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Chapter 7: The Truth from 6000 Years Ago[edit]

On the seventh day of the first week of the ninth month, the 'Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands' departed Alhambra and marched towards the Elven base of operation, the Sahara Desert.

Compared to previous marches, the speed of this one was relatively sluggish. After all, never before in all of Halkeginian history had a force of this large a scale been organized.

In the Sahara, with no suitable cities, it was difficult to maintain supply lines. The blazing sun hanging over the heads of the marching troops ruthlessly stole the soldiers' strength.

But even in these severe conditions, you didn't see the slightest drop in the army's morale. Because it wasn't a Halkeginian civil war, it was a 'Holy War', given and guided by the gods.

"We can't stop marching! For Halkeginia's future, we all must bravely advance. Forward, Forward!"

Riding on the back of a unicorn and personally leading the army, Henrietta, wearing a pure white robe, raised her staff high to encourage the troops.

Since Henrietta led from the front lines, Tristain's lords naturally couldn't swagger around in the rear. Each and every one of them crowded forward trying to out-do each other, voicing their devotion to the royal family.

"Recently there have been more and more hangers-on around the Queen."

Prime Minister Mazarin said as he urge his horse next to Henrietta.

"Are you being sarcastic with me, Cardinal?"

"Absolutely not, I'm just feeling happy at how Your Majesty has matured."

"You can't be wrong. I have always wished for this matter to be peacefully resolved."

Henrietta's tone was completely serious.

"I have already pledged to the Founder, I refuse to launch another pointless war."

"Of course the Pope also feels the same. In the end, the 'Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands' and the Bearers of the Void, are just insurance for peaceful negotiations.

"If this is true, then it's fine...."

Riding her unicorn, Henrietta sighed to herself.

Henrietta was unable to discover the Pope's true intentions during their conversation in Alhambra.

The Pope was definitely hiding some major secrets related to the 'Holy Land'. In reality, the threat of the land rising that Halkeginia was facing wasn't widely known. It was fine, even if the magical device in the Holy Lands was a lie. That was the only thing that Henrietta, as the Queen of a country, could pin her hopes on.

However, if the Pope persisted in starting a 'Holy War' with the Elves, Henrietta would open negotiations with Elves by herself, with a clear conscience. Just like when she negotiated with King Joseph of Gallia, she would only be accompanied by Agnes.

On the surface she actively prepared for the Holy War, but really that was just to deal with Romalia, and it was better than doing nothing. Of course, this could just be the delusions of a little girl, since it was possible that her plan already had been seen through by the Pope.

Looking up at the endless blue sky of the Sahara, Henrietta suddenly thought of her most important friend.

"Louise, I really envy you."

You can chase your beloved sweetheart, freely soaring through the blue sky. Since I was little, I don't know how much I've looked to you, how much I've envied you....

If I wasn't Tristain's princess... perhaps I could also follow my heart, like Louise.

"No, I just lack courage."

To decide to give up everything, and also fly guided by your heart, to the side of the one you love... The kind of person who people admire for their constant bravery and action, that is Louise's charm, and something Henrietta could never mimic. Certainly Saito would also be enchanted a little....

Henrietta quietly sighed again.

Mazarin, unable to stand it anymore, quietly said.

"Your Majesty, you shouldn't be like this in front of the soldiers."

"I know, Cardinal."

Henrietta corrected her posture while riding on her unicorn.

There was a cavalry soldier from the front of the Tristain forces, that kicked up a dust storm as it came.

The one urging her horse forward was Agnes, the captain on the Musketeer Corps.

"Your Majesty, I have an urgent report!"

"What is it, Agnes?"

Henrietta inquired without damaging her cool and dignified appearance.

The dragon knights we dispatched as scouts report that they discovered a huge vessel in front of our forces."

"We shouldn't be encountering the Elven fleet yet, correct?"

Henrietta's expression stiffened.

"I don't know. But according to the scout's report, it's just one vessel...."

"One vessel?"

Having heard what was said, Henrietta lifted her hand to cover her forehead, and cautiously looked up at the endless blue sky.

After a little while... the bean-sized shadow of a vessel appeared a great distance in front of them. One side of the vessel was emitting black smoke, and constantly decreasing altitude. As the vessel approached, you could finally see that it was covered in damage, and that the vessel was going to fall right in front of their eyes.

Henrietta and Agnes both knew what vessel this was.

"Majesty... this shouldn't be!"

"Louise... It's Louise, All forces halt."

In the middle of the desert, a special sunshade was quickly set up while camp was being set up. All of Halkeginia's heads of state gathered under the sunshade, sitting in chairs around Louise.

There was Henrietta, Germania's Emperor Albrecht the Third, The newly ascended Queen of Gallia, Josette, also there was Pope Vittorio with Julio at his side like a shadow. Listening about Louise's brave charge to the Elven capital, they all heard her report.

"I'm very sorry for my arbitrary action, Your Highness. I will take whatever punishment you deem appropriate.”

Louise removed her cloak with the lily coat of arms, and knelt in front of Henrietta.

"Louise, we will not blame you now. That you are safe and sound is truly a very good thing.

ZNT21 161.jpg


Henrietta threw her two hands around Louise's body, the two deeply embraced.

Then Louise began to systematically explained the whole story of the rescue and fight to the group.

First there was the fight with the Elven fleet, and there was the destruction of the entire fleet using 'Void'. Although they ultimately succeeded in breaking into the Elven Headquarters 'Kasbah', they didn't find Saito or Tiffania, and consequently escaped from their immediate emergency. However, Louise didn't divulge the matter of Turuk and Bidashal.

"That, we're still unclear on the whereabouts of Saito-dono and Ms. Westwood?"

Facing Henrietta, Louise showed a depressed expression, and nodded.

"If they went by sea, it'll be hard to search."

Albrecht the Third said, while twirling his beard with a finger.

"Dispatch three Romalian naval vessels to search."

"Tristan can also dispatch their special dragon knight corps."

Hearing Vittorio's instruction, Henrietta immediately responded.

This time she couldn't let Romalia take the lead in the search again... Henrietta sharp expression showed this determination.

Louise raised her head and looked towards Vittorio.

Then opened her mouth.

"Your Holiness, may I ask why you, as the representative of the holy church, organized the 'Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands', and deliberately provoke a war with the Elves?

"No, it isn't like that, Ms. Vallière."

Vittorio still maintained an earnest expression, shaking his head.

"Our target is ultimately the magical equipment sleeping in the 'Holy Land'. If we get it, then there is no need for a dispute with the Elves."

"You mean your Holiness accidentally started this war?", Louise cautiously asked.

"At least we'll not spare any effort to avoid war. But that depends on whether the other side has this desire as well."

"Then I'm relieved to hear this, Your Holiness."

"Ms. Vallière, can I ask what you mean?"

"I have some people that would like to meet your Holiness."


Vittorio said, apparently these word caught his interest.

"Mr. Colbert."

Louise called out from the sunshade, soon after two people, wearing hats, were nervously guided into the sunshade by Mr. Colbert.

"Louise, these two people are?

Henrietta asked with a confused expression.

"How rude, you still haven't shown your faces."

Albrecht the Third said with a displeased voice.

"Really, barbarians are barbarians, their tone of voice is so coarse."

"What did you say?"

They grabbed and removed the hats from their head.

In a moment, there was a large uproar in the sunshade.

Because what appeared from under the hat was radiant and lustrous blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes, as well as slender ears like streamlined tree leaves....

"El, Elves...!"

Even the daring and fearless Albrecht the Third, stood there with a dumb look on his face for a moment.

The earliest to take action was the one next to the Pope, Julio. You just saw him quickly draw his sword and prepare to protect Vittorio.

"Don't worry, Julio. I sense no hostility from these two people."

Vittorio's steady voice stopped Julio.

Then asked Louise.

"Ms. Vallière, you captured these Elves?"

But Louise shook her head.

"These two aren't captives, but guests."

"You said guests?"

Albrecht the Third said, glaring at the two Elves. However, Turuk didn't care about his hostility, and walked up to Vittorio.

"You are His Holiness, the Pope from Romalia?"

"Yes, I am the Pope from Romalia, St. Aegis the 32nd, my two elven guests."

Even facing elves, Vittorio's steady expression still didn't waver at all. but you could tell from his eyes, that his curiosity was truly piqued by these two elves.

"It is the first time I'm meeting you, I'm the Elven Consul, Turuk."


"The person holds the highest power in the Elven Council."

Bidashal said.

These words caused another uproar in the sunshade. You could see Albrecht the Third mumbling in a low voice, Josette's eyes go round, and Henrietta covering her mouth with a sound of surprise.

Among this, only Vittorio's calm and cool attitude remained. The he asked Turuk.

"Lord Consul of the Elves, why have you come here?

"To negotiate peace."

Turuk concisely responded.

"To negotiate peace...."

It seemed that Vittorio was contemplating some things, and was silent for a moment.

Instead of Vittorio, it was Albrecht the Third who spoke.

"Negotiate with Elves? This is silly. Don't worry about any negotiations, it's hard to believe they came all the way here, but we can't waste the effort. Grabbing these guys as hostages should be able to shut up those Elves."

"That's the silliest option, barbarian king."


"I'm not the blood of a king, at best I'm only the consul elected by the council. If I were to be reduced to a barbarian hostage, the council will select another consul, it's that simple. The next consul will probably not be from my stable party, therefore, barbarian king, I'll first remind you that there is no way you can beat the Elves."

Albrecht the Third was immediately speechless upon hearing this, and only able to mumble an "Oh...."

But immediately he grinned and laughed.

"That's not necessary, but we still have the charity of the Founder, Brimir, the power of the 'Void'."

"Originally in this way, your use of 'The Work of the Devil' was truly terrifying."

Turuk very bluntly admitted.

"But my military possesses a similar trump card. The Elves who desire to start a war, apparently they've figured out how your army used the 'Jewel of Fire'."


"What did you say!"

Hearing this awful news, caused the color to drain from Henrietta's face. This being the first time she heard this, Louise also had trouble concealing her surprise.

Every person here knew in detail how terrible the 'Jewel of Fire' is. The Mad King Joseph only used one 'Jewel of Fire' and incinerated Gallia's Dual-Use Fleet to ash.

"You still think you're better than us and call us barbarians! No matter how you look at it, it's your actions that are truly barbarous."

Henrietta, unable to contain her anger, cursed.

"You clearly know how frightening the 'Jewel of Fire' is!"

"It's better to say it's 'acquired knowledge', Princess of Tristain."

Bidashal said.

"In these several thousands of years, we Elves have never thought there was such a terrible method to use the 'Jewel of Fire'. It was truly invented by a demon."

Hearing the irony, and hitting the nail on the head with that statement, Henrietta, with no way to refute it, was left speechless.

"Anyway, You using 'The Work of the Devil', the elves using the 'Jewel of Fire', both sides will cause bitter sacrifices. This way, the Sahara will become scorched earth, from then on, it would be uninhabitable... as the chief of the elves, I would like to prevent this. So I took this risk, and came to you to negotiate."

Hearing Turuk's words.

"So it is, I understand your idea, Consul of the Elves. I also wish to avoid needless bloodshed."

Vittorio deeply nodded his head.

"Your Holiness, in that case...."

Louise said, immediately raising her head.

"Your Holiness, you can't mean to make peace with the Elves?"

Albrecht the Third interrupted in protest. From his expression you could see as matters stand, how was he going to persuade the other rulers of Halkeginia" and similar dissatisfied thoughts.

Hearing this, Henrietta fiercely turned her eyes on this vulgar Germanian emperor.

"However, peace comes with a condition."

At that moment, Vittorio opened his mouth and said.

"Oh, what condition?"

"It will be fine as long you temporarily grant us access to the 'Holy Lands'. If you can't agree to this, it doesn't matter how large the sacrifice, we will persevere in carrying out the 'Holy War'."

"You want us to hand to you the 'Demon's Gate' that has been guarded for 6000 years by the Elves?"

"Correct, that is the only required condition."


On hearing this, Turuk turned to directly face this young Pope.

A tense feeling suddenly enveloped the sunshade.

Holding her breath, Louise waited for Turuk's response.

After what felt like an endlessly long period of time....

"Can I ask a question?"

With great difficulty, Turuk finally opened his mouth to speak.

"Please speak."

"Your target isn't really the Elves living in the 'Sahara Desert', correct?"

Vittorio nodded.

"Our goal is ultimately... only to go to the 'Holy Lands'."

"Hm, to go to the 'Holy Lands', right...?"

It seemed like he was contemplating something, then Turuk twirled his beard with his hand.

Louise and Henrietta's eyes stealthily met.

The matter in the 'Holy Lands'... If you believe what the Pope has said up until now, it was magical equipment to prevent the lands of Halkeginia from rising.

But it always felt that there was something off strange about this...

"What is the meaning of this?"

At this point, Vittorio stood up and stretched his hand towards Turuk.

"I have something I'd like you to see."

While the important meeting that involved the whole future of Halkeginia was going on under the sunshade, at the same time.... Guiche and Malicorne were standing in front of the 'Ostland', which was half stuck in a sand dune from when it was forced to land, unexpectedly meeting with their companions.

Hearing that Saito and Tiffania kidnapped and taken to the country of the Elves, the members of the Ondine Knight Corps volunteered to join the 'Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands'.

"Really, you made everybody worry!"

"How could you leave without saying a word, it's too much!"

"I'm really sorry... originally we were trying to trouble everyone as little as we could."

Guiche faced his companions criticism, bowed his head to everyone and apologized.

But no one was truly angry, actually everyone was worried. He had some good companions... Guiche thought to himself with tears in his eyes.

"See, this guy is also pretty lonely."

Reynald walked up, holding a giant mole.

It was Guiche's familiar, Verdandi. Since they realized that the rescue and combat would be too dangerous, everyone decided to leave their familiars at school.

"Oh, Verdandi, I'm sorry...."

With their happy reunion, Guiche tightly hugged Verdadi. The giant mole familiar was spoiled, rubbing its nose all over Guiche's face.

"Oh, Cubasil, are you doing well?"

Malicorne's owl familiar also happily flew around his master.

"Mon Mon was also worried to tears. Up until the end, she insisted on going with us."

Gimli said.

"Oh, Montmorency...."

Tears couldn't help but flow again as Guiche said his sweetheart's name.

In reality, everyone setting out on the road from Tristain was only a matter from a few days ago. But it seemed like a couple of years since Guiche hopped on the airship and left the academy....

At the same time he thought to himself, Saito should be feeling even more uneasy.

Guiche pushed his face into Verdandi's fur, and wiped away his tears.

"Right, is there no word about Saito?"

At that time, Gimli asked.

A shadow immediately enveloped Guiche and Malicorne's face.


Sensing the difference in their companions, everyone became silent.

"Wait a second, they're not dead."

Upon seeing this, Guiche quickly explained.

"I heard he and that Elf girl safely escaped."

"Really.... that's good."

Hearing Malicorne's words, everybody finally exhaled.

"Anyway, our vice commander wouldn't die that easily."

"Right, he is the man with the power to stop a 70000 man army."

Everybody started laughing, and at the same time nodded their heads in agreement.

In the end, Reynald pushed up his glasses, and muttered.

"It's not that it's a bad thing, but isn't this a bit of a problem?"

"What kind of problem?"

Guiche didn't understand.

"Because Saito is currently alone with Tiffania, right?"


"In other words, if we're not careful, we could cause some confusion."

Everybody strongly nodded, agreeing with Reynald's words.

"No, Saito is an extremely focused man."

For his friend's honor, Guiche defended Saito.

In reality, Saito truly was very focused on Louise, of this there is no doubt.

But Malicorne spoke, cutting into the conversation at that time

"Of course, the normal Saito is definitely focused. But a man and a woman alone, facing a life-threatening escape. Previously I've said, in these extreme situations, it will accelerate the deepening of the feelings between men and women. Moreover, that Elf's chest is so big. In reality, although Saito is a good person, he has no immunity against big chests."

"Oh, um...." Guiche stalled

Really, remembering, this isn't completely without precedent... he could speak of too many examples. Of course, speaking of Guiche, Montmorency was his most important sweetheart. But time, place, and situation were different, and it could be a 'this is two different matters' state of mind. This also wasn't impossible.

But it wouldn't matter, since Saito was focused on Louise, for Tiffania it would be hard to say. On the contrary, she still could start to have feelings for Saito, or try to reduce the distance between them....

While Guiche was careful pondering, Éléonore, wearing work clothes, left the hold of the "Ostland" which was quarter-buried in sand. Up until then she'd been repairing the boiler.

Éléonore immediately discovered Malicorne, and yelled in a stern voice.

"Hey, little pig, what are you doing! Why don't you hurry up and help!"

"Yes, yes! Immediately! Little pig! The little pig that I am, is going!"

Malicorne happily shouted, and then immediately headed towards the ship.

Seeing how he's acting, Reynald said with emotion.

"He seems to be happy."

"Ms. Vallière, I hope we succeed to peacefully negotiate with the Elves, without any complications.

"I hope for this... but it seems like it won't be that easy."

Louise dispiritedly replied to Siesta, who was steeping tea and talking.

After the meeting in the sunshade... Louise returned to the tent.

Vittorio took Turuk and Bishadal to the 'St. Mark', the vessel used especially by the Pope, anchored on a sand dune. The thing the Pope wanted to let the two Elves see apparently was the highest secret of Romalia, so Henrietta and Louise both had no way to go along with them.

"Romalia's secretive nature is truly unchanging."

While drinking a cup of tea, Louise faintly sighed.

"Is it possible the talks have hit a snag?"

"It seems the Elves are not all of the same mind either, a pro-war faction exists among the Elves as well."

"Ah, it looks like there isn't really any difference between Halkeginia and the country of the Elves."

Siesta looked up at the desert's sky.

"In any case, we've done all that we can. Now we just have to trust Saito and Ms. Westwood."

"That's also true...."

Louise impatiently thought, as she surveyed the sky filled with sand, blown by the wind.

What Siesta said was correct, all they could do now was wait here. If she knew where Saito was, she'd immediately rush to his side....

Where was Saito now, what was he doing?

"In his heart, is he worried about me? Or...."

Watching the desert scenery gradually change by the brush of the wind, an abrupt feeling of disquiet appeared in the suddenly sensitive mind of Louise.

Thinking about what Malicorne said before the battle with the Elven fleet at Adyl.

She seemed to remember, that in extreme situations, feelings between men and women suddenly could heat up....

At the time, they were talking about a truly boring topic, guys are stupid, a group of major idiots. Could the current Saito be tempted by a girl other than me, is it possible? Although I'm thinking like this....

But carefully thinking, with that charming girl, Tiffania, a guy and girl alone in a foreign land... maybe you can't say it's entirely impossible.

"Uh huh," Louise softly sighed.

"Maid, I have something I'd like to ask you."

"What is it?"

Siesta tilted her head, feeling confused.

"That thing that Guiche and them were just talking about. A guy and girl escaping as fugitives, would that really close the distance between them?"

"Oh, are you worried, Ms. Vallière?"

Siesta teased.

"H, H, How could I! A, at the most I just doubt the possibility of it, and this is just academic interest. Because Saito is completely captivated by me."

"Hm, that's right."

Unexpectedly, Siesta bluntly acknowledged it.

"But it's hard to say. If the two are alone, and Ms. Westwood let Saito see her chest, Saito might not be able to resist."

Louise suddenly realized this.

Tiffania's chest definitely hides an astonishing power, it could already be thought of as a magical weapon. If you're constantly seeing that kind of chest, losing your judgment and reason wouldn't be surprising.

"Ah, oh...but, but...."

While Louise was trying to avoid her inability to deny the possibility....

"If it's too late to change anything between Saito, and Ms. Westwood, what do you plan to do, Ms. Vallière?"


Louise was immediately rendered speechless by this question.

If Saito touched Tiffania's chest, and buried his face in it....

Of course it's not alright, don't even think about it. If this was the previous Louise, she would most likely send Saito flying with a kick, and then bestow an 'Explosion' on him. But....

"Wh, what does it matter, I'll forgive him if it's only touching her chest."

Louise revealed a calm attitude, and lifted up her pink hair.

In the end, Saito and I have already 'seen each other naked', and confirmed each other's feelings. I can forgive him for touching chests, this is the demeanor of a calm and mature woman.

"Eh~ What about kissing?"


Wh, wha... Louise screamed.

Trying to visualize Saito and Tiffania kissing....

It's not ok, still not ok, Louise thought. Honestly, she doesn't want for Saito to kiss.

Kissing and chest touching are two entirely different things.

This was the bottom line she couldn't concede, but....

"I, it doesn't matter... I, I'll forgive...him...."

"Eh, you'll forgive him!"

"Of course it isn't alright. Basically, no good at all... bu, but if it's just once, then I can forgive it."

Louise still maintained her calm.

I already decided, even if Saito is bewitched by another girl, I still won't get angry. As long as Saito safely returns, kissing can actually be forgiven, but once, only once.

"With the tongue is ok?"

"What are you saying?"

"Is the tongue not ok?"

"Of course not."

This time Louise spoke very firmly.


"Y, you really...."

Louise voice shook

"So like this... you can forgive him?"

Siesta whispered a word next to Louise's ear.


Louise's expression showed surprise. She didn't know the meaning of this word.

This maid really is just talking crazy.

Is it possibly because of the desert heat, so she lost her head do to the heat?

"Squish, and then scrub."


Siesta whispered next to Louise's ear again.

Louise finally understanding the meaning of those two words, and immediately got angry.

"I, idiot! Are you a pervert!"

"I saw it in a book, want me to lend it to you next time to see?"

"Us, useless...I should say, ho, h, h, how could this be, it's impossible. Even though I'm a noble, the third daughter of the respected La Vallière family."

"Anyway, Ms. Vallière, there's no way, it's physically impossible for you."

Siesta squeezed her breasts together, flaunting them.

"Wh, what, I also have that sort of thing...."

Louise whispered, and tried to squeeze her cleavage together.

"Aha, Ms. Vallière, that looks like the washboard I usually use when I clean clothes."

Hearing this, Louise angrily grabbed her wand and hit the laughing Siesta.

At the same time....Turuk and Bidashal, guided by the Pope, entered the 'St. Mark', the airship used especially by the Pope.

Installed in the airship's chapel, was the thing that Vittorio wanted to show the two.

"The 'Steel-Blooded Party' right? It looks like you aren't united either."

"Ya, you're also the same."

"I truly have no response," Vittorio bitterly laughed while he responded.

So it's been since ancient time, Humanity is only able to unite when a common enemy appears. That's right.


Sensing the overtones of these words, Turuk couldn't help wrinkle his brow.

Going to the end of the hall, they came to two Templar Knights standing guard in front of a large door.

After Vittorio commanded the Templar Knights to depart, he placed his hand on the gem in the center of the large door. White light immediately was emitted from the gem, and the sound of a door opening could be heard.

"Please come in, you two."

At Vittorio's urging, the two Elves entered the chapel.

Bidashal, examining the interior of the room, couldn't help but frown. The chapel was quite plain, it really didn't seem to be used by the Pope.

A few rays of sunlight entered the room from a small window. There were silver candlesticks, a very small altar, and on the altar was a small round mirror, it looked like there was nothing here to be seen.

What did the Pope ultimately want to show the two of them in this place....

"So, the thing you wanted to show us, what exactly is it?"

Bidashal asked.

Soon after, Vittorio touched the round mirror on the altar with his hand.

"This is the 'Founder's Round Mirror,' it is one of the secret treasures left behind by the Founder, Brimir."

"The Founder's secret treasure... a magic tool for the 'Bearers of the Void' to produce the work of the Devil?"

Bidashal had seen Joseph previously hold the 'Founder's Censor'.

It seems like that normal and ordinary tools gave the power of the Void to that devil of a man.

"Correct. But this mirror doesn't only impart the 'Void'... rather it was by the Founder's side from the beginning, it's an item that recorded the life of the Founder."

Vittorio sang a Void spell, 'The Founder's Round Mirror' immediately began to faintly glow.

This is the void incantation 'Record' which shows intense memories that had been poured into an object, in the mind.

"Do you two know what the true nature of the 'Holy Lands' is?"

After hearing this, Turuk appeared to think about it, then shook his head.

"Honestly, we are completely ignorant of that place. All we know is that, from legends, a demon that came from there 6000 years ago caused 'The Great Disaster', leading to the death of half of the Elves, thus we call that place 'The Demon's Gate'."

"You two can witness the truth of 6000 years ago, here and now."


In a moment, strange imagery suddenly appeared in the two's minds.

An overgrown plot of land... and standing on that plot was a man and woman. Respectively, one was a blonde haired young man of small stature, wearing a gown, and the other was a slender and beautiful Elf.

"This is...."

"The Founder Brimir and the first Gandàlfr Sasha, you elves call her 'the Hero Anubis'."

"So Gandàlfr really is the Elf hero Anubis... it really is this way...."

Bidashal said in a low voice.

The Elven hero with runes glowing on her left hand. Since before, Bidashal was concentrating on the relationship between Gandàlfr and Anubis, and carrying out personal research.

"But if Gandàlfr and Anubis are the same person, that'll cause a contradiction. In Elven legend, Anubis killed the demon."

"No, that legend is correct."

"How is that possible, are you saying that 'Gandàlfr', the guard of the demon, murdered your god?"

Facing Bidashal's question, Vittorio responded with silence.

From the image projected in their minds, Brimir and Sasha were fighting together.

The enemy weren't Elves, and also weren't man-eating ghosts or dog-headed demi-humans, but rather the 'Varyag', a race that was completely similar to the barbarians. However, they were different from current barbarian, as the Varyag were equipped with metal weaponry.

Afterwards, time sped up... Brimir's group gradually added companions.

Among them were Halkeginian barbarians, as well as Elves. Later on, children were born to the group led by Brimir, and started building cities all over the place. It appeared that barbarians and Elves coexisted in total peace….

But after a moment, the scene changed.

In a scene of the vast Sahara Desert, Brimir was chanting some incantation.

Sasha showed a depressed expression, and squatted on her heels.

The incantation completed. You just saw Brimir wave his wand, and then a brilliant flash of white light filled their eyes, and the Elven capital, originally built in the desert, was reduced to ash in a moment.

Both Turuk and Bidashal couldn't look away, looking at the horrible scene.

You couldn't see any sort of emotion on Brimir's face.

Only in the depths of his eyes appeared the bottomless 'Void'.

In the end, you just saw Sasha slowly stick a knife into the middle of Brimir's chest....

Then, at that time, the light left 'The Founder's Round Mirror', at the same time, the image projected in their mind disappeared with the light.

"...This is the truth about the 'Great Disaster' from 6000 years ago."

Bidashal blankly said.

"What is this... a very difficult calamity to describe."

Turuk mumbled in a low, hoarse voice.

At the same time he understood the reason why the Pope let them see these images.

They saw where the Founder Brimir, the one the barbarian revered as a deity, came from, what he waged war against, the legacy he left his descendants, and the mission of Brimir's followers... this is what the Pope wanted to show them.

"Do you understand this? Our true goal, is basically not the 'Sahara' that you live in."

"So it is, you wanting to reclaim the 'Holy Land', actually is...."

"It's exactly as you guess, Lord Consul of the Elves."

After these word, Vittorio didn't continue speaking.

Turuk looked into Vittorio's crystal clear eyes, that looked like the surface of a lake.

There wasn't any personal desire, eyes full of incomparably pure faith. In a sense, he was the greater threat of madness compared to the fire burning in the eyes of the members of the 'Steel-Blooded Party'.

"He absolutely can't be trusted. However, these words can be trusted."

After Turuk reached a conclusion, using reasonable judgment and following the Elves line of thought, he reached out a hand to this young Pope.

"Good. If there is truth in your words, we Elves will also help you in your 'Holy War'."

"Oh hoh."

Vittorio grasped Turuk's hand.

"Thank our Progenitor, and your 'Great Will'."

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