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Baka-Tsuki is a collaborative translation community that you can contribute to. This tutorial will help you get started.

If you enjoyed your time on Baka-Tsuki and would like to finally give back to the community, we'll teach you how you can help out.

Remember, Baka-Tsuki is run by readers, for readers! If you're even slightly interested in proofreading, editing, or translating, we really appreciate your help! Donating a few minutes of your time can really make a world of difference!

About Baka-Tsuki

Who Can Contribute?

Anyone can contribute to Baka-Tsuki. We don't have tests for translators or editors, and you don't even have to be a registered user to make changes on the Wiki.

All our contributors work at their own pace. There are no schedules, deadlines, or overseers to report to. You have all the flexibility to translate/edit with your personal preferences, and no one can force you otherwise.

However, by releasing your work to Baka-Tsuki, be prepared for others to edit and make changes to your contributions. Volunteers on Baka-Tsuki need to be mature enough to resolve differences, accept constructive criticism, and be willing to work in an open-source setting. Please see our rules for more information.

Am I Skilled Enough to Contribute?

Many of our translators and editors are still in the midst of actively learning their languages. Baka-Tsuki was founded with the vision that it is a place where fans can develop and improve their foreign language skills. As such, Baka-Tsuki will never turn budding translators or editors away.

However, we do ask for individuals to evaluate themselves. If you feel a certain light novel series is far too difficult for you to translate, please back off and come back when you think you're ready.


Anonymous Contributors

If you are correcting typos or basic grammar, there is no need to register on the Wiki. Feel free to click on the Edit tab, located on every page, and immediately make your changes.

There is no need to inform anyone. We recommend that you put a summary of your edit in the Summary section of the text editor.

Registered Contributors

If you're going to do anything more than correcting typos, we recommend that you register an account on the Wiki. This facilitates communication between you and other members.

There are many types of registered contributors on Baka-Tsuki. While these roles are never formalized, some typical contributor activities are described below:

  • Casual Editors prefer to loosely read around and occasionally correct errors that they see. These editors have not dedicated themselves to rigorously editing any particular project. They merely make changes if they spot an error. There is no need to contact project supervisors or translators for small edits.
  • Project Editors are contributors who tend to perform rigorous editing in a specific project. For each newly released chapter, project editors will examine the entire translation in detail and correct the entire manuscript for fluency and general errors. They often work sequentially, and will consistently perform rigorous edits in consecutive chapters in a project. Project Editors are not expected to know the original source language of the novel. They are expected to be fluent in the target language of the translation.
  • Project Translators are contributors who perform the translations. Project Translators can register for specific chapters in the Registration Page of each project. They perform the translations on their own time, and upload it to the Wiki when it is complete. As intuitively obvious, Project Translators should have good knowledge of the original source language of the novel.

Picking a Project

Baka-Tsuki's Project Model

Each project on Baka-Tsuki is an independent entity. Every project runs a little differently. Some have different format guidelines, others require British English, and others like to have chat with new translators before they begin. The Project Manager is in charge of project-specific guidelines, so it's a good idea to talk to the existing members of a project before joining. Nothing's more frustrating than having a new member come and change something everyone else in the project has already agreed upon.

If you're not sure about what you're doing, it's always a good idea to contact the Project Manager (or other active members) first. Most people are glad to help. If no one responds, assume they're inactive (unfortunately, it happens a lot... *shrugs*) and proceed with what you were going to do anyways.

Joining an Active Project

  1. If you intend to join an existing project on the Wiki as a Project Editor/Translator, it is good etiquette to contact the Project Manager first. If there is no Project Manager listed, try to contact any active translator listed in Project Staff.
  2. Most users can be contacted at their User Talk page. We also recommend that you drop into the Project Feedback Thread on the forums so other translators and editors on the project can start to get along with you.
  3. For Translators Only: Sign up on the Project Registration Page to translate a chapter. If you'd like to translate a reserved chapter but the original reserver seems inactive, contact their User Talk page. If they don't respond within 2 weeks, assume their reservation has expired.
  4. Banzai! Begin! However, please remember to read the Rules and Guidelines before you start!

Joining an Inactive/Stalled Project

  1. If you intend to join a stalled project on the Wiki as a Project Editor/Translator, try and contact the Project Manager first. Chances are they're inactive (and won't respond), but at least you tried.
  2. If there are no existing active members on the project... you can get straight to work. No need to wait for permission.
  3. For Translators Only: Sign up on the Project Registration Page to translate a chapter.
  4. Banzai! Begin! However, please remember to read the Rules and Guidelines before you start!

Starting a New Project

Please see New Project Startup Guidelines.

Get Support

Where to Get Help

  • The Talk pages of specific chapters
  • Your peers (their User Talk pages)
  • The Baka-Tsuki Forums

In-Depth Tutorials

Coming soon.