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Welcome to the registration page for Audio recording of Baka-Tsuki projects.

You can find Baka-Tsuki Audio channels at: Youtube

For comments and questions find the official topic here:

B-T Youtube - LN Audio Recordings


To re-iterate the registration procedure:

  • "First Come, First Served": please register your intended chapters here
  • The maximum number of chapters you are recommended to Record is no more then half of any given volume
  • Maximum number of volumes you may be active on is one
  • Chapters recording can be broken up, but no less then 10 minutes per reading
  • This is not some Binding Contract of "I must do the work I put down here". Choices put down here are negotiable between Seiyū (including their own selves who signed up for it).

Audio Guidelines

Recordings be sent to: bakatsukiaudio (at) gmail (dot) com

  • All scripts recorded must be from the website and the specific script is on the wiki
  • Recordings must come from an active project that has not been licenced or "Abandoned" (Alternative languages are excluded)
  • All record submission must include information of the novel series, volume and chapter
  • All recordings must verbally and visually (if applicable) include the following:

" Light Novel Fan Translation Community", "This is a translated and collaborated script. Work belong to their respective copyright holders in their respective countries."

  • Background audio is optional, but please keep it vocal-less and licence free.
  • You may use this place-card for an opening image (if applicable) or one you made yourself Audio Title-card by Eroragi


  • Video formats with static images are preferred, in either .avi, .mp4 or any format that will be easily uploaded to Youtube
  • Recommended video aspect ratio should be 1280 pixel wide and 720 pixel high (1280x720) for 720p format
  • Voice clarity is essential, please make sure your audio is recorded in a quiet location with minimum background noise
  • Please make sure your audio is at a sufficient volume. Rule of thumb, it is more desirable to have audio slightly too loud then too quiet. (specifics to be determined)
  • Speed of reading should be at a steady pace, there is no such thing as being too slow.
  • As long as reading is done consistently and clearly it will minimize distortions that your accent and/or pronunciation will have upon it
  • Evaluation of recording will be made by Onizuka-GTO with one complete listening to ensure minimum eligibility, if a native British English, first-language speaker find it difficult to understand, then it might also be for Non-British/Non-English listeners.


  • 24/05/14, Update guidelines
  • 18/05/14, Series - Volume 01 Chapter 4, by User2.

Project Staff


Novel series listed below have been registered:


Volume 01 - 1930: The Rolling Bootlegs

Monogatari Series

Bakemonogatari Volume 01

Kaze no Stigma

Volume 01 - Kaze no Stigma

Volume 1 - Diabolus of the Old School Building

No Game No Life

  • Now Licensed

Psycho Love Comedy

Volume 01 - Murderers and A-dead-lescence

Preliminary Bell - Introduction: Airztonne - Completed

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria

Volume 1

  • Prologue: defan752 - In Progress
  • 1st Time: Batman - In Progress
  • 23rd Time: Batman - In Progress
  • 1,050th Time: Batman - In Progress
  • 13,118th Time: Batman - In Progress
  • 10,876th Time: Batman - In Progress

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou

Volume 1

  • Prologue: no1atall - Completed
  • Chapter 1: The Demon King is Born: no1atall - Completed
  • Chapter 2: A Strange Observer no1atall - Completed 2/4

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Volume 1

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Volume 1

Toaru Majutsu no Index

Volume 1

  • Prologue: The Tale of the Illusion Killer Boy: Cromo - In Progress

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Volume 1


Volume 1

My Romantic Youth Comedy Is Wrong As Expected

Volume 1

  • Prologue and Chapter 1: aNketh - Completed
  • Chapter 2: aNketh - Completed
  • Chapter 3: aNketh - In Progress