Ancient Magic Arc

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Ancient Magic Arc is a light novel series written by Evanarifin60

Story Synopsis

The world was filled with magic and was filled with many kinds of legend and each legend gave birth to many stories, names, and legendary Arc/weapons. A young boy named Kamito Toma was born with magic capacity below an average person, although he had talents that were highly above average. He had a dream of becoming a high level magician by graduating from the Rexfrom magic academy, which was the root of all magic and the palace where many magicians from all over the world came and studied. And so the boy worked hard to fulfill his dream as one day when he went into training. There he will find some things that will change his life forever, and from there on he will meet with many troubles, and encounter many exciting adventures.


  • March 6, 2013: Volume 1 Prologue + Chapter 1 completed
  • July 24, 2013: Chapter 1 Part 1 edited

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Ancient Magic Arc by Evanarifin60

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