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About Me[edit]

This needs an update badly.

An avid reader and writer, and translator for Accel World.

British English is my first language, while Chinese is my second. I'm learning Japanese as a third language too.

Screen Names: Tusjecht(AnimeSuki, WordPress, Accel World RP, Fanfiction), theUnbreakableSky , Or some derivation thereof.

Age: 18 going on 19

Residing in: Singapore (GMT +8)

Gmail: tusjecht

Current Projects

  1. Accel World V11
  2. Chinese AW Wiki Translation

Planned projects:

  1. Accel World V12
  2. Accel World Blu-Ray Side Story (Traces Of Prominence)
  3. Accel World V3, Chapter 10
  4. Accel World V10, Chapter 2
  5. Sword Art Online WEB Alicization novel

And maybe any other projects if I get requests. With so much AW to translate, I sometimes think that I should have more...variety.

I have access to Chinese Translations for all AW novels, BR SSes, and have reasonable confidence in compiling the WEB novel. Credits to Flere821 for sourcing the translations, as well as all Chinese translators who made it available to begin with.

I'm currently in SCS hoping that I can crossover to OCS, and challenge myself to reach greater heights.

Even More About Me[edit]

Favourite anime

  1. Accel World
  2. Black Rock Shooter
  3. Elfen Lied
  4. Mirai Nikki
  5. Ore No Imouto
  6. Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo
  7. Sword Art Online
  8. Toaru Majutsu No Index I


  1. Castle In The Sky
  2. Inception
  3. Matrix Trilogy
  4. The Place Promised In Our Early Days
  5. Brave Story

Favourite Games:

  1. Touhou 6, 7, 8, 11, Great Fairy Wars
  2. Halo PC (A few times a week I login to the OZ servers to have a few rounds of Zombies In Vehicles or Random Weapons. ID is Kyousuke, and if I may boast, I'm not too bad with an Assault Rifle/Pistol either.)


Credits to my Kouhai-chan who introduced me back to the world of anime and all things Japanese. Without her I think I would not be typing all this stuff today. (: No prizes for guessing, I started with Vocaloid.

It's been awhile so I've mellowed down from favouring any particular Vocaloid, at one point in time I was taking Gumi as my waifu, then IA, then Luka, get the drift. There's no end to the waifu and 'best girl' war. Instead I'm now favouring artistes and composers who can do a great job marrying voice, lyrics, and backgrounds.

-Maya-P for producing personal favourite Fake Or Fate? and Flowers Of Dawn.

-Taishi for producing four personal favourites: The Personalizer, Aviator In The Soul, Falling Apart. and Destination, which unfortunately has no YT link yet. (A side project I want to do is to make an AMV of this, so keep an eye out for me on YT. Hee.)

Music Beyond Vocaloid[edit]

It's not like all I listen to is Vocaloid music...just 99% of the time I listen to Vocaloid. :heehee:

In my younger years I was into Linkin Park, Evanescence, Fort Minor, touching very lightly on Simple Plan. The last quarter of my music world went to the instrumentals: I spent hours downloading and recording the soundtracks of Ace Combat 04/5/6/X/Zero, and tried to learn piano for awhile. You could say I was going through a Chuunibyou phase; I spent hours drawing and decorating aircraft, swords, and the odd sketch. The sketches didn't go much further; the piano did. With no background in music apart from note-reading which I learnt in violin, I learnt and memorised the scores for Yiruma'a River Flows In You, D.Gray Man's Musician (and a few variants), and the theme song of The Myth starring Jackie Chan. It's a very small spectrum, but if I could, I'd definitely learn more songs like those.

I also learnt and memorised the first half of Final Fantasy X's Ending Theme - wait a moment, HNNNGH FEELS - but by that time O Levels rolled around and I never got around to completely learn and memorise it. Even so, I perfected that one half of the song to the point where I recall playing it once in front of a small audience (hm, four to five girls and one guy). By the time it ended one of the girls said they were deeply moved and disappointed I didn't know the rest of the song. ) : and nope, I didn't ask her out, I had someone on my mind already.

I still listen to them once in awhile, though for the moment I gaining interest in Two Steps From Hell (thanks to Kouhai-chan again). I'm looking for more songs by them after listening to Protectors Of The Earth and Undying Love, the latter of which was featured in a clip advertising Halo in a certain fest. Hnnngh.

I also found Marasy on YT through Kouhai-chan (a lot of things were introduced to me by her), but I'm taking my time to discover an find songs that I like. Right now I'm placing 風神少女 on loop mode and falling asleep on the bus to it. : P and if not that, then 神々が恋した幻想郷 for it's uplifting 'ommph' moments.


Oh man, this. It's like the rabbit hole, but the Underworld isn't that great looking.

I entered fanfiction writing one fine day after I read a couple of posts on AS asking a certain banned user to move to the fanfiction thread. That's when I searched for 'accel world fanfiction' and fell down the rabbit hole.

I started out with a really OP character, thinking I'm on par with the other writers in the AW section. Turns out that hardly means you're okay to start with. After a thorough thrashing and discussion on the AS: AW Fanfiction/Spoilers & Speculation threads with Sunder The Gold, and catching up to more AW mechanics I realised all of us fanfic writers were ridiculously OP. And broken. And pulling Churchgates left, right, and centre. So I toned down my OC, but unfortunately my character now seemed under-powered and underpowered = weak = uninteresting. I hardly get views nowadays.

You can read that story here to see the start of my attempt to show that the owners of The Disaster are human like we all are, but I really recommend Judgement Blow instead. A short excerpt into Niko's state of mind, this is the tried-and-true method to avoid asspulls when writing fanfiction and still tug at your hearts enough to either draw tears of joy or tears of grief. I do mean in when I say, I want to rewrite the history of The Disaster (as I state on my FFN profile, but due to translation and future obligations that rewrite is veryy far off.

Current Projects:[edit]

  1. The Accelerated World - AU rewrite of the entire plot of AW. Beginning from Volume 7 Chapter 1, and introducing the rest of the cast, I want to explore a whole bunch of 'what if' scenarios, and generally have a ball of a time seeing how everything plays out with the acceleration of the plot. I've planned to include events up to V2, and even then not every event that occurred before the anime is included yet.
  2. Brain Burst Online - Crossover of Sword Art Online and Accel World. The floating castle of Aincrad with its ten floors hovers above the vast, changing moonscape of the Unlimited Field. In an avatar that is made from your very traumas and fears, and death hangs in the air, who will step up to end this game?
  3. Starry Skies Tainted By Flood - Crossover of Halo and Black Rock Shooter. Five years before the Pillar Of Autumn crashed, the Flood had nearly escaped once before, lured by the prospect of escape from Halo. Black Rock Shooter stopped that infection and paid a high price for it. Now as the Covenant meddle with the secrets of Halo again, Anomalous Cyan Shield is awoken with fragments of memories and dreams, and his orders are issued: Stop the infection at all costs, and rescue Black Rock Shooter.
  4. An Old Life In The Old World - Original Story. Seimei Ren (tentatively, or until I find better kanji for his name) enjoys stargazing and watching the setting sun, and is a soldier all his life...or does he think so? There are many truths in this world and all of them stand to break his perception of reality.
  5. Floating Ring In Starlight - Original Story. A warrior-in-training, loathe to follow the oath he is set on, meets a mysterious girl in the gardens one day. As they grow older and stronger, the incongruities of this world are revealed to them, as well as a hidden purpose to their lives. And among the stars they live, evil lurks, and their home, RIngworld 17, is next to fall. (Heavily inspired from SAO Alicization and Halo.)

Current Interests[edit]


I caught the motorbike bug from my dad, who rides a Suzuki Freewind he bought from a parallel importer, seeing as they're not sold in my country. This also works against him because all the spare parts have to be imported in too (and a lot of parts; the bike is nearly 10 years old).

At present I'm taking practical lessons to get my first motorbike license, class 2B. That's good enough for most entry-level bikes and my savings. I'm not really concerned about which bike I want to buy though I do have my eye on the models we use for practical lessons. Hnnnngh.

All things academic...[edit]

I finished pre-univerisity education last year and have not touched my books since, but I still continue to read the news daily without fail, especially the columns at the back when writers rant about a certain subject in the world or in Singapore. I think to myself because talking to myself is weird, and though I wish I could write down my thoughts, waterproof paper does not exist yet for my pleasure, so I will have to start thinking deeply in front of a book with pen in hand or my computer, rather than musing in the shower.

I hope to enter a university course that trains me to think even deeper and analyse more critically. My main inspiration is from these student's ripostes to a professor's assertation that my country is somehow responsible for the age-old Arab-Israel feud. That, IMO is truly deserving of the meme "Your argument is invalid."


Seeing as my holier-than-thou Kouhai-chan is still studying (she's one year younger than me), you could say my current interest is also to support her and encourage her to make the final push past the last major national exam. But I'm making next to no progress on that front. ):


After discovering the official Chinese Translations of Oreimo, I realised there is indeed an entire world out there I'm missing out just because I disliked Chinese in Pre-U.

...suffice to say, it's not too late. In the process of translating AW I'm slowly picking up my Chinese. Though it will never reach anything like the level of Flere821, or any other reasonably well-educated student my age. I missed out on two years of Chinese Ed when I was 9-12 because I was staying overseas when my father was posted to the US, so I've always been two years behind. I can still handle simple conversations and sentences, but I'm out of my depth when I look at the WEB Alicization translations. That's why it's ambitious of me to try translation when I can barely read a sentence uninterrupted.

(But then again Flere821 has declared, he's not really interested in translation from his Index days so this is still a possibility.)

When I'm in university I plan to kick my Japanese learning into fifth gear. There's a class just for Japanese covering all aspects up to basic conversation and manners, and that's better than nothing. I can now roughly understand sentences and grammar, and while I can't read a lot of kanji I definitely can understand their meaning most of the time.

I envy Teh_Ping for having the determination to learn Japanese from scratch for this. Granted though, his Chinese is definitely on a better footing than mine to begin with.

I might want to retake both my major exams as a private candidate just for this, maybe studying English Literature at the same time too (I had an interest but put it off after discouragement that it was hard to score).

Past Interests[edit]


I played the violin in my younger years for the inter-school concert once, and once more for another school concert. However, since I've not learnt Music Theory I can't advance past Grade 5. Not that I passed the exam anyway, I think; I've never quite gotten around to collect my certificate.

An electric piano sits behind me for no real reason too. I used to try to teach myself some piano pieces, but not anymore. Yet I'm too sentimental to sell it. ):

Candy Crush[edit]

I have no qualms about relegating this game to 'past' status easily despite being only a few hours since I cleared Level 35; the game is horrible. I was invited to pay real money for imaginary data at every step, and from my understanding of the mathematics behind Tetris and Hatetris, I can reasonably conjecture that the mechanics of CCS forcefully deal bad hands to you, and hence induces the full course of raeg and haet. That's why some levels are hard as $hit and some are as breezy as your first day of play.

The final straw was when it asked me to invite three FB friends to support me or pay $1.28 to unlock the next round of levels. I've got one friend who also plays CCS (but she's much further ahead than me), but even if I had three or thirty I still wouldn't do it. It reeks of greed and gluttony, if not at least silently supporting dentists and tooth fillers worldwide. is making millions from their games and I fully intend to not contribute. I deleted it from my phone, but to them it won't matter; for every user that quits, three more take his place, and then some return from their CCS cold turkey attempt. I don't feel sorry for them, I just wonder if there's something else they can invest their time in that delivers something more concrete than the skill to match virtual candy.

Rant over.


The Wikipedia entry if you don't know much about it. I was in my Pre-U's team and we did pretty well in the national race, but I must disclaim that only three schools were serious anyway, so our first placing must be seen in that kind of context.

I enjoyed it a lot, feeling the water on my face and all, as well as that feel of working as a team to row to the finish line. However schoolwork and studies dampened an otherwise enthusiastic me.

I won't really want to take it up in university again if given the choice. A lot of time is invested into it, more than I was able to give.

Future Interests[edit]


This is more of a whim than anything, but I must say, kendo practitioners look badass.

Jokes aside, I would like some enforced meditation since at any other time in the present I believe I have better things to do than meditate. The swinging-a-sword part is cool, and I'd like to do that too, but at the same time I would give just as much effort into the soft side of kendo, the meditation, the calming-yourself, all that. I think so much I can keep myself awake at night.

Lucid Dreaming[edit]

Experience SAO without a NerveGear, hell yeah.

One of the things I would totally do when lucid dreaming is to examine myself going about the day and wondering if I really look that much of a NEET as some people have said. And then I'd check to see if normally my glasses are horizontal or slanted.

Girlfriend / Wife[edit]

Well, why not? I don't believe that a single person can learn to appreciate the finer points of living life. Every person is unique and to live with someone for your life is to have a lifetime of learning to live. ( :