Ancient Magic Arc Volume 1: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Boy Meet Girls[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kamito Toma walks deep into the spirit forest. He went into the most dangerous part of the forest, where he will be doing his training.

On his way he searched for a perfect place where he can build his tent, can acquire water easily near the tent and also keeping in mind the place inside of forest where lot of plants grow that can be eaten.

Not long after he began searching, he then hears the sound of water. Then he walks into the direction of the sound, there he finds a river with waterfalls and a quite vast enough space for building his tent at the side of the waterfall.

It is the perfect place to stay, near water and an abundance of food nearby. Even if he builds his tent there's still some more space that was enough for him to make a fireplace to cook food. He can also take a bath and wash his clothes in the river, and dry his clothes on the trees near his tent.

After processing his thoughts, he then gets ready to build his tent, by tying the rope on the tree and pike the rope in the ground, but then to make it more sturdy he gets some of the big rock near the side of the river and puts it on top of the pike that has been stabbed into the ground with the rope tied onto it. After building the tent he then noticed that it's almost sunset. So, he hurries inside the forest to pick some of the wild plants for his dinner before night comes.

Inside the forest he finds many different kinds of mushrooms, wild vegetables and some fruits.

"I think this should be enough for tonight and tomorrow morning, I should go back to my tent now as the sun almost going down and the nights in the spirit forest are very dangerous even for a high class magician."

After he picks quite enough of the food that he needs, he quickly returns to his tent to start making some dinner from the items that he acquired inside the forest.

After cooking and eating his dinner he puts out the fire and goes inside his tent to get his sleeping bag and cover himself with it and went to sleep. He was tired from all the things that he did all morning, setting up tent, securing his food supply and after eating his dinner, he slept soundly.

At the same time that night in a dark cool place there are two blades that were embedded on top of a big stone whose location was at a place where not even a single sunlight can pass through, and the air was as cold as ice. At that place, the only light was the illumination of the crystal which was being reflected by a big pool of water at the back of the big stone where the two blades been embedded.

The two blades suddenly start emanating aura as if they were responding to something, and who knows what it is. As one emanates a white aura and the other one emanates a dark purple aura, both of which fade away quickly at the same time.

Not that far from where this phenomena was happening, some other thing happened inside the spirit forest - a set of red eyes appeared one after another from inside the darkness.

As this bad premonition indicates soon things will happen from now on and so as what will happen is till of unknown.

As time passed, soon came morning as the rays of the rising sun and hearing the sounds of the birds chirping. A person was sleeping inside the tent woke up from his sleep as he opened the zipper of his sleeping bag and got out from it. Then he put the sleeping bag at the side end of the tent.

After that he took a towel and prepared to clean some clothing where he put it beside his bag inside the tent.

After that he brought the towel with him and went to the river to wash his dirty clothing and take a morning bath. He dried himself with the towel and then hang the washed clothes on the tree trunk near the river. Then he went inside his tent and wore the clean cloths that he had prepared just before he went out to the river.

After wearing his clothes he went outside and ate the leftovers from last night as his breakfast.

After eating his breakfast, he then starts to plan out the things that he will do today.

"So from today I will need to start my training, but before that I need to store some food for every once in 3 day, so I think I should start from getting food from inside the forest, than I can get some fish at the river, and for the next 3 days I can concentrate on my training."

After planning out his schedule, he then first starts by collecting some food inside the forest.

As Toma walks inside the forest there he finds some wild vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits that he had seen and ate yesterday.

But today he plans to go deeper inside the spirit forest and see what other things he can find as food there. As he think the items that he can find near here should be left for in case of urgency, or at a time when he needs food he should not walk in too deep inside the spirit forest, so the food that was near here can be used at that that kind of time. So he went in deep of the forest to collect the food that he will need today.

As Toma walks inside the forest he did not forget to keep a signs of track on couple of trees, so he would not get lost inside the spirit forest. People who do not have big magic capacity or normal people who travel inside the deepest part of any spirit forest will surely got lost because of the fragments of magic from the spirits and monsters that live inside the forest can change the signs of foot track. So normal people who craft things on trees or use items or equipment that can help them to travel or explore inside the deep of the spirit forest and notify places where monsters and spirits live, survive.

As Toma walks in forest for procuring items that can be eaten like wild vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits, and with some luck if he can find some animal whose meat can be eat it will be even more better. As he was collecting the things that can be eaten he found in his search he hears a sound of something running towards him.

"Da da da da......"

"What is this sound? Look like it come from in front."

Toma checks the source from where the sound came from. And not long after he heard the sound he saw a growing smoke of dirt coming nearer and nearer to where Toma was standing.

As he saw his impending danger Toma quickly searches for a someplace where he can hide before that thing that was running towards Toma can see him. He was able to find a small hole that was like a crack on a wall of rock that were about 15 meters from where he standing. Toma quickly ran towards the hole as he didn't have much time and hid himself inside the rock from the unknown thing that was running towards him.

The hole that he hid in was a narrow hole that looked like a crack from the wall of a cliff.

As he hides inside the hole in waiting for the thing to pass by, Toma has a bad feeling about the thing that ran towards him.

"I hope that thing would not notice my presence."

He prays so the thing will not find him and just runs by. And as he watches from inside the hole, not that long after the gusts of dust pass by him at the place where he was standing not long ago. And at that time he saw a pair of big red eyes which had the thirst for blood - a powerful monster that he has never seen before, but then again he was in thought.

"Were there a monster that powerful roaming inside the spirit forest?"

As Toma thought about it, he could feel that his body were tremble.

"What should I do now? With that kind of monster around can I still do my training, and not only that but can I come out alive from the spirit forest alive with that kind of monster running around inside the forest?"

But then a sudden rush started to running through his body and make him tremble more . But he can feel that this rush was not that of the feeling that came from fear.

It was the opposite. It was a feeling of excitement of the unknown as if he wanted to try fight with that thing that just ran pass through him just a moment ago. Then he resolved himself once again, as he had a feeling that something will change him in this training although it be a life threatening one, his heart was filled with the rush of excitement.

Later on as his excitement became a little calmer, he came out from the hole where he were hiding in to avoiding the unknown monster.

"Well I think I should continue in my search for my food."

As he has decided, he went and gathered some more wild vegetables, mushrooms and fruits. He also found some other things like medical herb so he can make it into medicine for him to treat his wounds that he will get later on in his training.

After he had gathered enough of food and medicine inside the forest, he walked back to his tent and put it in a separated bag for each thing that he collected and tied it tightly. After that he then put it in a hole and covered it with leaf and flushed some water from the river at the leaf that covered the hole, so it can been preserve for several day later.

"OK" that is all for the food from the forest, now I should go and catch some fish from the river and see whether it can be eaten or not."

As he decided, he went and took some sturdy tree trunk that could be held and made it into a fishing pole and some fish cage to trap the fish that was inside the river.

"OK, done. Let see I made 4 cages to be put in different sections of the river to trap the fish, and two fishing pole one is for reserve if the one that I use later broke down."

Then he went and put the cage in the position where he will put in the river to trap the fish in, after that he when at a rock that at the side o the river and to catch some fish using the rod that he have prepare before head, he put a bite at the hock on the fishing rod and throw it in the river and with for the fish to take the bite.

Than after a while he caught 3 fish, which later he made a fire than cook the fish, and see whether it can be eat or not.

"OK, done let's eat! Ahm... Mmm its good, this fish can be eat."

After he verify that the fish can be eat he than start to preparing the training that he will do from now.

As there is a waterfall here he decide to do a meditation to tannin his mind and spirit, which this connected to the flow of magic as magic are a form from the nature that it have the basic of 4 elements the first element are Fire, are a magic with the most powerful of destruction, the second one is wind, is a magic with weak destruction power but in exchange it can make use of speed, the third one are earth this magic were a foundation of great defense, and the fourth one are water which this magic are use as a healing.

All 4 element where form in 4 pentagon as fire stronger than wind and wind stronger than earth and so on as it form a cycle of 4 basic element of magic as people combine the basic magic and create a different kind of element than the 4 basic element, like thunder which the combine of fire and wind, sand is the combine of fire and earth, ice is combine of water and wind, and so on as the different of element that been combine can produce a different kind of magic.

So by increasing the spirit, it then can help him to increase his magic capacity, and also he can increase his calmness of his mind to bring his fighting style into a higher lever.

As his first training was to strengthening his mind and increase his magic capacity. This training he do it for around 4 hour, as he finish his first training he see that the sun will almost set he went and prepare dinner and eat it, after that he when inside the tent, and get some of his text book so he can study about the paper test at night.

After he thing that he have study to the part that he need for today, he then put away the book, put out the fire and went to sleep as the real training will start tomorrow.

Although in his sleep he have doubt that the training that he do will give good enough result. Even in that in mind he still needs to do it even how it will come out later is all up to him in the end.

With that in his mind he soon close his eye and when into a deep sleep in the second night of his training for which he done in prepare for the test.

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