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Romancing Saga[1]

I went to the clubroom as usual, where I found Yozora, Sena, Yukimura, Rika, and even Maria.

Yozora and Rika were reading and Yukimura was on standby in front of the teapot.

Sena was busy playing one of her galge on her PS.

I asked her about it before, and from what I understand in this game the main character gets sucked into the world of one of his games and tries to get back to his own world with the help of some of the girls he meets in that world.

Maria was lazing on the sofa enjoying her potato chips.

"Kodaka Kodaka! Yozora gave me some potato chips!" Maria reported happily to me.

"Ohh... Yozora did huh..."

I gave Yozora a suspicious look, to which Yozora nonchalantly replied

"It's my thanks for Maria always helping me out."

"Hah, so you've finally realized how amazing I am have you!?"

"Yeah, I owe you Maria. Just don't forget your end of the deal."

I knew there had to be a catch.

"Leave it to me! I'll make sure they give this club a good budget!"

"Good, I hope you do. If you fail I'll have to take your panties and sell them off to some blue sailor shop."

Yet another one of her crazy deals.

"...Can the school even give a club like ours that doesn't have any real activities any funding in the first place?"

I asked, to which Yozora quickly nodded back.

"I doubt it, but if it only cost me a cheap bag of potato chips to get some funding for our club I'm not complaining."

"So then what about you selling Maria's panties to a blue sailor shop?"

"I was mostly just joking about that, but it really all depends on my mood when she tells me if she did it or not."


It was then that I realized something.

"...You know, you say that doujinshi and eroge and stuff are all shameless, but you don't seem to have any trouble talking about rape or selling people's panties off to a blue sailor shop, do you."

"Rape is just rape and selling panties is just business, isn't it?"

While wondering about how she could think either of those is no big deal, I asked

"Then what's wrong with doujinshi and eroge?"

I'm not sure why, but Yozora started to blush and said


Yozora's voice was practically a whisper and so quiet that I couldn't hear what she said.

"? What'd you say?"

"N-nothing! Anyway those kinds of thing are all shameless!"

Said Yozora, getting flustered about my question for some reason. I really don't get her.

"How ridiculous... why do those kinds of games even exist in this world..."

Complained Yozora while looking over at Sena.

As for Sena, she was in a trance holding her controller in one hand and staring at the TV screen.

The game was playing a sweet song while the staff credits rolled by, and at the same time showing what I assume to be various scenes from the game one at a time.

I guess she finished the game. Finally the credits ended and showed "FIN" on the screen. After it did, Sena quietly whispered

"...Why wouldn't you just stay inside the game world..."


Said Yozora with a face that looked like she was looking at a pile of raw sewage.

I have to admit, even I had a bit of that feeling after hearing what she said.

If it was just a joke fine, but it was obvious that Sena accidentally blurted out what she was really thinking while she was completely absorbed in the game.

"! Ah...!"

Sena finally came back to her senses and started blushing after seeing our faces.

"T-that's not it, okay!? I was just joking, it's like, I just wanted to try saying it, okay!? I'm not so bad that I can't keep reality and fiction separate!!"

And then, Rika asked

"Sena-senpai, do you like games?"

"W-well yeah I guess so."

Said Sena, seemingly trying to hide what she really thinks.

"...What the hell do you mean 'I guess so'?" said Yozora.

"It can't actually take you into a game world, but I have game that can do something pretty close to that."


Sena's eyes were sparkling at what Rika said.

"Yes. It's still in development, but I think you can play part of it."

"Why do you have a game like that?"

"Because it's a beta version that I helped develop. I had planned on doing some testing on it, but it's really more of a multiplayer game so I never got around to it. You guys wanna give it a shot?"

"Let's do it!"

Replied Sena immediately, and Yozora also approved with a "Why not, it'll help kill some time."

"Okay, wait here then while I go get it from the Rika room."

Rika brought a cardboard box full of weird goggle-type headsets.

"So we can see the game world through these things?

"Exactly, Kodaka-senpai. They're called head-mounted displays."

"You see a lot of this kinda thing in SF manga and games and stuff, but this is my first time seeing it for real."

"It's not like this is some super-advanced futuristic game you know. The technology to make something like this has been around way before we were even born, it's just that it's never really been put to use in games."

"Why not? Because of the cost?"

"Isn't it because of how stupid it looks?" said Sena.

"I don't know either, but my guess is that Sena's answer is probably correct." Rika quickly replied.

...They do have a point. Wearing this helmet/visor looking thing and playing a game that only you can see might look a little ridiculous to people watching you.

"Anyway, this is the latest model from "Large Hardware Inc." who keeps working on things like this in the hopes that one day they'll be able to make them look better and start getting adapted by game developers. It's called the 'VR Boy'."

Rika then pulled out a laptop from her bag, put it on the table, and then said

"And here on this laptop I have a fantasy RPG game called 'Romancing Saga' that was developed to be released alongside the 'VR Boy' system. This is the game I was talking about that we can all play together."

"...Why Saga?" I asked.

"Because the company who made it is from Saga. Heh heh heh, don't you think it sounds just like one of a certain little company's games?"[2]

"...You know sometimes I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

Anyway, we all put on a VR Boy headset and grabbed a game-pad style controller.

The VR Boy was big enough that it covered up most of my head, but it wasn't nearly as heavy as it looked so I bet someone could play with it for a long time without getting tired out.

"It's pitch black! I can't see anything!" said Maria.

"I'm gonna start up the program now so just wait a bit." said Rika.

Both the VR Boy and the game-pad are wireless, so I guess Rika's PC is what's taking the place of the console.

After waiting a little while, everything got much brighter and "Large Hardware" company logo was displayed by the goggles along with a beautiful mountain scenery.


This is way better than a movie screen, we all cheered at how it was almost as if we were really in the mountains.

Then, from the VR Boy's headphones I could hear the sound of a narrator along with some serious sounding music.

"Saga, the final frontier."

"Like hell it is!" I yelled, unable to stay quiet after hearing such a ridiculous statement...

"If you ask anyone in Tokyo 'Where is Saga located?" over 90% of them will be unable to answer or tell you something like 'Saga? Is there even a prefecture named Saga? Ah I get it, this is a trick question isn't it? You're actually talking about Shiga!'"

"Hey. Isn't this just some people from Saga complaining!?"

"Assholes... You're all a bunch of assholes! Your prefecture is only one letter off from ours! Who gives a shit if you have Lake Biwa, god damn Shiga!"

"Now the narrator is yelling at us!?" And it looks like he totally forgot about Tokyo...

"Once upon a time, a certain governor of Saga said 'There are 7 prefectures in Kyuushuu: Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Ooita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and... wait, was there really a 7th? Ah, I know, Okinawa!'[3] In order to end this sad state of affairs and make Saga prefecture more well known, the Demon King was summoned to our world."

I can't say anything...! It's so stupid I don't even know what to say...!

The game changed scenes and an eerie looking castle appeared. On the bottom part of the screen its name was displayed.

"Valhalla Castle"

"Ahh, this opening is kinda long so let's just skip it!"

All of a sudden I heard Rika's voice from my headphones, followed by the game screen going black again.

"Eh!? Wait, I wanted to watch it! Saga's Valhalla Castle looked so cool!"

I heard Sena's voice through the headphones too.

Looks like whenever another player starts talking the VR Boy will transmit it to all the other players.

Ah but besides that, I was kinda interested in that Valhalla Castle too.

"To make a long story short, your goal as the players is to work together to defeat the Demon King of Valhalla Castle. The story continues on after that too and has you go out and conquer other prefectures, but we can't play that part without an internet connection."

Explained Rika, ignoring Valhalla Castle.

"Now then, next up is where you'd all design your characters, but that'd take a while to do so this time Rika will just have you all use some character designs I made to look like you ahead of time. All you have to do is choose your class. You can change your class during the game so just go with whatever looks good to you for now."

"Hmm..." said Yozora.

"Not a problem. I was going to make a character that looked just like me anyway." said Sena.

The character design menu popped up on the screen.

It was a dark room with a single mirror in front of me, and in the mirror a fantasy-esque villager-looking version of me was shown.

Aside from the clothes this character looks pretty much exactly like me. It's almost like I'm looking into a real mirror.

A menu popped up next to the window, and in it were a list of classes for me to choose from.

I guess I use the game-pad here to choose what I want to be.

There were over 100 classes or so for me to choose from so I was a little lost at first, but in the end I just went with "Wizard".

Can't go wrong with a what's basically one of the staples of any RPG fantasy game.

After choosing my class, the mirror filled the entire screen and after a while I was standing in the mountain scenery I saw just a few minutes ago.

This thing really has some crazy production values...

As I was busy admiring the scenery I heard a voice call out to me from behind.


I turned around (using the game-pad to move my character) and saw Rika standing there.

"...What's with those clothes?"

I said, dumbfounded.

Rika's clothes consisted of a pair of denim short shorts so short I could almost see her butt, and a tube top that barely covered about as much skin as a piece of underwear would. To put it simply, her outfit was incredibly skimpy.

She had a gun belt on her waist with a holster holding a gun on each side.

"I picked the Gunner class and this is what I turned out like."

"That's a pretty crazy outfit you've got there..."

"I could say the same about you, Senpai."

"You think so?"

No matter how much I fiddle with my character's view I can't see how I look.

"If you open up the start menu and go to 'Equipment' you can see what you look like."

I did exactly as Rika said, and another mirror came down in front of me just like when I chose my class.

"What the hell is this!?"

I was completely dumbfounded (and amazed at how well the game recreated my facial expression).

My character in the mirror was wearing a pair of acid wash jeans, a shirt with large picture of an anime girl on it, and a bandana tied up like a headband. How should I say this, I look just like that kind of stereotypical Akihabara otaku that doesn't actually exist, even in Akihabara itself.

"I-I chose Wizard as my class, what the heck!?"

I went and double-checked to be sure, and all of my armor did indeed say "Wizard Shirt", "Wizard Pants", and "Wizard Bandana". Why the hell does a Wizard look like this!?

"There's a little legend on the web about Wizards."

Rika said with an indifferent tone to her voice.

"A legend?"

"It goes something like: 'A man who is able to protect his chastity for 30 years will become a Wizard." I'd say those clothes you're wearing right now are quite fitting for a 30 year old virgin Wizard."[4]

"Who'd want to be a Wizard like this... Why couldn't it just be your typical Wizard with a robe and staff or something..."

"It's basically just a joke from the developers. I told them they should cut it out with all those internet memes, but those people are a pain to deal with."

"Uh-huh... well whatever, I can just change my equipment I guess..."

I sighed, and trying to stay positive I looked over what kinds of magic I can use.

...There wasn't a single spell.

"Hey, why can't I use magic!? I'm a Wizard aren't I!?"

"It's just a legend after all. 'Wizard' is just a fancy title that people call 30 year old virgins."

"Then this isn't even a real class, is it!?

"Just because this is a world in which magic exists doesn't mean that being a Wizard is actually possible. I think it's more important to think about what you want to do with your magic rather than being fixated on simply being able to use it."

"No matter how you try to spin it I'm still not a real Wizard damn it!!"

I yelled, and then three balls of light appeared in front of us with Sena, Yozora(?), and Yukimura(?) coming out of them.

"Pft, what are you wearing Kodaka?"

Sena laughed at my clothes without the slightest delay.

"...Just so you know, you're not exactly in a position to make fun of people's clothes."


Sena made a confused faced and then yelled in astonishment after seeing what she looked like the way I did.

"What is this!?"

Sena was wearing a "shirt" which was just a few strips of cloth wrapped around her chest, and a pair of shabby looking work pants. I'm not sure if you could say it was sexy or not, but it was definitely weird.

In addition to her clothes, she was holding a huge hammer in her right hand.

"Why am I wearing this!? I picked Blacksmith as my class!"

"Ahh, now that you mention it you do kinda look like a blacksmith..."

I said, to which Sena complained

"No I don't! Blacksmiths are supposed to wear more refined clothes and use magic to summon swords that they elegantly defeat their enemies with...!"

"On what planet to blacksmiths wear fancy clothes and 'elegantly' defeat their enemies?"

Rika said, astonished.

"Lucas, The protagonist in 'The Sacred Black Star' does!"

"Please don't confuse your games for reality."

This is a game too though isn't it...

"By the way, in RomaSaga the Blacksmith is just as you'd expect. They're a class focused on damage dealing that uses their hammers to crush their enemies. They can't use any magic at all, and their magic resistance is weak so they die pretty quickly if they get hit by any magic. Also, they're very susceptible to status-altering magic like Sleep and Confusion so watch out for them."

"...Did one of the developers have something against blacksmiths...?"

"Ahh, I messed up... This is totally the class that least suits me..."

Said Sena moping about her choice.

"...You're not that bad off." I said, and then pointed at Yozora.

"Eh? ――Pft!"

Sena laughed after seeing Yozora's outfit.

Yozora, obviously annoyed about her clothes, was wearing a giant rose costume with her hands, legs, and face all sticking out from the stem.

"...W-what are you?"

"......A 'Rose Girl'."

She looks more like a Demon Rose than a Rose Girl to me.

"I've heard of an anime called 'Rose Girl' before, is this like that?" I asked.

A little while ago I saw Kobato watching it, it was basically an anime about young girls in goth-loli clothes fighting each other.

"...I'm the same. I'd heard the name before and that it was supposed to be pretty popular. There was apparently a politician who was seen reading the original 'Rose Girl' at an airport and started getting called 'The Rose King' and stuff like that so I figured the 'Rose Girl' class would be a perfect fit for me, the president of the Neighbors Club, but..."

Yozora said with a disappointed look on her face.

"Ah that class got added after Rika mentioned to the developers one day 'That Rose Girl anime is pretty popular these days isn't it?' They added it without knowing much about the anime so they based the class off of the name despite the fact that it doesn't really fit in with the game's setting at all. It's primarily a tank class that has very high attack and defense against both physical and magical attacks."

"...Hmph. I guess it's fine as long as it's strong."

Said Yozora, who then tried hopping in a few circles.

"...Do you actually like that costume?"

"...Not really."
Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunaiVol2 Ch06 Img01.jpg

Yozora's voice gave off a slight feeling that she was lying.

"Aniki. What do you think of my clothes?"

Yukimura walked over to me and did a little turn in place.

"...Uhh, well, you definitely look strong."

Yukimura's class was obviously Armored Warrior.

His armor was bright red and he was wearing a kabuto helmet that covered his entire face except for his eyes.

"So it looks like you picked 'Samurai' huh Yukimura. As you can see it's a class made for fighting on the frontlines."

"Hmm... wait, what?"

I just realized all of a sudden.

"Sena, Yozora, and Yukimura are all on the frontlines, Rika's a long-range fighter, and I'm-"

"You're useless."

"...I'm useless, and we don't have a healer in our party."

I better hope I don't take any serious damage.

"Maria didn't make a Priest? She's a nun and all." said Yozora.

We all grouped up and waited for Maria, but she didn't show up.

"I'll go take a look."

Rika took off her VR Boy headset, and a few minutes later...

"Maria-sensei is asleep."

"...So she fell asleep after eating that bag of potato chips... What a useless girl."

"We'll just have to go with the 5 of us then."

Sena said, walking off ahead.

"Where are we going?"

"Over there, right?"

Sena pointed to the, kinda cheap, love hotel looking, western-style castle in the distance .

"That's right. That's the Demon King's Valhalla Castle." said Rika.

"We're going for the Demon King right off the bat!?"

"Everything's in offline mode until you beat him, so it's mostly like a tutorial. The real game is the online mode you unlock after beating him."

"It's pretty harsh that they make you go up against the Demon King in the tutorial."

"It's okay, this guy's just the Demon King of Saga after all."

"That's harsh too!"

The second I yelled that at Rika


A bunch of monsters started coming out of the ground along with an ear-piercing roar.

"Uwa!?" "Hyah!?"

Yozora and Sena both screamed. It's pretty rare to see Yozora make that reaction to something.

"It would seem some evil spirits have appeared."

Said Yukimura, totally unfazed by what just happened.

"What the heck are these things... they're totally disgusting..."

Sena said, openly showing her disgust.

The monsters that showed up were just a little bit shorter than we are.

They looked like fish that grew arms and legs and were able to walk upright, essentially Mermen, and each of them was holding a spear in their hands.

At a glance they did look just like aliens with their round oval shaped heads. They had no eyes and their mouths were filled with fierce looking fangs.

Also, even though they're fish they didn't have any scales so they looked just like a weird grayish colored amphibian that gave off a disgusting looking faint blue glow.

I recognized that unique face of theirs.

"Warasubo... These look just like Warasubo...!"

"You know about them? You're quite knowledgeable Kodaka-senpai."

"What the heck is a Warasubo... a deep-sea fish?"

Asked Yozora, creeped out by the Warasubo.

"They're not a deep-sea fish. Warasubo are... members of the Gobiidae family that live in the Ariake Sea around Kyuushuu's coast. I used to eat them back when I lived in Kyuushuu."

Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunaiVol2 Ch06 Img02.png

"...You ate that? I'd expect no less from a real man like you, Aniki."

Yukimura also seemed a bit lost for words.

"These guys are called 'Warasubo Soldiers' and they're easiest enemy to beat. All the enemies in this game are centered around Warasubo, there's also enemies like the 'Warasubo Knight', 'Warasubo Mage', and so on. They look exactly like aliens out the outside so they were an easy choice to base all the enemies off of."

"They only look like aliens huh..."

I got a little depressed after hearing Rika say that.

"Hmph... Anyway let's get out there and obliterate them."

Sena tightened her grip on her hammer.

Rika pulled out her guns, Yukimura pulled out his sword, and Yozora grew thorns out of her arms.


I jumped out in front of everyone who was about the charge at the Warasubo.

"How can you treat them like monsters just because they look like one!? The Warasubo didn't choose to be born looking like that!"

Even I could tell that I was getting too emotional over this.

These guys are just made-up monsters in a game made for the players to defeat.

But ever since I moved to Kyuushuu (Fukuoka Prefecture) back in grade school and first saw a Warasubo, I've always felt that we were sort of similar.

I could see myself in the Warasubo, everyone treats them like they're an utterly repulsive alien just because their face looks scary.

"I'm asking you... can't you let these guys go...?"

To my begging, Rika and Yozora gave me a kind smile and said

"...You really are a nice person aren't you, Kodaka-senpai."


Sena also chimed in, and said along with a little laugh

"...Well, that's just like you to say that I guess."

And then ---


Rika's bullet went right through Warasubo Soldier A's head, Sena's hammer smashed Warasubo Soldier B's head in one hit, and Yozora's thorns stretched out like a spear, piercing Warasubo soldier C's heart.


The Warasubo Soldiers all died shouting a blood-curdling scream while shooting their purple blood gushed out of them.

Their dead bodies were sucked into the ground and disappeared.


I let out a yell.

"Why!? Why did you kill them!?"

"Eh? 'Cuz they're disgusting."

Sena quickly replied to my protests.

"Isn't this like one of those scene where you listen to me and let them go!?"

"I know how you feel Kodaka-senpai, but we can't go on if we don't raise our EXP."

Rika said, unconcernedly.

Was that kind smile you showed me earlier all a lie?

"Kodaka. Their lives were not wasted. They live on in all of us as EXP."

Said Yozora, who obviously couldn't care less about the Warasubo, while attacking the remaining Warasubo Soldiers with her thorns.

Sena and Rika joined her in slaughtering each and every Warasubo Soldier they saw.

"Ah, Yukimura! That one's still alive, finish it off for me!"

"Understood, Sena-anego."[5]

Yukimura decapitated the Warasubo Soldier whose torso had been crushed by Sena's hammer and was still twitching without even the slightest hint of hesitation.

"It's my way of showing respect for a fellow warrior."

Said Yukimura with a strange sense of happiness in his voice while joining the battle and becoming soaked in the blood of the Warasubo Soldiers he was cutting down one by one.

The Warasubo Soldiers continued to be slaughtered with no resistance whatsoever.

"...By the way, why aren't these guys attacking us?"

"The game is still unfinished, so their attack AI's haven't been completed yet."

Answered Rika, shooting her gun next to me.

Too much... This is too much, Warasubo my friend...

"...Masako... Yoshio... Sorry... Daddy won't be making it back home..."

"Sorry... little bro, it doesn't look like I'll be able to keep that promise we made..."

"I don't want to die... I have to live... I have to make it back home so I can see her..."

Some of the slain Warasubo started talking all of a sudden.

"Ugh, disgusting!"

Sena stopped moving.

"It's probably meant to show that the enemies have a reason for fighting too and to get the player to think about whether their actions are justified or not. I guess it's trying to give it more depth than a simple good beats evil story."

Said Yozora giving her explanation for it while piercing a Warasubo Soldier's head with her thorns.

"...Mercilessly killing your enemies even though you perfectly understand the designer's intents... Yozora you're seriously cold-blooded."

"No need to compliment me so much Kodaka."

"Don't worry I wasn't!!"

"I shall give you a swift death, this is my mercy to you as a fellow warrior."

Yukimura continued to emotionlessly decapitate the Warasubo saying things like "My wife is giving birth next month...!" and "I hope if I get to be a shellfish in my next life."

...About five minutes after the fight started the Warasubo Soldiers were completely annihilated.

"Having a five minute long battle right away with so many enemies is a little overboard isn't it. This game's balance really needs some adjusting." said Rika.

At the same time, a short fanfare echoed in my headphones and the text "You Leveled Up!" was displayed on the screen.

"I didn't do any fighting and it still gave me experience..."

I took a quick look at my status menu and found that my HP went up a little bit.

Just in case I actually learned a spell I checked the skill menu as well, and there was one new skill listed.


Excited, I quickly read through the description.

"Skill: 'Believe in Tomorrow'

Effects: Just believing isn't good enough. If you don't actually go out and do anything nothing will change."

"Screw you!"

We continued our trek towards Valhalla Castle.

Thanks to this game being different from 'Monster Hunting' in that you can't attack your own allies, Yozora and Sena didn't start fighting each other and so far it's been smooth sailing.

We had a few battles with some more Warasubo Soldiers in addition to a few Warasubo Knights and Warasubo Mages, but since they only show up and never attack us it'd be more fitting to call them lumps of free EXP than real enemies.

We all kept leveling up, and everyone else kept learning new magic and special skills.

As for me, all I learned was a bunch of annoying skills like "Don't listen to the story about how your classmate had a baby" and "I think I'll really give it my all tomorrow, maybe" and "Hey old woman, I'm going to the pachinko parlor so gimmie some money" and "Your life is over because of your debt in the black market".

Since I had nothing else to do I kept casting the only remotely good sounding spell "Believe in Tomorrow" but it never did anything.

While watching my allies continue their slaughter, I thought about the Warasubo.

Back when I lived in Kyuushuu I was still in grade school and couldn't cook for myself, but I remember that the Warasubo I always ate at my Dad's friend's restaurant was really good.

I even ate the Fried Warasubo and Warasubo Tempura that Kobato wouldn't eat because she was too scared of the Warasubo.

I wonder if I can get some good Warasubo in this town too.

I'd like to give cooking some Warasubo on my own a try sometime.

Grilled Warasubo, Warasubo Tempura, Warasubo Sashimi, Warasubo Kabayaki, Warasubo Pasta, Warasubo Curry, Warasubo Hamburger, Warasubo Fish Paste... there are so many things I could do.

We kept moving on while I was thinking about the Warasubo and eventually reached the Demon King.

The Demon King was a Warasubo too.

Since he's supposed to be the king and all, he was 10 times the size of a Warasubo Soldier, and was wearing very Demon King-esque armor while holding a giant axe and shield.

The Warasubo Demon King suddenly attacked us.

"What the heck, why is he attacking us all of a sudden!?"

Yelled Sena who was standing at the front of our party while dodging the Demon King's attack.

"I guess they never got around to finishing his pre-battle script."

Said Rika, shooting at the Demon King with her guns.

Bang! Bang!

They all hit the Demon King, but it didn't have any effect at all.

"No surprises there, the Demon King is tough..."


Sena let out a war cry and charged at the Demon King holding her hammer over her head.

But the Demon King blocked the attack with his shield.

He then raised his axe and counterattacked, leaving Sena with a gaping cut on her right arm.

Realistic looking blood was gushing out of her wound.

"A-are you okay!?"

"It... doesn't hurt, but it feels nasty... That one attack took out almost half my HP too..."

Said Sena with a slightly contorted face.

"But this is how a fight should be. The stronger your enemy is the better it feels when you defeat him."

Said Sena, sounding kind of cool while raising her hammer for a second time.

"I just need to aim for the opening of his right after my first attack hits...!"

The Demon King launched another attack at Sena who was charging at him.

Despite his huge body he was able to do a non-stop barrage of quick attacks, leaving Sena unable to do anything but dodge.

"Ahh come on! How am I supposed to attack him like this!?"

"Meat! I can use my 'Rose Guard' to nullify his decapitating strike once! Charge in there with everything you've got!" Yelled Yozora.

"! So you mean even if I get hit I'll be okay!? In that case I'll go all out and use my 'Blast Hammer' on him!"

Sena made a temporary retreat from the Demon King, enough room for her to unleash her special skill.

The 'Blast Hammer' is Sena' strongest skill she's learned so far and it has a lot of destructive power, but it leaves her wide open when preparing it so using it is actually pretty hard.

But with Yozora's 'Rose Guard' blocking the Demon King's attack, she should be able to hit him with it for sure.

Alright! This is gonna work...!


The hammer tripled its size and became wrapped in a fiery blaze.

The Demon King swung his axe at Sena charging at him. The Demon King's attack was faster than Sena's, but this is when we can use Yozora's 'Rose Guard'!


I yelled for Yozora to use her skill.

"Hmph... This wall's graphics are pretty realistic too."

...Yozora wasn't paying attention.


Those were Sena's final words.


The Demon King's attack cleaved Sena's body in two, and her body dripping with blood was sucked into the ground.


I stared at Yozora a bit, and she then said with a smirk on her face

"All I said was 'I can use my 'Rose Guard' to nullify his decapitating strike once!' Not once did I say I'd use it."

"Then what about your 'Charge in there with everything you've got!'?"

"I meant I wanted her to hurry up and get killed by the Demon King already."

She's as evil as ever.

She can even kill her allies in a game where you can't attack them directly...

"Y-you! What are you doing!? Who cares about a stupid wall!?"

A light-blue colored transparent ghost version of Sena appeared from where her body disappeared and swung her hammer at Yozora over and over.

But each time the hammer just passed right through her.

"Hmph, it's useless! Dead characters can't do anything in this game. To put it in terms you can understand, you lost to me you stupid piece of ghost meat!"

Sena groaned at Yozora's harassment.

"Ghhh...! Don't we have any resurrection magic!?"

"Unfortunately not." Said Rika, shaking her head.

"Now then, we've lost one of our front-line guards so we're in real trouble here. What should we do?"

"I shall handle it."

Said Yukimura, and then charged at the Demon King.

"Thunder Sword."

His sword became wrapped in lightning and unleashed a high-speed attack.

It hit the Demon King's arm, and it looks like it did some damage too.

However, the Demon King's counterattack still blew Yukimura away.

"I'll back you up, Yukimura."

Rika shot a few bullets at the Demon King in rapid succession to stop him from finishing Yukimura off.

Seemingly annoyed, the Demon King turned and charged at Rika instead, and launched a fearsome attack after closing the distance in no time at all.

I doubt Rika will be able to survive that attack with how low her defense skill is.

"Hmph. 'Rose Guard'."

Yozora's skill formed a barrier of roses in front of Rika and repelled the Demon King's attack. The barrier was destroyed in one hit, but it gave Rika enough time to get away.

"Thanks for the help, Yozora-senpai."

"That's a pretty amazing skill. Can't we win if you just keep using that on Yukimura?"

Yozora shook her head at my suggestion.

"It takes too much MP to use. At best I can use it 3 more times."

The Demon King seemed to notice Yozora's skill, so it changed targets and moved in to attack her instead.

But Yozora, cool as always said

"You guys sneak around behind and attack while I've got his attention."

So that means she's gonna make herself the bait for us huh.

I guess even Yozora can work with others if she really wants to...

Rika and Yukimura did exactly as Yozora said and used the opening she gave them to sneak around behind the Demon King.

The Demon King was about to launch an attack at Yozora, but she stayed calm and cast Rose Guard on hersel-

"Ros- Fuhyah!?"

All of a sudden Yozora stopped moving and let out an unusually cute yell.

"What's wrong!?"

"Kh, W-What!? H-Hyahh!?"

Yozora let out another strange yell that sounded like she was laughing, and was sliced in half by the Demon King's axe before she could use her Rose Guard.

Rika and Yukimura's attacks did manage to damage the Demon King, but as a result Yozora died.

Now we're really screwed.

"Hey what happened Yozora!?"

I asked, and then Yozora's ghost appeared with a face twisted in anger.

"Y-You god damn piece of meat...!!"

"Ahaha, I~diot I~diot! Don't underestimate me!"

I heard Sena's voice not from my headphones, but from her normal voice outside the game.

I'm guessing Sena took off her VR Boy and started tickling Yozora.

Tickling someone while they're in the middle of a game... she's just as bad as Yozora...


The Demon King attacked Yukimura with a roar.

Yukimura's body disappeared just like that, while spurting blood from all of his wounds.

"My wish was always to die on the battlefield..."

"...The Demon King's attack strength seems a little too high. I should tell them to fix that later."

The Demon King then charged after Rika who had been jumping around firing shots at him.

...This is the end for us isn't it...

The only ones still alive are me and Rika, and I'm useless.

Oh well, I might as well keep trying to cast "Believe in Tomorrow".


The Demon King's attacks finally hit Rika, and thus Rika died as well.

The Demon King slowly drew near me, the last surviving party member, to deal the finishing blow.

I stood firm and continued casting "Believe in Tomorrow".

We came here by slaughtering all of those Warasubo.

This might be what we deserve for that.

The Demon King swung his axe down at my head-- ...and at that moment!!

The final "Believe in Tomorrow" that I cast started making my body glow all of a sudden and sent the Demon King flying! A new "Skill Up! 'Believe in Tomorrow' has become 'God's Breath'" message popped up in front of me. I quickly went to check "God's Breath" in my skill menu, and it said: "The ultimate attack magic capable of defeating the Demon King granted only to those who never give up hope." Alright, we can still win! I selected "God's Breath" and unleashed its power on the Demon King completely obliterating him with a giant sword of light--... what I wish had happened, but unfortunately I died like everyone else.

"After that battle, nobody ever saw them again."

Announced the solemn narrator, followed by the screen going black.

The words "GAME OVER" were then displayed in big bloody letters.

After our game over nobody felt like trying again (and we didn't save either) so we decided to give up on RomaSaga.

"...Sheesh, if you would've just guarded me when I charged in we could've beaten the Demon King."

"Who cares, we never needed you in the first place. If you would've just shut up and been a good little ghost we would've won easily."

I put away the VR Boy I was wearing while watching Sena and Yozora have another one of their usual fights.

And while I was, I met eyes with Rika who was also putting her VR Boy away.

"Hmm, I'm not sure how to say it, but... I guess it's like, you should avoid playing games with those two."

I said with a wry smile, and then Rika tilted her head in confusion for some reason.

"You think so? Rika had a lot of fun though."


Rika gave a tender smile to my surprise.

"It was only my first time playing a game with everyone, but it was really fun."

While feeling as though I'd lost somehow by being captivated by her smile, I remembered all the other times we'd played games together.

...If I really think about it, I guess they were actually pretty fun.

"To think that you could still get in my way even after dying. You're even worse than a rotten piece of meat. Why don't you try being useful and turn yourself into the ingredients for a meat bun. That's the only value you have to society."

"As if a lowly plant like you has any right to complain about a human like me. Know your place. Also why were you wearing that stupid rose costume, a rose is practically the exact opposite of what you are."

Yozora and Sena were still fighting.

It sounds weird, but maybe those two really did enjoy playing that game.

...Not that either of them would ever admit it.

"Hmph. A primitive ape like you who only knows how to swing a hammer around like a Neanderthal would never understand the beauty of a Rose Girl like me. You know, that uncivilized look really suits you quite well."

"I was a Blacksmith! A splendid and cultured member of society!"

"So you think a cultured person goes around hitting people on the head with a hammer, you god damn troglodyte?"

"That's just what a Blacksmith does in that game, I can't help it!"

"Hm? Ah sorry, I don't speak monkey. Please pick a human language if you wish to talk with me."


"...! Y-you little...!"

Yozora's face went beet red after having Sena make the same voice she made when Sena tickled her.

"...Meat... Someday I'll pay you back 1000 times over for that... I'll make you regret doing that to me so much you'll wish you were dead... I'll disgrace you so thoroughly you'll wish you were never born..."

"H-hmph, j-just try it why don't you?"

Sena was clearly scared of Yozora's voice full of murderous intent.

"But still, that yell of yours was very cute Yozora-senpai. It was totally moe."

Even I had to laugh at that.

"You've got a point there. I wish I could've seen how her face actually looked when it happened though."

"D-don't call me cute!"

Seeing Yozora turn away from us in embarrassment was, how should I put it, just as cute as her voice from earlier.


I don't know why, but Sena was glaring at me.


"N-nothing, idiot."

Sometimes I don't have a clue what she's thinking.

Well anyway, that's how our first time playing a game together since Rika and Yukimura joined the Neighbors Club ended.

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Saga here refers to a small prefecture in Japan, not the English word Saga.
  2. Romancing Saga (with Saga being the actual English word) is a series of games by Square/Square Enix
  3. In case it isn't clear, Saga is the 7th prefecture in Kyuushuu. Okinawa is a whole separate island farther south.
  4. dont die dateless dummy.
  5. Anego is the female version of Aniki, both of which are formal ways to refer to siblings or people you see as close as siblings.

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