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Absolute Duo (アブソリュート・デュオ) is a Japanese light novel written by Hiiragi★Takumi (柊★たくみ) and illustrated by Asaba Yuu (浅葉ゆう), published by MF Bunko J.

Story Synopsis

《Blaze》— That is a weapon made by materialising your own soul with your enhanced will power. I, Tooru Kokonoe, have that ability which is said to be possessed only by one in every one thousand people, so it was decided that I would enrol in Kouryou academy that gives out 《Blaze》, and a school that teaches battle techniques. But for unknown reason, my 《Blaze》 didn’t have a shape of a weapon but a protector, and it takes the form of a 《Shield》.



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Absolute Duo by Hiiragi★Takumi

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