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Translators Note[edit]

Proverb: "When the wind blows, those who sell barrels prosper"[edit]

風が吹けば、桶屋が儲かる, means "Bliss often falls into the hands of an unexpected person.

Actually, it's meaning is: When the wind blows (typhoons), the barrel maker (or seller) gets rich. Barrels were used to bury the dead.




Mitsubishi A6M1 Zero[edit]

Paragraph 3.

The A6M Reisen, aka the Zero is a single engined carrier based fighter. It had a single engine mounted in the nose, not Engines mounted on either side of the body.

At least the animators got it right.

For more info, See Here.

Or use Google^_^


Mitsubishi makes airplanes?!Blackfaia