Hello, Hello and Hello

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Story Synopsis[edit]

That was how I met Yuki Shiina.

This was my encounter with Yuki.


Yes, because of that, I knew nothing.

Nothing of Yuki’s feelings when she confessed to me back then.

Nothing of the determination Yuki had at that moment when she decided to smile before me.

Nothing of what Yuki gave me, of the things that melted and fell from my hands.

Really, I knew of nothing at all.


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Hello, Hello and Hello[edit]

Hello, Hello and Hello[edit]

Hello, Hello and Hello ~Piece of Mind~[edit]

Short Stories[edit]


Series Overview[edit]

  • Hello,Hello and Hello (February 10, 2018, ISBN 978-4048936125 )
  • Hello,Hello and Hello ~ Piece of Mind (August 10, 2018, ISBN 978-4048939584)