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Chapter 14: The Return of the Hero[edit]

It was the Saturday of the fourth week of the ninth month. Ten days had passed since the destruction of the "Holy Land".

According to the Tristain Institute of Magic, it had been officially confirmed that the abnormal growth of the "Wind Stones" had stopped. Éléonore had said that there was no need to worry about the "Wind Stones" going out of control for the next few tens of thousands of years.

As they had lost the target of their advance, the "Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Land" quickly lost its cohesion and and set foot on their way home in confusion. The days upon days of forced marching, coupled with the unfamiliar foreign land of the expedition, led to the extreme fatigue of the Halkeginian soldiers. There were many nobles who were dissatisfied with being forced to participate in a pointless war, especially in the newly established Germania, where a large-scale insurrection broke out. Albrecht the Third was forced to return to Germania to suppress it.

Romalia quickly lost its authority, and Vittorio was ousted from his position as Pope. The Agency of Religion immediately decided to hold an election for pope, and elected a new pope.

The "Holy War" ended, and Romalia's ambitions were completely shattered.

During the national chaos when the "Agency of Religion" had lost its authority, the "Saintess" brought hope to the lost people of Halkeginia. The "Saintess" who saved the world with the Founder's "Void" was now the hope of all the people of Halkeginia....

"It's ridiculous that I'm actually a 'Saintess'. Compared to Halkeginia, I clearly chose to save Saito's life."

"What does it matter, in fact you definitely saved the Earth."

In a swaying wagon, Saito answered.

Saito and Louise had returned to Tristain the previous day, riding on the "Ostland". In order for Saito's body to recover, they had spent about a week staying in Luctiana's house in Nephthys before making their way home.

It had nearly been a month since the kidnapping by the elves from the house in Des Ornières. At Tristain's Academy of Magic, where the new semester had begun, the students held a big welcome for the heroes of Halkeginia, Saito and Louise. However, the two had only showed their faces at the school, and then went elsewhere.

The destination of the carriage was Tristain's most famous scenic spot, Lac d'Orient.

"I'll follow my own feelings and be stubborn. If you say we saved the world, it's all thanks to Derf. If Derf didn't give me this life, there would be no way to destroy the 'Holy Land'."

Louise sadly whispered.

Saito's line of sight fell to the scattered fragments of Derflinger.

Previously he had asked Luctiana if there was a way for Derflinger to recover. But it seemed to be impossible to restore his original consciousness, even for experts of the Elven Firstborn magic "Intelligent Sword".

There was no hope for Derflinger to recover. Therefore, Saito hoped to at least place his friend in Lac d'Orient.

And he also had promised the Water Spirit that he'd return the the stolen Ring of Andvari.

The carriage borrowed from the Academy leisurely traveled down the quiet country road. The old farmers working in the field waved their hands in greeting to the carriage of a noble.

"It's not even been a year, but I really missed Lac d'Orient."

"At that time, you took that love potion, and went a bit strange."

"Really, how about you don't remind people about that?"


Saito quickly apologized.

Louise stared blankly at Saito as if asking why.


"However, n-now, I'm even stranger than before."


What's up? Thinking this, Saito asked.

He saw Louise hit his arm, and shyly whisper in his ear.

"The current me is completely infatuated with you, even without the love potion. My heart is full of lo-love for you."

Hearing what she said, Louise's face turned even more red.


The feeling of deep love for Louise continued to overflow from Saito's heart.

This, th-th-this master is too cute....

Did she actually say that she was in love with me?

For me... this wretched, ridiculous looking man, is she serious?

Didn't she call me a dog before...?

Louise's moist, dark brown eyes looked up at Saito, seeming to expect something.

Saito's reason had reached its limit. Th-th-th-this master that was bursting with cuteness, the cutest master in the world, how should I answer her? What should I say...?

I'll think about it later, thought Saito.


Speaking softly, Saito lifted Louise's chin.

"Uh, no, the window is still open... um... uh...."

Saito blocked Louise's mouth with a kiss, and the carriage quickly quieted down.

Not caring about the two flirting, the magic doll driver drove the carriage forward.

From the hills overlooking Lac d'Orient, the shining sun reflected off the lake, showing a dazzling emerald green. When they reached the shore of the lake, Saito shouted.

"Hello~! We've come to return the ring!"

After a bit, the surface of the lake began to shine brightly, about 30 feet off shore.

The transparent lake shook like it could move by itself, and something like an amoeba emerged. Soon after, it changed into a human appearance, like a faceless monster with only a mouth.

"Do you remember, mere human? The thing you promised me."

"Well, although there's only the setting left... this is it, right?"

Saito gave the setting of the "Ring of Andvari" to the Water Spirit.

"Oh, that's it... That is the secret treasure that I held for a time."

"Is it alright that it's only the setting?"

"I do not mind, mere human. The power of the Crystal of Water will return one day."

The body of the Water Spirit twisted, and sank into the lake.

Then, Saito arranged the cloth-wrapped pieces of Derflinger on the shore.

With Louise, he carefully sank the pieces into the lake....

When every piece of broken iron gradually disappeared to the bottom of the lake, they recalled their memories with Derf.

It didn't matter when, Saito was always with Derflinger.

Whether it was one-on-one with Wardes, stopping an out of control princess, an air battle with the Albion fleet, or charging into an army of 70,000 by himself....

These bits and pieces of memories sparkled and gradually faded like that.

"Partner, be happy with the little lady."

The final piece sank to the bottom of the lake.

"Well, Derf, watch... I'll become a man."

After closing his eyes and silently praying for a bit, Saito slowly stood up.

Then grabbed the hand of Louise, who was standing off to the side.


This move puzzled Louise.

After gazing at Louise for a while, Saito took a deep breath and said.

"I say, Louise...."


In fact, there was another reason that Saito wanted to visit Lac d'Orient.

However, that reason was a secret to Louise....

The Water Spirit was the spirit that represented the "Pledge". The vows completed on the shore of Lac d'Orient would never be broken. Saito thought that here was the most suitable place for his next move, precisely because that lake had such a legend.

"The 'Door' to return to the Earth has disappeared, and even the power of the 'Void' has vanished. Since I can't return to Earth, I think I'll just settle down in this world."

"Saito... is that really okay?"

"Well I've already decided. So...uh, so...."

With a red face, Saito began to mumble.

His heart was thumping like crazy, and his throat was so dry from nerves that he could die....

Forget it, it doesn't matter! Then Saito grabbed Louise's shoulders.


"Louise, let's get married!"

This sentence made Louise's big brown eyes show a look of incomprehension.

But shortly big tears overflowed from her eyes....

The answer from the smiling Louise was:

"I will"

On the beautiful lakeside of Lac d'Orient, Saito and Louise shared a deep kiss.

Seven days later... The Friday of the first week of the tenth month.

The wedding between Saito and Louise, as per the expectations of the involved parties, was held in Austri Plaza at Tristain's Academy of Magic, where Louise originally summoned Saito.

Through the window, the visitors could be seen gathering one after the other.

In her dormitory room, Louise put on her dress with the help of Siesta.

According to the customs of the nobility, the wedding dress is pure white.

"Is it better to put something on your chest?"

Looking down at her flat chest, Louise sighed.

"Don't worry. The dress is perfect for you, Ms. Vallière."

As she was tightening the lace of the corset, Siesta replied.


"Yes. It is sure to capture Saito's heart."

Saying that, Siesta smiled.

"Ms. Vallière's chest is like my hometown, the plains of Tarbes."

"Siesta, you've also learned to say such clever flattery."

Louise was very happy hearing this. Although she didn't know much about Tarbes in the countryside, it was a place that definitely was beautiful.

"But luckily, your family approved."

"It's alright, though it took a lot of work."

When she remembered reporting her marriage to her family, Louise couldn't help but hold her head.

The day after he proposed, Saito and Louise returned to Louise's home, the land of Duke Vallière. In order to get permission for the two to marry, she tried to convince her parents. However, Duke La Vallière refused to agree.

Saito was also beaten by the Duke in the courtyard of the mansion. Saito, who had lost the power of Gandálfr was almost hanged.

But unexpectedly, the one in favor of the two getting married was actually Éléonore.

Éléonore said that Saito wasn't a commoner, but a true aristocrat with a title. He also being the hero that saved Halkeginia finally convinced the Duke.

Since the return from the "Holy Land", Henrietta officially awarded Saito the title of Viscount, and it had a great influence. This was unprecedented success for a commoner. It should be said that in the history of Tristain, no one had ever entered the nobility in such a way. Therefore, it wasn't easy, but thanks to Éléonore and Cattleya, the Duke agreed.

"Oh, it's really hard being a noble."

"If father didn't agree, I originally planned to run away with Saito."

Louise said.

"When the time comes, take me with you."

"How is that possible?"



This made it so Louise couldn't help but glare at Siesta.

"But, you must follow the agreement."


"The agreement to lend me Saito for three days a week."

"What nonsense, it was two days, two days."

"Oh, two days is alright."

"What? N-no, it's not alright!"

At this time, Grandma Helen entered the room.

"Are you ready? Everyone is waiting."

Saito, in his wedding clothes, waited for his bride Louise in front of the emblem of the Founder Brimir.

Austri Plaza was a sea of blooming flowers, made by the earth magic instructor, and magical fireworks were displayed by Colbert.

Even Queen Henrietta was attending the wedding. Because it was a requirement for high-level aristocratic weddings, the opportunity to see the Queen was available, and so the students of the academy were very happy.

"Really, why are you officiating, you no-good priest."

Saito lowered his voice and spoke to Julio, who stood in front of the Brimir's emblem.

"Don't say that, and let me bless your lucky day."

Julio answered without blushing.

"Really, I don't get you...."

Since Julio saved his life in the end, it was difficult to refuse.

"It doesn't matter what you say, your plans have gone up in smoke."

"Anyway, looking at the results, Halkeginia was saved. At present, that's good enough."

"Please, exactly how much trouble do you think you've caused...."

Saito, who originally wanted to retort, chose silence in the end.

In the end, whether it was him or the Pope, the point was that Halkeginia is unchanged. Also, the day in question was still a big day....

"I won't say I forgive you, but I have forgotten about it for the time being."

A bell rang, and Duke La Vallière appeared in the square leading Louise by the hand.

Seeing this, Saito couldn't help but hold his breath.

Louise, in a pure white dress, was as beautiful as a fairy.

"Louise, you're beautiful."

"Thank you. You too, Saito."

The smile on Louise's face was like an angel's.

The two exchanged an oath with each other, then kissed as the crowd watched.

The sound of applause and blessings went on without end.

Walking in the square where the petals dance like snow, Saito put his hand to his chest.

"You also blessed me, Derf."

Derflinger's blade was under his clothes.

Just this one, I'll hold on to as a keepsake.

At the successful conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the grand wedding banquet began.

Headmaster Osman stood at the head of the square, and the guests burst out in applause.

"Ah~, Today is a day of celebration for these two, Ms. Vallière and Chévalier Saito. I truly wish you the best, and this is a thing to celebrate."

After looking around the square, Headmaster Osman nodded as if to agree.

"In this 'Holy War', these two joined hands to save the world. Saving the world means saving all the women's buttocks in the world. If these two hadn't been there, this old man would no longer be able appreciate women's hips...."

"Old man Osman, you're almost alright...."

Colbert, who could read the situation of the venue, lowered his voice to speak.

"Err, Really?"

So Headmaster Osman held up his wine glass and shouted.

"Ah~, In short, today is the day we celebrate the 'Hero' and the 'Saintess' who saved the world. Even though everyone is going to eat and drink their fill, make sure to bless these two newlyweds!"


Finally, a great cheer rang from the venue, and the wedding banquet began.

Wine barrels were set in the center of the square, and old man Marteau, the head chef of the academy, displayed the luxurious dishes he made on the dining tables. Because of a shortage of workers at the academy, Jessica and the others from the "Charming Fairies" Inn came to help serve the guests.

All of the youths of the Ondine Knights were drunk on the high-quality wine. It's no wonder since for their effort this time, Queen Henrietta gave every one of them 5,000 écu, as well as the Medal of St. Brimir, Tristain's highest award. Guiche, Malicorne, Gimli, Reynald, Adrien, Arsène, Gaston, Valentin, Victor, Paul, Ernest, Oscar, Casimir... All of the members became celebrities overnight.

All the girls of the "Charming Fairies" Inn surrounded the young men.

"Oh, today you get the special treatment for free, cuties."

Now, the young men of the Ondine Knights were all the brave heroes of the rescue operation. They became targets of affections for not only the girls of the academy, but even for the girls of Tristain.

As the young men were immersed in a pleasant atmosphere, the sound of a rough voice spread.

"Uh-huh, these guys are great, eat whatever you want."


The manager Scarron showed up, making Gimli and the others spit out the wine they had just drank.

Seeing the appearance of his partners, Guiche sipped his wine a little at a time.

"S-say, Montmorency."


Montmorency had been in a bad mood the entire time. The reason she was unhappy was that even with Guiche's bad behaviour, he was unexpectedly popular with the girls.

"Err, u-us too, don't you think, that we should do it soon?"


This sentence shocked Montmorency.

"I-I'm also a legitimate knight. So, err, a marriage, with, me...?"

"...Mar-marriage? What? What?"

What do I do... he actually proposed to me?

Montmorency covered her mouth.

Although she felt it was too early, even Louise was married. And Guiche wasn't the same as he was. The present Guiche truly was a knight of the queen.

"Gui-Guiche, I also...."

"Oh, look Guiche, the 'Charming Fairies' Inn has extremely cute girls."

"Wh-what, really!?"

Guiche couldn't help but turn his head.

An angry Montmorency stomped on Guiche's shoe.

"They're already totally drunk."

"Really embarrassing...."

At this time, Saito and Louise came to the table of her two older sisters to toast.

"Hm, the clothes make the man."

Éléonore ruthlessly glared at Saito, eyeing him from head to foot.

"Be-before was really embarrassing...."

Seeing Saito trembling, with his head bowed, Éléonore snorted and relented.

Presently Éléonore was in a bad mood. Because Malicorne, by an unfortunate coincidence, caught the bouquet that Louise had thrown to Éléonore. The stunned Éléonore screamed at Malicorne and stomped on him a bunch. Since Malicorne had a happy face... he probably deliberately caught it to get abused.

"Louise, you look great in your dress."

Cattleya smiled.

She's still beautiful, thought Saito.

"Thank you, big sister."

"Your outfit fits you perfectly."

Cattleya had a little smile as she spoke.

"Th-thank you...."

This made Saito scratch his head shyly.

"Having said that, Are you doing alright, Ms. Cattleya?"

"Well, thanks to the medicine you brought."

Cattleya once suffered from a hard to treat disease that even magic couldn't cure. After Luctiana heard this, she brought a secret elf medicine, made by her uncle Bidashal, as a gift. The effect of the elf's medicine was certainly outstanding, and they could see Cattleya's condition improving day by day.

Then Cattleya gazed into Saito's eyes.

"Hey, do you still remember what it takes to be a noble?"


Saito nodded. He heard this from Cattleya before.

He knew that using magic wasn't needed to be a noble.

"There is only one condition to be a noble, and that is to risk your life in protecting the princess, nothing more."

This is what Cattleya said to Saito.

"You are, without a doubt, a noble."

Cattleya gently smiled as she said this. Seeing this, Saito almost burst into tears. Being recognized as family by her was the thing that Saito was happiest about.

"Little Louise, I'm really mad you actually got married before me."

"Ouch, Ouch, big sister, it hurts...."

Éléonore grabbed Louise's ear.

Seeing the sisters getting along so well, an indescribable loneliness filled Saito's heart.

"What's wrong, Saito?"

"Oh, it's nothing."

Hearing Louise's question, Saito shook his head.

"Saying that, what about the Duke?"

"Father is there."

Then Éléonore pointed to a table in the corner of the square.

He saw a table with three drunk men endlessly rambling, and Louise's mother, Karin, busily taking care of the drunk Duke La Vallière.

"I hear they're former members of the royal magic guard."

While everyone was enjoying the wine and food, Tabitha was reading in the shade of a tree.

"Shorty, I brought you cake, chirp chirp."


Tabitha brought a bite of the Sylphid's cake to her mouth.

Then she returned her eyes to her book again.

"What are you reading now, chirp?"

Sylphid looked at Tabitha's book. The book Tabitha was reading was currently the most popular political science book in the city of Tristain.

In fact, a few days ago, a dispute broke out in her homeland of Gaulia. Unexpectedly, Queen Josette initiated action to return the crown in order to stay with Julio.

This caused the palace to fall into chaos, and they even asked Tabitha for help. Tabitha was initially confused, but ultimately agreed after the old minister who'd served for many years pleaded with her, and so she would wear the Gaulian crown again. Of course, the fact that Josette and Tabitha had swapped was only known to a small number of people, so at present, it hasn't caused any problems....

At this time, Kirche came next to Tabitha.

She saw Kirche with a mischievous smile, as Kirche whispered in her friend's ear.

"Oh, is it really okay? If you don't say it now, you won't have a chance."

Tabitha looked up, and looked away from her book at the happy face of Saito and Louise. Seeing those two, Tabitha smiled.

"... It's alright. As long as they're happy, is the thing that I'm most happy about."

Kirche's eyes went wide hearing this answer. As Tabitha gazed at the two, a cheerful smile was on her face, a look that Kirche had never seen from her good friend.

"Tiffa, are you happy?"

"Yes, very happy. Congratulation on your marriage, Saito."

Saito greeted Tiffania, who was in the corner of the square, and Tiffania happily blessed the two's marriage.

Then the two chatted for a bit about life there, talking with Fatima, and other daily trivialities.

It seemed that Fatima had returned to "Eumenes" and was once again living with her tribe. Although it would be hard to fill the gap, Saito hoped that one day the feelings of the two would be so that they felt like sisters.

"Having said that, this dress is really uncomfortable to wear."

Tiffania couldn't help by smile wryly as she picked up the dress. Compared with the loose clothes of the elves, the accessories like the high heels and corsets were really uncomfortable to wear.

Especially... around her chest. With her breasts, which were as large as cantaloupes, it seemed like she was about to pop out of her clothes.

Since they couldn't find a dress that could fit Tiffania's chest size on hand, they borrowed one from her cousin, Henrietta. Henrietta's chest was quite large, but because Tiffania's chest was magically huge....

"What is it, Saito?"

Tiffania looked puzzled.

"Oh. nothing...."

The moment when Saito hurriedly looked away, something happened.

With the sound of a "Pop!" the chest part of the dress flew off.

Leading to Tiffania's plump chest being exposed to Saito without hesitation.


Hearing Tiffania's scream, the young men of the Ondine Knights, who weren't far away, turned their heads as one.

"Oh, Tiffa, this is bad!"

Saito quickly hugged Tiffania's shoulders, trying to protect her.

But he miscalculated the results. Because Tiffania was wearing high heels that she wasn't used to, she lost her balance. And her quality chest squashed Saito.

  • BOINK*

"So-sorry, Saito!"

A scared Tiffania apologized with tears in her eyes.

Being crushed between those squashed breasts sent Saito over the moon.

At that time, a quiet, storm-like rage spread over Saito's head.

"Yo-you, yo-yo-you... What are you doing?"

Jerkily raising his head to look... he saw Louise with the face of an evil spirit.

"To-today is de-definitely my wedding day... is m-my we-we-wedding ceremony...."

"Wait Louise, this is an accident!"

"Yo-you, y-y-you stupid dog!"

An angry Louise brandished her wand.

An attack shot out of the tip of her wand hit the ground sending Saito flying.

"Huh? What?"

Seeing this stunned Louise.

"Wasn't that 'Air Hammer' just now?"

"Louise, you've awoken to wind magic! The same system as me!"

Duchess La Vallière rushed over and praised her in amazement.

Unexpectedly, Louise, who had lost the power of the Void, actually learned systemic magic.

At this time, someone was watching the lively and extraordinary wedding scene from the top of the Academy of Magic.

"The bride is really beautiful, Brother Bleu."

"Not bad."

The two were Bleu and Jeanette of the "Elemental Brothers". Of course, these two weren't invited to the wedding, so they were crashing the wedding. This kind of thing was a trivial matter to the two.

"Shortly, this could be the last time I see the human world... it's a little lonely."

Jeanette lightly smiled. A small fang poked out from the corner of her mouth.

The true face of the "Elemental Brothers" were human-vampire hybrids created in a magic experiment conducted by the Institute of Magic. The two constantly tried to raise funds for their dream of establishing a country for vampires in Halkeginia. After receiving payment from Romalia a few days ago, their goal of founding a country had finally come to fruition.

Looking at the happy Saito, Bleu snorted.

"Although I want to go a round with Hirigale Saite... that wouldn't be very tactful."

"Let's go, Brother Damien is waiting for us."

After silently jumping outside of the wall, the two rode horses they took from the visiting guests and urged them to the east....

At the same time, two horses galloped on the road leaving the Academy of Magic.

The two were Wardes and Fouquet, who had left the wedding ceremony a little earlier.

Although Fouquet was formally invited, she only took a look at Tiffania and left the square. Fouquet thought that a thief like her wasn't suitable for such a gorgeous scene.

"Is it alright to leave the half-elf girl?"

Wardes said from horseback.

"That girl is already self-reliant, and doesn't need my help."

Fouquet showed a lonely smile.

"Speaking of you, don't you and that brat have a fight to finish?"

"My opponent isn't the legendary 'Gandálfr', so the duel is meaningless."

"Well, men are trouble, in many senses."

After her grumbling, Fouquet looked back at the buildings of the Academy of Magic.

"You have to be strong, Tiffania. Don't follow the same path as me."

The wedding banquet festivities continued. The most interesting highlight of the day was the performance of "The Hero Hirigiel Saitome and the Saintess Louise" by the Tanialiege Theater, specially hired by the royal family and Henrietta to bless the couple. Then there was the the air show by René Vonke and the other Dragon Knights, as well as Mr. Colbert's happy invention exhibition... During the exhibit, a dragon-shaped invention almost started a fire when it shot a fireball.

After that, Guiche showed the statues of the "Hero" and the "Saintess" made out of earth.

For the statues, the first to complain was Louise. Louise said that her chest wasn't that small. However, Siesta evaluation was "exactly like the person"; Kirche said that it was totally, "Louise the Zero"; Saito rated it as quite realistic. Hearing this, Louise burst into anger, and ordered Guiche to redo it....

At this time, Henrietta overlooked the action in the square through a window of the Academy.

"29 wins, 25 losses, and 2 draws... Right, Louise?"

With a lonely smile, she gently held her hands to her chest.

Seeing Saito's innocent smile, there was a bittersweet pain in her heart.

But she knew there was no way that her wish would come true.

Goodbye, my knight, the one that I love....

"I pray you love each other forever...."

After she whispered this, Henrietta buried the faint love deep in the depths of her heart.

As a queen, Henrietta had many problems to face. That included the decline in national power squandered in fighting a war, nobles rebelling, etc. The problems have all piled up.

At that time, the voice of the Captain of the Musketeers came from outside the room.

"Your Majesty, there's an urgent matter I need to tell you."

"What is it, Agnès?"

"A messenger from the Pope arrived."

"What did you say?"

At dusk, Henrietta found Saito and Louise and guided the two to the VIP room of the Academy of Magic.

"Princess, what is it that you needed to tell us in private?"

After Louise asked, Henrietta handed an old wooden box to the two.

"Actually, just now, someone who claimed to be the messenger of the Pope gave me this thing."

"The Pope?"

Saito and Louise couldn't help but look at each other.

It seems that Vittorio's messenger, Michaela, a nun who served by him, was entrusted with this box to give to Saito.

After opening the lid, there was an old mirror inside.

"Isn't this the 'Founder's Round Mirror'!"

This made Louise's eyes open wide in surprise.

Inside the box was one of the secret treasures of the Founder, the "Founder's Round Mirror".

Why was the Romalian national treasure that has been inherited by the Pope throughout history here?

And why did he give it to Saito...?

"Excuse me... why did you give this to me?"

Saito asked in confusion.

After hesitating for a bit, Henrietta spoke.

"The 'Founder's Round Mirror' is a 'Magic Tool' that the Founder Brimir used to seal 'Void' magic. It is said that you only need to use its power and you can open a 'Door' that a single person can use.

"What did you say!"

Saito couldn't help but shout.

"Why would he give me this thing...?"

"I also don't understand the true intent of the Pope. But this may be a way for the Pope to repay Saito for the Pope's misdeeds."


This reminded Saito of Vittorio.

The consistent driving force for the Pope had always been to save Halkeginia. In this sense, it can be said that he was truly a good man. After he had failed to conquer the Earth, he could have desired to apologize in some way for how he'd used Saito up to now.

"Does that mean... that I can go back to Earth if I use this mirror?"



Louise had an uneasy look and stared at the pale-faced Saito.

"...Please, how did it end up like this?"

He had just made up his mind to settle in this world....

And he'd already married Louise....

All sorts of emotional turmoil ripped through Saito's heart.

"I'm sorry, I'm really confused right now... Please let me think about it for a bit."

Saito responded with a green face.

"Yes, of course."

Henrietta quietly nodded her head.

"However, the power of the 'Void' has disappeared, and the 'Founder's Round Mirror' seems to be gradually losing power, so there is little time left."

Saito absently muttered to himself as he held the round mirror in his hands.

"What... in the end what do I want to do...?"

First Saito returned to Louise's room and crashed on the bed.

Basically, he thought quietly by himself about what he wanted to do in the future.

Louise was also considerate of Saito's mood.

On the day of a celebration, partying through the night seemed to be a tradition of Tristain's nobles, and you could still hear the lively wedding banquet outside. The sound of the Ondine Knights' tone-deaf singing rang under the sunset sky.

Louise's room truly made Saito feel nostalgic. At the beginning, when he was summoned as a familiar by Louise, he was treated as a dog... and slept on straw. And he was also forced to help Louise change clothes or clean underwear. Although it was hard to imagine now... It should be said that one day, he unexpectedly could marry his master.

After taking off his wedding clothes, Saito put on his usual jacket.

He was much more calm wearing this.

Saito, sitting on a chair, fell into contemplation in the room filled with moonlight.

What is he going to do moving forward... return to Earth, or....

There is only one chance to go back, and there isn't much time left.

Originally he planned to grow old in Halkeginia, and suddenly faced with this option, violently shook Saito's heart.

"Seriously, what should I do...?"

This world has Louise.

As well as good friends and good partners.

To leave Louise, and return to Earth alone? How could he do that?

Because we're married, we vowed to stay together forever....

Stay here, Saito thought.

That's right. I won't return to Earth, I want to settle in Halkeginia with Louise.

Saito finally made up his mind and stood up.


Then he fell directly on the bed. The twin moons outside the window looked down on him.

Mother... and father, are worried about me now....

We haven't seen each other for more than a year and a half, but they definitely think about me every day. Believing that their son would come home one day, and mother who continued to send emails everyday, and preparing the hamburger that I like to eat, and waiting for me to come home....

Is Saito still alive?

That is the most worrying thing.

Nothing else is important.

No matter what you're doing now, it doesn't matter.

Just show your face.

The mail his mother sent has been read countless times, and he even knew it by heart.

With no effort, it reminds me of my book reading mother, and my taciturn office worker father.

An ordinary family that could see anywhere.

"......uh, wah, uh...... uh, waaaah."

Lying on the bed, Saito couldn't help but cry.

What should I do? Once the option to "Go Home" has a chance to come true, he immediately felt a strong homesickness.

It could also be because he had lost the 'Gandálfr' runes.

He was no longer the legendary familiar, and had returned to being an ordinary high school student.

"Waaaah, Mom, Dad, uuuuh."

Lying on Louise's bed, Saito couldn't stop crying.


Louise, who had come to the room's door, stopped when she heard the sound of Saito's crying.

Just like this, Louise understood everything.

She grew up with the love of her parents, Cattleya, and Éléonore. Although strict, she loved her family the most... If she was forced to be separated from my family, and if she never would see them again, what exactly would she do?

Just imagining it, the sadness seemed like it would overwhelm her heart.

Of course she didn't want Saito to go back... but....

After quietly opening the door, Louise came to the side of the bawling Saito.


Saito quickly got up from the bed and wiped his eyes.

"It's okay. When boys want to cry, there's nothing to be shy about."

Louise warming embraced Saito's head.

"Louise, I... I...."

"I promised you, I'd let you return to your original world."

She replied to Saito's words.

"Saito should return to his family's side. Return to your mother and father."

"But... But, I...."

Saito's shoulders trembled in agitation.

"I don't want to leave Louise, to leave you... We just got married...."

"I also don't want to."


"But you have to go back. For that reason, I won't hesitate to sacrifice my life."

Louise also started to cry.

"I will continue to love you, and will never love another."

"Me too, you are the only one I'll ever love."

The two held each other tightly.

"Um, Saito... there's something I'd like to ask of you."

Saying this, Louise slowly got up from the bed.

"Didn't you say before? I ha-have to wait until we got married."


"I want to ma-make memories... with Saito."


Saito asked.

"What I mean by memories, is... a connection...."

At that moment, Saito held his breath.

Because Louise took off her pure white dress and dropped it on the floor.

The dress made a sound as it slipped to her feet.

The moonlight fell on Louise's body, in just her underwear.

"Lo-Lo, Lo-Louise!"

Wh-wh, wh-what are you doing... Saito couldn't help but panic.

Louise shyly covered the slight rise of her chest.

"Ah, uh...."

His heart was beating like crazy, as if it would burst, almost like he would die.

However, he couldn't look away from Louise.

"Sa-say something...."

"You're beautiful."

"That's all?"

"Be-because, I... err...."

Under the moonlight, Louise's body was as beautiful as a goddess... seeing this, Saito's mouth was dry.

Every delusion that had ever come to Saito's mind was completely swept away. A shy Louise pulled on Saito's clothes.

"You too."

"Oh, yeah...."

Saito took off his jacket and pants, as well as his underwear.

Then the two embraced each other in the very shape that they had been born in.

Saito gently touched Louise's petite chest.

"S-so embarrassing...."

This made Louise blush in shame.

Louise's skin was smooth, warm, and very firm.

Feeling the one he loves, the warmth of his beloved Louise.

I have lived for this moment, Saito thought deep in his heart.

"Gen-gently... hm."


After pulling Louise down on the bed, Saito traced Louise's lips, and gave her a deep kiss.

The two were in bed, looking at each other's bodies. Just quietly embracing each other and feeling the other's warmth, and made them feel like the happiest people in the world.

"Oh, Saito...."


Louise, in Saito's arms, showed a happy smile.

"I have lived for this moment."

"Yeah, me too...."

Saying this, Saito gently touched Louise's pink-blonde hair.

Louise kissed Saito's neck in return.

"I really hope that this could last forever...."

"But, it's impossible."

Saito said as he gazed at the twin moons hanging outside the window.

"I'll have to say goodbye to everyone."

"That's right...."

Even after it had become late at night, the wedding banquet continued in the square. Almost all of the students had returned to the dormitory, but the drunken Ondine Knights were all lying in the square.

Hearing that Saito had something important to put out, the guys gathered in front of the symbol of Brimir.

Just as everyone was guessing and speculating, Saito suddenly spoke.

"Tomorrow, I'll be returning to my original world!"

"No way--------!"

This shocking statement made everybody in the square shout.

Just like that, the wedding banquet instantly became a farewell party for Saito.

Late night. Half the night had passed, and almost all of the food and wine was gone.

Saito and the others sat around a campfire-like magic flame, while eating a hot pot made by Siesta from the remaining materials, while drinking with his friends.

"Saito, ev-even though at first I thought you were an arrogant commoner. But... but now I think, you are my most important friend...."

"Come on, you're too drunk, Guiche."

Saito smiled as he patted Guiche's shoulder.

"So your glass is dry! It's your last night, so please enjoy yourself!"

"Yeah, after I return to Earth, I won't be able to drink this wine."

"What are you saying?"

"I can't, I'm not an adult yet."

"Oh... Although I don't really understand, ultimately drink first then tell me again Saito."

Saito, who was hugging the shoulders of Guiche and the others, sang a song loudly.

They sang "Long Live Tristain", the only song Saito knew how to sing.

The memories he made with the guys in the Ondine Knights, he wouldn't run out even if they talked for three days and three nights. Rescuing Tabitha in Alhambra. Peeking on the girls in the bath house, the single combat with the Gallian knight at the Lilion River... As everyone was there laughing, Guiche's feeling may have overflowed, and he began to cry.

"Really, men are dumb."

Montmorency rolled her eyes.

"Louise, was it really alright to marry that kind of person?"

"Well, it doesn't matter, because I love him the most."

Louise absentmindedly gazed at Saito.

Seeing Louise's reaction, Malicorne muttered, as he looked at the two.

"Saito, you, don't tell me...."

"Wh-what is it?"

"It can't be, you became adults?"

"Ex-excuse me, what are you talking about...?"

Saito and Louise suddenly blushed.

Seeing Saito's reaction, the guys began to discuss excitedly.


Malicorne shouted twice.

"So, how was it? Hey!"

"Y-you felt her sm-small lemon chest?"

"St-stop it, Louise is embarrassed."

Saito couldn't help but stand up to protect Louise. That made Louise's heart beat faster.

"Hey, come on, show us!"

"Let us see the evidence that you've become an adult."

The guys rushed Saito and tried to take off his clothes.

Everyone was already a drunken mess.

"Haven't you guys made enough noise!"

An angry Louise blew the guys away with wind magic. Although she had only awoken to wind magic a little while ago, she was the daughter of Karin, the "Heavy Wind", and so she had considerable power.

The guys couldn't help but tremble. Everyone thought that this was more terrifying that the old "Louise the Zero".

"Saito---! I also want, I also want to make a night of memories with you!"

"What are you talking about, Siesta!"

Siesta was so drunk that it was bad, so Saito quickly persuaded her.

"I refuse, I refuse. So please take me to Saito's world."

"That's not okay, only one can pass through the door, and Siesta's father is still here."

"Waaaaah... waaaah... Saito, Saito, you idiot, I hate you, waaaaaah...."

She was really pitiful.

Siesta who had always treated Saito tenderly....

I remember she once reprimanded me severely.

"Come, cry on my chest."

Louise stroked Siesta's head.

"Waaaaaaah... Washboard."

"Wh-wha, wh-what did you say!?"

An angry Louise chased Siesta around.

The space the Siesta left changed to Tabitha this time.

Saito saw Tabitha silently clutching his cloak.


"... Please, let me do this."

"Haa, okay..."

A shy Saito scratched his cheek.

At that time, Colbert and Kirche came over. Looking at Tabitha, Kirche grinned and poked her friend Tabitha's shoulder.

"What, so energetic."

Tabitha instantly blushed.

"Saito, it's a pity that you can only return this one time. If there was a chance, I also wanted to see your homeland, a world without 'Magic'."

"It would be nice if you could send a letter of something."

"Well if you sent me the machine called a 'Laptop' it would be fine. However, if you want to be able to use it, you still have to open a 'Door'."

Colbert thought as he looked up to the sky. This teacher may actually invent a device to open a "Door" in the future, thought Saito.


Tiffania also sat beside Saito. Tiffania under the moonlight, her golden hair shining, was an beautiful as a fairy.

"I will always remember our adventure in the Kingdom of the Elves, forever and ever. I will never forget."

"Yes, me too. Forever... I will always remember it."

Everybody chatted about the adventures in Halkeginia, and talked all night. Although some people urged Saito to stay, he finally got everybody to understand. Louise, who would miss him more than anybody, had already agreed, so of course nobody else could say anything.

"It's been my pleasure to have met you all. Truly, thank you everybody."

Saito cried as he bid farewell to everyone who he had met in this world.


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