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I'm Sorujin and I read stuff.

I even read it out loud.

I even read it into a microphone.

And then I upload it.

I'm currently working on Bakemonogatari, but feel free to suggest whatever you like to me! Just leave a comment on any one of my videos and mention whatever you'd like me to read, and I'll absolutely consider it.

Completed Recordings[edit]

Current Progress[edit]

  • Currently Recording:
  • Finished Recording (not edited): none
  • Finished Recording and Editing: none
  • Uploaded, waiting to be published: none
  • Future recording plans: Bakemonogatari - Mayoi Snail arc

Sorujin Facts[edit]

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Location: USA

Vocal Accent: General American with a few hints of Coastal Southern English (Texan upbringing)

Eastern Zodiac: Ram

Western Zodiac: Virgo

Favorite Female Seiyuu: Hanazawa Kana

Favorite Male Seiyuu: J. Michael Tatum (yes, my favorite male seiyuu is an English dubber, get over it)

Favorite Anime: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Favorite LN series: Sword Art Online Progressive