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Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha EX[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Toujou Basara had been born and bred as a member of the Hero Tribe. And five years ago, he had lost that title – when he was only ten years old.

In a surprise attack on the Hero Tribe, the event that would come to be known as [The Tragedy], the young Basara was there. The bloody disaster happening before his eyes forced much shock and fear into him, yet he still struggled with his life to protect his childhood friend Yuki who would be killed. And in the end, his own powers went rampant, bringing into reality the worst case scenario.

The tragedy came to an end – and even more people were harmed because of Basara.

Discussions about Basara's punishment began after that. Even though it wasn't fully Basara's fault, the number of people who managed to remain calm after experiencing a tragedy that had never happened before numbered few. Imprisonment for life, an immediate execution because he is too dangerous – such talks went on.

However, Basara's father Jin saved him.

Known as the world's strongest Hero who had been dubbed as [God of War] in the previous war with the demons and feared by the enemy, the hero of heros, Jin, opposed the decided punishment.

With the disagreements within the Tribe about to evolve into an internal conflict, the elders made the decision to exile both Basara and Jin from the Tribe -- far away from his birthplace, and his friends whom he had grown up with.

After all that, both Basara and Jin began to live a normal life in Tokyo.

Basara attended a school where normal children went to, and Jin began working as a photographer. And just like that, time slowly went by.

While he had minor bumps while trying to adapt to the city life at the start, the strongest hero really is indeed something. Jin, who always had a flair for photography became a well-known professional photographer within a short time, and once his name began to spread, the economic circumstances of the Toujou household began to change greatly. And the Basara who was very young at that time, eventually rose through to a junior high school, and a high school after that.

Time went by, and they lived a life as normal people.

But in these five years, that [Tragedy], Toujou Basara – what he had done, and his irredeemable errs – he was unable to forget them all.

He even felt that his way of taking responsibility wasn't right, to the point where he didn't know how he should face it. Until now, Basara is still carrying that burden.

The burden of the event that caused him to lose his status of a hero.

The burden of abandoning his dear friends.

--Just like that, the summer vacation of his first year in high school arrived while living his days filled with regret.

The daughter of the previous demon lord Wilbert, Mio, and the succubus accompanying her, Naruse Maria.

Protection of ones being targeted by hostile forces – the current demon lord of the demons has their eye on them, and becoming their family… After welcoming them over as his sisters, Toujou Basara's wheel of fate began spinning.

Living under the same roof, the prologue of their daily life together began.

Part 2[edit]

After saying [I've got some work to do] and leaving them behind, today is their second day without Jin. Their life at Toujou residences had not ended due to [Last Night's Incident], and there's currently a delicate atmosphere within it. Basara was seated at the dining table, having the lunch made by Maria.

“Maria, where's Mio? Is she still sleeping?”

Standing on the opposite side of the dining table was Maria, at looking at the finely done fried rice and the dumplings floating in the clear soup. Being asked a question, the loli succubus with a satisfied look on her face answered:

"Ah? She's not. She'll probably get up if you call for her."

Maria continued.

“Looks like it because of the incident last night. No matter how she were to think about it, she'll probably still feel ashamed… Heh heh.”

The culprit who caused the situation showed a smile upon remembering that evil deed.[1]

"I-I see… Can't be helped then."

Basara nodded, feeling his face becoming slightly red.

In short.

…It's already the second day since 'that' happened.

Like how he was hesitating over whether to talk with Mio, he was also hesitating over how he should talk to her. Still, leaving things as the mess it is right now isn't good.

They started living together the moment they met each other. They had gotten entangled in some undesirable circumstances when they visited the supermarket. They had taken a detour through the park to relax, and Jin left the house after talking to them a bit.

Mio's attitude immediately changed after that, and he found out that Mio was the demon lord's daughter, and that Maria was a succubus. The two of them tried chasing him away from the house, but instead they were the ones chased out by Basara with his hero's powers. But after putting through a call, he realized that Jin knew about their situation and intentions. In the end, Basara went to save the two of them who were being targeted, and they went back home just like that.

…What frustrating developments these are…

Although he knows what had happened, it all just feels so surreal. He could barely keep up with the developments in the situation.

--Their current objective is to protect Mio from the current demon lord faction who had their eye on her.

Hence, he had done a 'Master-Servant contract' using Maria's succubus powers, under Maria's urging. This magic could only be done on days with a full moon in the human realm, it connected their souls, and they would be able to sense each other's positions when the contract is done.

For protecting Mio, this magic did bring about some advantages, but if they were to do the contract under such an excuse… Sensing each other's locations was only a side effect of the master-servant contract. The contract's main purpose was to maintain the servant's loyalty to the master, and if the servant were to harbor intent to betray or irreverence, the curse would activate.


Using Maria's succubus powers, the subordinate was originally supposed to be Basara. But due to a mix-up somewhere, Mio became the subordinate, adding to the confusion. As the curse with aphrodisiac attributes activated, Basara could only subjugate Mio to lift her curse – via caressing her, he gave her pleasure in her aroused state.

But some parts within Mio still refused to yield to Basara. Hence, he targeted her weak point without holding back, her breasts. In the end, she climaxed nine times, engraving it into her mind and body.

Right now he still could hear Mio's panting from last night, while she said [onii-chan] repeatedly like a spoiled baby, and carved within his mind was her expression overwhelmed by her first pleasure.


He put down his spoon, and looked down at his hand. The sensation of Mio's large, warm and soft breasts still remained within it…

Firstly, it was from outside her clothes… He then boldly caressed Mio's breasts with this very hand, bringing her to a women's peak again and again. Mio was then thoroughly subjugated.

...Aah, just what am I thinking about!?

He shook his head that was filled with conflicted thoughts, and as he was about to throw the bad thoughts out of his mind--

"Indeed Basara is at an age already where compared to the dishes I prepare, Basara prefers last night’s dish as it has more flavor, am I right?"

Seeing Basara becoming red and flustered, she then giggled eloquently.

"Say, Basara… What dishes would you like for dinner?"

"You're annoying! That'll earn you punishments, so reflect on it a little more!"

He told her to reflect on her actions, but Maria continued, ignoring that:

"I don't want to~ It might have been an embarrassing memory for Mio-sama… But it seemed to the right move to make after thinking about it. This way, it'll bring about wonderful developments for Basara!"

“Oi, stop right there, Maria… What is with your excited face?...”

She's starting to take it too far… Basara only felt somewhat surprised with her.

“Is this no good? In short, if the contract were to be done with Mio-sama as the master and Basara as the subordinate, I wonder what would happen?...”

“Nothing. If the magic circle appeared in Mio hand and I kissed it, what's done would probably be a normal master-servant contract.”

Watching Basara answer calmly,

"To tell the truth, problems might still occur when completing the contract. But how would that matter? Does gender really not matter? Can Basara not feel any guilt for Mio-sama?"

Saying that, another evil smile appeared on Maria's face.

“It’s been only Mr Jin and Basara until recently, two males living together. A stepsister possessing such a cute yet extremely erotic body suddenly appeared, and now the both of you are now living under roof… No need to mention about every night before you sleep, but I’m sure occasionally, the impulse drives of a teenager had caused you to end up in some messy situations, right?”

"About that… Well, I'll probably be lying if I deny it completely. But when I lived in the Village, eliminating distractions and training my focus is--"

"That was something from five years ago... Are you going to say the same things now that you're adolescent?"

Maria said.

"Even now, aren't you still looking at your hand, recalling the sensation of Mio-sama's large breasts?"

"T-That is because I..."

Watching Basara attempting to come up with an explanation,

"Well, I'm not blaming you, Basara. Rather, I'm saying that it's a male's natural reaction."

Maria said while using her hand to stop Basara:

"But if you were Mio-sama's subordinate under the Master-Servant contract and something like now is happening, it'll cause guilt within you and activate the aphrodisiac curse. When that happens, Basara will definitely be panting heavily. After that, looking at Mio-sama with her hands on her hips while say she looks at you with eyes filled with scorn as if saying [You're the subordinate, but yet you're doing this...], that part of you will be expanding from excitement. You'll probably be subjugated while she rubs it with her toes and steps on it while rotating her heel."

"Are you for real?"

For such a normal Master-Servant contract, I'll become like that in the worst case scenario?

Looking at Basara whose heart skipped a beat,

"Yes yes. Additionally, I will also be washing your underwear in the bathroom when that happens. But that'll probably not be fast enough. It'll then get to the point where I can't wash them fast enough and a cabinet specially for your pants will be installed in your room to keep your spares. After that point, you'll probably wear diapers…"

Maria said while thinking about it groundlessly.


I'm afraid to say that Basara's face has already lost all colours. It's like Maria said, it'll be [Game Over] on many aspects if Maria didn't act confused. Watching Basara who remained silent while trembling, Maria nodded.

"Basara, you have been saved."

And said so happily and shamelessly.

"And the culprit is the one smiling. Say, do you even understand what Mio is going through while living here?"

Demon Lord Wilbert who died a year ago, was part of the Moderates faction. In order to not get his daughter involved in the power struggle around him, Wilbert handed his daughter to his subordinates to let her be raised as a human, and not as a resident of the demon realm. Because of that, Mio had lived a normal life as a normal human without knowing anything at all.

His daughter, under those circumstances, will be dragged into the power struggle after his death and be targeted; Wilbert had probably thought about this worst case scenario happening. When the demon lord died, he had secretly transferred his powers to Mio.

--And Mio was targeted by the enemies, thinking that all those related to the demon lord must be killed, including the demon lord's single daughter and her adoptive parents.

As Mio was about to fall into the hands of the enemy, she barely managed to escape with Maria who helped her. Her life was turned upside down just like that with her normal daily life gone; and that is Mio's tragic history. Maria who accompanies Mio is probably more aware of it than anyone.

Facing Maria who had said things about Mio without thinking it through, Basara couldn't help but to harbor some anger when talking to Maria. Seeing Basara acting like that,

"...I'm sorry. It's seems that I had taken my joke a little too far."

As if like it wasn't real at all, her face showed a pained expression, and she was still joking moments ago. Realising Basara was beginning to panic,

"I had done things that I should apologise about to Mio-sama... If I were to make any mis-steps in doing so, Basara may have to take some risks. I will still take responsibility for even that."

But, Maria continued:

"There doesn't seem to be any other way. The enemy are the ones from the Current Demon Lord faction, and you two being able to mutually sense each other's locations will be very useful; you'll be able to go and save the one you are protecting (Mio-sama) whenever she is in danger. I believe you two can achieve this level of working together."


It is as Maria said. The advantage of being able to sense each other's locations is invaluable, since searching with their eyes and ears has their limits

"For the Master-Servant contract that is able to relay information, the curse is just a reaction to negative aspects like guilt. So can't we just take advantage of the situation and use it to improve your trust and relations?"

"Take advantage of the situation...?"

"Although it's compulsory, you can suppress the activation of the curse through interacting with each other and deepening your relationship. If all else fails, we can just undo the contract on the next full moon. Or if deepening your relationship goes smoothly, the chances of the curse activating will slowly disappear... or something like that."

"Its sole advantage is only sensing each other's location. This…"

Looking at Basara muttering out his understanding of it, the little girl in front of him nodded. After that, Maria raised her head and looked at him again, and said:

"Basara -- I'll be leaving the matter with Mio-sama in your hands."

Part 3[edit]

Naruse Mio still refuses to leave her room. She'll just remain sitting on her bed at all times.

...Just how should I deal with her...

Mio knew that her face was red without looking at the mirror. [Enough is enough, if she doesn't come out from her room...] -- she had already been thinking about it for a few times already.

But she still couldn't do it. She still can't leave the room no matter how much time she spent thinking about it. [She can't remain like this forever...] That thought was occupying Mio's mind.

-- Mio wasn't regretting the reversal of the Master-Servant contract with Basara.

It's just that when the magic circle appeared on Basara's hand, she had questioned why did she have to be Basara's subordinate in the midst of the confusion and anxiety. But Mio needed to borrow Basara's strength. Thinking from that perspective, the reversal of the one being the subordinate was natural.

It also had the perk of feeling each other's locations. This way, her rescue was secured in emergency situations and when she was in life-threatening danger, and it could also be utilized in battle.


The most important thing. Basara had told her that he wouldn’t mind doing the contract as long as she is willing to. She had no idea about the curse back then, and becoming Basara’s subordinate wasn’t something she had wanted… Even then, Basara had still accepted the contract that would’ve been disadvantageous to him. Thus -- she felt that she could accept being the subordinate to such an individual.

…It’s just,

The problem is that she'll become aroused when the curse activates, causing her to become obscene. Whenever she thought about it, bone-chilling shame would fill her body, making her act strangely.

--Even then, she had asked herself on what she should do before she slept. Last night when she was under the effects of the aphrodisiac curse, Basara’s touches had brought her unimaginable pleasure which carved 'obedience' into her mind, and was subjugated by Basara. After that, Mio had brought the culprit Maria back to her room to teach her a lesson. When the 'lesson' ended at dawn, she had vented out almost all of her anger and embarrassment. Also, her memories were fuzzy in those moments of unforgettable pleasure. That’s why, nothing can already be done about it at this stage.

She needed to discuss what is to be done on the next full moon during tomorrow’s breakfast. She relaxed a little once she made that decision -- and fell asleep with that thought in her head.

--However, such laxness isn't good at all.

With the fierceness of the pleasure and obedience Basara carved into her, Mio had such a dream -- doing obscene things with Basara, just like when the Master-Servant contract was made. It wasn't clear to her what state she was in while Basara was trying to undo the curse, but it was all totally clear and fresh in her dream… Totally. Unforgettable.

…Could I -- Was I also like that yesterday……?

In Mio’s dream -- Basara was massaging Mio’s large breasts, and she reached climax every few strokes. With every stroke that had much energy, her own body and heart were gradually being subjugated by Basara. In the last moments where she could still comprehend, Mio had sworn to Basara as his subordinate.


Suddenly trembling, she crossed her arms and hugged her body.

What she saw was only a dream -- was what she could accept. Even then, there was still a sweet warmness within her body when she woke up, like a surprise waiting for her… The line between her reality and dreams had already blurred, and she refused to get up and exit the room when Maria had come over to her after waking up.


She was too embarrassed, unable to meet Basara at all. Perhaps realising that it was her fault, Maria had prioritised Mio and delivered all sorts of food and delicacies to her room. The second floor had the same bathroom as the first, and under these conditions -- she had remained here until now.

How shameful this is… They had fought a death fight against an enemy from the Current Demon Lord faction just last night. But even if her life would be in danger, she couldn't leave the room due to the embarrassment that would hit her. However, Mio had no intention of running away at all; she just wants to hide within her own room.


What escaped from her lips was the name of the individual that Mio had made the Master-Servant contract with. At the same time--


Something within her chest was pounding away furiously, and a sweet warmness was slowly filling her body. Right now, Basara is still within this house, worrying over Mio -- these thoughts filled with guilt within her shame is what will cause the activation of the aphrodisiac curse. Even then, it’s great that she wasn’t plunged into last night’s aroused extremities when she had opposed the Master-Servant contract. The last few times when those thoughts came over her, the curse faded when she took a few deep breaths. However--


Mio’s voice became filled with puzzlement. The deep breaths she took that had been able to sedate the curse, wasn't causing the aphrodisiac curse to disappear.

….No way…Could it be that…..?

The longer Mio had stayed within her room, the more her thoughts were about Basara, and the guilt she felt gradually snowballed. Thus, the aphrodisiac curse was activated, and now taking deep breaths wouldn't be enough to dispel the curse. [2] As the sweet feeling deep within her began to expand and take over her--

…H-Have to think, o-of something…

Mio tried to get up from her bed in a panic -- but was unable to stand up; her knees and waist had no energy left within them


I have to stand up. Becoming anxious--

…If this continues….

She mustn't let Basara lift the curse once more. However -- the growing sweetness within her wasn't something Mio could deal with alone.


The terror of not being able to control her body and being unable to calm the raging sweetness within her, caused Mio to let out pained sounds -- and in that moment,

"----Mio, are you awake?"

With the light careful knocks on the door, came the sound of Basara’s worried voice. But,

“-----I-I’m awake!”

Faced with the sudden unexpected situation, Mio immediately shouted her reply. After that--

"I-Is that so… Umm, I had discussed about some things with Maria."

Facing the door, came Basara’s voice as if he was very hesitant about something.

"If it's fine with you… for tonight's dinner, do you want to eat out?"

"Oh - ah… Okay."

He didn't hear those sound I made just now…right? Slightly uneasy, she had expressed her understanding.

"Is that so…that's great. Well, I'll be coming in later.'

Basara let out a sigh of relief and left. It seems that her situation wasn't exposed, and Mio too let out a sigh of relief.

....Huh? [3]

With the shock from the unexpected event, her guilt towards Basara seems to have also disappeared. No matter what she did just now, the sweetness from the aphrodisiac just wouldn't disappear.

"It's great… Thank goodness that nothing happened."

With last night's events, Mio had undergone some deep thinking. In Maria's words: Although it's stated by the Master-Servant Contract, the subordinate need not swear absolute obedience to the master. Thinking that an order was too unreasonable, suspecting the decisions of the master, as well as going against the master’s orders would all activate the curse. And since taking deep breaths can calm a light curse, words that shock guilt away from her mind would undoubtedly be able to remove the curse. Of course, if Mio as the subordinate were the say or do unwarranted words or deeds, the curse would activate the curse strongly, so she can't be too careless.

But just a little more, and she might be able to take a rest on Basara's shoulder. [4]

Basara was her family member -- as well as her master.

Those were all of Mio's feelings about Basara.


Mio smiled, and stood up from the side of her bed. Although Basara had said 'a little later', the curse might activate again from the guilt from thinking about him waiting for her downstairs.

Thus, Mio took in a deep breath, let herself out from her room, and slowly made her way down to the first floor.

Part 4[edit]

Before the sun had set, the Basara, Mio, and Maria set out from their home to eat out, with train station as their first destination. The three of them strolled through the streets leisurely while shortlisting some restaurants, and choosing an Italian Restaurant in the end.

When they stepped inside, the interior gave off the feel of refined tastes. They were then guided by the staff to a table which would adjust the number of seats corresponding to the number of people near the counter at the entrance within the spacious hall. One could see from activity of staff streaming through the door to the kitchen, creating the atmosphere of looking forward to the wide range of delicious foods and liquors on the menu.

-- It was the first time for the three of them, but it seems that they had made the right choice in choosing this restaurant. The three of them chose either spaghetti or pizza and a choice of meat toppings from the menu. Those are foods that will always be delicious, and indeed the food made them forget the awful feelings from the making of the Master-Servant contract yesterday, chatting freely while enjoying the delicious delicacies. They also shared the various specially picked spaghetti and pizza, not once even considering that they are of different genders. To Basara who had always been eating together with Jin, this was totally something fresh and new…..for this new leaf of life, having female family members was something that felt realistic to him.

After that -- the happy times were cut short. After enjoying the various delicacies, came the bill. Although Mio and Maria offered to foot the bill, Basara rejected them -- as this is a family dinner after all. Basara had lived alone with his father for a long time, and was receiving an allowance since he started schooling. After finishing with the payment, Basara went towards the two who were waiting outside in order to not disturb the other customers. “Sorry to keep you waiting for so long.”

“Don’t worry about it, thanks for footing the bill. Is it really fine?”

And replied to Mio who was uneasy:

“Ah ha, I’ve been saving up my allowance I got from my father. I’ve already decided to take care of you, so don’t mind it.”

“Ohh, thank you… Well then, shall we go back together?”

“I guess we should. It’s almost time for the police’s curfew, and it would be problematic if any one of us were to be questioned or lectured.

“--Well, what if it were two of us?”

Toujou Basara said so quietly.

There was somewhere he wanted to go.

Part 5[edit]

“Can we take a small detour?”

Basara had brought Mio and Maria to a certain place after saying that. That place was – the scenic outpost in that park he had just went to yesterday. When they reached their destination, Maria immediately went to buy drinks for them, thus leaving Mio and Basara together behind. When she returned—

“…Why did you choose to come here?”

Mio expressed the doubts she had. –But then Mio immediately understood why Basara had brought her to this place – the view of the cityscape, the unobstructed view dotted with many dots of light. Then—

“Didn’t we agree to it already? That we would come to view this scene together.”

Basara said while looking down towards the view below.

“Even though I had only just came here yesterday…it’s a shame that we will be returning home almost immediately.”

That’s why – as he and Mio had come to this place just yesterday. After Basara had chased Mio and Maria out of his house yesterday, the two of them came to this park, where they were then attacked by an enemy. Although the two of them had already repelled the assailant once, they were taken by a surprise attack, and were saved by Basara who had chased after them from the house when Mio’s life was in danger.

“But…” Mio still muttered, not understanding.

----Of course, the promise made with Basara had seemed practically impossible before, so she was very happy when that agreement was realised. Last night before the two of them were attacked by the enemy, both Mio and Maria had already came to take a look at the view here from within the park, but that was unrelated to this. Honestly, they were very lucky to be able to view this view together with Basara.

…It’s just--

She did make that promise with Basara. But after revealing her identity and past, Mio didn’t want to ever meet Basara ever again…, not that. It was that Mio had not want to involve Basara anymore into her dangerous matters.

--So, this means that the promise Mio had made with Basara back then, was for real in Basara’s viewpoint, while in Mio’s viewpoint it was just unnecessary. Basara should already clearly understand this situation.

[But why…] Just as Mio was thinking about this,

“----If we were to start over again, I had thought that this would be the best place to do it.”

Their surroundings was already very quiet – and Mio was sure she had heard that from Basara.


Just as Mio showed her confusion, Basara turned around to face her. He then said while avoiding her eyes:

“When we came to watch the sunset, the both of us were hiding things from each other, not now that it’s different……of course, I’m not saying that we have to ingratiate [5] each other.”

[However], Basara added.

“Looking at the view together brings meaning to [Let us become family from now on], which was probably the first promise we had made. I would not like to just let that become empty words.”


Mio called his name, and Basara warmly patted her head.

“Let’s make another promise. No matter what happened or will happen, from now on, let us all watch over each other…… Me, you, Maria -- the three of us.”

Naturally saying what seemed to be natural -- just like that, they are now family.

Believing that is just like a real family.

Smiling while announcing it to Mio,


She answered with her head lowered, and her small shoulders began trembling.


This is bad -- did I make her cry? At such times, for those who had never had female family members….especially those who never had any sisters, they wouldn’t know what they should do.

…W-What should I do now?

Should I do as like they do in dramas, and give her a tight hug? Or would that even be appropriate in real life situations? Watching the girl with tearful eyes exceeding his expectations, Basara remained still as he was unable to think of the basic solution.


Mio leaned her body towards Basra, resting her head on Basara’s chest.

…T-This is…

There’s no mistaking it. This is progressing just like in the television dramas. If that’s the case, the answer is obvious. Basara took in a deep breath--


Warmly calling her name, he gave her a tight hug. After that, in the next mement--


Mio suddenly released a sigh, and her body within her arms began fidgeting while turning pink.

“Oi. W-What’s this situation!? What’s wrong, Mio!?”

Toujou Basara began panicking while hugging Mio’s waist. The curse of the Master-Servant Contract activates when the subordinate betrays the master, but yet Basara didn’t say anything that would make Mio go against him. Rather than saying that he didn’t mind what happened yesterday, Basara had talked about Mio’s feelings, but he totally had no intent of belittling her. Just then--

“Ah-ah~ Basara, I see that you have made your move already~”

Returning from going to buy something to drink, Maria said as she looked his way.

“M-Maria… Great, hurry up and tell me just what is going on here!”

Basara immediately sent a rescue SOS to Maria who was going [Ara ara~].

“I see, it wouldn’t be enough even if I told you about the curse of the Master-Servant Contract…”

“What is it that went wrong?! What did Mio do to want to betray me?”

Basara knew clearly that Mio is a teenage girl who is kind and soft. Instead, Maria refuted:

“No, that’s not the case. Haven’t I said it before…the curse of the Master-Servant Contract activates when the subordinate harbours guilt towards the master. And as Basara knows, Mio-sama has a really soft heart, right? [To do such a thing to such a nice person, aren’t I just conning him?] -- that is probably what she thought.”


Mio became shocked, did Maria hit the nail on the head? Within Basara’s arms, Mio adverted her gaze from Basara,

“Ha……no, I….ah, that isn’t, the case---Ya,aahh”

Struggling to deny it, Mio’s body once again trembled and she turned red.

“Ah ah, you can’t act like this, Mio-sama. In your state, you must not lie to your master Basara, okay? Did your curse become even stronger?”

Maria then quietened down to let Mio calm down, and turned his way to say:

“Well then, Basara. Now that the situation has turned out like this, I guess you know what you have to do, right?”

“Ah…. Oi, you don’t mean that, right?”

Seeing Basara widening his eyes, the loli-ero-succubus before him smiled and said:

“That’s right -- please subjugate Mio-sama, just like last night.”

“N-No way, hold on right there Maria…!”

“No way. Not to say that you did it on purpose, but it was Basara’s words that activated Mio-sama’s curse. As Mio-sama’s master, you must take responsibility.”

[Additionally] Maria suddenly lowered her voice, and touched Mio’s cheek,

“As Basara said, if you think about your future, you will have sort out stuff between you two. But then again, Mio-sama will always be harbouring guilt within her because of that… Thus, in order to not let Mio-sama worry about it, please allow Basara’s hands to let Mio-sama experience happiness.”

What appeared on that young girl’s face, was an expression filled with much thought for Mio, yet filled with much love. That’s why--

“…I understand.”

Maria was right, Basara was the one who caused Mio to be in this situation, and there was no other way to save Mio from it. [No other way]. Basara nodded after having a realisation.

“Thank you. However, we are unable to bring Mio-sama back home right now. We can’t allow anyone else to see Mio-sama in this state, and additionally, the journey back home would increase her burden… So, we will have to begin right here and right now.”

Just like that, the loli succubus made a very shocking remark. Also--

“Mio-sama. Right now, the suffering Mio-sama is currently experiencing is brought about by the guilt you felt from making a lie. If you want to eliminate all regrets, I guess doing it right here and right now shouldn’t be too difficult, right?”

“I-It’s because…”

Maria had hit a weak spot in Mio’s heart, and Mio’s pupil quivered. Grabbing the opportunity created in that moment--

“It’s great if you understand -- if not--“

Rapidly saying that, the loli succubus began to carefreely take off Mio’s shirt.

“O-Oi, Maria!?”

“Lyaa, Maria…W-What are you doing…!?”

Watching Maria going ballistic, Basara and Mio raised confused voices. Relying of the virtuosity [6] of a succubus, Maria effortlessly managed to take off Mio’s shirt while she was struggling against her.

“Hei hei… With the benevolence of the seasoned fighter, I guess underwear might be allowed?” [7]

Since what’s done is done, saying anything more wouldn’t make any difference. Having her shirt being forcefully taken away, Mio slowly slid down towards the ground--

“C-Come back to your senses…… Idiot!”

Even though affected by the aphrodisiac curse to the point where she was unable to stand up anymore, Mio still angrily looked at Maria. After that--

“That’s why I had said… You rushed things.”

Apparently she had went overboard. Basara also looked at Maria with accusing eyes.

“Umm… This is a demonstration for Basara...?”

“For me…?”

Raising the question while frowning, Maria replied [Yes,yes] while nodding:

“Please think back on what had happened when making the Master-Servant Contract last night. For the Mio-sama who had no immunity towards pleasure to reach climax nine times is really amazing. But thinking about it from another perspective, you would be giving her some freedom if you were to treat her well.”


That’s not a very good perspective, although it wasn’t wrong. The reason Basara hesitated on Mio’s matter, was that he was unable to ascertain his existence. Then--

“If you factor in Mio-sama’s personality, there will be many opportunities where she would activate the curse while still outside. When the time comes, something might happen you were to spend too much time on it. When an emergency happens, it would become troublesome of Mio-sama were to keep on resisting, refusing to be subjugated.”

[However], Maria continued

“It’s impossible for anyone to be experienced without going through anything… Why not, let’s just use today as a practice? Come Basara -- come and take off Mio-sama’s bra, and then subjugate with your very own hands! Please do not forget that if Basara were to hesitate even once, you might just very well increase Mio-sama’s burden!”

“Ah…… You’re so annoying. I understand already!”

Being urged by Maria, Basara said as if giving up and supported Mio by her waist who has already slowly sliding down to the ground.

“N-No… H-Hold on, Basara…”

Knowing all too clearly on what was about to come, Mio tried to dissuade Basara, but--

SMnT EX 39.jpg


Basara shook his head and began moving a hand towards Mio’s breasts, and then forcefully clawed off her bra. [Pa!] With the sound of something breaking behind her back [8], Mio’s breasts were then revealed.

“Yaa… B-Basara, you idiot…”

Cupping her breasts with her left hand, only pleasure was left within Mio’s voice. Due to the effects of the aphrodisiac curse, Mio’s body has already lost all its energy.

“Ah… Don’t…”

Basara gripped the hand cupping her breasts, and slowly pulled it away, fully revealing Mio’s breasts.

“Oh… Aahh….”

Mio had let Basara see it -- outdoors this time.

Feeling Basara’s sight and the night wind, the breasts that has already become very sensitive due to the effects of the aphrodisiac curse now felt like a terrifying area -- with the situation now developed into an unbelievable state where its morality is to be questioned, Mio let out hot and lewd sounds.

“Now then…I’m beginning.”

Basara swallowed his saliva and finally began moving his hand towards her. After that, in the moment where contact was made with her breasts, now that her bra was stripped off and her hand was pulled away, --


Naruse Mio is now in the continuation of yesterday’s events, and now felt her tenth time of her pleasure peaking from Basara’s hands. Hence -- what happened after that, now belonged in the domain of Mio’s summer dreams. Before the aphrodisiac curse of the Master-Servant fully subsided, Basara kept kneading Mio’s breasts in various positions.

Like being hugged tightly from behind.

Like being pushed down on the nearby grass.

As her breasts overflowed from his fingers while changing shapes from the kneading, the tips of the breasts that have been covered since it began are being rubbed against his palms. With the current situation being more hot and pleasurable than when the contract was made with Basara, Mio could only keep trying to say [Don’t].

Even then, Basara’s hands had no intentions of leaving Mio’s breasts – even when Mio was sitting atop Basara’s knees in the end, Basara kept up his caresses from behind her back.

--Just like that, Mio began to yield to Basara. Mio’s two hands were already overlapping with Basara’s since somewhere along the way, handing her all to him. All thoughts of resisting already disappeared from her mind, and only ‘Brother’ is being uttered from her lips. After that—

“Mio-sama… Please take a look.”

Hearing Maria’s gentle voice enter her ear, Mio then opened her bleary [9] eyes.


With eyes completely moist due to repeated being brought to pleasure peaks under the effects of the aphrodisiac curse, Mio managed to make out a night scenery that was so beautiful that it seemed almost unreal.

So beautiful…

Much more beautiful than all of the night scenery I have ever seen…

Thus – Mio turned back towards Basara, and quietly voiced out a wish of hers. Then—

“This time, I did not mix any lies into it…”

Seeing Mio adding on supplementary,

“…Ahh, I understand.”

Basara nodded, and with a sigh, Mio slipped into complete yielding.

Now, with only light movements from Basara’s warm hands, Mio will react violently, thus Basara did not use a lot of force. Facing the swelling pleasure and happiness while her breasts were being caressed, she moved her hips about lewdly, her panty even wetter than yesterday. The lights in Mio’s vision then began taking over her consciousness.


Soon, Mio was completrely swalled by the whirlpool of lights – and lost consciousness thereafter.

Part 6[edit]

----After that.

After confirming that the curse has already fully faded, they put clothes onto an unconscious Mio, and began walking home. Maria seemed especially excited, humming throughtout the journey home, while letting Basara walk slowly while carrying Mio on his back. Probably because it’s the basic instincts of succubi, Maria said so, unable to control her excitement:

“Ara~ Did we really just do that? It’s only the second day since the Master-Servat Contract was made, I really am looking forward to the potential you two have~!”

“Weren’t you the cause of it, I say…”

Looking at the loli succubus turning back to look at them, Basara could only helplessly sigh.

“Ah, now that you mentioned it, Basara. What did Mio-sama say to Basara right at the end?”

“…Ah? What are you talking about?”

Basara asked back—

“Ara, Basara even knows how to act dumb~ Still intent on keeping her secret, you’ll make me unable to sleep tonight from the anticipation. Come on, please tell me~”

“I told you already, I don’t know what you are talking about…”

Facing a relentless Maria, Basara refused to say anything. If he were to tell it to Maria as she is now, they will definitely end up in an even weirder situation.

“Is that really the case~. Then good, I’ll ask Mio-sama when she wakes up later.”

Watching Maria say while puffing her cheeks--

“I see… Then please don’t die on me.”

Basara said without any hesitation.

“Hoho, Basara, such little tricks won’t work on me~. With the current state Mio-sama is in, there is totally no way she will do those dangerous things you suggest.”

The loli succubus then paid for the advice with a smile.

Well, if Mio is the kind of person Maria makes her out to be, then all is well.

That’s why ---- Basara refrained from saying anything more.

After they all returned home.

While Basara was still bathing, loud noises and lamenting came from the second floor. Probably because Maria had questioned Mio when she woke up on what she had said back then.

“Well, I guess that is to be expected…”

When you wake up, if the one before you were to be the one who had forcefully undressed you outside, that would be always be the reaction anyone would have.

“Is she going to continue until morning again…? How disastrous.”

Toujou Basara raised his head to look at the ceiling, and mumbled.


<---------------> [10]

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. evil deed or prank. Both are applicable.
  2. Those deep breaths were to clear the mind of thoughts
  3. Aaa lei
  4. Original sentence: [もう少しだけ、肩の力を拔いても大丈夫なのかもしれない]. The Japanese to Mandarin translator couldn’t understand this, and I had guessed what is supposed to be here based on context and google translate
  5. bring oneself into favour with someone by flattering or trying to please them
  6. the character, ability, or skill of a virtuoso, a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit
  7. Literal translation here, might seem off, unable to do anything about it
  8. Forcefully pulling off the bra from the front, breaking the clasp behind Mio’s back
  9. looking or feeling dull and unfocused from sleep or tiredness
  10. Was not translated

Thanks to the people from 新妹魔王之契约者吧 on 百度贴吧, including 艾特译者@xianyu75657, @强袭の枪神 枪叔给精. I'm currently translating from your work.

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