Hello, Hello and Hello:Volume 2 Afterword

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That night, February 13th, the two of them harbored the same wish. However, it fell from Haruyoshi’s hand. He wanted to meet her again, he wanted to call for her name again—and so I brought this fragment of the heart to him.

Hello, or to some, nice to meet you.

This volume is a side volume meant to complement Hazuki’s debut work, the main story of ‘Hello, Hello and Hello’. I guess the readers might have been surprised, and actually, I never expected this work to have a second volume. When I first met the editor-in-charge, he asked if a continuation can be written. So I answered him, this story ends in the first volume. Well, the first volume ended, but I had a lot of elements I never got to write in the main story, so he suggested, why not write a few short stories on the Dengeki Bunko magazine…

So this naïve me really enjoyed the new encounter with them after a year’s absence. Before I realized it, I had penned three chapters onto the Dengeki Bunko magazine, and with the additional two chapters, this current volume is formed.

This volume narrates Yuki’s memories with her family, Haruyoshi’s school life, the constellation that was mentioned in the main story, their trip to the ocean in winter, the star of gladness, Hokulea , and the love story of the other heroine—Akane.

And also, there’s the part of what happened to everyone ‘till this point’, and ‘thereafter’.

To be honest, I was worried if I was overdoing it, but now I can proudly say this,

This is an important volume, for him and for her.

The main story is one of ‘encounter’ and farewell’.

The side stories are those of ‘wishes’ and ‘hope’.

It will be my honor if you, the reader can enjoy this volume.

Also, there is going to be a manga serialization of ‘Hello, Hello and Hello’! As a reader, I’m really looking forward to seeing their story penned by Teruya-san.

It is time for the thanksgivings.

First, for Boota-san, who livened this story with outstanding illustrations once again. The desire to see more of these illustrations of those two by Boota-san was the reason why I wrote this volume. Another to thank is the editor-in-charge Funatsu-san, who is willing to listen to my selfish pleas. Next, the designer Kamabe-san, along with the individuals who contributed to this volume as well.

Of course, my utmost thanks is to be given to you, the reader, for picking up this volume. Thank you for reading this volume. I look forward to meeting you again in the next story. Right now, I am working hard on the next work.

Now that we are at the last moment, I shall discuss about some inside matters, or rather, my personal explanation.

Or perhaps I might say this is about the ‘wishes’ and ‘hopes’ I have added in the story, to be narrated to you.

‘Hello, Hello and Hello’ is a story about an ordinary, commonplace boy, saving the heart of a girl. It is also the story of a girl noticing the beauty of the world once again.

So he could not do anything about her predicament. She accepted her predicament reluctantly. Despite that, I firmly believe that another form of redemption to her does exist, born by a certain person (you) reading this story of an encounter.

For example, she was nowhere to be seen in Contact 214+1.

This is a story of spring. Winter leaves, spring arrives, the snow melts away, nary to be seen. The characters in this story do not know that the snow had piled up there.

But the readers who have read the story can see it. Have they not seen a smiling girl crying out loud into the wide open arms of a boy?

If this truly is the case—

This love may not exist anywhere in this world, and the girl may continue to be alone,

But at another side of the story he created, surely she met that person, who like her had broken free from the rules of the world, and yet is interrelated to the world. 'An inexplicable person (you) who for some reason knew about her'. I feel I can say that she is no longer alone.

That person had completely recorded all of her hard work, anguish, despair, joy, and the wish she clenched so firmly in her fist, all within the heart.

So when you look up at the summer starry night, prepare for the culture festivals in autumn, look towards the winter oceans, and sprint towards the spring sun.

Please yell out the name only you know of. When she smiles so happily, do embrace her demure shoulders firmly within your clutches, and praise her for working hard.

And also, please say, nice to meet you. Ahhh, but this duty belongs to the boy who did not know her, but had truly spent time with her.

When did that happen? How did it happen? To be honest, we do not know if it truly existed.

Next to be described is something in the further future.

So, after the 'end' of this story, a certain person (you) will continue with his life, only to observe someone in the miracle happening within both spring and snow, calling for a certain person (important person).

Surely that will be proof of the two of them walking down the road to 'the world's happiest love story'. Also, there is something else to prove that this miracle exists. If Haruyoshi's (Yu) hand has hope (ki), then 'Yuki' will always be in his heart. All that is left is to pray—for Haru, Yuki, me and you, that we will be able to reach the bright tomorrow.

In this prayer, I shall follow up with the words in his heart at the very end of the story.

This is the place we worked hard to arrive at.

At nowhere will any of us be alone.

June 2018, tadily thinking about the clear stars beyond the thick clouds, Aya Hazuki