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Who is he?

Job: Assistant Representative of TLG. Web manager of the Format Guideline & self-Proclaimed website Overlord Overseer. Sometime self-style Chief Editor. [The kind that sits in the office all day and plays with the Intercom \(^o^)/ (`Д´)ノ ]

A true believer of Haruhiism, ruthelessly dragged into this insane cult, he has learnt to accept this part and come to peace with it.

Frequent on all things Haruhi (I go where the Goddess Beckons. Except on Sundays.)

He likes Earl Grey, Strong with one spoon of sugar.

Likes to help whenever he can, without actually taking on any responsibility.

Coming from the cold, bitter & damp hills of the Brittanica Isles, he hates cats with a passion.

"Sarcasm are Truth from the Goddess, passed to Mortal lips."

He like's to think he exhibits the true British character, that is watch where you always walk, and it always pays to be polite.

As somone once said: "It doesn't cost a penny to be polite before you shoot someone."

Or as Will Ferguson saids: "Brits. Polite, But in a rude way"