Ancient Magic Arc Volume 1: Prologue

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The world is filled with many mysteries from the past. Countless different tales have been told by every person around the world, with their many different cultures, races, and beliefs.

There exist many different kinds of tales, histories, and stories of kings, heroes, and saviors. And in every kind of tale, there will be some sort of secret lyrics, ancient remnants, or weapons possessing vast and unknown power.

All of this has been told that it were scattered all over the world and its location was unknown and were to remain as a mystery to all who searched and even forgotten, but then will all of the things that have been left by their previous owner or master appear once again in the world once a danger appears and threatens the world? No one will know about it and what will happen when that time comes, ether it will come today, tomorrow, a year, 10th year, 100th year or even many year later.

Plop! a sound of a closed book, in a quiet simple room without many things inside. In this room is an old wooden table, a wood-burning fireplace, an old wooden bed, some wooden cooking utensils, a big wooden water jar and a small wooden chest. Even the room itself is made from wood.

"Ha........, as always, I like these types of stories, they gives people dreams and hope. It's a shame that this book has been forgotten for so long. I remember finding it while playing around in town, thrown out in a back alley. I was 6 then, right? It's been 10 years since then, huh..."

I drifted off into deep thought, thinking of the way things are in the present day.

As of now in this world, people can use magic and we also have association with many other races, cultures, and beliefs. People are living their lives fully and peacefully, but even so, this world is not as kind as it seems on the surface.

There are still people who are treated unfairly and discriminated against. There are even rumors that some people have been secretly sold off as slaves through the black market. This world is not as safe as it looks. Also, most of the people that have been treated like that are the poor of the world, people without political, financial or magical power.


I can't help but give out a big sigh, as I am one of the people that were also treated that way for the first 10 years of my life. But unlike so many others, I managed to survive until now. I even attend and study at the "Sellion" magic school for middle-ranking magicians, although I might still end up as one of the school's dropouts. I can still barely achieve the average passing grade required to hold this middle rank, but I have been told by the teacher in the school that with my low innate magical capacity, it will be very difficult (almost impossible) for me to continue my studies at the High Magician level. In the Sellion school, the grading criteria is divided into paper tests (to assess our factual understanding of magic), and practical tests, consisting of one-on-one matches and team battles, to see how well we can apply the spells we have learned in our studies.

In one-on-one battles, the grading is based on how effectively and efficiently we use our spells when fighting each other. For the team battles, grades are given based on how well we can work in groups with other people, who use different tactics and strategies. The focus is not power, but effectively using the team's different strengths to fight with the other team.

Unfortunately, I can barely cast middle rank magic spells, which is a drawback for the practical tests. I do extremely well on my paper tests, but I always lose in both types of practical battle. Because of that, all the other students see me as bad luck or a parasite if I'm put on their teams.


I sighed again, coming back from my long thoughts. I realize the time when I look around the room and see that outside the window, the sky has become dark. I felt tired from my thinking, and I have more classes tomorrow, so I had better sleep now so I can wake up early. Although I really don't feel like going to school, because of these depressing thoughts.

"Also, I say that I still need to sleep."

Then I turned off the lamp and went to sleep.

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