a large amount of anger. What a waste of energy usage.

Until a growling noise sounded from her stomach.

“No! That’s not it. I didn’t hear anything!”

Satsuki, red-faced, sat down rapidly as if to hide her stomach.

Due to her cutesy actions, Moroha cannot help but laugh.

“See, I told you so. Just that small amount is not enough for you.”

“I’m already full! You heard wrongly!”

Satsuki waved her arms as she protested.

“I heard clearly.”

“Me, too.”

“I heard nothing!”

Just how much is she going to force herself?

“Do you want to eat my teriyaki chicken burger? I haven't taken it out of the wrapper yet.

“I’ve never eaten that kind of thing before and I’ve no intention to,” declared Satsuki unwaveringly.

“Is Ranjou-san a rich girl who never stepped out into the world before?,” asked Shizuno as she daintily dabbed at her mouth with a napkin. Implied in her tone is “If that’s the case, then it cannot be helped.”

“Daddy is a normal white-collar worker. But I’m a princess in my past life!”

“Oh? You were a princess?”

While Moroha was shocked, he quickly accepted the idea. He remembered the elegant gown Salacia wore in his dreams.

“That’s right! Can’t you sense my royal presence looking at me now,” Satsuki questioned while twirling her ponytail.

Moroha reflectively compared the two girls in front of him.

One is dressed in high-exposure clothing; hugging her arms and swinging her legs while leaning back against the chair.

One is dressed in the conservative school uniform, daintily and elegantly eating her burger.

If Satsuki really was a princess previously, what exactly happened in the interval?

Was it pride? Or a difference in upbringing?

“Don’t look at me with regrets, Moroha!” Satsuki covered her head.

“Wait. If that’s the case, then I was a prince?”

If they were siblings, it was logical to think so.

“Obviously! Without royal blood, it’s impossible for one to become the Guardian of the Holy Sword.”

“Even if you say obviously….”

For Moroha with almost no memories of his previous lives, it’s like listening about other people.

Regardless, as he was born with a normal background, even if he’s called a prince now, there is no feeling of credibility.

“As long as you believe on the inside, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside!” Satsuki clutches her fists as she continued to claim her royal blood.

“You don’t have many friends, do you?”

“Don’t speak like I’m always alone!”

At Shizuno's retort, Satsuki blamed her for spoiling her reputation.

“I have them! Friends or whatsoever, I have hundreds of them easily.”

“Please try to name for me 2 or 3 of them?”

“Hiri! Elue! Danapora!”

“Those are not Japanese names.”

Most likely those are all her servants' names in her previous life.

“So what? They have declared many times that “We are friends of the princess.””

(Looks like I guessed correctly with that “princess”……)

Satsuki leaned towards Shizuno, as if to whisper to her secretly, but continued to talk in a loud voice:

“Although they were commoners, they were never afraid of me or my status as a princess.”

“That’s because they were sick of you, so that’s logical.”

“Shut up. I heard that!”

“I intended for you to hear that.”

Satsuki banged on the table this time.

“Don’t misunderstand! As long as I have onii-sama, I do not need anything else!”

“But you are overreacting.”

“You are making fun of me, right?”

Satsuki angrily held her head. Playing with her ribbon, she petulantly declared:

“As long as Moroha can stroke my head every day, and hug me once in a while, it’s fine for people to say I’m forever alone.”

“I give up.”

Moroha, by now, is dumbfounded by all Satsuki’s words.

He is starting to comprehend how difficult it is to handle this brocon sister that suddenly dropped down from the sky.

Let’s try to stroke her head now and love her like a little sister?

Nope. Impossible. Can’t do it.

Moroha definitely cannot treat her like a little sister.

To him, Satsuki is only a normal girl.

For this girl to declare continuously her good opinions of him, it is a big problem to him.

“What a waste, what a waste…..”

In this bittersweet and awkward atmosphere, Moroha is chanting those words softly.

“Mouu! Even Moroha is making fun of me. That’s so rude,” Satsuki complained with dissatisfaction on her face,

With that, she aggressively grabbed Moroha’s teriyaki chicken burger off the table and ate it with large bites, as if giving up on herself.

Not only is she adept at tearing the wrapper away, she is eating the burger very naturally.

(Instead of “believe on the inside, doesn’t matter what’s on the outside”, it’s more like “leaking out what’s inside, and not noticing on the outside.”)


After Shizuno leaked out an amused grunt, Satsuki finally realised her gaffe and froze.

By that time, Moroha was laughing uncontrollably.

Satsuki was flushing red all over her body.

“Look, the tomato sauce is staining your hands.”

“What kind of food critic are you?”

Moroha continued laughing, tears rolling down his cheeks.


How long can you last with only a cup of coffee? How long can you laze around in a shop?

Every student should have challenged that question before.

Is the food culture in a fast food joint similar to a bar where one can nurse a drink for hours?

Moroha absentmindedly pondered this question. To the business owners, is the coffee drinker or the bar drinker more disruptive? Since both kinds are time-wasters, the one who ordered the cheaper coffee should be causing more loss to the shop in general as compared to……..

“Both types are troubling to the owners.”

“Guess you are right.”

To Moroha who proposed this thought experiment during a lull in their chatting, Satsuki slammed down this conclusion.

Possibly due to Moroha laughing at her just now, her tone is still cold.

“Do you want another cup?”

“No thanks. I’m not finished with this cup yet. Don’t waste it.”

Moroha declined Shizuno’s offer and continue to sip at his lukewarm coffee.

“I’ll go get mine.”

“Get one for me too. I’ll pass you the cash later.”

“Hmm, everyone’s rich,” Moroha shakily complained as he collapsed on the table.

Shizuno returned from the counter, and their drinks arrived shortly.

Red tea. Red tea. Coffee.

Moroha’s share was ordered too.

(Am I allowed such luxury?)

Moroha sighed internally at his puniness, and appreciation for Shizuno’s generosity. After all, coffee tasted the best when it’s piping hot.

Just when he downed the dregs of his first cup:

“Can I clarify something,” Shizuno casually asked.

She is expressionlessly studying the tea in her hands with her exquisite eyes.

“Moroha and Ranjou-san are familiar to each other in their past lives?”

“We are not only familiar with each other! We were siblings! The world most loving and close siblings,” Satsuki loudly declared before Moroha had a chance to reply.

(I wish that she will stop yelling scandalous phases like loving siblings.) Moroha nervously glanced around his surroundings.

“The world we were born in was dominated by an evil empire! As the Guardian of the Holy Sword, Fraga challenged the empire all by himself. As for me, I was the princess supporting him from the background. While it took us almost our entire life, the two of us tied together by love finally overthrew the Empire!”

Satsuki continue to describe their actions in their previous lives happily:

“Although the empire armies numbered in the tens of thousands, they were no match for Fraga!”

“Even when a noble female warrior known as the <Light Speed> challenged Flaga, he defeated her immediately in an instant, stylishly.”

“When you refused to aid my Onii-sama, your country was destined to be destroyed.”

If you allowed her, Satsuki can spend hours describing how great Fraga was with no pause.

With her watery eyes, flushed face, exaggerated gestures, she is generating “I love Onii-sama” vibes everywhere.

(What is this..this overblown…..)

For Moroha with no memories, he really cannot agree that those were actions done by him.

What is this heat on my face? Ah, it’s so embarrassing I want to plug my ears.

Conversely, Shizuno is totally absorbing the tales silently.

Only after Satsuki paused did Shizuno asked a question:

“.…took your entire lives?”

“Yes. The empire was huge. Plus, the emperor was cunning and difficult to deal with. It took decades.”

“…I see. It really was a majestic tale. Thank you very much for telling it.”

After Shizuno thanked Satsuki, she absentmindedly played with a curl of her hair.

A look as if she was in deep thought.

Sensing that it’s better not to disturb her, Moroha remained quiet.

“Ho ho ho ho ho, I see you are speechless at the tales of Onii-sama’s greatness. It’s o.k. to weep in awe. I will not laugh at you! Ho ho ho ho ho!”

Satsuki did not catch the mood again and laughed arrogantly.

Thanks to her, Moroha did not catch the soft muttering of Shizuno’s voice, looking as if she finally figured out something.

“….<Ancient Dragon>.”

Still, even if Moroha had heard it, he wouldn’t have understood this fragmented and unknown phrase.

He only lost a chance to clarify with her.

“Don’t look as if you understood everything! My Onii-sama’s heroic tales aren’t over yet!”

Satsuki, as if to overwhelm the noise around her, started another round of storytelling in a loud voice.

Even if the shop is spacious, she was still attracting the attention of other customers.

As the scenes she’s describing are too ridiculous, other people thought she was talking about some fantasy game.

Still, seeing as some customers looked irritated, Moroha decided to put a stop.

“We hear and understand the heroic tales already. Please lower your volume.”

“If you are asking me why, that’s because my Onii-sama’s heroic achievements is beginning the next chapter now!”

Although Moroha was waving his hand to catch her attention, the overexcited Satsuki never even heard him.

Instead, she even stood up and leaned forward to hold Moroha’s waving hand with both of hers.

“Moroha will also save this world, right?”

Her eyes filled with stars, and passionately continued:

“Do you know? Now, this planet Earth is targeted by the <Metaphysicals>. While we do not know their purposes, since you saved that previous world, you must be here to save this world too! So we need to fight. And this time, we won’t let you go off alone; I will also try my best. For peace, for justice, for saving this world, that must be the reason we reincarnated here!”

As Satsuki spoke more passionately, the colder Moroha’s eyes got.

The hotter Satsuki’s hands , the cooler Moroha’s hand between them.

“I’ve absolutely no intentions of battling the <Metaphysicals>.”

Moroha rejected Satsuki’s speech in a cold tone.


Not only Satsuki, even Shizuno looked surprised.

“Wh…Wh…What is going on? Why did you come to Akane Academy then?”

“Isn’t it your intention to join the order?”

Both Satsuki and Shizuno asked Moroha at the same time.

“Of course I want to join the order. It is an international organization with great salary and incentives. Uncle and auntie will be proud of me if I got in, and I also can support them financially as my gratitude for raising me.”

“Did you say uncle and auntie?”

“Not your parents?”

“My parents died 8 years ago. I was raised by my uncle’s family.”

The two girls sucked in a deep breath at the same time

Satsuki is gripping her ponytail with both hands tightly; Shizuno is showing her condolences on her face.

Moroha knew that both of them will show that kind of expressions if they knew, so he had been trying not to say it out loud.

Still, even if he wanted to keep his mouth shut, he was not willing to lie to the two of them.

Moroha scratched his head and continued:

“I heard about it in the pre-school briefings. If you get a good result by the time you graduate, you can join the order as part of the clerical staff. For that position, you are only required the minimum skill in the usage of <Ancestral Arts>. My aim is that.”

After hearing that, the two of them changed expressions.

“I see. Please work hard to reach your goal.”

Shizuno seems to be cheering him on sincerely and nodding her head. It’s as if she is agreeing with him that < It’s great to work hard for your current family> and < The two of them must be great people>.

“You are lying,” screamed Satsuki in denial.

She released Moroha’s hand and pushed herself backward.

Shizuno observed Satsuki’s unbelieving face, while Moroha did not dare to look at her.

Satsuki started scolding loudly, “My brother— Fraga was an ally of justice, he’d never say such pathetic words.”

Moroha replied her as if confessing his sins, “I am now Haimura Moroha, not Flaga.”

The easy atmosphere between them shattered.

As if an invisible crack appeared between them.


Satsuki angrily stared down at Moroha while standing.

Moroha was still not looking at her.

Shizuno placed her cup of red tea on the table.

The knocking sound is especially sharp.

The silence broken, Satsuki opened her mouth again, and spoke in a lecturing voice:

“Onii-sama is a <Savior>, you know.”

Moroha took a very deep breath, and sighed out heavily.

“I not someone so amazing that I can be called a <Savior>.

Both of them were glued to their opinions, refusing to give way.

Satsuki’s face was twisted with loneliness and sorrow, and was forcefully holding back her tears.

Moroha’s chest was throbbing in pain. He didn’t want to create this mood, and just want to continue enjoying the date.

But on this point, he will not let go.

It’s impossible for me to be an ally of justice, or someone amazing like a <Savior>……….

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