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This page is a list of unique/semi-unique terms and names for translators and editors to maintain consistency with. If anything significant needs to be done, such as any large additions, disputes to listed translations to a term or name, or formatting issues, please feel free to post the suggestion at the talk page.

Format Standard[edit]

Style of English[edit]

All edited translations are to be in British English. It will also contain Selahpheno sound language which is a original language Sazane Kei, the author, had made and uses in all of his work.

Narrative Tenses[edit]

Translators are allowed to use whichever tenses they need, so editors have to fix any errors for tenses when you find one. Narrative tense should be in past tense.


For proper nouns and common nouns or adjectives used as essential parts of proper nouns, the stuttered letters should be capitalised.

Example 1: “Er... B-Buchou, are you here?”

If the stuttering occurs at the beginning of the sentence, then the stuttered letters should be capitalised, regardless of the word's nature.

Example 2: “Eh? B-But, don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

If the stuttering occurs in the middle of the sentence, on a word that isn't a proper noun, a common noun or adjective used as an essential part of proper nouns, then the letters should be in lower case.

Example 3: “I've g-got to p-pick up a new b-book on vampires.”

Japanese Honorifics[edit]

Since there are no equivalents to Japanese honorifics in the English language, Japanese honorifics will be kept for certain parts only.


Main characters[edit]

The Knight of Reincarnation (再来の騎士)[edit]

  • Ren, (レン)
    • Full name: Ren E. Maxwell (レン=E・マクスウェル)
    • Alias: The fake Brave Hero (偽英勇)
    • Type/Title: III-Grade MASTERKnight,
  • Kyelse, (キリシェ)
    • Alias: Dragon Princess (竜姫), Heavenly Silver Dragon (天銀竜)
  • Fear, (フィア)
    • Alias: Archangel (大天使), The Tyrant Angel(暴虐天使),
  • Elise, (エリーゼ)
    • Full name: Eliselis Di Mariablaze (エリゼリス・ディ・マリアブレイズ)
    • Alias: The former Demon King (先代魔王), Demon Imperial Princess (魔皇姫)


  • Eleline, (エルライン)
    • Full name: Eleline E. Maxwell (エルライン=E・マクスウェル)
    • Alias: The Brave Hero (英勇)

Parties (旅団)[edit]

Elmekia Dusk (エルメキア・ダスク)[edit]

ELMEKIA DUSK Royal 72 Order of the Special Knight Squad (エルメキア・ダスク王立七十二階位特務騎士団)

  • Zelblight, (ゼルブライト)
    • Alias: Knight King (騎士王),
    • Type/Title: MASTERKnight + unconfirmed-type,
    • Rank in partyː First Rank (序列一位)
  • Ogre, (オウガ王蛾)
    • Type/Title: MASTERKnight + unconfirmed-type,
    • Rank in partyː Second Rank (序列二位)
  • Kassadin, (カサディン)
    • Type: MASTERKnight + unconfirmed-type
    • Rank in partyː Third Rank (序列三位)
  • Nerfless, (ナーフレス)
    • Type: MASTERKnight + unconfirmed-type
    • Rank in partyː Fourth Rank (序列四位)
  • Other minor membersː Zelt (ツィルト), Sukuna (スクナ), Dixcel (ディクソル), Rey (レイ), and Nethreet (ネスリート)
  • The Three Sages of Epigraph
    • Lesdyn, (レスディン)
    • Gissrem, (ギスレム)
    • Nina, (ニーナ)

Canaan Pilgrim, the Boat of the Sacred Teaching (カナン巡礼聖教船)[edit]

  • Elies, (エリエス)
    • Full name: Elies Sia Rin Cale, (エリエス・シア・凛・ケール)
    • Alias: Holy Maiden (聖女), Holy Elies (聖エリエス)
    • Type/Title: Investigator
    • Rank in partyː Leader
  • Thyrus, (タイラス)
    • Type: FULLTYPEFighter
    • Rank in partyː Upper echelons
  • Premier, (プルミエール)
    • Type: ARIACaster
    • Rank in partyː Newbie
  • Nebilim, (ネビリム)
    • Type: HEALERCurer
    • Rank in partyː Upper echelons

Investigation of the Spirits (精霊の調べ)[edit]

  • Shion, (シオン)
    • Type/Title: Sword Saint
    • Rank in partyː Leader
  • Karei, (夏蕾)
    • Type/Title: Great Miko
  • Gabrie, (ガブリエ)
    • Type/Title: Investigator

Earth (地上)[edit]

Dragons (竜)[edit]

  • Calra, (カルラ)
    • Alias: The Dragon Lord of Gloria (極光の竜帝)

Spirits (精霊)[edit]

  • The SALAMANDERancestral spirit of fire, (サラマンダー火の始原精霊)
  • The GNOMEancestral spirit of earth, (ノーム土の始原精霊)
  • The UNDINEancestral spirit of water, (ウンディーネ水の始原精霊)
  • The SYLPHancestral spirit of wind, (シルフ風の始原精霊)

Silent Organisation (沈黙機関)[edit]

  • Fiora, (フィオラ)
  • Isis, (イシス)
  • Descant, (ディスカント)
  • Mysty, (ミスティ)

Underworld (冥界)[edit]

Demon King (魔王)[edit]

  • Verusalem (ヴェルサレム)

Demon Generals (将魔)/Five Great Disasters (五大災)[edit]

  • Achendia the Demon General of Blaze, (『炎の将魔』アシェンディア)
    • Mii of the "Imitation", (『模造』の魅已)
    • Veldred of the "Armament", (『武装』のベルドレット)
    • Nesica of the "Reflection", (『鏡射』のネシカ)
  • Mia the Demon General of Wave, (『波の将魔』魅亜)
  • Luluphonica the Demon General of Ice, (『氷の将魔』ルルフォニカ)
  • Bao the Demon General of Curse, (『呪の将魔』バオ)
  • Unknown/last Demon General. Yet to appear.

Heaven (天界)[edit]

Goddess (女神)[edit]

  • Resflaze, (レスフレーゼ)
    • Alias: The Goddess of Seraphim (熾天の女神),

The Seven Archangel of the Heaven (天界の七大天使)/The Angels of the Seven Luminaries (七曜の天使)[edit]

  • Myuna of the Moon, (月のミュナ)
  • Shurato of the Mars, (火のシュラト)
  • Kona of the Mercury, (水の瑚南)
  • Johann of the Jupiter, (木のヨハン)
  • Fleodile of the Venus, (金のフレオディール)
  • Rui of the Saturn, (土のルイ)
  • Pierre of the Sun, (日のピィエレ)

Other Angels[edit]

  • Chief Angel Zedek, (天使長ゼデク)
  • Heaven Official Melcel, (天官メルセル)



  • Student's town, Mstier
    • Holy Fiora Journey Academy
  • Triumphal town, Enge
    • Caféterras “Albireo”
  • Town of the blazing cliff, Jio
    • Auditorium
    • Sanctuary
  • Great Volcano of Galia
  • Supreme metropolitan Elmekia
    • Ancient castle of Istalucile
      • Heaven mirror hall
  • Holy-ground Canaan
    • Cathedral
      • Room of prayers





To be added soon.

Roles and Rank of Party Members[edit]

Types and Titles


















III-Grade MASTERKnight


III-Grade ARIACaster




III-Grade SPIRITSpiriter




III-Grade ENCHANTERBarrierer


III-Grade HUNTERPredator


III-Grade THIEFSearcher


II-Grade MASTERKnight


II-Grade ARIACaster


II-Grade HEALERCurer


II-Grade SPIRITSpiriter


 II-Grade FULLTYPEFighter


II-Grade ENCHANTERBarrierer


II-Grade HUNTERPredator


II-Grade THIEFSearcher


I-Grade MASTERKnight


I-Grade ARIACaster


I-Grade HEALERCurer


I-Grade SPIRITSpiriter


I-Grade FULLTYPEFighter


I-Grade ENCHANTERBarrierer


I-Grade HUNTERPredator


I-Grade THIEFSearcher


Official MASTERKnight


Honourable MASTERKnight


Sword King


Sword Saint




  Great Miko


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