Hello, Hello and Hello:Volume 1 Afterword

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It's nice to meet you.

In a sentence, I'll say this work is the first 'Hello' from me to you. I'm really happy to use encounter you using this heavy hearted story. This is Aya Hazuki.

Henceforth, please take care of me.

Now then, before I started writing, I was wondering what I should write for my afterword. There aren't many pages, so I'll write a little episode involving me and this work.

It was the end of March, 2017, while it was still cold. On that day, I sent my manuscript through the internet, and dreamed of myself debuting as an author, editing this work. That day, I intended to change the heroine's name to kanji, and my hands were tapping quicking, changing them.

Finally, the screen showed a kanji I studied in elementary school. It's not Yuki (由希), nor was it snow (雪). When I saw that, ahh, so I thought, and just smiled to myself.

It's embarrassing, I finally realized the nature of the story I wrote. Right now, I realized that the final words Yuki left behind were truly heartfelt. We never met, but I really believe she existed.

That's why she said with the brightest smile possible.

This is a happy (幸, Yuki) love story.

Now then, for the thanksgivings.

Starting off, the judges who appraised this work with the rare 'gold award', and lavished lots of passion into it. Buuta-san, who provided the amazing illustrations of Yuki and Haruyoshi. The designer Kamabe-san who's legendary to me. Everyone who helped me out, it's all thanks to your assistance that this book's the most special in the world. For someone who loves books, this is something I'm most delighted by.

Thank you very much.

Of course, my sincerest thanks to you, reading this work, with book in hand.

If, in the hottest midsummer, a certain autumn culture festival, or a snowy night, you're able to smell the morning fragrance of spring, and remember her story a little.

This will be of utmost joy to this work, and to me.

“It’s sudden, but can I request something from you?”

If one day, if you're able to hear this voice in the middle of the sakura fragrance.

Please think of the girl pretty as snow, smiling happily--

December 2017. The day he and her met. Aya Hazuki.

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