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Hello, defan752 here.

Not much to say: Huge fan of anime, manga, light novels, and Japanese culture in general.

Current Projects[edit]

I enjoy contributing to the community, and especially about doing something I love. Been following Baka-Tsuki for a long time, but only recently started having somewhat of a footprint here.

  • I'm working on Kokoro Connect at NanoDesu.
  • I also run a translation blog of my own, where I work on Sword Art Online, Accel World (dropped), F-Rank no Boukun, and Urasome Tenba (dropped).

Contact Information[edit]

You'll find that I have somewhat of a presence on reddit as well. Feel free to hit me up in the Attack on Titan Roleplay.

Here's some more contact information:

  • My Discord name is defan752. I hang out in the /r/SwordArtOnline server. This is my preferred method of communication.
  • My Skype Name is kevin.defan.
  • I'm defan752 on reddit. PM me and I'll get back to you.
  • I'm also somewhat active in the forums, PM me if you'd like.