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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a Korean Light Novel by Nam-Hi-Sung (남희성). Currently, the series has 44 volumes published.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor series is also available in the following languages:

Story Synopsis

The man forsaken by the world, the man a slave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined.

Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3.1 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road.

This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.

-- Bonky, RoyalRoadL.

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December 2014

  • 04: Volume 21 Chapter 10 completed.
  • 10: Volume 22 Chapter 1 completed.
  • 20: Volume 22 Chapter 2 completed.

November 2014

  • 04: Volume 21 Chapter 8 completed.
  • 20: Volume 21 Chapter 9 completed.

October 2014

  • 04: Volume 17 Chapter 10 completed.
  • 06: Volume 19 Chapter 7 completed.
  • 08: Volume 19 Chapter 8 completed.
  • 13: Volume 19 Chapter 9 completed.
  • 21: Volume 21 Chapter 7 completed.
  • 30: Volume 19 Chapter 10 completed.

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor series by Nam-Hi-Sung

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Volume 3

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Volume 22

  • Chapter 1 : Mermaid's Bag | RRL Cached
  • Chapter 2 : The Great Construction
  • Chapter 3 : Teuryeekeu’s Horn of Victory is Signalled
  • Chapter 4 : Visiting Headquarters
  • Chapter 5 : Nature Sculptures
  • Chapter 6 : A Sculptor Who Wonders The Continent
  • Chapter 7 : Freya’s Cathedral
  • Chapter 8 : A Fate Refused

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