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He is an Airship.

Made of Clouds. The End.


Hiya everyone. The name's cloudairship. Well, my real name's Dan, so feel free to call me whatever. I got into anime recently, as in the last year or so, and have gotten pretty obsessed. Naturally this inevitably down the path of Manga and Light Novels, particularly the latter since I have a fervent love of reading and writing.

I always have tons of disparate interests, but here are a few of them.

Twitter: Here I mostly tweet about my game development escapades, since I enjoy making and playing video games.

TextNovel: Here is some of the writing that I post, in the form of cell phone novels, a form of writing that stemmed from Japan. The work I am currently working on is called Wavelengths, and I update it daily.

MyAnimeList: A place where I keep track of everything I read and watch. I'm pretty addicted to it, so I update it regularly. Feel free to friend request me, if you like.

Baka-Tsuki Audio Novels: I am also working with the Audio Novel project here on Baka-Tsuki, making audio novels for the Baccano! series.

Current Project Progress:

  • Baccano! Volume 01 - The Rolling Bootlegs
    • Color Pages - Complete 1/1
    • Epilogue 1 - Complete 2/2
    • Prologue - Complete 1/1
    • Day 1 - Complete 4/16
    • At Night - Complete 0/?
    • Day 2 - Complete 0/?
    • Epilogue 2 - Complete 0/?