Ancient Magic Arc Volume 1: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: It's Time for Training[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The blessing of winds and the sound of birds chirping give a completely false impression of the morning to come.

Of course, nobody is aware of the coming momentous events in the city of Sellion, a town that exists surrounded by nature. The most famous thing about Sellion is its small, yet prestigious magical academy. People don't exactly come from far and wide to study at the Sellion school, but a recommendation from the school is usually enough to guarantee a good job or entrance into one of the other great magical academies for further study.

Not far outside the East town gate, there is a forest that is encumbered by many forest spirits and monsters, which is part of why a small town like Sellion went and built a magic academy in the first place. A small way inside the forest's edge, there stands a wooden house. In this cabin, there lives a boy with black hair and equally black irises. The boy's name is Kamito Toma, and he has been living there by himself since both his parents passed away, 9 years ago.

The boy slowly opened his eyes to look out the window and see if it's already morning. Confirming it was, he rose slowly from bed and sauntered outside to the vegetable patch to pick some vegetables, went to the river near the house to catch a few fish and prepared them for breakfast and school lunch.

After finishing preparations to get ready for school, The boy left home. The boy has to leave the house earlier than most other students, because the school is located on the west side of town, the opposite of where he lives. This is a everyday routine for me, walking from my house into town in the morning. The eastern side of town has a market which is often very busy in the morning, filled with people buying and selling their goods.

"As always, this side of the town is crowded with people in the morning."

I muttered, as I walked inside the crowd while making sure not to bump into people. This could be considered good training for avoiding attacks. If people knew what I was thinking, they may have have thought I'm strange and be upset with me.

"Oi!!! Toma!!!"

A shopkeeper calls out from my right, upon hearing it I head toward the shopkeeper who called me. The shopkeeper's name is Tanin, and he's the owner of this vegetable shop. He's around 30-36 years old, but he won't tell me his exact age. I sometimes sell vegetables that I grow to him to get money for my emergency savings. He says I have a green thumb.

"Morning, Uncle Tanin."

"Mornin' Toma, how is it? Do you have any vegetables that you want to sell to me?"

"Nothing today, but if I have some later, I'll bring them to you."

"Oh, that's great! The vegetables that you grow are very nice, and they sell out quickly."

"Thank you, Uncle Tanin. Most people won't buy my vegetables, Uncle's the only one who buys them from me and is the first person who started selling my vegetables in the market. And you never say anything bad about the vegetables I grow. Even now, for that I am very grateful. Thank you."

"Hahaha, you don't need to worry about that. I like people who are hard workers and yet kind to others. I can also see how you grow the vegetables that you sell to me by the looks of them. They are very different from the other vegetables that everyone else sells to me. Those ones have been grown using magic to speed up their development, but you grow them by putting the seeds in the earth and letting them grow naturally by consuming the nutrients in the soil, right?"

"Yes, as you know I have quite the small magic capacity, so I can only hope for them to grow naturally."

"Hahaha, that's great! I think that vegetables grown naturally look and taste much better! I love the vegetables that you grow, so please bring some of them for me to sell in my shop next time, okay?"

"Okay, I get it. I will remember to bring some to you if I have a lot from the harvest. But I have to go to school now, so I'll see you later, Uncle."

"Ok, see you, be careful on your way."


After saying goodbye to Uncle Tanin, I continue on my way to school, by walking inside the crowd of people until I arrive in the center of the city. In the heart of the city, there is a round fountain in the middle of the square, which has the statue of the Goddess of Nature and Life "Nymphs", who is represented as a young, pretty girl.

The people in this town believe that the goddess Nymphs blesses them with bountiful harvests and the lush forests that encircle the town, and because of this, Sellion is renowned as the City of Gardens that has been given blessings by the Goddess of Nature.

They say that this fountain was not only built as a token of gratitude by the people of this city towards the goddess, but also as a place for people to wish for a romantic partner in life. Although, I think that last part is just a rumor, one that has been spurred on by the students of Sellion Magic Academy.

From here, it does not take long to arrive at the school. By now, I start to see some of the students of Sellion academy walking to school with their friends, some of which have formed teams or partnerships with each other.

Well, except for me, who is the lowest ranked student in the entire school, and does not have any team members or partners or even friends because of it. It can't be helped, because I always bring down the others in the class during the exams.



Not long after I arrived at the school gate I could hear the scream of students from Sellion academy, not only the girls but even the boys.

"Well, as always."

This kind of thing always happens in the mornings. It usually happens because of one particular student. Her name is Erina Lesage, and she is the highest ranked magician in the entire school. She's also the only daughter of the noble family of Lesage, the rulers of Sellion.

She's also the student who is going to be the Sellion academy's representative, receiving a scholarship to study at Rexform magic academy for high-ranked magicians. Rexform Academy is the biggest magic academy for high-ranked magicians, and has been attended by many talented magicians from all around the world. Everyone who goes there must have first graduated completely from middle-ranked magic. Rexform is a big country with many talented magicians who attend the magic academy, located North-West from Sellion. It is a dream for many magicians to have the chance to study there. I admit, I'm also one of the many that dream of studying at Rexform magic academy. But odds are, that's not going to happen without a miracle of some sort.



Another big scream from the students brings me back from my daydreaming. As I look around, there is no path for me to walk into school, so I have to wait until the crowd dies down.

As Erina Lesage walks away inside the school all the other students follow behind her. It takes a long time for me arrive in the class room and sit down in my seat. I have been in the same class as the highest ranked of the school, Erina Lesage, for 3 whole years. Although I have never ever once been her teammate in any team battle.

"Ha...~, I am already this tired even though class has yet to start."

So I plan to take a little nap before class.

Part 2[edit]

At the West side of Sellion there is a big mansion, this is the estate of the Lesage the rulers of Sellion. In one of the rooms, the light of the morning sun came in where someone is still fast asleep in the bed. In front of the bed there is a closet and on top of it there is a photo of a little boy and girl holding hands and smiling innocently.


The sound of a person was heard beneath the blanket, there is a young beautiful girl, with her lavish lengthy pink hair and her half closed eyes which shined emerald as she woke from her pleasant slumber. If someone had seen her, her half asleep appearance would have made her look like a very cute innocent child; her name is Erina Lesage. Before long, the girl slips out of her bed and takes a brief shower. Moments after, a sound of dripping water was heard, the girl, while drying herself, stepped out of the bathroom and dressed into her school uniform, in preparation for the upcoming day. Before leaving for school, Erina greeted the boy in the photo who also studies at the same school and she can’t help but feel very happy that she can once again meet him.

To Erina, the boy in the photo was very dear to her. He was her first love, and also the very first friend ever made. In her childhood, because of her family name, she had always been avoided by the children of her age, but that boy would always come by and talk to her every day when they were children. However, one day he enrolled into a low ranking magic academy and Erina couldn't find the chance to start a conversation with him ever since, it was as if there was a wall that separated them.

The thoughts made her feel very sad and very lonely. She hopes that one day she can rekindle the close relationship they once had when they were children.

"Why and when has our relationship become like this?"

Thinking in her mind, one day they can walk next to each other again, she begins to walk out of her bed room, go down the stairs and into the dining room. She greets the family that are seated around the table, and then she has her breakfast and gets ready for school.

When she arrives in front of the school gate, she sees the boy and wants to greet him, but then she hears the screams of the students, she stops herself and starts to walk into the school to her classroom; on the way to her classroom, she was deep in thought.

'Why can't I even give him a small greeting. If only I could talk to him once, our relationship would probably go back to the way it was when we were children.'

Without her realizing it, she was already inside her class room and had to sit down on her seat. Then she glanced at the seat where the boy was sitting. Even if she couldn't talk with him, just knowing he was in the same classroom as her made her very happy.

If only they could be closer to each other she would be even happier. So, she hopes that in the next team battle test she can be on the same team as the boy. Although all the other students hated teaming up with him, she desired it greatly. This may be the last chance for her to be with him, because she will go to Rexform magic academy after she graduates from Sellion magic academy, to study as a high rank magician in Rexform.

"Ha..... I really hope it comes true soon."

"Ding Dong Ding"

Then not long after that, the school bell rings and all the students sit on their own seats, Toma awoke from his light slumber due to the ringing of the school bell. Then not long after, the teacher came into the class, and all the students greeted the teacher with "good morning".

"Good morning everyone. Today, I have an announcement for the class about the test. As you all know, for all the last year students, this week is known as the self study week that will be going on for 2 weeks, so you all can study outside the school or inside the school for your magic practical training. All of you have to train by yourself within those 2 weeks. Then on the third week, the first day will be your paper test, the second and third day will be your one on one battle, your match up battle will be announced tomorrow afternoon, the fourth day is for you and your team to rest for the day, the team battles on the fifth and sixth days will be announced on the fourth day. That is the end of my announcement about the test."

"Well, that is all for the announcement. Starting today until week 3, all of you have to study by your-self in preparation for the test. I think that is all for today. Class dismissed!"

"Oh!!! I almost forgot, Kamito Toma, please come and meet me in my office before you go."

"Understood sir."

"OK, then that's all. Everyone is dismissed."

Then all of the students from the class dismissed themselves, some went back home, and some stayed on the school grounds. From my seat, I saw Toma walk in front of me and exit the class.

"Why does the teacher want to speak with him?"

My mind wanders to things like, he won't be allowed to participate in the test, or he'll be kicked out of school before he can take the test, and other bad things that could happen to him. I know that he has so little magic capacity, which makes it very difficult for him to cash out a mid-tier spell, and it turns out he can barely cash one spell out of it. Although, his team play in a team battle is great, his team has no trust in him, that caused him and every team he participated in lose every team battle.

"Hah..., now I'm worried about him. This might be my last chance to participate in a team with him."

I quickly pack my things and head to the teacher's office to see what they're talking about.

Part 3[edit]

After the teacher dismissed the students, I, Kamito Toma, had been asked to see him in his office. I quickly packed my things and left the room, I walked to the front and in front of the princess, Erina Lesage. To me, she's my childhood friend and someone I deeply admire as one of the greatest magicians I know, while thinking that, I exit the classroom. On the way to the teacher's office, I can hear the students talking, saying cruel and hateful things about me. They all look down on me, to them, I'm no more than a failure magician.

Well, I have gotten this kind of thing my entire life, so I had to get used to it. Well, I am scared of myself having gotten use to this unfairness directed towards me. I'm scared of it, because it means my heart is hardening. In everything I've read, once ones heart is hardened, he turns into... nevermind, its not important.

Though, not all people are bad and unfair toward me, there's people like Uncle Tanin and long ago, the magician that I met deep in the forest where my house is now.

At that time, I was still very young. I think I was around 5 or 6 years old. I went deep into the forest, because I heard many spirits live there, and by making a contract with one we can raise our magic capacity.

Well as you know, children of that age do not fear anything, they always move toward the thing they find fun and interesting.

Sadly my memory from that time isn't that clear, but I do remember one thing about the person who saved my life from the monsters that live deep in the forest, the memory is vague, I asked him whether the rumor is true or not. That person told me it was true, but it's also a very dangerous thing to be done. He said, in making a contract with a spirit, it may choose one life. The last thing I remember is that person disappeared and I'm left inside my house waking up on my bed.

"Well, that's all I can remember from that time."

Then, without knowing it, I arrive in front of the teacher office. I knock on the door before I enter the office. Inside the office, other teachers were waiting for me on his side.

"Ah, you're finally here. I would like to discuss the test that will be held in the next 3 weeks."


I feel quite nervous about what we will be discussing.

"Last week, all of us teachers had the faculty meeting for the test. We discussed many things, we also talked about you."

He was now looking at me very seriously, his eyes slowly narrowing.

"You're the first case we've ever encountered. You’re the first student who's magic capacity cannot increase by much, and the process by which your magic capacity goes up normally is very slow, almost as if your magic capacity refuses to grow. To be blunt, I don't believe you can grow as a magician much higher than this. All of us teachers feel that it would be impossible for you to pass the test."

He looked at me quite glumly. So they are going to kick me out after all, huh? Well I can't blame them, I probably won't pass this test. But still......... I would still like to try. However, as I was thinking that, he said something that surprised me.

"That's why all of us teachers decided to put you on the same team as the top student at our school. This will give you a small chance to pass the test, allowing you to graduate as a middle rank magician."

"I see..."

After hearing what the teacher told me, I felt kind of sad and some complicated feelings being mixed up in my heart. It made me panic and speak up to the teacher.

"If I can show some dramatic improvement in the test, it means I still have a chance to continue my studies, right!?"

The teacher wore a look of surprise at what I had said.

"I'm happy with your spirit, but as I've said, the things that we taught you in these 3 years have not had that much of a result. What can you do in only 2 weeks?"

"Hmmm......... I'll do hellish training by myself!"

After thinking for a bit, I steeled my resolve and declared that. However, the teachers didn't look to convinced. After staring at me for several minutes, he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Well, do what you think is necessary. And if some miracles can happen, maybe there is still a possibility. Just do your best, that is all we needed to talk to you about, you are free to go now."

"Thank you, and have a nice day."

"You to Toma, don't strain yourself to much, OK?"


After that I ran out of the teacher's office.

"Do you really think he can improve in 2 weeks?"

One of the female teachers asked him as soon as Toma was gone.

He sighed once more before replying.

"Its been 3 years and he hasn't improved, but.......... he is his son. If anyone could drastically improve in 3 weeks, its him. He certainly has the proper motivation now."

After saying that, the teacher smiled..........

I opened the door and exited the teacher's office. As soon as I closed it, I turned around and............



The sound of bumping into someone mixed with their scream.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Here, grab my hand."

I held my hand out for the person, I was very surprised to see the person I bumped into was none other than, Erina Lesage, our school's top student. I quickly helped her stand up and apologized to her. I tried to quickly walk away, but.......... she suddenly snatched my hand into both of hers, causing me to stop in my tracks.


I was stunned at her response. I hope she knows it was an accident and decides to forgive me. I'll try apologizing again.

"If it's about what just happened, I am very sorry."

"No it's not that. Do you have some time right now? I would like to talk with you."

"Ah... no. I'm sorry, I don't have the position to speak with the princess."

I know my place, it was explained to me very clearly back then. Also, I don't want to turn the entire student body into my enemy. If that happens, I have no idea what will happen to me in the test later on.

Of course, I can't tell her that, she has a very uptight and serious personality, so I just keep silent..........

For so long she wanted to talk to this boy before her eyes, to regain her best friend. She's unsure why he did, but one day he just stopped talking to her. And everyday since then, she had always looked for an opportunity to speak with this boy. She thought an opportunity had finally presented itself when he bumped into her. But then when she heard him say those words........

"I don't have the position to speak with the princess."

She felt anger bubbling up inside her. Everyone had always avoided her because she was the princess, but him.......... he always made her feel like she was a normal child, it was probably the biggest reason she fell in love with him. But now.......... he was going to avoid her for the same reasons everybody else had? She couldn't help it, she lost control. She felt...... She felt..... What was it that she felt?

"Why Toma!? It has been 6 years since we last spoke or met with each other! Why did you always avoid me for 6 whole years!? Do you even care about me anymore!?"

Of course I still cared about her, she was my only friend. I wanted to say something, anything, but.......... nothing came out of my mouth.



There was a long silence between us. This thing from the past, and now. What I want to do, what I need to do, what is my dream, and my life. What do I want to do? I never thought about it to much, what I did until now, was move forward and concentrate on what's in front of me.

So, what should I do now? I start to open my mouth and tell her.

"Well, you see.......... it's not that I hate you, its just that.......... I have my dream and I am struggling to fulfill it."

"Your dream?"

"It's an impossible dream, no matter how hard I try.......... it can't come true, but even so, I still want to struggle till the bitter end. I want to do whatever I can to reach it, no matter how inevitable it looks to everyone else."



And another long silence came between us again. I was the first to break the silence.

"Then, I think I should go now. I have many things to prepare for my training. Goodbye."

After I said that, she released my hand from her grasp. I walked away without saying anything. After walking a bit, I took a peek behind me. Her back was against the wall, she was hugging her legs close to her chest with her head buried into her knees. I could see the slight trembling of her body.......... she was crying. I could feel my heart ache at the sight of her like that, but still.......... this is for the best. So in my heart, I whispered an apology to her and continued moving.

'I wonder what brought that on so suddenly..........'

Well, no matter how hard I think about it, I won't find out. So lets go renew my spirits and go prepare for my training. I can take tomorrow off after confirming the one on one battle arrangement. So I think I'll stop by Uncle Tannin's place first before I go home.

Not that long later, I arrive at the vegetable shop owned by Tannin. A lot of people were buying vegetables from him. He's very busy, so I wait until the crowd dies down a bit before I call out to Uncle, Tanin.


Hearing my call, Uncle Tanin directs his gaze toward me, and calls out to me.

"Oh, Toma. What is it?"

"About the talk this morning, I plan to leave my house for 2 weeks, so I'm thinking of selling all my vegetables to you. If interested, then I will bring it to you tomorrow morning."

"Oh, that should be great! But are you sure?"

"Yes, because I will be away for quite a long time. I also need to buy something for my training, before my test 3 weeks from today."

"Now I see.......... Ok, bring me your vegetables tomorrow, I will happily buy them from you."

"Got it, then see you tomorrow uncle."


After saying goodbye, I continue walking back to my home outside the city. I arrived back at my house not long after exiting the east gate.

A house made from wood and dry leaf that looks very old, and inside of it is very empty. I put my things down and looked out the window. It was almost night time, so I had to go get some fire wood before it got to dark. I also need to prepare the bath and cook some food for myself.

After I collected enough fire wood, I prepared some food for my dinner. Nothing fancy, just some simple stir fried vegetables, some salted grilled fish, and some rice.

It was a very simple thing for dinner, and yet, he ate it with a satisfied feeling of fulfillment. even though it was quite simple food that you can find every where, to Toma this is a very rare thing for him. Most of the time, he eats potatoes, because he cannot get rice every day, and potatoes can be grown by himself easily and it does not take that long for it to be harvested. But for rice, its very difficult to grow in his field, and the price for rice is quite expensive.

That's why to him, this meal he eats tonight is very luxurious. But to others, it was just an ordinary meal they can have every day.

Later, when he finished eating his dinner and washing the dishes, he went and prepared the water for his bath.

I used the steel drum I got from the city that had been thrown away, and used it as my bathtub. I know, I'm pretty creative. I put fire wood below the drum and started a fire. After several minutes, I checked the temperature of the water to see if it's warm enough or not.

"Hmmm........ I think this is warm enough."

I undress and wash my-self first before I get into the tub. I didn't forget to bring the book that I always read, so I can relax and read the book that I love.

"Ha....., it feels so nice and warm, hmm I can relax quite a bit."

Then I open the book and read it while I relax in side the bathtub.

After a while, I come out of my bath, dry myself, and dress in my sleep ware.

Afterwards I go to bed, because I need to wake up early tomorrow morning, to harvest my vegetable and bring it to uncle Tannin. However, as I lay in my bed, my mind wanders to earlier today. Why did she stop me and talk to me today, after 6 years of us not talking to each other...... And then, her voice suddenly echoes in my mind.

"Do you even care about me anymore!?"

"Pshh.......... of course I still care for you.......... Why can't you see that's the whole reason I've been avoiding you?"

I muttered to myself, before giving into the cold embrace of the night.

Part 4[edit]

After Toma left the classroom, I, the top rank of the school, Erina Lesage, followed him from behind.

'What am I doing? Isn't this as if I am stalking him? No, this is so I can finally speak with him after 6 years.'

With that thought in mind, I renewed my will and determination. I followed him until I saw him go inside the teacher's office. What now? I want to know what they're talking about, so I use a spell that allows me to hear what's going on in there.

"I know it's bad to eavesdrop on someone's conversation, but I need to find out if this will possibly be my last chance to speak with him......"

I heard what they were saying. They're talking about Toma and the test. Instantly, my heart sank, I knew they were going to kick him out. However, as I thought that, I heard the teacher..........

"That's why all of us teachers decided to put you on the same team as the top student in our school......"

What the teacher said made my heart skip a beat, then it started to speed up. We were going to be on the same team, I wanted this for so long. My heart, full of joy, continued to speed up.

Then, I heard someone walk to the door. I panicked, I didn't have time to run away. But do I even want to run away? I want to speak with him right away. No, I don't want him to know I was spying on him.

"But where can I hide?"

To late, the door opened and he came out of the office. I panicked and tried to run, but........ due to my panicking, I messed up and bumped into him at the same time he turned around. The crash was followed by my scream.

"Kyaa...... ugh...... it looks like I hit my butt."

When I looked up he gave me his hand to help me up. While lightly blushing, I accepted his hand. Then he apologized to me many times, even though I told him it was OK.

He tried to quickly walk away. Without thinking, I grabbed his hand. I tried to ask if we could talk, but.......... after he replied, everything got a little painful and messy.

"I'm such an idiot."

I whisper to myself, as I sat against this wall, allowing my tears to flow down my face. It's been a while since I cried like this. I thought my heart was already hard enough that I didn't feel this kind of pain anymore. Yet, somewhere deep down I was relieved I was still capable of feeling it.

After a while, I heard someone else heading to the door. Before the person could catch me there, I ran off and started heading home.

When I arrived home, I immediately headed to the bathroom to draw a bath. After it filled up, I dipped myself into the tub. Immediately my mind wandered back to the events of earlier today.

After taking the bath, I went to the dining room to eat dinner. Afterwards, I went back to my room and plopped onto my bed.

Even though we were childhood friends, I hardly ever knew anything about him, his parents, or where he lived. Whenever I would ask him anything related to these things, he would change the subject. I don't even know what he's been up to these past 6 years.

"Heh........ I guess I really didn't know him as well as I thought I did."

I shake my head and begin to remember our time as children.

"Those times were really fun. We played a lot together, but when afternoon came we went our separate ways."

Even if I didn't know much about him then, I didn't care. He was always so kind to me, he always played whatever I wanted with me. However, as the years went by, he slowly started to spend less time with me. 6 years ago is when he finally stopped altogether. He stopped talking to me and whenever I would try to approach him he would start to avoid me.

"Heh....... there's no point in thinking about it now."

What should I do in the team battle? I can finally be on the same team as him. Maybe I'll even be able to talk with him. There has to still be a chance for us to grow closer.

"Heh........ maybe I should ask him tomorrow instead."

It's getting late, so I should get some sleep. Hopefully I have sweet dreams. Thinking that, I drift off into a deep peaceful slumber.

The rising sun and morning song of the birds caused me, Kamito Toma, to awaken.


"Well, I need to gather the vegetables for Uncle Tannin today."

I mutter while rubbing my eyes.

After cooking and eating my breakfast, I went into my garden and gathered the vegetables. After I picked them all and placed them in my basket, I went off into the city. A little bit later, and I finally arrive at Uncle's shop

"Morning Uncle Tannin. Here are the vegetables that I promised you yesterday."

"Oh, you're finely here. Lets see, Hmmm........ as always, the vegetables you grow are perfect."

"Thank you for the compliment."

"Ok, here's your payment, I put a little extra in it. Now, do your best in training and in the test."

"Thanks uncle Tanin, I will do my best. See you later."

After I give the vegetables and receive my payment from Uncle Tanin, I plan on heading to a shop to pick up supplies for my training. Before that however, I think that the one on one battle match up announcement will be posted soon.

So I go to the school first, I know it's to early for any of the students to be there. They would probably head there around noon since they get today off. That's what I thought, but when I arrived, standing in front of the announcement board was.......... Erina Lesage. I guess I couldn't really expect less from the top ranked student in our school.

With the events of yesterday still fresh in my mind, I decided it would be best for me to walk away before she noticed me. She looked at me right as I was about to walk away. Of course fate would have a different plan from me.

'What do I do now? Should I still just walk away?'

As I was deep in thought, my body completely frozen, she walked closer to me. She fidgets around for a bit as she asks.

"Toma, I have something I need to ask you. Would you give me some of your time?"

Even after yesterday she's not going to give up, huh? Then I'll just have to get her to give up this time.

"Fine, but could we talk somewhere private? Somewhere nobody will see us?"

"A-Alone...... j-just us a-alone"

"(What does he mean by that; a place where nobody can see us..........)"

Erina Lesage's mind was filled with thoughts of things that happen when a boy and girl are alone, together, in a place where nobody can see them. At the same time, Toma spoke up.

"But before that, could you wait for a moment? I need to see the announcement for the one on one battle first."


Her face was bright red up to her ears, Toma however, didn't notice. He went to the announcement board to see who his opponent would be.

He was quite surprised to see the person he will be facing was the second rank in the school. He was going to do extremely hellish training if he wanted to win. Knowing that he would still have a chance to study at Rexform if he won, his spirit burned with determination.

"So where should we go?"

I asked, turning to face her.

"....... Where should we go?......."

As if she was being brought back to reality, she replayed my question back to me. So I took the initiative to decide the place.

"Then what about the roof? I don't think anyone will be there at this time of day."

"I have no problem with that."

I'm not sure why, but her face was slightly red as she replied.

At the rooftop.

"So, what do you need to talk about?"

He of course, already had that figured out. But until she stated otherwise, he hoped his guess was wrong.

She narrowed her eyes and frowned.

"I want to know why you have been avoiding me for 6 years?"

Unsurprisingly, his guess was not wrong. He sighed and started to answer.

"So its about this again. I already told you, I don't have the posit-"

However, before he could finish, she cut him off.

"Don't give me that! I don't believe you're someone who would accept that reasoning!"

"Then I guess you didn't know me as well as you thought you did."

She gasped. What he had just said hurt her more than he could have realized.

"How can you even say something like that! How could you just throw away a friendship like that!? Did it really mean so little to you!? Did I really mean so little to you!?"

He stayed silent, staring at the ground. Seeing that, she felt all kinds of intense emotions fighting in her heart.

"Do you hate me that much!?"

He grit his teeth at hearing that, anger instantly filling his heart. He lifted his head, looking her in the eyes.

"Never say that again! I could never hate you, you were the only friend I had in this world!"

Her eyes widened in surprise.


"No matter what you do, or where you go, I'll never hate you! Even if you hate me, even if you hurt me, no matter what you do, I'll never hate you!"

"Th-Then, why avoid me!?"

He clenched his fists, while gritting his teeth again.

"It's for the best........"



He was silent once again.

His silence caused her to push harder with her question.


"Because I'm......!"

'Am I really going to tell her?'


'No, I can't bring myself to say it.'

"I'm........ I'm sorry, but please just forget about me."

"What happened to you!?"

"........ I grew up."

Saying that, he turned around and started walking away. She held her hand out toward the fleeing image of the boy.


She whispered, but it was already to late. The boy was gone, leaving her alone on the rooftop. The boy was gone, Leaving her completely alone once again.


As she fell to her knees, she whispered his name one last time.

Why was he acting so strange? Why wouldn't he tell her the truth? She decided that if he wouldn't tell her, she would find out herself. Resolving to figure out what was wrong and fix it, she started on her way home.

After Toma walked away from Erica Lesage, he went to the town market located at the eastern end of town. He needed some things for sleeping outside as well as other camping equipment.

"So let's see, first I need a tent and a sleeping bag."

With that in mind, I walked into a shop. It sold many things, from uses in daily life, to hunting and adventure equipment.

"Excuse me."

"Yes, how may I help you?"

The shopkeeper came and stopped me from entering further into the place. His face showed that he did not that appreciate me in his shop. Well, no matter where I go, I'll get this kind of treatment, except for Uncle's shop.

"I need a sleeping bag and a 2 person tent."

After hearing my order the shopkeeper brought me the stuff as quickly as he could, he obviously didn't want me there any longer than I had to be. I paid for my stuff and left. As soon as I was out, I saw him sweeping where I had stood, like he saw me as something filthy.

"Well, It shouldn't bother me now, it's been like this for years."

I went back home to grab some other thing I'll need for my training. Once I arrived, I wasted no time in packing everything I needed. After I was done, I prepared myself for the 2 week long training. This is my last chance to improve. After strengthening my resolve, I headed out.

For my training, I was heading deep into the spirit forest, to the place I almost died at when I was a kid. If it wasn't for that magician passing by, I most likely would have died. But I have no choice, I have to get stronger, I have to make my dream come true.

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