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The Kamisu Reina Series is a light novel series by Eiji Mikage. The series consists of two volumes titled "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Iru" (Reina Kamisu Is Here) and "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru" (Reina Kamisu Scatters Here).

Story Synopsis[edit]

Reina Kamisu is a friend of loners, a slayer of families, a savior of worlds, and a killer of lovers—and she is absurdly beautiful. Who is she and what are her intentions? The search for her true identity begins with Fumi Saito, a lonely girl student whose only friend and support in life is Reina, as she is accused of things she did not do... This is a story of delusions, despair and destructive beauty.


  • January 3, 2016 - Translation of "Kamisu Reina" completed
  • December 31, 2015 - Volume 2 Chapter 3 completed
  • December 25, 2015 - Volume 2 Chapter 2 completed
  • June 23, 2014 - Volume 2 Chapter 1 completed
  • June 16, 2014 - Volume 2 Prologue completed
  • May 2, 2014 - Volume 1 completed
  • November 19, 2013 - Volume 1 Chapter 3 completed
  • August 26, 2013 - Volume 1 Chapter 2 completed
  • April 7, 2013 - Teaser page created

The Kamisu Reina series by Eiji Mikage[edit]

Volume 1: Reina Kamisu Is Here (Full Text) (PDF)[edit]

Volume 2: Reina Kamisu Scatters Here (Full Text) (PDF)[edit]

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Publishing History[edit]

  • Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Iru ISBN 4-8402-3238-5, December 2005
  • Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru ISBN 4-8402-3267-9, January 2006