Daybreak on Hyperion

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Daybreak on Hyperion is an original light novel story written by Aorii.

It is mainly hosted on the author's blog Samaran Daybreak, with only full volumes are posted here to B-T. The story is also currently undergoing a rewrite from the original - see this post for more details.

art by Nanang Emphet & Vitaly Alexius

Daybreak on Hyperion is also available in the following languages:

Story Synopsis

Born into noble prestige and gifted with extraordinary talent, Pascal was a promising officer cadet whose deeds caught even the King's gaze. At the mere age of twenty, he had everything a young, ambitious man could need.

Except his habitual arrogance had destroyed every opportunity of a close friendship outside his political marriage.

Seeking a companion who meets his protracted list of requirements, Pascal decided to craft the 'perfect spell' for the upcoming familiar ceremony. If those around him were not fit to accompany his genius, then he would summon a best friend through his own hands -- one that was mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, bright, and cute as well.

He received far more than he bargained for... and in turn, so did the shifting geopolitical power balance of his world.


  • April 15, 2017: added volume 3 epilogue; volume 3 finished.
  • December 19, 2020: reset all volume 1 chapters with newly rewritten chapters of the redux project, added volume 1 epilogue and extra chapter 2
  • December 19, 2020: reset volume 2 chapters 1-8 with new chapters of the redux project
  • April 10, 2021: added volume 2 chapters 9-20, plus interludes and epilogue.

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Series Information

  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Genderbender, Action, Politics, Military, Romance (Slow)
  • Author: Aorii
  • Illustrator: TBA
  • Volumes: 3+
  • Series Status: Ongoing

Format Standards

Every chapter (after editing) must conform to the general format guidelines.


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Daybreak on Hyperion by Aorii

Volume 1 - Daybreak on Hyperion (Full Text)

Volume 2 - Winter Typhoon (Full Text)

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Project Status: Ongoing