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An unofficial calendar of events in the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise

Brief Notes not currently in Calendar[edit]

The following will be changed in the next update sometime in 2015:

Index: Old Testament[edit]

  • Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc actually ends on September 27th
  • Women's Dorm SS2 takes place afterwards.
  • Rename Women's Dorm to W. Dorm SS2
  • Rename Dawn Coloured Sunlight to Lævatainn


  • DOLLY's sister is rescued on September 25th
  • Dream Ranker Arc starts on September 26th. Misaka has dream.
  • Story currently on morning of September 27th.

Index: New Testament[edit]

  • NT11 takes place directly after NT10. But the novels explicitly state that the month is still November [end of November]. I'll tentatively title the NT11 Arc as the Mental Stinger Arc for lack of a better name. I'll squeeze it into November 29-30 but the exact date is still unknown.
  • Judging by the story, NT12 should be in December. Unless Kamachi causes some headaches.

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