Kamisu Reina:Volume 1 Afterword

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To those who already know me, hello again, and to all the others, pleased to meet you. This is Eiji Mikage.

We decided to go without pictures for this novel as with my debut novel. Sorry for getting a special treatment. I'm actually a shy man who inherently prefers to stay in the shadows (it's in my name, after all)! So much that I had to look away when I spotted someone reading my debut novel one day after its release on the train.

Let me introduce this novel in a few words.

This story is quite similar to my debut novel in terms of style. There are many differences, of course, but I believe you will notice that it is written by the same author. The most significant difference might be the fact that I put more thought into the overall structure.

The protagonists are rather clumsy, but that's how they turned out when I envisioned their behavior in a setting like this. Also, I would be happy if you didn't dismiss them as purely fictional characters while you are reading this book... but that's just the selfish of a writer.

I don't really know what genre this story is. I don't like to constrain myself to something like that while writing, which of course generates certain risks... that said, it's certainly necessary to decide on what's important and what's not in order to maintain a good balance.

This novel is titled "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Iru" (Reina Kamisu Is Here) and a sequel titled "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru" (Reina Kamisu Disperses Here) will come out next month. However, the books are basically stand-alone, so I don't consider them part 1 and part 2. This novel can be enjoyed as-is, but there are important revelations in "Chiru". Give it a read if you're interested.

Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to my supporters.

Many thanks to my current and my previous editor in charge, to my third friend in the editorial staff, the designer, the proof-readers, and everyone else who helped making this novel happen.

I would also like to thank the entire editorial staff for giving me the chance to release another book.

And last but not least, thanks to my readers.

I would be honored to see you again next month in "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru."

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